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  1. Damn, these look fantastic! Can't wait to see them in-game.
  2. Damn, the Music be slappin´ doe . Overall, i like what i see here, great job.
  3. I like omg heard OMG is like totally the a new thing, like omg. 💅 

  4. Old vs New!! Who won? Who's next? You decide! [Insert epic Music here].
  5. Smells like Ant in here, all of the sudden. -Ant noises-

    1. Seal


      Aight so i a ant and shit gonna steal the crumbs of yo ground with all the ant homies got them mandibles and shit gonna vring it back to the hive u kno gott feed them other anta and the beeg queen and shit thats good thats the ant grind right there

    2. Punch


      Oh damn. Gonna head back to dem Hive as well with tha funke stick i found, smell ya later

    3. Candy


      are y'all truly ants if not a part of the club? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1416375691836223

  6. Happy Birthday Friend
    Hope u have a wonderful day

  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a wonderful day 😄🎂

    1. Punch


      I wont, but thanks anyway!

    2. LykosHand


      Oh i'm sorry :[

      You're welcome! 

  8. This time a get a slight Metallic vibe from it, maybe a colder more modern Area? hmm, good job on the Audio as always.
  9. Hmmm, sounds icy uhhh i mean great. I´m guessing its not a Battle theme, probably a Route theme, lol
  10. Ah, ok. I tend to play a Game fully, so exploring and doing sidequesting, if i like the Story enough, is a must. : )
  11. I´m gonna try this one, once i finished the last game i started. I assume this Game, as this is its first Chapter, has around 3 -10 hours of playtime maximum? Also i might add, the gameplay section mentions 14 Gym and the Features section mentions 18 Gyms, what's up with that? Do some not count as Gyms like Reborn, when they don't give you their Badge after beating them?
  12. I suspect, if its Daegen, then we´ll pull some Time travel trick, to fight him in between his visit to Kenneth´s house in WLL and his Meeting with Kenneth in the Ice cave. For the Fairy Gym, i honestly got no idea, that wouldnt escalate into a wacky therorie, cuz of the little infos we have. I personally think we get a New leader in the upcomming Chapters.
  13. I keep pulling the Guide up, to explain peeps stuff they could find faster, if they looked here, But i´m helpful person on Discord/here nonetheless, so i don't really mind. Good Guide, helped explain alot of thing to the Discord Community.
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