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  1. Getting all Pokemon, that the "Shopkeep" has available, will end up in a +5 Karma, Yes.
  2. That Event is there once you beat the second Gym, its timed tho, go's away once you reach Blacksteeple, i think. But i could be wrong on the last part.
  3. V13 added a alot of new and updated choices. I don't know the exact Maximum you can gain, with any given Character, as there are Split Decisions etc, but its way more then V12 had to offer.
  4. You dont lose any Karma if you do the quests whenever. Just keep in mind that some Sidequest are timed or need to be done for other quests to accessible. I do them as soon as they are available, cuz i might forget 'em otherwise, lol.
  5. Its in Carotos Mt. you need Strength and the Miningkit to get there. It's where you find the Passwords for SEC with Aelita. There is an opening on the right side.
  6. In the Florin's Death Route the Prison Cutscene gets skipped, I'm guessing that she still hears about it, but the Game just doesnt show us.
  7. Go to C:/Users/YourUserName/Saved Games/Pokemon Rejuvenation You'll see lots of Files, find the one named Game.rxdata /Note: The Back up saves are usually named Game_4 - 255 - Punch - 64h 20m - 15 badges.rxdata or something similar. Move or Delete your existing Main Save, and rename the latest Back up Save, (the one closest to your current Main Save), to Game.rxdata instead. Then just start up the game! /Note: If you have more then one Main save, then just put Game_2.rxdata instead. Increase the Number if needed. //Edit if the latest doesen't work then go back a save earlier then that. Alternatively to rewerting your Save, you could download Debug and teleport yourself to savety.
  8. Here ya go. Iirc thats the only Cutscene specific to the Route, Fast forwarded the Adam-Fight cuz i just wanted the Cutscene. //EDIT: I forgot the Courtroom Trial, oops.
  9. Karma is one of the Puzzle-pieces for the true ending. It can be increased and lowered like an Reletionship Value and alter some Dialogue. (Based on your actions/choices)
  10. Yes you can get -6, You don't have to collect the rewards to complete the quests. You only get the positive Karma once the Reward has been collected, i had only recently found this out myself.
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