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  1. I will say it becomes much easier once you get the Goldenleaf audino trainer. They give you EXP candies everytime you win which makes grinding go by so much faster.
  2. Never mind just got to him thanks for the help!
  3. Has anybody been able to find all of the lost children for the Lost Camp quest? I am missing only one and I am assuming they are located on route 4, but I haven't been able to find them.
  4. Yeah early game can be a little rough. My strategy was to generally use pokemon that evolve quickly. Leavanny and Swoobat both put in work in the early game. Pretty sure I beat Keta with just these two mons and my starter. The Seviper you get from Venam's gym is extremely useful as it hits hard and gets Glare really quickly which is great utility. Mighteyena can still set up sweeps with moxie if you get it in the right situations.
  5. Cufant can be found in the lower left section of the Safari Zone.
  6. You may already be past this point in the game, but for future reference the best way to get heart scales is by fishing for Luvdisc. You can fish for them in Akuwa Town and a lot of time they are holding a heart scale.
  7. Its on Route 3 near the RV behind a tree you need to cut if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Personally I trained up a ribombee for the fight. Dazzling gleam completely breaks the gym since it also changes the field into a blessed field which nerfs her ghost types.
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