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  1. Im pretty sure you could steal a reuniclus from ren with Trick Room in V12 unfortunately that cant be done in V13
  2. You can fight random npc's with busted teams for completing the story/farming a lot of money there are also sponsers the best being the guy who gives 10 times of what you would win normally
  3. you could use debug and get its steps lowered into 1
  4. Im pretty sure you can get any pokemon's shiny so I dont think its intentional, It either has to a glitch from beta dev team or you getting dumb unlucky
  5. Depends on the person Ig but Idc what its ability/move/opponents move makes its type So I only care what it actual typing is.
  6. WIth 50k you can max ur ivs legitamately since many players were complaining that you couldnt
  7. Like she gives you tickets to her concert but can u actually go?
  8. well its actually the only way to beat the virtual gyms lol
  9. But what they werent ready for was the protagonist's ability to change characters
  10. I would go feraligatr cause its crest is insane especially with sheer force also for moveset on A .chandelure im decently sure it gets overheat which u get from beating amber, the last mon you might wanna get a setup mon for your team a steel or dragon like scizor with swords dance or hydreigon with nasty plot could be very good.
  11. South of kakori when you talk to that growlithe and then talk to aelita, she will ask to play with the growlithe, but every single time you interact with her while taking the growlithe for a walk it counts as a RP soo yea.
  12. Also something interesting i found is when i battled melia it didnt read my setup moves so you could use nasty plot hydreigon with ai manupulation to read kings shield since it always does it if in sword form unless u dont have dark pulse for some reason.
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