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  1. It is Mienfoo. However, I trained up Scraggy, since it has High Jump Kick and Power-up Punch, plus Intimidate. My idea was Dark Typing makes Scrafty immune against Psychic types.
  2. After barely beating Erick using a complicated strat ( which involved resetting until Frosslass froze Erick's Pokemon with Blizzard ), I started to think my team might not be the best. Granted, I know it's better to have multiple 'mons in your PC to switch for different occasions, and also the game encourages me to use Pokemon that I would usually dismiss, but still. I suck at team-building, and I need handholding. Box 2 and 3 have some Pokemon I used and were part of the main team in the past. Box 4 is only shinies, and Box 5 ... is Box 5.
  3. In the building between Junction Bridge and the stairs to the Abandoned Sewer, where the Name Rater was, now is a clerk who will refuse me entry and say I don't have the power Ms. Devile is looking for. Anyone figure out what that means?
  4. That did the trick. Only the game crashes when I talk to her. Maybe because I have the "Battle Me" quest active. Edit: nvm, It works now. It was my mistake.
  5. I can't find him. I tried going back to an older save before I defeated Venam, even before Garbodor, and he isn't there.
  6. I've finally defeated Venam and I'm leveling my team ever so slowly in Goldenwood Cave, by having Melia with me to constantly heal them and help defeat wild Pokemon. Is there a faster way to gain EXP? There is no breeder in East Gearen ( or if there is one, I haven't found them ) and the earliest one I know is in Goldenwood Town. ( I also posted this in Guides and Tips section by mistake )
  7. Also, after defeating Venam, you meet Tesla at the Train Station for Goldenwood Forrest. You can Gain/Lose points there too.
  8. Another person who remembers the time before reset might be Nim. At the beginning of V13, in the flashback part with Alexandra and Damien, Nim appears mid-sentence, warning the mc of something. So both of them were there when time was reset.
  9. You can get the Life Orb ingame. Castle Zygara - Karen Sidequest.
  10. Do you recommend other starters apart from these?
  11. Back in V12, I chose Froakie as my starter, which was overall quite good. Now with V13 out, I began a new run and have trouble choosing my starter. I'm mostly inclined towards Torchic, as I've always used him for my Reborn runs. However, I saw people say Mudkip and Fennekin are also very good picks. I know a Mudkip can be found later in the game, but still. My other picks would be Treecko, Fennekin and Turtwig.
  12. Well, if you you get Life Orb - the "unlocked gate" is actually the upper left room in Almalissa Urben where you find Life Orb and Karen's diary on the table. If you you get the other Mega Stone from the Hidden Library 3 reward. If you want, you can also and still get the Mega Stone, on the floor near the exit. Personally, between Life Orb and Banettite/Heracronite, I chose the Life Orb.
  13. Hey. So, I decided to start a series on Tapas about Reborn. The first episode is up and you can read it, it's not too big. I would appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions to improve the series. As for the help, I was wondering if anyone could make a banner, and/or cover for the book. I tried and I failed. Here's the link to the first chapter:https://tapas.io/episode/1181253
  14. They look really nice. I like Charizard the most. Here are some of mine as well. Mega-Gengar is still not ready, but I'll get to it. Also I'm not sure about Staraptor-F color scheme ( blue-purple ).
  15. Does responding to Taka with Yes when he asks you if you punch you way out of things when in Teknit Cave affect relationship?
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