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Found 6 results

  1. So, I had a blast recently with my intense monobug run and i decided to rank my mons into a tier list just for fun xD Tier ranking details: As for individual mons: Summary of Bug's strats: Yeah that's it, bugs are actually quite good when it comes to monotype (Am I sounding like Bennett lol), fellow bug enthusiasts feel free to share your thoughts hehe Btw I did compile all fights on my youtube, maybe leave a view if you're interested? https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiqPolgGCOXKrzDL10Ngj3dvct5Dbzc3D
  2. Once I made a character tier list, but it was back when I had not better judgement. So here's my current and more honest one Aaaand here's my rank for the field effects here
  3. Warning: Contains spoilers and swearing rants. Just for you safety Enjoy S Rank: Taka: My husbando and precious baby boi. He deserves all the love and to live Aya: Best Gal in da house. Cool tsundere and a badass trainer/partner for. Don't worry me and your boyfriend Hardy will save you, just hold on. Noel: He's such a precious baby like his sister. HE DESERVES LOVE TOO, JUST WHYY?! Also my respect for him as a Prodigy for being the youngest Gym Leader, I have battled Charlotte: Same with Aya, but much cooler and daring. Her gym battle gave me a hard time. Love that moment, when she burned Sigmund with cigarettes as her revenge. I feel bad for her, that she believes she killed her parents in that fire accident 8 years ago, but it was someone elses fault Shelly: Even though her gym battle gave me lots of trouble, I adore this precious bean and call her Bug Princess. Anyone who dares to harm her is death by my hands. Also I smiled at her way, that she nicknamed all her Pokemon after her love ones; including me and so I do the same Cain: At first, I though he was a weirdo, but during the journey he turned to be such a nice guy who's family (minus Aya) hated him for his sexuality and he's adding relief and relaxing moments during the game. A true to ask for Anna: Same with Shelly, if anyone dares to hurt her. I'm hopping, that she's one of the E4 and may I adopt her and Noel please? Saphira: Even though she's violent and merciless, I emphanized her backstory along with her sisters (losing your parents and being responsible for your younger siblings can be hard) and I love her character. It gives you a reason for her actions, even if they are wrong or inmoral. Simply wants to protect her love ones and I enjoyed that moment, when she hyperbeamed Sigmund into the face, like disgrace! Luna: Despite having some "problems", she has a kind heart and gives me "Anime Lolita & Alice in Wonderland" vibes, because of how she named her Pokemon after the 2nd one A Rank: Julia: Very cheerful, adding also comic relief. It was her gym battle, that gave my troubles Hardy: A gentleman & best boyfriend to Aya, though he did some dumb moments and his gym battle gave me a hard time. I feel bad for, that Aya got taken by Team Meteor, but don't worry buddy we'll save her as promise Kiki: Even though she had not to much screentime, I really enjoyed every moment with her during my time in Apohyll Academy. Why the hell, did she had to die?! Andrienn: Mostly because he played a huge part in Reborn's restoration and he encouraged me and Victoria after the events in Devn Corp. Samson: Same with Kiki. A truly gentleman, despite being feared for his strenght and I had a great time with his match Ciel: Love her character and her gym match. I love every moment with her and Samson- which I ship them hard hehe. After a certain event, Lin had to ruin my ship in both cases Laura: An E4 Member, though I doubt about it, that Saphira would have fit in due to power, but I think she's a stragetist to cover her weakness. Feeling bad, that she gets kidnapped all the time and she was fired from her position due to El. I hope, she'll get her place back. Florina: Her behaviour worried me and her gym match was no joke. Also feeling bad, that she has a jerk as her brother. But points for her puzzle and her unique stragety called "Desert Rose" (the vibes again ooo). I gave her the title "Desert Princess and even made a fanart related for her B Rank: Randomus: Feel in love with him due he's charming and made me smile with all his disguises. Also enjoyed his gym match, but I feel off with his involment with the keys and he simply gave them to families, whose lives have been forever ruined because of that. I could understand his situation, but I wish he could helped them and at least preve.nted worse upon them. After the events in Glass Workstation, I lost some respect for him, but I'll see in EP19 Amaria: I enjoyed her character, as she saved me from Solaris in Blackstream Factory. Though is kinda ruined after the events of WTC and the Route Split. Her attitude towards Titania gave me some goosebumps, but shouls I excuse her mental issues (though I feel bad for Amy). I prefer Zekrom Route... Shade: Dear sweet Rayquaza... His gym scared the hell out of me with those screens and how he had that Gengar named Corey... But since Anna said, that he's nice to children and helped the twins and Luna a lot, I see him as a godfather towards him and being a prophet. Also thanks for saving me back in E18 Cal: Soo... I love him, even though he messed up during the Pyros Moutain Arc, when he indirectly caused Kiki's death and killed her Mechicham. Despite it cost his realitionship with Victoria, he only joined Team Meteor just to escape from his brother's shadow. I love his brotherly affection towards Shelly, after he apoloziyed to her. Solaris: Badass leader and opponent must admit... He gave me "Cynthia vibes" and love his backstory about how he ended up like he's today. But what I don't toralete is that he killed Kiki, tried to kill me too, made his son nearly into something and... Well Reshiram Route hit him hard and I feel bad for him, that everthying he worked for was ruined Heather: Started as a unruly brat, the Police Found Route made me change my mind for her later. And after she ran away how boi: From getting electrecuted till she couldn't speak, than got taken again, before running away to Blake and gets locked due to trying to help people in Ametrine City. Heck, that poor girl wanted to prove the world, she's strong and can stand up on her feet, but it fail miserbly and grew up without her mother and had a nihilistic father. Well done Corey... Though she gets better from Ametrine Arc till today C Rank: Titania: She freaks me out for reasons... Wish I could love her, but I cannot cope with that attitude of her with killing; her reasons are little unlike Saphira's and she is the reason for Florinia's change. Kinda feel bad for her with that drama with Amaria... But she can be nice to you, if you don't screw with her and I got points for feeding her with Blue Moon Ice Cream. So if you want Tania be your friend, just give her her favourite Ice Cream Victoria: Oh Vicky... I used to love her till that moment after thr 4th Gym Match. I mean, it's no wrong if she tries to stop you from doing something like with the Obsidia Slums (was just worry), but listen... DO YOU EVEN REALISE, THAT YOU SIMPLY GAVE ME LOTS OF TROUBLE TILL I GOT THAT FREAKING STRENGHT FOR MOVING JUST ONE ROCK!!! REALLY NOW?! DRAGGING ME TILL KIKI AND THEN YOU TRIED TO STOP ME AGAIN FROM BATTLING HER, WHILE MY FRIENDS COULDN'VE DIED FROM THOSE FUCKERS IN YUREYU BUILD!!! I swear... if that happened... I would NEVER EVER forgive her... This made me hate her, though I can understand her after losing her mother like figure to Team Meteor, but still... Terra: Raaawww my ass... I'm between laughing and raging because of her. I mean, don't get me wrong, she's hilarious with that all meme style and cartoon vibe, but... HER GYM PUZZLE MADE ME WANNA DIE! SEND HELP PLZ DJ Arclight: He's cool and I enjoy his moments on TV, but sadly he's a side character and that makes me sad. But I'll treasure every moment of his in my heart and I feel bad for losing his eye Rank Benette: First I see a little annoying wannabe for high positions (though El manipulated him), who stalks Luna and made her uncomfortable when you enter her space. Put him restraining order, till he learn his lesson. Though I enjoyed his development during the Glass Workstation. I see potential in him for redemption in EP19. Serra: Two words: Annoying field and boring character. No offense, but she doing fit my eye for that, though I enjoyed her little moments with Randomus Corey: Oh boi... I feel bad for exposing him and even cried about his suicide and after I found out about the truth behind joining Team Meteor... But there were other options, than going after a ring, that costed your wife's life and raised your daughter in your ways, though you had good intentions. But due to your suicide, leading us to higher troubles... It's technically your fault for the majority... Sorry my friend Rank E: Zero: Ultimately responsible for becoming ZEL after merging with Eve and Lumi; with the latter only wanted to safe her sister with the PULSE power, but nooo.... You had to threaten Lumi's safety to make her working on the project and now LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! You littery doomed the whole region, because of this! Seriously man, after reading Lumi'a diary, it made me wanna kill you. However a shard of empathy due to PULSE Magnezone's demise and his breakdown, after the girls were sent free, I wonder if you'll have redemption in EP19? Dr. Sigmund Connal: So electrocuting children is good for their health? Nope, nope, nope that's wrong- even though the ECT exist under the condition that it must be practiced fully and safety; which he FAILED. And he takes pride as being the HIGHEST AUTHORITY in Lapis Ward, so every crime he commits cannot be show due to having power. Those poor orphans and any his victims. Poor Heather and Laura for getting traumatized... And Saphira because she has a connection with Sigmundwith having much worse. Even if he became like that due to his sister's death, still... IT'S WRONG!!! El: Him. A priest and loyal servant of Arceus *hysterical laughter* More like Priest of Corruption! First it wasn't a problem when meeting him at Spinel Town... But ooh boi, I was wrong: Trying to get his biological daughter back with forces with the latter being scared of him, then kidnapped to attempt to pull her some illuminati ritual bullshit on her and manipulating Benette. The only thing, that I like is his story with Solaris, which touched me. Such beautiful and sad story, but both of you are horrible fathers- with Solaris being slightly better than you... Rank F: Sirius: THIS SON OF A BITCH DESERVE AN ULTIMATE DEATH PENALTY FOR HIS FUCKIMG CRIMES! HE RUINED SO MANY LIVE, INCLUDING COREY'S, HEATHER'S AND THE BELROSE SISTERS LIVES. DO YOU EVEN KNOW, THAT MY GAL CHARLOTTE IS UTTERLY RUINED BY THE FIRE YOU BASTARS CAUSED AND KILLED HER PARENTS AND NOW SHE BELIEVES IT'S HER FAULT! IF I HAD MY OWN CHOICE IN FIORE MANSION, I WOULD'VE HAVE KILL YOU INSTANTLY AND I HAD A MENTAL BREAKDOWM DURING THR TORCHIC QUEST AND I SHED TEARS AFTER READING COREY'S DIARY. YOU'RE MUCH WORSE THAN LIN! DIE! DIED! JUST FUCKING DIE!!! YOU FUCKING SADISTIC BASTARD! I'LL KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS IN EP19, WHEN WE CROSS PATHS IN LABBADORA CITY! JUST WAIT! Blake: You attitude reminds me of Fern, but still you... Hah! You gave me trouble... Ahahaha... 1st at Ametrine Arc and now... I LOST 9 TIMES TO HIM AND FERN IN FIORE MANSION, WHICH MADE ME CRAZY, CUZ I HATE THEM BOTH! AHAHAHAHA... Ha! And for making Cal's life a living hell... Fern: Top Cat? Bullshit! Swag Jockey? Double Bullshit! Sadistic jerk? CORRECT! This rival made even Gary Oak and Paul look like Wooloos compare to HIM! He laughed and being disrespectful to someone's death, made fun of my princess Shelly and mocked Hardy with Aya! Listen there you motherfucker! Don't. You. Fucking. Dare. Touch. Or. Harm. My. Girl. Aya.... I'll break every bone of your body along with Blake and Sirius's, once the barrier is dissolved and I'll be there in Saphira mode and kill you or worse
  4. In advance: For people who have not beat Noel, this post contains SPOILERS. .... I am not a great Pokemon Master; Most of these people will pound me to dust at least ten times every round. My tactics include picking a super-effective move and praying to the heavens that it works. I get punished every time I open this game... But HO BOY, they've lost their marbles. My MC of choice did not ask for any of this. It is a rollercoaster of circumstance and we want out. Is it cathartic to complain about them after being curbstomped flat for half an hour? yes And so we present our tier list; Definitely Not a Callout Post. I'm just going to be going top-down, because that seems like the easiest thing to do. S RANK! Noel - Ah, yes. Sweet Noel. His Clefable gave me trouble, but what really impressed me was his willingness to accept the fact that Saphira might be dead, or at least have broken a few bones. And you know what? That was a level of maturity that I appreciated. He's also sort of sweet. So, you know. S-Rank. Hardy - I only met him once for like five minutes, but honestly, anyone who agrees that Fern sucks is a marriage candidate. Laughing in the face of Fern? That's a hobby I can get behind. Also he seems pretty cool. A RANK! Charlotte - I was very impressed by the bluffing she pulled to get Shelly away from those two dudes who were about to murder her. Also, she's usually got her head screwed on straight . I like her. Serra - Yeah, she's kind of a nihilist, but she's very sensible about things, from what I can tell. Cares about her kid enough to ask me to help out, but recognizes she can't control what he does, even if its dumb. Anna - Cute. Not annoying. What can I say? B RANK! Sirius - Here purely for the fact that he hasn't done anything really stupid. Also, the image of him trying to look intimidating as he drips angrily onto the carpet makes me laugh. He seems like a tryhard about scaring people, but being soggy doesn't really help his case. C RANK. Shade - I hated fighting him in his stupid pitch-black darkness and his stupid shadow balls and his stupid everything. But also, I think it's really funny that nobody's able to fire a dead guy or something. And he's kind of a ghost, so he can't really do anything too bad. Probably. Solaris - Honestly, he seems more or less like a stereotypical bad guy. Kinda creepy, not much to go off of yet. Shelly - Why is a 12-year-old running a gym? Why did they agree to run a gym? In this economy? With her personality? Is this a responsibility you are prepared for? Also, your library made me cry. I am Concerned. Cain - Stop monologuing to me about your family. Stop getting caught. Seriously, I walk into the railnet and the first thing he tries to ask me is what I thought about his sibling drama. Also, I fully expect to be given your credit card for busting your ass out of Meteor Jail. Still, he's nice? More or less. Doctor Sigmund - Kind of the same as Solaris, but more of a creep. I also did not expect him to be as... buff? As he was. Creepy. Heather - I know you are traumatized but please stop flying away without adult supervision. D RANK.. Aya - Look, I get you don't want to be here. I don't want to be here either, but you don't see me complaining about it. Not to mention you're taking all my money. Saphira - Oh, gee, thanks for the target on my head so I can play bait while you and the rest of the gang scramble off to who-knows where. I really hope you sprained a wrist or something while falling off that Steelix. ... I mean, it was super badass, though. Kiki - Is kidnapped children REALLY not a good enough reason for you to give me the TM and let me leave? Or use the energy you spent climbing up an entire mountain to give me the badge before you kick the bucket? Please? I have things to be doing and this is not one of them. Zel - I should probably put you higher but you took my money after I died to that Pulse Abra YOU told me to kill. You should be paying ME, dangit. Victoria - Stop... Stopping me... I'm begging you... Cal - He's so DUMB but by the time I meet him I am NOT SURPRISED by it which is why he is not in E-tier. Like. The minute I get up there, I get a dramatic monologue thrown into my face about how he accidentally traumatized Shelly or something because of his inferiority complex. Great. Congrats. THEN he turns evil, but ONLY long enough to throw Kiki's pokemon into an active volcano to die. And indirectly killing Kiki. Either stay evil or stop while you're ahead, dude. E Corey - Dude, Corey? Yikes. He's so in his own head. Sorry you weren't able to keep your own identity secret. Sorry you ruined your daughter's life for a rock. Sorry you expected crime without consequence. Not to mention, his whole thing about Heather? I'm 95% sure it's just a martyr complex. He doesn't actually care about her wellbeing, he just says it's for her so he can justify crime and also have a rock while making himself feel better. And I bet that if he knew a single thing about his daughter, he'd know that she was friends with the gym leader who lived right under that one bridge he threw himself off of. And if he actually cared about Heather or anything she did at all, he might have had enough compassion and common sense to not die there, if not die at all. All in all, a gross dad. Fern - Leave me alone fern i don't KNOW whats your deal but you are a JERK.... i am betting 5 dollars on an inferiority complex or something I bet nobody loves you and thats why you are mean... but you are still a DOUCHEBAG.... plea...plesea.... Taka - I think I shed tears over his Chatot's existence. Please. Let me live. I am BEGGING you. Simon the Meteor Grunt - Not a hard opponent, but cried on me in the base with the Abra. What did he expect during the whole lake thing, anyways? "Gee, let's go kidnap and torture children against their will! They'll probably lie down and let us take them like good little kids." Is Saphira responding with force that surprising? Did he really not prepare for that? Not to mention, he's part of a terrorist group that does this kinda stuff daily. smhhhh. .... And that's it! If I didn't include anyone here, it would probably be because I don't have too much of an opinion on them or I haven't met them yet. This is all personal opinion, and also kind of a joke--Stress relief after being beat into the ground a million and a half times. help So yep!
  5. Not entirely sure if this already existed due to the sites search being down but how about people make a tier list ranking the reborn leaders, you can rank them based on difficulty or just who you like Heres a template to save time: https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemon-reborn-gymleaders-55379 mine is clearly based on difficulty
  6. Hello! I noticed recently that there wasn't a tier list for Episode 16 of Reborn (this is now going to be updated with E17 in mind). I thought that we may be able to change that with this following list. The way you make a tier list is simple, you must rank each family based on: -accessibility -utility -movepool -how well it utilizes field effects -overall potential This shall be a community thing, so I have posted the rankings below from the last tier list (created by Lord Wallace). With that in mind, happy voting! S-Rank: These Pokemon are arguably the best in the game, being able to hold their own from the instant you get them, which is usually very early, to much later in the game. They never really lose their usefulness, and are the Pokemon you should be using if you want the smoothest and easiest play though. A Rank: These Pokemon are almost always useful, but are held back from the S-tier for one reason or another. They usually have good stats, decent availability, good movepool and can usually handle themselves in battles. B Rank: These are Pokemon that tend to be quite decent, provide a good experience with the difficulty of the game, while not being too hard to train or win with. They tend to missing a couple of key things that make them a lot better. C Rank: These pokemon are very middle of the ground. They have good redeeming qualities, but also have their share of negative ones too. D Rank: These Pokemon are on the lower side of things. They tend to have more bad things about them than good things. If you want to have a challenge with this game, I'd recommend starting here and below. Fail Rank: These are pokemon that have trouble getting anywhere. They tend to be hindered by many bad traits, and have very limited usefulness. Limbo: These Pokemon are technically available but for one reason or another cannot be given an appropriate ranking.
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