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Found 5 results

  1. So, I had a blast recently with my intense monobug run and i decided to rank my mons into a tier list just for fun xD Tier ranking details: As for individual mons: Summary of Bug's strats: Yeah that's it, bugs are actually quite good when it comes to monotype (Am I sounding like Bennett lol), fellow bug enthusiasts feel free to share your thoughts hehe Btw I did compile all fights on my youtube, maybe leave a view if you're interested? https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiqPolgGCOXKrzDL10Ngj3dvct5Dbzc3D
  2. Something i've noticed, over the last couple days, is some people complaining about Intense Mode, and i'd like to offer my two cents on the matter. i highly doubt this'll amount to anything more than just a crazy man, yelling to the winds, but whatever. As a start, Rejuvenation going into v13 is harder than v12, because the AI is improved, and Field moves no longer negate the current field. i've seen complaints about both, but....i, and a good number of people i know who play intense aren't bothered by this? from my perspective, both of these increase the number of strategies available to the player. an AI that switches out makes certain pokemon and strategies more effective, like Pursuit, Trapping moves, Hazard stacking, and rewards the player for predicting what the AI is going to do. Secondly, terrain moves overlaying, rather than replacing. i'm quite fond of this change, as before, a boss would simply just be trivialized by using a terrain move, which is quite boring in my opinion. now, though? Terrain Moves operate like a second category of weather, which makes it more acceptable in my eyes to actually USE them. all in all, i've been having a blast with Rejuvenation's Intense Mode v13. am i crazy? perhaps. but do remember: if playing the hardest difficulty is hurting your enjoyment of the game, there is no shame in going down to a lower difficulty. A game is a game, and having fun comes first, after all.
  3. I highly recommend not reading this post to those of you who have not played through the current version or are playing the game for the first time. There will be spoilers for all of the Main Story and for all of the Side Quests in the Fan Game. You have been warned! And to those who don't care about spoilers, need a recap on the story, or have played through the game and did every nook and cranny in the game, you are all welcome to stay and enjoy the experience. Hello everyone that happens upon this post. As the title says, I will be doing my first intense mode run. For some time now I've been pondering whether I should start to do my first run of intense mode before or after V13 drops. I even made a post about whether or not I should do it after V13 since I never played Gen 8 and I was actually thinking I should do my intense mode run after V13. As time when on, I thought how about I do the run now just so I can see how it is going to be changed in the next version of the game and that I need to do something in my spare time while waiting for the next version update, so here I am writing this post before I even get to do my Intense mode run. Guess I rambled on about this for a bit, then it is time for me to explain how I am going to do this run. How I am going to do my run: 1. I am going to catch every available Pokemon in the game because I really want to mix and match my team a lot for each Side Quest Boss, Rift Pokemon, Team Xen Bosses, Rival Battles, Legendaries, and Gym Leaders. 2. I will use debug mode just for IVs since I don't really want to spend my entire time hatching eggs and trying my luck to see if I get Perfect IVs. 3. I have to pick all of the good choices and do all of the side quest since I'm a sucker for being Mr. Goody Two Shoes and I want to get the best outcome for everyone. 4. No Torchic or Froakie because I want my first experience to be a good one and having those two Pokemon can make Mid-Game easier than it should be. 5. Nickname all of my Pokemon either with names that fit their personality or may be cool in my mind but look dumb for others. 6. I am going to soft reset for each time I lost during an important battle because I don't really want to lose first time and lose money or get negative relationship points. (but I will put down the amount of times I did lose) 7. I will be using guides to help me because I'll need the help a lot for all of these battles that are going to be coming up in my near future. That is all of my rules on my run, next is how I'll be telling my experience and what strategies I'm doing for all of these battles. So, I will be telling my experience through journal entries that the main protagonist is writing on their way through the Aevium Region, each entry will be about each chapter that I have done. The journal will be in italics and my own commentary will just be normal just to differentiate between the two. After I am done the journal entry for a chapter, I'll write down how badly or well I did during the battles within those chapters. I'll even write down why I chose to use certain Pokemon for different fights, like for example use Pyukumuku and Shuckle for two certain double battles (Yes, I will be using those Pokemon together for some double battles because I think it will be funny.) So, that is it on how I will be doing my run. Thank you everyone for taking your time for reading or skimming over this post. It will take me a while to update on this post since I need to complete each chapter and write down the story and important things I did during this run. Hope you all will enjoy my first experience.
  4. Welcome to my topic of my Intense run. I wanted to do a new run, and asked me long time what kind of run I can do. Then I decdied: Why not a Intense run, with Mons I didn't use this much. And also why not sharing this to you all Hope you guys will have as much fun as I will have with this run My rules for this run: (Other rules can be added) - Try to do every single Quest which I can find (like an 100% run) - Doing everything on videos(Not the best story creater, so sadly sry ) - Don't debug strong Mons to the beginning (caught myself doing this often by my latest Reborn runs ) - Use Debug only to change nature, Shiny, Ability and set Ev's & IV's (Because I don't have the nerves and time to breed and train me all needed Mons^^) - I will only push the Ev's of my Mons after I beated the current gym: Example: Table of content: Part 1 - Mommy is away and what now..? Part 2 - Searching for answers Part 3 - More of the city Part 4 - Into the sewers Part 5 - Melia and Route 1 Part 6 - Helping the Shadow Mons Part 7 - That's a giant... Part 8 - Getting ready for Venam Part 9 - To much poison Part 10 - Hunting Nim Part 11 - I hate spiders Part 12 - Welcome to Sheridan Part 13 - Searching the lost soul Part 14 - SEC and his dynamite Part 15 - Keys, keys and more keys...
  5. Good day pokefans! Ill be playing Pokémon Rejuvenation and Id like to share my playthrough on youtube, its my first time playing this Fan game. If you can help me out with comments that would be awesome cuz I'm playing it on (Intense mode). Thanks! P.S I picked my starter. Link to my videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTV70Ys21_4&t=15s (Ep.1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5_u0mnnNRc (Ep.2)
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