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  1. Oh I stole the flygon from ren and got a max iv trapinch so thats why I wanna breed them for good ivs on haxorous.
  2. Hey its is the voidal chasm you can get it when your like in level 70s so your not getting it right now tho you could debug it.
  3. Heya does anyone know where the fifth star shard can be obtained? Or is it not yet in the game? I have Gotten them in Underwater beneath the beach between kakori and aquamarine cave, hiyoshi city, gearen city and in goldenwood cave.
  4. I have a male trapinch and a female haxorous which for whatever reason cant breed, Idk whats happening any tips?
  5. you can find pichu if you defeated novae the first time
  6. Yes that is very much ok, what mons do u want? I have a few shinies if you would like also tyvm
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