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  1. Hey. So, just a bit of a progress update before I post my next Myriad chapter. Not to worry, I haven't given up upon this fanfic. I have simply been caught up with the usual day to day tasks and responsibilities. Thank you for sticking by me with your views - it means alot to me to have your continued creative support. Admittedly, I have been sidetracked lately by the Sucker Punch-es of the whims of Fate and of life, as well as with certain Pokemon fangames (why must you be so darned addictive, fangames? xD) and Let's Plays. In any case, it's been on my mind to keep you all in the loop in regard to my writing here. Please consider yourself/ves looped in. How am I doing thus far? Please let me know what you think of my Myriad fanfic if you feel inclined to do so.
  2. Hey. So, just a bit of a progress update before I post my next Alisa chapter. Not to worry, I haven't given up upon this firecracker of a fanfic. I have simply been caught up with the usual day to day tasks and responsibilities. Thank you for sticking by me with your views and with your feedback, Mindlack - it means alot to me to have your continued creative support. Admittedly, I have been sidetracked lately by the Sucker Punch-es of the whims of Fate and of life, as well as with certain Pokemon fangames (why must you be so darned addictive, fangames? xD) and Let's Plays. In any case, it's been on my mind to keep you all in the loop in regard to my writing here. Please consider yourself/ves looped in. How am I doing thus far? Please let me know what you think of my Alisa fanfic if you feel inclined to do so.
  3. Hi. I'd like to recommend Pokemon Ashen Frost. It's a different suggestion to the aforementioned ones and it's definitely a must play, in my opinion. You are a Pokemon Detective. You start off with a very different Starter (I won't spoil what it is) and you solve Cases during your playthrough. I'm going to dedicate myself to it more fully after my completion of Pokemon Reborn, Pokemon Desolation and Pokemon Rejuvenation and I quite look forward to doing so. I also recommend Pokemon Empyrean and Pokemon Gaia, plus more once I discover them for myself. There will be no spoilers here in my posts, so if you are interested within these games that I have mentioned, I strongly recommend (although it is absolutely your choice) that you check them out for your own self and see what you personally make of them. :)
  4. Chapter Three: Alto and Outro I visited Karrina as per her request, marveling at her surroundings sproadically. The black and gold decor was a great thematical touch to the mobster's main room and Alto could appreciate the many bookcases that were in plentiful supply here. "Alto! A woman after my own heart, it seems. It gladdens my heart to see that we have such a fine and mighty Trainer upon our side," Karrina said earnestly. "Thank you for your invitation. So, if I may ask, what has brought about my induction into your organisation?," I enquired, politely but with backbone. "A straight-shooter, to boot? I like that. To not put too stark a point upon it, I require your assistance," Karrina replied. "Can you please elaborate?," I requested, speaking with as much brevity as I could. "Certainly. There is going to be a gang fight tonight between my gang and a rival gang. Ever since their arrival here a few years back, that gang has been causing no end of trouble. We aim to put a stop to them. Are you in?," Karrina answered. "I'm in, but why ask me to help you? Are there not others who may be just as qualified as I am?," I asked, with feeling. "Go figure, but the city holds no love for my gang and I," Karrina replied loftily. "And why do you think that is?," I asked seriously. Karrina scraped her fingers through her vibrant auburn hair and shook her head in exasperation. "I have no idea! We're only trying to help the citizens of this city! There are few others of your caliber that I feel that I can ask. Please meet us at Amethyst Cave, post-haste. Ta-ta!," she said pleasantly. Lowering her hands to her sides, Karrina awarded me a curt yet professional nod and then strode briskly out of her office. Reminded ever so strongly of Venam, I took a quick look around Karrina's office, then made my own exit of it. After exiting the gang HQ, I put paid to a couple of loose-end sidequests, then made my way to the East Gearen train station. A train ride later and I stood at Route 2's entrance, looking down the metaphorical barrel of yet another Trainer gauntlet. Steeling myself in preparation, both mental and physical, I set off at a brisk pace. Upon reaching the entrance to Amethyst Cave, I experienced a flashback of my previous experience within it. With an involuntary shudder, I met up with Karrina and her gang a little ways within the cave. A battle against Technician Edward later and I re-encountered the same enigmatic Xen Grunt who had delivered the Melia death-sentence pronouncement earlier. He didn't seem at all surprised to see me back within Amethyst Cave. This immediately struck me as suspicious. His casual address of me ratcheted my suspicion up a further seven notches. "I see that you failed to heed my earlier warning," Enigmatic Grunt said. "You'll find that I'd done the exact opposite. Why do you still see fit to be a human barricade?," I responded in my turn. The hooded figure ignored me. "You'll soon find this to be a hopeless endeavour indeed. Now that you've experienced the pain of losing someone, I assure you that pain will forever remain a part of you," Enigmatic Grunt continued, speaking as though I hadn't spoken at all. Without further ado, Enigmatic Grunt turned and made a beeline toward open doorway that was just behind him. "What is this, Riddle a Minute Day? You know that I'll just follow you to see what you're up to," I said, doing just that as I spoke. My trip through the open doorway revealed two Trainers, train tracks jutting up from a portion of the cave floor and a secondary doorway. Dashing through the snow secondary doorway. I encountered a black haired girl who immediately took my photograph. Blinking the bright white spots that were dancing before my eyes, I listened to the young woman speak. "Say cheese! Oh, wait, I was meant to say that prior to my snapshot. Oh, well, you're in my memory bank now," Snapshot said impishly. "I'll say," I said, but the young woman spoke over me. "You've been randomly selected! Congratulations, you are now a Fun Games competitor. Your grand prize? Entrance to Sheridan Village. Let us begin," Snapshot said, enthused. I was warped to some weirdo dimension, where I was urged to play three consecutive games. Having correctly guessed which of three rocks held a purple pebble (the central one) and which of the three trees was a fake (the third one), I won my way through to Game 3, a battle with Snapshot herself. "You should know something before we battle. I've been watching you for some time now," Snapshot said. "Uh, why would you a) admit that, b) watch me in the first place and c) think that would not creep me out?," I enquired, a little more harshly than I'd intended to ask. Again, Snapshot acted as though I hadn't spoken. This was starting to become a theme with her. "I watched you during your Venam battle. No-one took any notice of me! I wanted to talk to you then, but I just couldn't. It takes so much focus for me to be physically present. But I digress! My name's Nim. I'm a wanderer with a metric truck-tonne of spirit. Nice to meet ya," Nim said spiritedly. I opened my mouth to speak, but she spoke first. "Oh, we're sooooo going to be besties, just you wait and see!," Nim said exuberantly. The battle began. Nim sent out her first Pokemon, a Level 16 Darumaka and a Level 16 Inkay. I sent out my Level 23 Padfoot and my Level 20 Feebas. "Brine, Feebas! Take that Darumaka down," I commanded of my shiny fish. "Padfoot, Bite that Inkay until it's down for the count!," I commanded my Mightyena. Both performed their attacks admirably and took down both of their opponents. Nim recalled her fainted Pokemon and sent out her Level 18 Solrock and Level 18 Lunatone. Padfoot Bit down upon his opponents, backed up by my spectacular Hermione, whom I switched my Feebas out for and the battle tide was turned in my favour. I won the battle. We both recalled our fainted Pokemon. "Oh, my Lords Helix and Arceus! You are the Fun Games victor. Congratulations, you phenom," Nim yelled, completely losing what little composure she seemed to have as she leapt up and down upon the dimension floor. She handed over her prize money. "OK, calm your farm, Nim. Thanks. Good battle," I replied, not sure how to take my new superfan's pinnacle of zeal. "You're top notch, you know that!? From the very moment that I witnessed your defeat of Venam, I knew, I just knew that Fate had tied us together with many strings! So. Freaking. COOL," Nim continued, utterly unabashed. "Thank you, but can I leave now? I've got a gang war to end," I said lightly. Nim pretended to think about my request for a moment, but then she shook her head. Her brows furrowed more than slightly as she spoke. "Sorry. There's just one more game remaining to be played. Answer this question with the truth. With your truth. The question is: Did I cheer you up?," Nim concluded. I emamined my current emotional state. The answer that was clear and true to me was yes. "Nim, you did cheer me up. Thank you for that," I answered diplomatically. Nim stopped bouncing upon her heels, lowering herself slowly to the floor with an ear to ear grin. "Yes! Exactly the answer that I'd hoped for. I'd wanted our first impression to be a great one. That way, you wouldn't easily forget me!," Nim said contentedly. I smiled back at Nim. She invited me to chill with her, so I approached her and stood by her right side, just far enough apart from her that she didn't feel crowded. "Say, that Ren guy gave you this humungo grief speech, but I thought to take the opposite approach. I spread happiness to brighten the dark of that," Nim said gently. I blinked, betraying my shock and to mitigate the shock that she had given to me, Nim made an additional confession. "My apologies for the shock. I'd also watched as you fought Zetta, Alto. I'd wanted to help, but...no matter how much I tried to assist you, I just couldn't," Nim confessed. "Your attempt is noted and appreciated. Try not to beat yourself up about it. What had been done is now past," I said consolingly. Nim looked off to one side with a beatific smile, a llok of gratitude washing over her face before she schooled it into a mask of neutrality. "Anyway, after you'd been swept into the Rift, I watched Zetta toss Melia's bag off the side of the cliff. I delved into the depths in search of it and...I found it. Completely water-logged, it was, but otherwise intact. I was able to retrieve this," Nim said. She handed me a Room ID Card, which I tucked away into the Key Items pocket of my Bag. "There wasn't anything else around. If I missed anything, I apologise," Nim said regretfully. I sought to reassure Nim. "That's quite alright, Nim. I'm thankful that you'd managed to retrieve this. Thanks for gifting it to me," I said appreciatively. "Awww, Alto, you sweet-talker, you! But seriously, this horror-filled world is the pits," Nim replied. I frowned. "What gives you that impression of the world?," I asked. Nim shrugged a shrug that was meant to cast off her cares. Her cares stubbornly refused to budge from her shoulders. "I'd been traveling, for awhile, with someone. Eventually, we'd had to part. But if you don't remain weird and zany, this world would get sooooo unbearably boring, you get me?," Nim said cheerfully. I nodded and she continued. "There's just so much out there. Blink and you'll forever miss it all. I want for you to continue, Alto. Keep at it with your head held high!," Nim said. "I will," I replied, surprising even myself with the ringing endorsement of humility and of sincerity within my level tone. Nim nodded as if I'd restored her faith within the world. "Excellent! Sorry for dragging you out here. I'd just wanted a chat with you. So, I'm going to send you back now. I believe in you! Bye now," Nim said, in a slightly-regretful tone of voice. Before Nim did this, though, she spoke. "Don't you go and forget your bestie now - me! Nim. Now go forth and conquer all!," Nim called. A blindingly-bright white light enveloped the dimension and I vanished. I reappeared within the Cave alone. Nim's parting words echoed throughout my mind. "I'll always be watching, never forget that! I'm your personal guardian angel of sorts." The way to Sheridan Village, at the top of the steps before me, lay unbarred. Now, however, was not the time for me to venture that. I backtracked back to where Karrina lay in wait for me. She appeared to have jarred her ankle, though to what degree, I did not yet know. "Oh, don't mind me, I just slipped off the side of this cliff while I was battling. Finish off their leader for me, pretty please?," Karrina said snidely. There was more than a bit of predatory bite within her tone, but I attributed that more to her current state of pain than anything else. Steeping onto the raised plateau, I battled the Motorcyclist in front of Karrina. "You wish to battle me? I'll crush you into pulverised nanoparticles, Karrina's stand-in," The Motorcyclist said, in the tone of a genuine threat. He sent out his Level 21 Cufant and I sent out my Level 23 shiny Talonflame, Ventilate. "Don't take Gang Member Charly lightly, Alto. He did defeat me. With that being said, show him what for, talent galore!," Karrina called to me. Charly's eyes lit up even as his brows narrowed over them, sizing me up upon the spot. "Alto, huh? I'll remember your name. Cufant, Rollout twice!," Charly called. His Cufant performed two consecutive Rollouts, which took Ventilate down to red health points. "Great job, Ventilate, return! Go, Feebas," I called to my wounded bird, zapping him back into his capsule. I sent Feebas into battle and commanded it to use Brine over two turns. The burn that Ventilate had inflicted, in addition to the Water attacks, sent Cufant plummeting to the floor in a faint. "Noooooo, Cufant! You'll pay for that. Vigoroth, shut that fish down for good!," Charly called. I smirked. "Too late for that jazz. Padfoot, get 'em, boy," I yelled, calling Feebas back and sending out my Mightyena. "Bite, then Snarl for good measure!," I commanded haughtily. Padfoot barked, bristling with canine hostility as he obeyed my commands. Vigoroth chittered with pain as Padfoot's combined attacks brought it down to yellow health points. "It's almost downed completely! Bite attack," I commanded and my will was carried out to the hilt. Vigoroth screeched with agony as it crashed to the cavern floor, but it ultimately succumbed to its injuries. It fainted. Charly recalled it, then sent in his Level 21 Mankey. He had it annoyingly spam Seismic Toss attacks, but I took it down with my Dustox's, Hermione's, Gust attacks. "Dang it! Take your money and scram!," Charly said fiercely. Handing over his battle cash with a scowl, Charly eyed me for several intense and intimidating beats before he turned away. Striding angrily up to his motorcycle, Charly mounted his bike with a sneer. "No slouch in the battle department, you are. Fine, have it your way, then," Charly said gravely. "What is that supposed to mean?," I asked Charly, before he could ride off. "It means this: You have made me reevaluate my life of crime. We'll stop, my gang and I. Retreat!," Charly snarled. He hit the gas and I nimbly leapt aside, left in Charly's metaphorical dust as he led his gang out of the cave. Karrina limped toward me. "Considerably well done, Alto. You've disbanded that bandit gang and left our gang as top of the heap! Please, take this as a boon of my gratitude to you," Karrina said kindly. She handed me a shiny Houndour, which I nicknamed Firestorm. Karrina reached forward and squeezed my left shoulder with a surprisingly-forceful grip. Patting my shoulder twice before she retracted her right hand, Karrina nodded her chin toward the Great Ball in my left hand. "Take good care of Firestorm for me, y'hear me? I'll know it if you don't. Bye, and thanks for your battle help. See you around sometime!," Karrina said flatly. Before she could try to limp her way out of the cave, though, I spoke. "Hey, Boss Lady, it's OK to use my shoulder to lean on now. Let me help you out of this cave," I offered compassionately. Karrina's grave countenance shifted into a look of middling appreciation. I saw the glimmer of burgeoning respect within Karrina's eyes as she nodded her assent. "Alright. How very considerate of you," Karrina said graciously. I rested my left arm across her back, bracing my left hand against her left shoulder-blade. She did the same, albeit in reverse. As a team, we made our steady yet plodding way out of the cave. After Karrina pointed out some raised, dead end tracks within the cave that were nearest to its entrance, I enlisted help from a nearby Trainer to rip two of the larger tracks out of the cave floor. Karrina then used these as makeshift crutches. Making our way back to the station, Karrina and I sat across from one another once we had boarded the train. Karrina and I went our separate ways upon reaching East Gearen City. Once I had accompanied her back to Gang HQ, I returned to the Help Plaza and handed in my side-quest reports. These netted me money and a shiny Pichu. Returning to the Gearen Laboratory, I paid a service fee and grabbed a shower, changing into my secondary travel outfit of a Miles Morales red and charcoal hoodie, worn over clean underclothing. A crisp pair of charcoal denim jeans, orange basketball print socks over a sky blue background and a pair of black Pumas with gold detailing capped off my outfit. Upon my Lab return, I checked into a free Trainer Suite, locked its door behind me and crashed upon its foldout sofa bed. It had already been set up with a fresh change of everything - although, seeing as this was the Reborn region, 'fresh' itself was debatable. It was serviceable enough, I supposed, as my right cheek hit the fluffy pillow. I was out like a light for remainder of the encroaching night. ****************************************************** Arpeggio sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He had just returned from Route 2 and from Amethyst Cave. Ren and Venam had gone off to do their own things and here he was, sat here upon one of the visitor's chairs within The Great Hall. The Dimensional Galvantula had been a deeply formidable foe. Had he not had a reliable Doubles partner in Ren, he was certain that he would have sustained far more heavy casualties than he actually had. After venturing to the Poke Mart to stock up upon much needed supplies, Arpeggio decided to visit the Help Centre. Having tackled and completed a request or two, Arpeggio returned to the Gearen Laboratory. He grabbed a quick, overpriced shower. Thanks to the plentiful region Trainers, however, a somewhat steady income was there to be made. This was a small consolation. Behind his Trainer Suite's closed and locked door, he changed out of his regular outfit and into a set of new clothes. He changed into a black Harry Potter hoodie with a teal Slytherin left sleeve, a maroon Gryffindor right sleeve, butter yellow Hufflepuff pockets and a sapphire Ravenclaw hood. Rounding his outfit out with a pristine pair of navy blue denim jeans with white pockets, black with Golden Snitch print socks and a pair of maroon Nikes with black matte black detailing, Arpeggio grinned at his mirrored reflection. Oh, yes, he was set to slay within this region and beyond. Arpeggio followed a hooded figure through a certain portion of Amethyst Cave, Arpeggio found, battled and was befriended by Nim. Upon the completion of Nim's oddly-titled Fun Games, Arpeggio was zipped back to Amethyst Cave. After checking in with Karrina and helping her to take down her rival gang, Arpeggio was rewarded a shiny Houndour from Karrina. He nicknamed it Cerberus because in his opinion, the male Houndour was worthy of the name and its reputation. Their gang had been kind enough to help carry Karrina back to the train via a Midday Lycanroc back-ride. Arpeggio had ran all of the way back in their wake. He had tried to keep pace with the rock wolf 'mon, but he just hadn't been able to do so. Next upon his list was seeing what room the Nim-gifted Room ID would unlock. Arpeggio checked the rooms near Professor Jenner's starter lab and lucked out upon finding Melia's room. Ordinarily, Arpeggio wouldn't trespass in anyone else's room, let alone a girl's and this girl's, but the Card did require a usage. It also helped that he was understandably curious about what Melia's bedroom happened to say about her. Scanning the Room ID within a keycard scanner panel just below Jenner's starter lab, Arepeggio turned the door's handle. He then stepped through into Melia's previously-forbidden room. The room reminded him of a time capsule that had been expanded to real life size. Melia's suitcase was sitting upon a central table, awaiting Melia's pick up. Beside the case was a framed family photo of the Jenner family, as well as a Gym Leader acceptance letter, which Arpeggio read. The letter was congratulatory and somewhat concise, detailing Melia's new Gym location and a potential personal escort via car to Grand Dream City and its Athenaeum, which would have played host to her Normal type Gym, had she survived to take up her post there. Movie posters that Venam had painstakingly picked out for Melia adorned the wall beside Melia's personal wardrobe. The wardrobe itself had been left open as if Melia had been debating which clothes to pack for her new job before she had left the Laboratory. Picking up the Exp. Share that had been resting upon the desk at the foot of Melia's bed, Arpeggio immediately saw a use for it in battle. A Wigglytuff doll was sat upon Melia's bed, just chilling out at the foot of her pillow, while a Clefairy doll sat to the left-hand side of a desktop computer monitor. Its screen was of the gigantic sized variety and it suited the life of relative privilege that Melia must have led up until her unfortunate and untimely demise. It was a room that one could feel proud of, furnished with just the right ammount of personality, practicality and professionalism. Exiting Melia's bedroom, Arpeggio left the Laboratory and set off toward Amethyst Cave...and his next destination, Sheridan Village. With thoughts of the most advantageous team composition upon his mind, Arpeggio set out to train his current team, build several backup teams and cut a broad swathe through the region while he was at these endeavours. He would catch all that he could, while he could. * A/N: May edit additional scene content here, but I could decide, upon second thought, not to do so. Stand by.
  5. Chapter Three: The Cousin "No. Freaking. Way. I can't believe you aced that Shade battle!," Jester exclaimed. She flopped back onto the futon, then sprang to her feet. Her expression of utmost alarm made Connor laugh as he closed and locked the appartment door behind himself. "I'm glad that my bed meets with your approval, Mewtwo. That dark Field hadn't been a walk in the park," Connor replied mildly. Feeling the lingering effects of sheer mortification, Jester lifted her nose into the air. "Your Luxray sure came in clutch in that battle, but your Mighty was the sheer MVP," Jester replied. Connor nodded, but it was obvious that his mind was elsewhere, unfocused upon naught but his own troubled thoughts. "Earth to Elder! Do you read me?," Jester enquired, with a roll of her eyes. Returning to his present with a concerted effort, Connor blinked and shook his head slowly. His head-clearance attempt was moderately successful as he replayed her words back within his mind. "I read you loud and clear now, but I'm worried about the others. Heather and the others...I hope that they're OK," Connor said, troubled. Jester frowned, her blue eyes darkening as she, too, thought about the kidnapped Railnet victims. "I'm sure that they'll be fine, so long as the Meteors' demands are met," Jester said flatly. Connor scowled. "No demands have been announced as of yet. If we leave now, there's still a chance that we can rescue our friends. What are we waiting for?," Connor demanded, turning back toward the appartment door. He had just placed his hand upon it when the door handle turned, seemingly of its own accord. Connor had time enough to jump backward as the door was flung wide-open. A figure rushed into the appartment, nudged the door closed behind them with their preferred foot and gasped upon seeing Connor. The latter casually reached past the figure and latched the appartment door shut before the figure could speak. "Mewtwo, meet my cousin, Kieron Baines. KB, meet Mewtwo. Freak-out in three...two...," Connor said amiably. "Naw, man. A Mewtwo, in my appartment? You've got to be - shiitake mushrooms on a hotplate, how did you get here?," Kieron enquired of Jester, finally noticing her upon a scan of his appartment. "Oh, you know, the usual way. You might know of it, Baines. It's called your front door," Jester said balefully. Kieron jumped, his right hand flying to rest upon the first Poke Ball that hung, bandolier style, from the first and hip loop of his jeans' belt-loops. "Mothertrucker, man, it can speak! How can it speak? Connor, what the Hell?," Kieron said, speaking at just under a yell in volume. His tone was incredulous, his expression unamused as Jester assumed her battle stance before him. Noting the sudden animosity between the two, Connor stepped smoothly in front of Kieron in an attempt to calm him down. "Hey, c'mon, man, be cool. Mewtwo's a friend. And even though Mewtwos are usually genderless, I'm certain this Mewtwo is not an it," Connor said seriously. His tone gave Kieron a reality-check and the elder man slid his hand off of his ace's Poke Ball, his expression morphing from hostile to accepting. Upon seeing Kieron's shift into neutrality, Jester eased out of her Kamehameha stance. She lowered her raised paws. The Shadow Ball that she had swiftly formulated slowly diminished until it vanished completely, doused by her will alone. "That's hella impressive, Mew...that's not your real name, right? Because that would be too simple. Life's anything but," Kieron said perceptively. Jester blinked, twice rapidly, which made Kieron grin impishly in response. "I knew I was right! So, come on, then, get with the enlightenment, already," Kieron said gamely. "Thanks. And if I choose to maintain my aura of mystery?," Jester asked, unenthused. Kieron crossed over to his kitchen's counter-top, placed his two shopping-bags upon the counter-top, then laid his hands, palm down, upon the counter-top. Leaning in toward Jester as he spoke, Kieron let his brows lower like twin cowls over his piercing, cobalt blue eyes. "Then for Connor's sake, you can stay, but you'll be relegated to the opposite of my hit list," Kieron replied coldly. Jester's slow smirk gradually deepened before she spoke up in her defence. "Oh, so, your shi -," she said with relish, but Connor overruled her by speaking over her. "His 'usual suspect' list, yes. Believe me, that's not a place that you want to end up. I was on it once and it took me years to be scratched off its ledger. Say, KB -," Connor said grimly. It was his turn to be conversationally overridden by Jester, however. "Whatever, Trevor. You want to know the first flush of my story? You'll get what I choose to give thus far, so listen close," Jester said smugly. Both Connor and Kieron gave Jester their undivided attention, which she noted with ease. Taking a somewhat deep breath, Jester began to tell her tale. "You get what you give in this life. I certainly did. I gave of my talent and I received the attention that my talent drew to me. An invitation - of the 'one that you can't refuse' variety - was extended to me. I dressed to the nines that night, certain that it would change my life. Little did I know that it did, just not as I'd expected it to," Jester said imperiously. She took a steadying breath and, rallying, Jester continued. "The Gym was dimly lit, the atmosphere grim. But then, I'd expected that. I'd even prepared for that. No sooner had I stepped into Beryl Arena, everything went to Hell in many hand-baskets. Noxious gas poured issued forth from countless vents. All seemed lost, but then...," Jester trailed off, her blue eyes darkening with the full recollection of her feelings that night. Connor remained riveted upon the floor upon which he stood, utterly captivated by Jester's confession. "But then?," he prompted, in a cautious yet intrigued and courteous tone of voice. Jester swallowed the sudden lump in her throat and continued with renewed purpose. "But then I collapsed to my knees, the paralytic nerve agent keeping me restrained within an invisible cage. I saw a hooded figure shove his hood back contemptuously as two other men rushed toward me. It was -," Jester continued, only to give an emphatic head shake that spoke of her vehement denial of this person's identity. "It was? You can't just withhold the goods like that, it's not at all reasonable," Kieron called. he knew full well that what he had said could be interpreted as a double-entendre, but he didn't care. He felt rudimentarily invested within Jester's tale. Jester sighed. "Oh, I can, Baines, and I will. Just before I passed out, a man wearing a red scarf scooped me into his arms in a bridal carry. A man with three voices spoke. One voice said, '"Silence suits the bird of song and serenity."' Another, in an entirely different tone of voice, said "Oh, let her sleep this slumber of painless sleep," only to be followed up by, "Perchance to awaken in a body of our own devising, should she survive The Insurmountable Mists," Jester said darkly. Kieron's eyes widened, then automatically narrowed, zeroing in upon Jester from where he stood. Hands braced against the counter-top, he spoke. "The Insurmountable Mists? Sounds damn daunting to me. And then what happened? if you don't mind my asking," Kieron opined by way of implacable demand, although his tone was markedly softened as he spoke. Kieron straightened up slowly and folded his arms, his feet planted equidistantly apart as he studied Jester closely. "I awoke, some time unknown to me later, exactly as the last of that person had portended. My mind, my soul and my will remained my own. My body, however, was that of a Legendary Mewtwo," Jester responded sourly. Connor opened his mouth to speak, but Jester continued before he could do so. "I was trapped within a cylindrical medical tank, encased within some kind of murky green laboratory fluid. The chamber that I was in looked to be empty, but I didn't buy it. In that moment, I knew that all that I had to do to escape was forge my own fate," Jester said dourly. Connor grimaced. "I imagine that took some forethought. Some sneaky sort of strategy," he prompted guilelessly. Jester shook her head slowly, drumming the pads of her left feline paw against her left cheek as she spoke. "It was beyond child's play. No strategy needed. That was when stuff got real," Jester elaborated. "Real, how? Explain, or so help me, I will -," Kieron commanded coarsely. "You'll what? Call your League buddies and tell them that there's a talking Mewtwo in your place that you continually interrupt while she is speaking? Do it.," Jester said goadingly. Kieron metaphorically chewed upon Jester's challenge. She could practically see the gears grind within his mind as he did so. "She? So you ARE a girl! Is that why you'd stared at me, previously? Did you like what you'd seen - me in my change of clothes?," Connor said slyly. Jester gave no comment. Kieron grinned a wolfish grin. "You both bicker like an old married couple. You know that, right?," Kieron pitched in. "No, we don't!," Jester and Connor said, hotly and simultaneously. "Shut up, Connor," Jester said frostily. "Why don't you shut up, Mewtwo?," Connor called back. "Alternatively," Kieron said in a level tone, "you could both seal your lips, separately or otherwise. I could watch." Connor and Jester were stunned into silence. They both averted their gaze from one another at once, as if they had just been scalded. Kieron shook his head, studying Jester with a hardened cop's undeterred stare as he did so. "Do it. That's what I usually hear from my wife alone. Instead, I will offer you, Mewtwo, amnesty here for however long you may need it. The same goes for you, Cousin. But please do go on," Kieron returned casually. "Hold every single phone, bro! Since when have you been married? Why didn't I get an invite?," Connor asked belligerently, his expression deeply wounded. "We eloped. Certain individuals did not want us to be together, but we got the better of them. That's not all. We -," Kieron elucidated, but Jester's loud throat-clearance cut him off in midsentence. Connor waved for Jester to continue. She did. "Put a pin in that emotional killjoy of a side-track. I have. Anyway, skids got real when I saw the Master Ball. One Psystrike from me blasted the tank wide-open. Some wannabe maverick confronted me as I commenced my escape. He looked like a military man and he sought to sway me to his side. I stated my case and I escaped. Then Connor met me," Jester said gravely. Connor nodded as Kieron swiveled toward him, clearly checking to see if Connor would corroborate Jester's version of events. "I'll take it from here, Mewtwo. I was thinking about my next Gym Challenge, debating the best team formation for it, when I felt a strange atmospheric shift. It was akin to the feeling of being watched by an unseen observer, but it was amplified to the nth degree. I called out to the Pokemon that I suspected of being that observer, but it was some time before Mewtwo answered in turn," Connor began. "Well, you try to speak to someone you'd yet to formally meet and see how well they take to you," Jester opined. Kieron's eyes gleamed with glee as he made to make an innuendo, but Connor's look of censure made his elder cousin mercifully remain silent. "As I was saying, when I'd finally gained some semblance of hesitant pre-trust, I lowered my hoodie's hood. Mewtwo flipped out and flew the coop, so to speak. I had to chase her down with my Char to even try to get her to hear me out. It turned out that her captor, the military man, had been - and still is - my brother. It took a bit of convincing, but some time later, I helped Mewtwo gather her roughing-it stuff and hightail it here alongside of me," Connor said. Kieron looked somewhat convinced, emboldened by Connor's and Jester's matching version of events. "Uh-huh. Then what happened? Surely there is more," Kieron said encouragingly, unfolding his arms as he spoke. Jester scrubbed her right paw over her face in the manner of having done so quite often in her previous life. Lowering this paw, she sighed. "Then Mewtwo accompanied me to Shade's Gym. We switched on some monitors, saw some horrific portents of terrible and traumatic events of past or future and then...I battled Shade and won," Connor concluded. Jester lightly pressed her paws together. Pointing her paws at Connor, she held this concession-ceding pose for a moment. Drawing her paws apart, Jester slowly lowered them, returning them to her sides in an expressive fashion. "Reign victorious, Connor did. Shade riddled us this and that and then he left. Then we returned here and I met you, Baines," Jester said. Kieron pursed his lips, his ebony brows furrowed in mingled consternation and concentration as he gave a weary sigh, then spoke. "Call me Kieron, or Kier. Connor calls me KB. Only opposing council can call me Baines," Kieron said bossily. "What does your wife call you, Kieron?," Jester enquired nosily. Upon hearing even the mention of his wife, Kieron's face lit up. His usually taciturn features were incredibly transformed as a result. "She calls me Kier...among other things," Kieron replied, "and our kids call me Kiery, interspersed with Dad." You could hear many metaphorical things drop at once. Many mics around the world. Countless crickets chirping. An untold ammount of eyes turning to look their way. Jester's and Connor's jaws hitting the metaphorical floor in unchoreographed synchronicity. "...What?," Kieron asked, honestly baffled as to why his pronouncement had caused no end of befuddlement to be inflicted upon his audience. The world resumed its most natural state of being. "I just can't picture that. You, as a father and husband. It boggles my mind," Jester opined some time later. Again, Kieron opened his mouth to say something scandalous and innuendo-laden, but Connor spoke before he could do so. "And that's enough of that. Moving right along. Can you two be counted upon to work together? We all need to be on the same page, not at cross-purposes with one another. It stands to reason that Mewtwo's successful consciousness transfer would serve to ramp up the likelihood of that same experiment upon perhaps multiple individuals," Connor said bleakly. Jester's spirits momentarily flagged, only to perk right back up to normal high spirits through her sheer force of powerhouse will. "We can. There could be more than one of me in labs in multiple places," Jester decoded. Kieron heaved his heaviest sigh yet, then he spoke. "Yeah. Maybe," he said shrewdly, "they'll all surprise you when they ambush you." Jester pressed her lips into a thin line before she spoke. "Maybe they'll make my day and you'll be with us when they do just that. How do you like me now, Kieron?," Jester fired back. Kieron looked Jester up and down, then tilted his head to the side as he met and held her gaze. "You've been raised a fair few notches within my personal estimation. Don't tell anyone that I've said that. I kind of dig this mutual rapport," Kieron confided charismatically. Connor folded his arms, looking Kieron squarely within his eyes. "Go dig somewhere else, K. For all anyone knows, Mewtwo might be taken, and you're married," he said contentiously. "Rapport doesn't sever that easily. So you DO care for Mewtwo!," Kieron crowed. "It's not like that," Jester and Connor said. "Speaking in unison again? By the time that Mewtwo regains her human form, you two will have some facing-up to do and some literal face-time to catch up on. I'll be the guy nearby with the popcorn and the 'I told you so.'," Kieron crooned. Jester hissed at Kieron, then scowled. "That may never happen. He may have a certain type," Jester said flatly. Connor said nothing. Kieron shrugged his left shoulder, infuriatingly at ease. "It's not what you'd said. It's what you hadn't said," Kieron said smugly. Jester rolled her eyes. "What fresh riddle is that?," Jester snarled. "The one that you must unravel. Don't worry, I'll wait. It'll be well worth my while to bear witness to that. I'mma grab a shower. You make yourselves even more at home than you already seem to have done. Back soon," Kieron said breezily. With that said, Kieron went and got his shower on, leaving an awkward silence stretched between Connor and Jester. "Soooo," Connor ventured, after twelve minutes had passed. The sound of the shower shutting off heralded the beginnings of Kieron's return to the open-plan suite and Jester dreaded his return. In the wake of Kieron's love prediction, nothing seemed to make the sense that it previously had. "So leave it," Jester advised. With that said, she floated across the room and landed upon a window seat within a breakfast nook nearby the kitchen's island bench. She curled up like a cat upon the seat and considered closing her eyes, but remained both guarded and on guard. Connor slid the fingers of his hands through his hair, making it stand in porcupine spikes before he smoothed his hair down by force of habit. "Consider it left...for now," Connor mumbled, as he crossed over to the foldout sofa and busied himself with the search through his backpack of his pyjamas. Connor had just found his fitted black singlet and his maroon boxer shorts when Kieron swaggered in wearing an unbuttoned navy shirt and black boxer shorts. "Jinx!," Kieron said, firing finger-guns at Connor as he crossed to lean back against his island bench. "Where?," Connor joked, making Kieron chortle with rumbling laughter that suited him. "Seriously, though, that only works if we're wearing the same outfit, not just one part of the same outfit," Connor said astutely. "Ye of much nerdiness, Cousin. Never change all that makes you utterly yourself," Kieron advised. "OK, KB, I won't change that part of myself," Connor replied. Meanwhile, Jester closed her eyes, having heard every word. Sleep claimed her. The two cousins bade each other goodnight and slept individually within their separate beds.
  6. I never did get a response to this black screen flicker error which occurs when I open up v13.0.5. It scares me every time that I see it and I'm afraid that if I continue to play this version, my game will not play right due to never-ending glitches. Is there a direct download link other than the ones that had been provided that will let this game work as intended? Please advise. I still have my previous Rejuvenation versions. Should I use one of those in the meantime until a more stable build is released?.
  7. Thank you for answering one part of my two-part query. I will do that, also, as soon as I find out if part two of my query will not affect that new and seemingly glitched update, described in my query's part one, in a negative way.
  8. Hi, Firstly, upon opening my Rejuvenation v13.0.5 folder, my game window screen flickers a few times and then stops. This happens even after I close and reopen the game. Why does this happen? Is there a way to stop this from happening? Is this a regular occurrence that's to be expected from the Mega download v13.0.5? Secondly, once I have the latest version of this game, should I delete the previous versions of this game in order to not have multiple versions of it?. I had been playing, up until my update download of it, been playing v13.0.2. Would this be an extract problem? Please advise.
  9. This is confusing. In the main post, it says that battles (Gym battles and important Trainers) are leveled to the and such) are balanced to the level of your team, but in the Final Notes, it's said that this game has been labeled "said to be pretty difficult, so be in for a challenge." Which one is it, really? Up until that point, I had considered downloading and playing Floral Tempus, but now I'm just puzzled by it. I may play it in future, after I play through Pokemon Empyrean and Pokemon Ashen Frost, but until this mystery is demystified, I'll continue to feel neutral toward this game.
  10. Hi. I downloaded the new version 5.0.1 Mega download and I've extracted it. Now every time I open it up, the screen flickers a few times as soon as it loads up within Gearen Laboratory and then it stops flickering. Is this a normal occurrence? I will not delete my previous versions of v13 if not. Those previous versions are v13.0.2 and v13. Please advise. :( Should I attempt a re-extract of it?.
  11. I have two shiny Numels, but one has a less good Nature (Mild) and a better Ability (Own Tempo,) while the other (my new one) has better IVs/EVs, a Jolly nature and a Simple ability. My conundrum is whether or not to save in the Keneph Cave before my Kuiki battle with the two Numels, or close my save file, reopen it and therefore lose my secondary Jolly Numel with Simple and my last Poke Ball. I'd been hoping to use said Ball upon a shiny Grubbin in the case that I wouldn't find another shiny Numel (that I hadn't realised that I already had. SMH.) Is there a Pokemon Psychiatrist to change Nature/Ability of a Pokemon and/or a Name Rater in Pokemon Desolation? I'm afraid that if I continue on with my game, I won't be able to get back here to shiny hunt, also, as the village will be closed. I don't know when it will reopen. I also want to update to v5.1, but I can't do so while I a) have the older v5 of it that's open and b) don't know if I'd then need to keep or delete that version after a potential download of 5.1. Please advise. Starting to feel the need to seriously SMH right now. This is driving me up the walls.
  12. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks very much for this incredible guide. I make good usage of it with regularity. With this being said, can anyone tell me where I can find a Name Rater? And if Keneph Cave will be available to return to for Pokemon capture after Kuiki's defeat? Thanks in advance. I really want to shiny hunt Grubbin and need to know if this will be possible in future. 7 Poke Balls hadn't been enough to capture one, simply because when I'd wanted to find one during my first cave run-through, I hadn't been able to find one. :/
  13. I have previous v13 versions of Pokemon Rejuvenation and want to download this v13.0.5 update. Once I do so, should I still keep those previous versions once I get the new version or delete them once I have the new version downloaded? I don't want to break my game/s.
  14. Chapter Four: And now we soar "Healing items? Check. Poke Balls galore? Check, check. Items to sell for chunk change? Check, please. Time to hit the road," Alisa said with certainty. She zipped up her bag, which she had been crouching in front of, then rose to her feet. Slinging her backpack onto her back, Alisa approached the ladder that led to the Stairway's deepest depths. "I'm on my way, Victoria. Sit tight. Your captors had best prepare for a fright," Alisa added, beginning her descent as she spoke. Once she had reached the ladder's foot, Alisa took a good look at her surrounds. Immediately confronted with a three-way path split, Alisa circumnavigated the room before she decided upon the middle pathway. The path to the right led to rocks that could be broken up by Rock Smash and a North doorway, while the left pathway led to a staircase with a smashable rock. Beyond this rock which was a new and intriguing ladder. Moving back to stand before the middle pathway, Alisa walked up to its ladder and descended into yet another layer of depth. Crystals of many technicolours were inset into the walls at intervals. These lent the cavern that Alisa found herself in an additional spooky atmosphere. A swift venture due South of her current position revealed a series of rock ledges. Noticing that one wrong ledge hop would lead her to have to backtrack back to the top to continue onward, Alisa bit her lower lip. Deciding that there was no time like the present, Alisa slid her top teeth free of her lower lip. She heaved a somewhat resigned sigh before she darted forward and hopped onto the secondary rock ledge. Each ledge had been Bulldoze-d into a flat, horizontal platform. There was a soft, multicoloured dust that had settled upon the otherwise dove grey floor that was pleasing to the eye, but dangerous to the nostrils. Alisa held her breath as she hopped from ledge to ledge, soon making her way in the direction that she suspected that Victoria had been hauled along. Trial and error from there led Alisa to a Black Belt who gave her a TMX7 Rock Smash. Alisa thanked the man, but he went on to inform her that unless she possessed the third Reborn Badge, she could teach it to one of her Pokemon, but it would be unable to use it. Returning to the central pathway, Alisa forged onward along its platform and soon undertook a series of fleet footed ledge hops. Five ledges down and one to the right, plus another six ledges South led Alisa to a centralised, smooth pathway that was distinct in its own right. Walking South past a stone pillar and off to its right hand side, Alisa happened upon another ladder. This one was conspicuous. Unlike its fellows, it lay within a corner of the platform, out of sight unless you really looked for it. Upon approaching this ladder, Alisa incrementally released her held breath, then breathed in small and shallow allotments as she descended the central ladder. Now standing at the central ladder's bottom rungs, Alisa turned away from the ladder and froze. A short distance away loomed the lip of an ancient stone staircase. To the left and right of the central ladder's legs sat two rocks. Venturing with trepidation down the thin rocky steps of the staircase, Alisa fought her urge to hold her breath with every subsequent step forward. Only once she had fully descended this staircase did Alisa breathe a minute and subtle sigh of relief. At the foot of these steps was a spiky yellow healing plant which seemed to metaphorically scream 'Boss battle up ahead.' A light touch of this plant healed her Pokemon up completely and so Alisa trod past the now withered plant. The narrow corridor branched out into a grand, underground atrium, in pride of place of which was a stone door. This door had bars shaped like an X indelibly carved out of its sturdy surface and there was a sense of forlorn but plentiful power and majesty about this door. A man stood in front of the door and he turned as Alisa approached him. "Greetings, Trainer. Tell me, did you, as a Reborn citizen, have any inkling that a place like this existed? I suspect not," Mister Mysterious said. He spoke with a strange superiourity and wore a tan brown overcoat and polished black shoes. He had buzz-cut and coal black hair, as well as eyes that seemed to impale anyone they landed upon with a glance. "Ignorant to the centuries of history beneath their trampling, itchy feet, they are beneath even cockroaches. Reborn's bleak citizens ever grasp for that which they dare not rightfully earn. Do you know what lies beyond that gate?," Mister Mysterious said critically. Alisa shook her head. "I will enlighten you. Beyond that gate rests only the very core of Reborn," Mister Mysterious said gleefully. "Reborn's core? Is that what brings you here? Has it been here all along? Who are you?," Alisa demanded, employing an amenable but stern tone of voice. Mister Mysterious chuckled, shaking his head more than slightly as he did so. "I'm afraid that's all need to know. Quite frankly, you just don't. This place, the spot where this world began, is a sacred place. To build such a wretched hovel of a city right over this precious holy land is the very pinnacle of ignorance. Reborn is the City of Insolence," Mister Mysterious continued dourly. "That's all noted, Mister, but what has that got to do with me?," Alisa enquired. "Perhaps nothing. Maybe it's got everything to do with you. Who can yet say? Rather ironically, this temple was built from the exact symbol from which it occludes. Ruby, the Seal of Pain. Sapphire, the Seal of Love. Emerald, the Seal of Faith. Amethyst, the Seal of the Beyond. Each is a key. Bring the four together to restore Reborn's sacred right," Mister Mysterious said unambiguously. "Its sacred right?," Alisa asked, before she could stop herself. "The true power of Reborn! It will be restored. We shall rid this junkyard of malignance and putrescence so that beauty may be restored to this deserving world. You will walk by me safely," Mister Mysterious said curtly. Alisa peered past Mister Mysterious and caught a glimpse, at this corridor's end, of Aster and Eclipse guarding a rope-bound and struggling Victoria. The Apophyll Trainer sat with her back to the wall, guarded by two terrifying Lycanrocs and a Solrock-Lunatone pair. "I will? Fantastic, that makes a deeply refreshing change," Alisa said boldly. Continuing as though Alisa had not spoke, Mister Mysterious closed his eyes upon a protracted sigh. "You may retrieve your muscle-bound friend," Mister Mysterious said, "upon the proviso that you defeat my admirable Admins. I believe that you and they are acquainted." Alisa pressed her lips into a thin line before she next spoke. "Indeed, I know them well enough," Alisa replied. Mister Mysterious opened his eyes. "You will find her just up ahead. Oh, but when you leave, do this one thing for me," Mister Mysterious requested. "Why should I do that? For all I know, you could be someone whom I could grow to not wish to know," Alisa said. With a hearty guffaw that turned into an indrawn wheeze of air, Mister Mysterious spoke. "My dear, you are not incorrect. Take this place as a keepsake with you. Tell all you meet that this world which they have undone will yet prove itself to be their undoing." Alisa then stood aside as the man turned and walked away, moving with care and precision. Once he was out of her earshot, Alisa spoke. "Irksome and easily irascible misfit. Moving right along," Alisa muttered beneath her breath, hurrying forward with renewed purpose. Aster and Eclipse pushed off from the wall that they leaned against, positioned upon either side of Victoria's hips. "Well, I'll be, Clipsy. I guess I owe you that Oran Berry shake after all," Aster said, managing to sound nowhere near broken-up about his loss of their bet. Eclipse ground her teeth loudly and unfurled a sullen snarl, but Aster merely grinned in the face of her annoyance and drew out his first two Poke Balls. "For the immeasurable last time, Aster, refrain from calling me Clipsy! I thought that you'd never get your Grass in gear, Alisa. Took your sweet time getting here," Eclipse growled at Aster, then purred at Alisa. The object of Eclipse's twisted fascination stared with mingled wariness and battle-readiness at Eclipse before she shifted her gaze back to Aster. Alisa made sure to keep the Meteor Duo in her sights at all times, her gaze flicking from one to the other in a dance of eye contact. "Can you please get on with it? I'm a captive audience over here," Victoria said, in a tone of absolute unrepentance. "The least we can do is wreak Boss's vengeance upon you. Ruffian!," Eclipse said frostily. Her Lycanroc barked and assumed its attack stance against Alisa. Aster smiled a thin and grim smile. "But of course. Rockstar, battle stance!," Aster called. His Midnight Form Lycanroc yipped in excitement as she joined her fellow, albeit male, Midday Form Lycanroc. "Daenerys, Bite!," Alisa called, sending out her shiny Mightyena as Victoria thrashed with all of her might and broke clean through her rope restraints. Victoria sent out her Torracat and the double battle began in earnest. "Alisa, accept my backup. Torracat, only true terror will do! Bite," Victoria called. "You be silent, Musclebound Miss! Rock Throw, Ruffian," Eclipse commanded. Her Lycanroc barked and flung pointed rocks at Daenerys, dealing considerable damage to the Dark canine and to the fiery Torracat. Victoria laughed a harsh, mirthless laugh. "Try to make me be silent! Torracat, shake it off. Bite," Victoria snapped back. Torracat was struck down by Accelerock attacks. Victoria recalled it, switching in her Pancham. Working as a team, Alisa and Victoria took turns taking potshots at Eclipse's Ruffian. Once her rock dog had been knocked out, Eclipse snarled, recalled her fainted Pokemon and sent out a Level 29 Lunatone. "Circle Throw, then Arm Thrust!," Victoria called to her newly sent-in Pancham. It obeyed and it knocked Rockstar out. Upon his Rockstar's defeat, Aster called back his Pokemon and sent out a Level 29 Solrock. Two Bites took down the Solrock and served to handily raise Daenerys' Attack stat via Moxie ability. A long battle ensued as the bulky Rock Pokemon refused to concede the battle. Aster sneered as he watched the proceedings unfold. Finally, Alisa and Victoria reigned victorious and were given 300 Pokedollars in prize money. "What the absolute duck! Not again. You couldn't be more infuriating," Eclipse yelled, calling back her fainted Pokemon simultaneously with Aster. "Not to worry, Clipsy, we'll definitely get them next time," Aster said in a charming tone. "Aster! Why do I even team up with you?," Eclipse complained. "For my winning personality and can-do attitude," Aster replied innocuously. "Can it, Aster. As for you two - don't let a Graveler whack you on your way out. They do look positively mutinous," Eclipse said maliciously. "You're just going to let us leave?," Victoria asked, having evidently not overheard Alisa's conversation with their boss. Eclipse exhaled a world-weary, exasperated sigh. "Just because you ran us into the battleground, that doesn't mean that you've truly beaten us. We're leaving. Catch you later," Eclipse ground out. She looked as though she would relish being their captor. Aster shrugged. "Boss said you could slip our grasp this time. Later, Feraligatrs!," Aster said. They vanished in the way of true evildoers, with noxious smoke grenades and a flashbang grenade for good measure. The latter had been dropped by Eclipse and the round cannister served as both reminder and warning of their significance. Alisa and Victoria had barely a second to hit the deck and cover their ears before the smoke and the ringing within their ears gradually cleared. Once they had sufficiently recovered their equilibrium, Alisa helped Victoria to her feet as she regained her own footing. "Sore losers, that dastardly yet dynamite duo. Are you OK, Victoria?," Alisa stated and queried. Victoria cleared her throat, then looked Alisa in the eyes as she spoke. "Thanks for your rescue and help, Alisa. I'm fine," Victoria replied. "You're welcome. Let's ditch this desolate place," Alisa said neutrally. After a moment's pause, Alisa spoke as she led the way down the hallway. "Are you sure that you're alright? You'd been here for quite some time," Alisa asked concernedly. Victoria awarded Alisa a megawatt grin. "Ali, I'm unharmed. Their boss wanted a chat. He told me all about that gate there," Victoria said easily. "Mysterious Man mentioned that gate to you, too?," Alisa said, feeling suddenly unnerved. Victoria shrugged, seemingly unconcerned. "It seemed important to him. I don't know why," Victoria replied. Alisa directed a puzzled look at Victoria as they passed said gate. "Ali?," Alisa queried, mystified. "Yeah, Ali. Your nickname. It's cool, yes?," Victoria replied, speaking off the tail-end of a bemused laugh. "To forge friends through the rigours and rituals of battle? It's cool, Tori," Alisa replied impishly. Victoria started to frown, then her flummoxed expression unclouded. "Neat turn of phrase. Tori, huh? It's likeable," Victoria commented, grabbing Alisa in a headlock as she spoke. Alisa chuckled as Victoria ruffled the hair of her scalp, only to release her quickly yet gently a moment later. "But only you can call me Tori, battle sister," Victoria said as a caveat. "Likewise, battle sister," Alisa said, as she led the way up the stone staircase, "regarding my new nickname." They finally reached the entrance/exit ladder. "Oh, you're on. Hey, you climb the ladder first," Victoria said animatedly. Without questioning Victoria's offer, Alisa clambered up the ladder, taking heart upon the ensuing sounds of Victoria following along in her wake. As soon as Alisa reached the top and stood aside for Victoria to emerge from the ladder's lip, Victoria spoke. "Oh, I'd forgotten about Shelly! I've got to revisit her," Victoria said worriedly. Victoria rushed headlong back to the stairway entrance ladder. Upon the Stairway, Victoria waited a moment to see Alisa off. "Be seeing you, Ali!," Victoria added, her expression shifting from content to carelorn before she sprinted off to Lapis Ward with an airy wave. Alisa scrubbed her hands over her drawn face, then walked at a much more sedate pace down the Grand Stairway. She, too, headed back in the direction of Lapis Ward. A short rest within the Whismur house later, Alisa felt somewhat restored. Moving on to Obsidia Ward first, Alisa ventured into a nearby alleyway and defeated the Trainers within it. At the North end of this alleyway, there were two wild Mightyena menacing a wild, shiny Electrike. Not one to stand idly by when someone or something was being bullied, Alisa approached the Pokemon Strays, who immediately yowled an attack klaxon at her. Sending out her Decibel and her Noxious, Alisa had her shiny cricket X-Scissor the duo upon subsequent turns, while she ordered her Noxious to poison the duo with Toxic. A handful of turns later, the Mightyena duo tucked tail and ran, leaving an exhausted-looking yet grateful Electrike to its own devices. Before Alisa could leave, the courageous young Pokemon vagabond gingerly approached her. "Hi, little prizefighter. Would you like to accompany me?," Alisa asked the spirited Electric puppy, crouching before it as she spoke. The Electrike yipped and nuzzled its left cheek against Alisa's left shin in emboldened response. "Then you're definitely coming with me. What shall I name you?," Alisa mused. The Electric puppy had taken on two Mightyena without a qualm. The only appropriate moniker, in Alisa's humble opinion, was..."Goliath. No other nickname will do. How do you like your new name, Goliath?," Alisa asked her new Electrike. Goliath began to bark in a tone of great delight, chasing his spiky tail as he did so. "It's decided, then. Let's go forth and see the world," Alisa said. Drawing a fresh Poke Ball out of her backpack's Poke Balls pocket, she placed the Poke Ball upon the ground between them. Goliath approached the Poke Ball, nudged it with the tip of his nose and he dematerialised, vacuumed into the Poke Ball that snapped shut around his pure energy form. Alisa hefted the Poke Ball off of the ground, grinned at her new Pokemon addition and returned Goliath to her backpack. "Welcome to my team, giant in Electric dog form. I'll take great care of you. Let's go," Alisa said. Rising to her feet as she spoke, Alisa took one cursory glance around the alleyway before she returned to its entrance. Once there, Alisa visited the Great Hall's Pokemon Center and healed up her latest Pokemon warrior. It was time to revisit Shelly. ************************************************************************************ A/N: THANK you! Over 300 views now - holy Swalot in a Poison field, Batman, that's stupendous. Thank you for your loyalty and support.
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