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  1. After three years, this is no longer a dream. Just got it up and running today, using the latest patreon build of Joiplay. Some loading time, but music, battles, cutscenes and sfx all work smoothly for me. This is not a joke, a hoax or a scam. I'm serious. Reborn is now fully playable on android devices. On monday, the patreon links will go public, but I'll post the links to the MEGA folders here. 30some megabytes in total, two apks, and no internet needed when setting up. Pokemon Reborn fully working on Android.. Just a random heads up to anyone interested. Pokemon fangames are now playable on android with the latest patreon build of Joiplay. App and RPG Maker plugin are needed. Both can be downloaded as apks from the Joiplay patreon and installed. About 30 mbs for both combined. Does not require internet. Pokemon Reborn fully working, tested about seven hours so far with a single bug and minor lag on my Essential PH-1. Pokemon Metal working without problems. Pokemon Island has minor bugs. Pokemon Uranium working with bugs that will be fixed in next update. Should be a week or so. Do note that how well the game works depends on your phones RAM and processor. A common bug is the tiles not loading if your phone's processor is too low-end. I have a mid-end phone, with 2.5GBs RAM and a Snapdragon 835 processor and it works with only very, very minor lag. Save files can be sideloaded in from the PC version to continue playing on the go. Just copy the Game.rxdata from the Reborn PC folder to the one in your android storage. Instructions (links below): - Download and install both apks. One is the actual Joiplay app, the other is the RPGMaker plugin. - Open the Joiplay app. - Click the Add Game icon. - Enter the name, then navigate to the unzipped Reborn folder on your phone and select the .exe. - Click the Add button. Click on Reborn's icon and play. Button on the top left drops down the keys, can be customized. Some notes about the game and potential support before playing (Moderator edit): - Please make sure you extract the zip file before attempting to play the game (just like on Desktop versions you won't be able to play the game unless the folder is extracted from the zip file). - If Reborn glass version 18.4.1 does not work on your mobile when using Joiplay then revert to version 18.2 as 18.2 is more stable on mobile devices (links available on the Reborn download page). - Online Play does not work on mobile as of e18 (Glass edition only allows online play on Windows Desktop versions). - Reborn moderators and staff may be unable to answer questions regarding certain bugs that may only appear when playing Reborn on Joiplay or any issues with Joiplay itself. In this instance, please seek help on the Joiplay discord (link available on Joiplay's website) Minor issues: - Crashes if you chose Quit Game. - Some battle animation lag depending on phone and processor, can be fixed by using Fast Forward. Links in comments : (older versions won't work) Cheers, ya'll. Enjoy and spread the word to other pokefans out there. [Link to both needed links in the Rebornevo forums, as reddit removes them for spam if posted directly. ](https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/50982-pokemon-reborn-fully-working-on-android/) Links: New, updated versions can be found here. These are upgraded, with bugfixes and open to the public. https://www.patreon.com/posts/joiplay-1-01-52-35594656 RPG Maker Plugin 10067 -> https://mega.nz/#!Q0wR0DzB!Y7zoT-NXV4DpTnm7ixYCg3-EhGBdKsUoDxCfL8W2jewJoiPlay 10150 -> https://mega.nz/#!M9g3AZ7Q!oLyHHoFg5yQ_ZhMor5nFbTVjH6n7g42lxA4JwuaEN98 Admin Edit: Please consider supporting Joiplay on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/joiplay
  2. Hello ! So I've been reading a few playthroughs/fanfictions on the forum, most notably Vanilla's and Matthew's adventures, and I wanted to try one as well. Sorry for the title, I usually struggle with these things. I wanted to add "terribly-titled" (because it's bound to be) but some expletive guy with a huge hungry dragon-like green familiar (I think it was a female, they're supposedly always fiercer) told me these words were his. He sounded pretty upset so I thought best not to defy him. A couple of things about how it is going to work: it is going to be a fanfiction (mostly following the game's original scenario, but...) coupled with a simultaneous playthrough (which will impact events such as the Pokemon in the team, the evolutions, etc). The fanfiction chapters will include a few screenshots as illustrations. Most chapters will, as seems customary, include a "character ratings" part at the very end. Some of them will also include a "PC death count" section which corresponds to the number of defeat-related save scums (not for IVs or mining) during the playthrough to that point. (I'm really not a good player, so I'm going to use items and save scum instead of losing money.) This "death count" will not be referenced directly in the story, but it may affect how the protagonist wins or loses some minor battles with little stakes (some Gym Leader battles, maybe Cain/Fern as well). Something else is worth mentioning: the fanfiction (and thus playthrough) is going to be quite slow-paced. For some comparison: I've been preparing a few chapters and it's more or less going to take twice as much text to get to Julia (probably Chapter 9) as in Vanilla's adventures. Finally, English being not my first language (and my not having much experience writing in my own native language either), there probably are going to be mistakes, so I am welcoming any feedback and comments. That's all for the introduction, the story starts right under the spoiler boxes (which contain links to the uploaded chapters so far). Part 1: (complete) Part 2: (complete) Part 3: (just complete!) Part 1: An Unexpected Journey “It needs but one foe to breed a war, not two.” Tolkien, The Return of the King Chapter 1: Pearl Harbor "aelauake?" The first thing I realized while awaking was pain. My whole back hurt as badly as though a car had tackled me into a solid wall. It didn't hurt (well, it did) that I was currently lying on it. The simile wasn't perfect, actually: the worst was focused on my shoulders and on my lower back. They felt exactly as if they had been skinned. I also found myself struggling to breathe. Maybe someone had struck me in the chest as well. "Gabriel, are you awake?" I didn't really hear the words, my ears were ringing wildly and felt deaf at the same time. The air around me smelt awfully -- and I didn't usually notice these things. There were heavy smoke and ash in the air, but there was something even deeper and more unpleasant beneath. "Gabriel, is it? Are you okay? Please don't go..." My hearing was too dull to make out the last words, which were very quiet, but I got the meaning of the first two sentences. And I thought I could infer the tone. The speaker was distressed, maybe even desperate. What could possibly have happened? I hardly remembered a thing. I did not know this voice. I hurt a lot and I could have been dying. Deep down, I felt like this was definitely not normal. I decided anyway to show I was alive by opening my eyes and trying to rise -- Pain soared. I could see nothing but destruction around. Actually, it was dark, so maybe I was at just the wrong place. Given how much I hurt, I definitely was. Some sort of large, broken apart, building was burning beside me. There were a few police officers (with recognizable uniforms) around. And a woman who looked both appalled and relieved as she looked at me. "Gabriel, thank Arceus you're awake. But, all the others..." She gestured desperately at the burning mess, and I became aware again that I had zero idea about what was going on. Although the woman looked very faintly familiar, with her blue eyes, white skin and very light-colored hair, this was no explanation for why she knew my name. This was very worrying, especially since I seemingly had survived a life-threatening event. My life was at stake. I wished I could be as far away as possible from this place, but, obviously, nothing happened. Well, of course I couldn't get something for nothing. Teleportation like that was fantasy. I got up -- pain flared, the world spinned for a while and then steadied itself -- kept focusing on my breathing, and I turned to the woman beside me. "I'm, hum, sorry, but what was this?" Just unbelievable how clumsy I could be. She frowned as an answer. "I don't know. The train wasn't slowing down, so I tackled you, shoving both of us outside. The train hit the station at full speed while exploding. I'm glad to have saved you, but everyone else... I'd rather not think about it. But who would even -- " She had been struggling to form the sentences, marking long pauses. She visibly had trouble collecting herself. That's likely a very normal behavior. Hopefully you aren't a psychopath devoid of empathy, yet. You might only be completely lost because you don't remember anything. She only broke at the last sentence, as a cheerful younger woman with bright yellow clothes ran with obvious enthusiasm and much giggling towards us. The blue-eyed woman did not seem pleased to see her. She actually looked very not-pleased. "Julia... What did you do? " Julia, obviously, denied being involved in any way, apart from her racing to the explosion to watch the fun first-hand. That was also worth a worry. Hopefully she would be very, very far from anything that might explode... My savior frowned deeply, watching the mess -- and I imitated her. "This must have been a deliberate attack, I am afraid." she uttered. I could not believe my ears. A terror attack? A terror attack had physically blown up the train I was travelling in -- even though I couldn't remember what for -- and I had survived only by the most unlikely stroke of luck. I would very much go home now, please. Wait, this was not appropriate. Never mind. Julia, on the other hand, sounded almost admirative. As if she could not wait to hire the person responsible... This was as scary a thought, actually, than the terror attack thing. "This isn't the time to be admiring their work. Whoever did this would have been monitoring the train, so they cannot be too far away. If I have the perimeter locked, we might get them... Sorry Gabriel, but I have to go. Somebody should be waiting for you near the Grand Hall. Just go straight ahead, not on the bridge. " Had I not watched her as she spoke, I would not have believed how fast she was in control again. As if this was an ordinary Tuesday for her... That could be even worse news, when one thought about it: that might mean that such disasters were common. Julia looked at me, and uttered this unbelievable sentence: "I am Julia, captain of cheer and pep, and all things bubbly and bright! Oh, pop quiz: are you going to take on the Reborn League?" What the... whatever was even the Reborn League? "Hum, I'm afraid I won't. Actually", I blurted. "That's no fun", she pretended to whine. Oh, come on, she could be older than I was. "I am the Electric Gym Leader" -- oh, no -- "so of course I have to insist! I'll be looking forward to your challenge, so get down to the Grand Hall!" she added, oblivious to my dismay, and leaving me alone. I had no idea where I was, where to go, except something about a Grand Hall, somehow straight downtown. It all hurt pretty bad, but hopefully it wasn't too far. I started to walk, but I noticed that the pain was worse than I had assessed, although it remained manageable. I tried to speak with a few people along the way. The attack remained on their minds -- how couldn't it be -- and it was no use trying to find out where I was. One of the people waiting not far, was crying -- she had been waiting for her fiancee. Another one, with a still shaky voice, had escaped the catastrophe by a very bare margin -- they had been in the station a few seconds before the train had blown up. Several others had lost friends, relatives. A few ones had been on vacation and had no idea how to come back. And I still did not know where I was or why I was there. After quite a while, maybe a mile, the outset changed. People did not that much concerned with the incident any more, and I found myself staring at a large building with slight colorful notes. This had to be the Great Hall. "Hi, are you from the station?" a tiny little boy of maybe five asked me. "Yes, why?" I found myself answering uneasily. "My dad is very sad because he said that something very bad had happened there. But Mummy was supposed to come back home by train and she hasn't come back and Daddy is crying now and won't tell me. And why are you walking funny?" I c-couldn't tell him, that wasn't my place. What could even I say? "I'm sorry." I muttered back, heartbroken, and hurried away. A rather muscular young woman with loose grey clothes was waiting nearby, glancing at me every so often. "Hey", she asked me as I was heading towards the Hall. "Are you Gabriel?" With a bit of surprise, I nodded. How come my name was known? Julia or the other woman could have told her. She answered that she was Victoria. She enquired after my general situation with concern. I answered her that I hurt pretty much everywhere -- after the shoulders and the lower back, I had developed a nasty headache and my limbs felt very heavy -- and that a train apparently rigged with explosives had blown up and taken the entire station with it. She mentioned that a certain "Eimy" had asked her to "bring me in for registration". Wait... Eimy what? Registration what? Where in the world was I? I really wished I could have asked this, but this definitely would not have been diplomatic. And she had been kinder than pretty much everyone... "Er, what registration, exactly?" I finally asked. "For the Reborn League, of course." she answered, looking baffled. "Hm, I'm really sorry for asking, but what is the Reborn League?" I insisted. "That's, well, the Pokemon League from the Reborn Region." she answered, apparently more confused. "So I am in the Reborn Region and I asked to participate to the League?" "I'd guess so, yes." she patiently said. "But I have never heard of any of these!" I protested. What I didn't tell her was that I remembered quite clearly now the previous days, and I had made absolutely no plans about challenging a Pokemon League. I would never have gone challenging even the Kalos League. I was studying math, which was just better in every respect. Cleaner, clearer, less uncertain. So how could I have ended up here, of all places? I didn't really have the choice anyway, and I went with Victoria to the Great Hall. While holding the door for Victoria -- I couldn't believe I was being this ridiculous, Victoria would have done so much better instead of miserably struggling in a haze of fatigue -- or maybe struggling to just open it -- a thick envelope slipped out of a pocket I hadn't remembered I had. It was meant for me (it had my name, but not any address), but I was positive I had never seen it. So I opened it. Inside were a few bank notes -- I couldn't believe that so far, I had not worried about money -- and a note: "Use sparingly". In my own writing. What? "What's there?" Victoria asked, looking at my presumably alarmed face. "Nothing." was all I could answer. I didn't want to draw too much attention to the fact that was helpless, and that I had money. "And now, with my usual luck, I am stranded here..." Another thought managed to reach my strained brain. Should my parents get wind of the attack, they would want to know what happened to me... They would worry a lot. I picked up my phone, only to find it smashed. It seemingy had not liked my disembarking very much. Victoria looked at my cell phone and said that she could not make international calls. Guess I had to ask "Eimy". Was it my alleged blue-eyed travel companion (although I didn't remember any travel)? We ended up at a far end in the Grand Hall, at a counter. "I am, er, sorry" I apologized to my rescuer. "But I have no idea what is going on. In my latest, memory, I am in Kalos. What happened?" "Oh." she answered simply, looking very puzzled. "I don't have much time, what do you wish to know?" "First, who are you?" "I am Amethyst, the manager of the Reborn League. You can call me Ame." So that was her. "So, we're in Reborn City, and you convinced me to try my chance." "I didn't convince you. We met in the train to Reborn City -- I think you mentioned something about three planes before and another train -- I mentioned the League, and you sounded quite enthusiastic about challenging it." "I'm afraid I would rather come back home." "There's no real way." she sighed. "Reborn is rather wild. The railway station is, well, to pieces. It was the only real way to go back to... Kalos, right? There was almost a full day of high-speed train in the wilderness. Till the station is repaired, I am afraid you can't leave." Come on, there had to be some way... I'd deal with it later. Wait, did I actually spend at least several days, with the full-day train ride and the other planes? Which day were we? "Is there a way for me to phone someone in Kalos, just to tell them that I am safe?" "I am afraid it can't be done either. We don't have phone links with Kalos, or much of the rest of the world for that matter. We were using the train and letters to communicate with afar." Crap.. "I think I'm slightly wounded. Do you know where I can some sort of treatment? And by the way, I don't know anything around here, do you know where I could sleep?" "I'll show you in a minute. You might be interested to know about the investigation: we were quite lucky and caught right away a suspect with good evidence. We're going to make him talk. By the way," she added, turning to Victoria, "why are you here, Victoria?" "I'm here to take on the League, Ame." she answered. "Kiki thought it would be good training." "I'm sorry, but as you know, you'll have to wait for tomorrow. I can't give out starters this late." Ame replied simply. "There should be room for you to stay here as well tonight. Why are you here so late, anyway?" What kind of administrative building had even room for chance (or rather misfortune) wanderers to sleep? The rest of the evening was mainly pain and exhaustion, now that my adrenaline level was falling down to normal. Ame showed me the nursery and pointed me to a couch in an isolated room. A weary doctor examined my wounds and declared that however spectacular (falling off a train at that speed apparently was quite damaging), they weren't serious, but required disinfectant. Very annoyingly, it turned out that the disinfectant reacted more to the "spectacular" part, rather than the "serious" part. I tripped on the couch and fell asleep after contemplating unpleasant thoughts such as the stinging pain in my back, my now atrocious headache, being trapped in Reborn City for an indefinite period of time, and not being able to communicate with the outside world. Oh well. Tomorrow was another day. Character ratings:
  3. After skimming through Reborn lore yet again, I think it would be funny to list all important Trainers by their Type Specialty. Any by "important", I mean character who has a significant role, unique look, is met or mentioned at least once, we know that that person is a Pokemon Trainer, and/or is closely connected to other important characters. It should fall into at least three of those categories. Oh, I should mention four things upfront: If the character has several type specialties, it will land into those specific labels. So, if Trainer specializes in both Ice and Poison, their name will be in both Ice and Poison labels If certain Trainer isn't said to have a type specialty, but basing on teams it is seen that they favor certain type (at least half of the Pokemon they use share a type), they will be put into that type's label. I will be counting EVERY known specialty of said Trainers; even if character specialized in certain type, but doesn't now, it will be put there, but with a special annotation (the same works for those, who have different type specialty in the future). I also will be counting dead but significant characters as well I won't be counting Trainers who "aren't native" to Reborn (those who come from different Pokemon games and such, like Rejuvenation) I won't take Battle Facilities into account... unless that's the only time we see them battling Additionally, I will give some "additional" info if something wasn't apparent and clear enough As if it wasn't obvious, that list will be FULL OF SPOILERS, so don't open those labels up if you haven't finished postgame and/or don't want spoil yourself the game. Edit: the "???" symbol points that the character's last name is unknown Well... Here we go. Bug: Dark: Dragon: Electric: Fairy: Fighting: Fire: Flying: Ghost: Grass: Ground: Ice: Normal: Poison: Psychic: Rock: Steel: Water: Unknown/None/Other: If I, somehow, missed anyone, please let me notice.
  4. Hello ! Being a big fan of double battles (rain team ), I wanted to find a mod to transform Reborn in the Colosseum way (i love this game), to only do double battles. Unfortunately, the ones I found are outdated, not working, or buggy. That's why I decided to make my own files ! Here are some screens to show you what it looks like ! Forces double battles against trainers. No clone, or invisible pokemon. Does not cause a crash when a trainer only has one pokemon. 2v1 when he has only one pokemon. Spawn two wild pokemon at once, in normal wild encounters, without a partner by your side. Send two pokemon too. Partners will still work (like that idiot Fern or that handicap that is Julia :/ ). 2 versions of my mod are available. - The "standard" version will change all fights to 2v2. - The "password" version will leave them in 1v1 by default, but you can turn on the double mode against trainers as you wish, via the "double" and "db" passwords. You will need data ships (you can use debug mode to buy some, or wait for 7th street.) The password does not change wild encounters, which will remain 2v2. Installation mode 1 - Go to your "Pokemon Reborn" folder. 2 - Copy your "scripts" folder to keep a backup version. 3 - Download the "DBE" folder you want (either the standard or the password). DBE - Standard version - By Vilrose.rarDBE - Password version - By Vilrose.rar 4 - Unzip the folder. 5 - Transfer its contents into your "scripts" folder. 6 - Enjoy ! Don't forget to drop a like on the forum and to give your feedback ! I hope you like it as much as I do ! Advice : You can use the password "double" or "db" of the password version, and disable double mode for a boss fight. Since in some boss fights (Garchomp for example), these only have one pokemon, this will keep the difficulty high in the game. For a super fun experience, you can also use the in-game password "pulse2". Opposing Pokemon will have 252 evs and 31ivs in all stats. It compensates for some temporary facilities brought by the double battle mode. Be careful, with "pulse2" and 2v2 enabled, some leaders are going to be very hard to defeat, even if they are initially 1v1 leaders. Some, like Serra, get stronger in 2v2. (Well, I used a rain team against her though, not the best matchup if you ask me.) Note that I am not a developer, let alone a pro with Essential, and that this work took me hours of hard work to understand how it works, find solutions, do tests... I did a lot of tests to correct the many bugs I encountered, but it is possible that there are still some. Do not hesitate to give me your feedback, and to ask your questions. Have a good game ! Vil'
  5. My Steam Deck arrived earlier yesterday and the first thing I set about doing was getting Pokemon Reborn working on it. This is being written for Reborn Ep 19.16, Rejuvenation V13.0.5 and SteamOS version 3.2 Build 20220526.1; I have ZERO experience with Linux and this stuff is going to be pretty easily placed together by a competent Steam Deck user but I'm not one of those and I didn't see any guides out there so I went ahead and wrote one for dummies like me. While a USB-C hub connected to a mouse + keyboard are convenient, they’re not necessary. Installation 1. Switch to Desktop Mode. Open up your web browser and download the Linux version of your game to a folder somewhere accessible and easy to remember. 2. Extract your newly downloaded zip. For Reborn: Open the updater file, click install game. After finishing the download, it’ll give you a warning to extract the core-lnx.zip. Do so. I un-checked the extraction into subfolder option here. You can over-write any files it asks you to, but I found that all the new files are the same ones as the old ones anyways so it shouldn’t matter. For Rejuvenation: Nothing extra needs to be done. 3. Still in Desktop Mode, open up Steam. Click on Add A Game -> ‘Add a Non-Steam Game...’ on the bottom OR Games -> Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library on the top row. For Reborn: Click browse and head to your installation folder. Change file type on the bottom to ‘All Files’ and click on Game.AppImage (NOT Game.exe) and then open. Add Game.AppImage as a selected program. For Rejuvenation: Click browse and head to your installation folder. For some reason I couldn’t see any of the files in here through Steam’s file browser so I had to manually type in mkxp-z.Appimage and then hit open. Add mkxp-z.Appimage as a selected program. OR you can also add anything as a Non-Steam Game for this step and then change its target to the file in the gear settings if you find that’s more convenient. 4. Switch to Gaming Mode and if you head to your library you’ll see Game.AppImage or mkxp-z.Appimage in your Non-Steam games. Select it, open up its Settings with the gear icon -> Properties and you can change its name at the top from Game.AppImage to Pokemon Reborn or Rejuvenation. 5. Game should be launchable at this moment. If it’s not, maybe try launching the Game.AppImage or mkxp-z.Appimage file up in Desktop Mode first and then launch it in Gaming Mode. Before we fiddle around with gamepad controls to make the game properly playable there are some things you will want to be aware of. I’ve only really tried out Reborn so far but these should all apply to Rejuvenation as well. So as of Reborn Ep 19.16: CONTROLLER SETTINGS and THINGS TO KNOW WHILE PLAYING To input text for naming things you can open up the SteamOS virtual keyboard by pressing the STEAM button + X at the same time. If we were to follow Steam Deck Verified status conventions this would fall under: ! Entering some text requires manually invoking the on-screen keyboard ! The ENTER key on the SteamOS virtual keyboard will not work when inputting text for names. I worked around this by changing one of my back grip buttons to Enter instead. EDIT: If your Steam + X is not opening up your virtual keyboard for whatever reason, you'll have to dedicate a button to opening up your keyboard. Cheers to u/ReadinBeforeMemin on Reddit for bringing this to my attention. Non-rebindable keys are M (or Alt) for Turbo and F12 for soft-resetting. You may want to set these to your back grip buttons. If you do set a button for soft-resetting you will also want to change it to a Long Press input and change the Long Press Time in its settings to something longer so you don’t accidentally tap it and soft-reset when you don’t want to. My current layout is L4 = M for Turbo, L5 (hold for 3000) = F12 for Soft-Reset, R4 = ENTER, and R5 = SHIFT. I think I’ve managed to share mine as a community layout so if you head to the top option that says something along the lines of ‘Gamepad with Joystick Trackpad’ and scroll over to community layouts you should be able to download it. (somebody verify this for me?) 6. For Performance settings it’s really up to you. I’m using Nearest as my Scaling Filter only because it’s giving me a longer battery life. Turning off the Framerate Limit lets you zoom around at full speed on Turbo but I also do like having it set at 60 for tighter movement. Might be worth wiggling about with the Screen Size in the game's Options menu as well. IMPORTING SAVE DATA To find your previous save data they will be located at: Windows: C:/Users/[Your User Name]/Saved Games/Pokemon Reborn/Game.rxdata Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Pokemon Reborn/Game.rxdata Linux: ~/.local/share/Pokemon Reborn Using the ‘Open Save Folder’ option in-game will not open up your save folder on Steam Deck. You will probably need to type this address in to your file browser as the folders are hidden by default. Don't forget STEAM button + X = SteamOS Virtual Keyboard. The save folder will be at: /home/deck/.local/share/Pokemon Reborn or /home/deck/.local/share/Pokemon Rejuvenation You will probably need to type this address in to your file browser as the folders are hidden by default. Writing this twice because someone will ask and have skipped past the first bolded message. If you changed your username from ‘deck’ in the User settings on your Steam Deck then change /deck/ to /[Your User Name]/. Copy and paste your save data into these folders. (OPTIONAL) Changing Artwork Non-Steam games will look pretty ugly in your library with a blank background. We can change some of that. This should work for any Non-Steam games you have although you're better off changing them through an automated tool if you're ever thinking of setting your Deck up as an emulation station. 1. Find suitable pictures to put into Steam. You can download these from https://www.steamgriddb.com/ or find them yourself. 2. In Desktop Mode, open up Steam and find your game in the Library. Right-click the banner above the green Play button and change your banner and logo here. 3. You can also change the Icon by going to Properties -> Shortcut and tapping on the blank box next to the name of your game. 4. Change your horizontal grid by opening up Steam in Desktop Mode after launching your game at least once. Under the Recently Played tab in your library you can right-click the image and then Manage -> Change Custom Artwork. Change your vertical grid the same way but launch a different game first so it pushes Reborn to the right in the Recently Played category. My setup finished! https://imgur.com/a/ogfJ1zo
  6. ~EPISODES LIST~ *** SEASON ONE - CHILDHOOD ARC *** 1. Dysfunctional Family 2. A Dish Served Cold 3. To Lavaridge Town 4. An Old Friend 5. Recklessness Of Beginners 6. Stardust 7. Echoes Through The Mirage 8. No Holds Barred 9. Without You I'm Nothing *** SEASON TWO - DEPARTURE ARC *** 10. Seventeen Years Later 11. Reborn City? 12. Ambassador Of Hoenn 13. Gone *** SEASON THREE - REBORN CITY *** 14. To Grandview Station 15. Outrageous Arrival 16. Recovery 17. Dounia The Healer 18. Fist Of Justice 19. Infernal Encounter 20. A Dangerous Meteor Fallen From The Sky 21. The Dark Knight Of Reborn City Episode 22 - Scoreboard #################### | 90% - Storyline #################### | 0% - Writing #################### | 0% - Illustration Total: #################### | 30% "Back from holidays! Well, now where were we?" (Updated 08/27/22)
  7. A mod to remove Pokemon disobedience. With this pokemon will always obbey you no matter what level they are. The current version of this mod is compatible with Pokemon Reborn 19.16 Installation: It's recommended to backup the 2 files beein replaced/your scripts folder before installing this mod. Copy all files (except readme.txt) into the Scripts folder. Compatibility: Not compatible with any mod that modifies PokeBattle_Battle.rb or PokemonUtilities.rb. Download: 19.16: https://keinniemand.com/index.php/s/YYmqsnBj3baP37D Old Versions
  8. Hiya everyone! I thought this might be a nice place to leave some Reborn fanart :) What I would imagine a cover art of Reborn to look like : Ame Saves The Protagonist (Train Opening) Ame & Alolan Ninetales I am also on DeviantArt and Instagram :)
  9. So besides Pokemon Reborn, I've kind of fallen out of wanting to do playthroughs (for now) of other Pokemon Fanmade Games. But I've kind of been itching to do a couple of Pokemon Reborn mono run challenges & uploading those on my uploading days. Although... that feels weird because I haven't uploaded the James Only Run yet. Haha. The dude that's making the intro music though has other people ahead of me so I understand that. But yea. I would expect that to happen this upcoming week. BUT! I want some help from you guys. Idc what mono type run I do 1st. So I'm gonna let you all pick for me. The most voted gets done 1st. Let's see which 1 you guys want to see 1st!
  10. Hey everyone! It's been a few months since the official release of Pokemon Reborn and I bet that most of us have probably finished the main game and even postgame by now. I wanted to do a fun post as in Reborn we had access to every Pokemon from Generation 1-7. My question to you is this: What is your Champion/Elite 4 Team. (If you wanna include Gen 8 you can, but I didn't since I was focusing on mons in Reborn.) I don't mean the team you used to beat the game or postgame, but the team you would use if you were literally Champion of a region, any region (not just Reborn). On another note, if you weren't Champion, what Elite 4 team would you have and what Type/types would you use for challengers? There are a few limitations to this choice. For the Champion team, you can list one Legendary/Mythical Pokemon to use if you want, but no more than one. For Elite 4, you are not allowed to use any Legendaries or Mythical Pokemon, so choose wisely! My Champion team would be these guys on either a Starlight Arena or Holy Field. Garchomp Togekiss Silvally (Holding a Dark Memory) Serperior (With Contrary) Delphox Empoleon (My Ace) Yes its a weird team for Starlight Arena or Holy Field but for the moveset for most of my team, many of their moves would be boosted on Starlight while Garchomp is Garchomp and would just kick the crap out of you. On Holy Field, not only is Garchomp boosted but Togekiss is a BEAST on this field with Dazzling Gleam and Timid Nature as well as Delphox's Psychic and Serperior with Contrary/Leaf Storm and Dragon Pulse. Silvally automatically becomes Dark type on the field so instead of a Memory, I can give him a better item to use for his attacks. Strangely, Empoleon would be my ace purely because Empoleon is my favorite Pokemon of all time and Water/Steel is such an underrated type combined with the sheer bulk and power Empoleon has if used correctly. For the Elite 4, I'd use Dark type Pokemon since Dark is my favorite Type even though my Champion team doesn't consist of any. My Elite 4 team would be these guys on a New World field. Zoroark (Disguised as Drapion) Greninja Incineroar Drapion Tyranitar (Mega) Hydreigon Kinda feel like Luna with the Dark types, but Dark is my favorite type. Just how they are so menacing and cool looking though a lot of Pokemon are cool. Hydreigon is my favorite Dark type of all time and while it didn't make the cut for my Champion team, it would be my ace for this team. (I feel like Lin now, lol). I can't wait to see everyone's answers!
  11. Pokémon Reborn - Looping Battle Music Mod Being the bored person that I am, after having played through the main portion of episode 19 and some of the post-game, I have decided to update my looping battle music mod for episode 19! About This mod, as the name implies, makes the battle music in Pokémon Reborn loop - and not in the same way it already does, starting from the start of the file, no, it makes it loop based on a set looping point. This essentially means that you should no longer notice the point at which the music reaches its end, however, due to some of the music used in Reborn not having a clear point where it is supposed to loop, transistions might still not be 100% smooth on all battle music but I tried my best to make it as seamless as possible. Because of there no longer being any need for the music looping within the audio file, the combined file size of these files went down from ~120MB to ~80MB. This reduction could be even higher but I decided to keep additional loops on music files that have slight differences on their second or third loop whenever possible. Since Reborn's engine already supports looping audio natively and all audio files are in the .ogg format now, this mod only contains audio files to replace the old ones. Installation In order to install the mod, you need to download and extract the .zip file into your Pokémon Reborn folder. Your computer should then ask if you want to replace files of the same name. Click on yes (for all) and the installation is done! Compatibility & Bugs This mod should be compatible with any other mods that do not change the audio files or substantially alter how the game's audio engine works (which should be no other mods!). Regarding bugs, well, it is just music files so there should not be any. Download
  12. Note: This topic is available in both English and German, as permitted by andracass. If you want to say something about this project in German however, please do it via a PM. (PM = Private Message) Hinweis: Dieses Thema ist auf English und Deutsch verfügbar, so wie es von andracass erlaubt wurde. Solltest du etwas über dieses Projekt aber auf Deutsch sagen wollen, so tue dies bitte über eine PM. (PM = Privatnachricht) English/ Englisch: German/ Deutsch:
  13. Good Morning everyone! Finished episode 18 for a long while now and i have had alot of time on my hands, so i decided to build a team that utilizes the Rainbow Field effect to its fullest potential (or at least what i believe to be) So im gonna post my current team here, their sets and the reasons why they are on the team and i want your honest opinions and feedback. Note: This is the best iteration of the team ive come up with after many days of testing in ep 17 sandbox mode, then breeding and ev training in episode 18 once i got the team that i felt was the best iteration. The Tank (Level 94) Aggron @Aggronite Ability: Sturdy (Filter after Mega) Nature: Careful IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Sp.Def 4 Atk Moves: Bulldoze, Heavy Slam, Ice Punch, Rock Slide This guy is the great wall of f****** china. Along with the support from rainbow empowered Wish (via Clefable) This thing does not die and hits like a bus. Very good for switching into poison types to protect the fairies on the team as well as tank Rock type attacks. Bulldoze is amazing coverage as well as utility for making enemy mons slower, giving my other mons the speed advantage. Ohm (Level 94) Electivire @Electrium Z Ability: Motor Drive Nature: Jolly IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 Atk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Wild Charge, Bulldoze, Ice Punch, Meditate This is the premier (yet unexpected) sweeper of my rainbow field team. This guy protects everyone on my team who is weak to electric type moves (and there are alot of them) while gaining a +1 boost in speed thanks to Motor Drive. Rainbow boosted Meditate makes abso-freaking-lutely no sense AT ALL, giving a +3 boost to Electivire's attack and turning him into a walking nuke. After that boost, there is nothing that this guy cannot kill in one hit and that shocked me during testing (excuse the lame pun) Gloxinia (Level 94) Togekiss @Choice Scarf Ability: Serene Grace Nature: Timid IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SpAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Fly, Air Slash, Dazzling Gleam, Aura Sphere The rainbow field effect doubles the chances of added effects, and Togekiss' ability increases the chances of additional effects on top of that. Simply put: Air Slash = perma-flinch. As long as Togekiss is faster, then no questions asked. The enemy Pokemon WILL flinch. Aura Sphere gets boosted but the rainbow as well, so there are coverage options outside of perma-flinching. Astra (Level 94) Clefable @Magical Seed Ability: Magic Guard Nature: Bold IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 SpAtk Moves: Wish, Moonblast, Cosmic Power, Protect In the rainbow field, magic seed increases your SPAtk by one stage and gives you healing wish. In addition, one rainbow boosted cosmic power makes Clefable as tanky as (or even tankier than) Mega Aggron. The rainbow field also increases the healing effect of Wish to a ridiculous 75% of Max HP, combined with protect, this makes it a more effective healing method than Softboiled, since it can also heal other party members on switch-in. Moonblast gets a boost from the rainbow field as well, so in combination with the magical seed boost, Clefable can dish out ridiculous amounts of damage while receiving very little in return. Kitsune (Level 94) Ninetales @Heat Rock Ability: Drought Nature: Timid IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SpAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Hypnosis, Will-o-Wisp The first part to creating the rainbow field effect. Ninetales is a great support for the rest of the team in form of Hypnosis and Will-O-Wisp. Because the rainbow field is a terrain, it means that sun and rain weather effects persist even after the field is created and can be refresh permanently as long as rain or sun is present on the field. This makes Ninetales a great offensive threat when sun is active because of a boosted Flamethrower and a first turn Solarbeam. Tefnut (Level 94) Pelipper @Damp Rock Ability: Drizzle Nature: Bold IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 Spe Moves: Tailwind, Surf, Icy Wind, Hurricane The final part to creating the rainbow field effect. Pelipper has great bulk and has fantastic supporting options with Tailwind and Icy Wind. For the same reasons as Ninetales, the weather effect it brings gives it offensive options in a rain boosted Surf and a 100% accurate STAB Hurricane, which gets its chance of confusion doubled in the rainbow field. Im seriously considering swapping someone out for a Primarina because of the combination of a rainbow AND rain boosted Sparkling Aria, as well as rainbow boosted Moonblast with Primarina's massive base 126 SpAtk stat...Heres the set im thinking of Primarina @Magical Seed Ability: Torrent Nature: Modest IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SPAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Sparkling Aria, Moonblast, Icy Wind, Perish Song Tell me what you guys think and give me some feedback about changes in members, movesets etc. Have a great day
  14. Pokemon Reborn E18 Following Mod "WIP" If this date is more recent then when you downloaded this mod it means it got a fix. 07.04.2020: https://mega.nz/file/L0NX2Koa#y66wEWOXwAo4lb6GPrGkhXH5Ia_ROeaeQEBJnbaqB-4 This is the complete folder you can start the game from it and continue your save. It works the same as the old E17 mod. You can trigger the event at any nures circle through the pokemon pressing "A" and dissable at the silver hair NPC in every PokeCenter. Completly based on his work!!!!!! I did nothing but little things to make it work for E18. Credits go to him and his team: Help to improve: This is also marked as WIP because I did not check every PC or healing station for bugs. Especialy if you die and respawn. If you find any healing station that makes your game crash after fainting please report to me, in this topic, which PC or healing station made you crash so I can fix it. Problems: -The orphanage Event does cause you to get stuck so please disable your follower before entering the Orphanage in Lapis Ward. -There also might be problems in scenarios where you team up with an NPC. But the Commander is working on that! -Talking to you following Pokemon causes a second event with an espeon to trigger. If you just press No, nothing will happen and you can play just fine. If you click yes you just have to click again to continue play just fine. FIXED Also please know that english is not my main language. Im open for every correction regarding spelling and grammer. Hope I did nothing wrong :c
  15. Note: the green parts are new additions due to E19. Also E19 Spoilers! Recently i was doing the remaining Reborn sidequest, to prepare myself for E19. After making all the donations at the Grand Hall, i started talking with the NPC at the GH counter, until names the Orre-Reborn railnet project. As a soon as i saw it I immediately looked for informations about it, and then i remembered about that: The guy in the lost railcave was tryng to reach Orre. This means that east-Reborn borders with Orre. Soon after i decided to make this: a map of the Reborn-Orre borders. Then i started to make an Reborn-Orre map all with the same style of the Reborn's one(this one is still work in progress, probably forever) Other references to Reborn border with Orre being the one i showed are in the Postgame Then i said to myself: "Why not do a similiar thing with Pokemon Rejuvenation?" And so i made this: Aevium is several times stated to be close to Kalos, and in the new chapter there is an NPC who say that Aevium is close to Galar. Aevium-Reborn geographical relations For this one i will take in exam just Rejuv, considering that just this one as references to the other. Reborn-Rejuvenation timeline When is Pokemon Reborn set? A question i made my self from the first time i played Reborn is "where is Reborn in the Pokemon timeline?". From what i remember, in game we have just two "time reference" to the canons Pokemon games: Shelly. We know that she is Bugsy's little sister. Considering that Bugsy was probably 10 in HG/SS and that Shelly is 12 in Reborn, we can conclude that Reborn is set atleast 3 years after the HG/SS and D/P/Pt events and 6 after the FR/GL and R/S/E one. Type: Null sidequest. In the 7th street there are a group of scientists(probably are part of Team Meteor, because, if i'm not mistaken, we see Bennet leave the lab) working on the Type: Null project. This can only mean two things: 1) Someone leaked/sold Type: Null project informations to Team Meteor (8/15 years after Gen I events) 2) Team Meteor take informations of the Type: Null project after Gladion and the MC free them all, similiar to what Macro Cosmos did (11/15 years after the gen I events) I would exclude that Reborn is set 8/10 years after Gen I because Type: Null "evolution" is already called Silvally, and the name was given to him by Gladion. Now the field is restricted to 11/15. We also have this tumblr where a guy asks Ame where Reborn fits in canon timeline. And Ame replies so: She don't want to give us a more precise info, and this sucks, but she made the game and so she makes the rules. Anyway this still a really usefull information. As the anon said, XD takes place 2 years after HGSS/DPPt and consequently 5 years after Gen I/III. Doing some quick calculation we can say that Reborn is set around 13/15 years after Gen I/III. This also sorta confirm the fact that Shelly was already born during HGSS, confirming my previous affermation. I'll place Reborn 14 years after Gen I/III because it's the average between 13 and 15. 15 years after Gen I/III for 2 reasons: Being 15 a multiple of 5 is easyer to do the math. I will explain this in the part concerning Rejuv. Pokemon Rejuvenation If we take the Rejuv Type: Null sidequest as a reference, we can say that Rejuvenation is set 10/11 years after the SM/USUM events. I say this because we find the Type: Null ball under the Wispy Tower, and the Wispy Tower has been destroyed 10 years before the Rejuv events. We can also exclude the hypotesys of a leak antecedent to SM/USUM events, because Matthew explicitly says that the various Type: Null copies have been created after the SM/USUM events. In chapter 15 main story we have also a time reference to Reborn: So, second chaper 15, Rejuvenation takes place 7 years circa after the events of Reborn, which is set around 14 years after Gen I/III. So we can say that Rejuvenation takes place 21 years after the Gen I/III. In Reborn E19 is confirmed that Rejuv takes place 5 years after Reborn. Timeline If you note that i forgot/misunderstand/mistook something, please tell me in the comments. 20.000 years ago A meteorite containing Eternatus fell in Galar The first Claydoll was brought to life from a clay doll 10.000 years ago At some point, after the Iron Age, the Regis are sealed in various zone after years of human worshipping. 3.000 years ago (before Kalos war) The original Deity has been splitted in 3 parts by a meteorite. The one transported by the meteor end in a "far away region", the other two fell in Aevium. One of this two parts became the Archetype. (Rejuvenation) A meteorite hit Reborn. From that meteor Arceus came out. (maybe also Giratina) The Darkest Day happened in Galar. Between meteor event and the Kalos war Rejuvenation Reborn Giratina caused chaos in Reborn region(maybe also Orre) A warrior(probably a Solaris ancestor) defeated Giratina Mirage Tower is built This one is just a theory/headcanon i wanted to share. If you want you can skip this. 3.000 years ago Kalos war start Kalos war end thaks to the Ultimate Weapon built by AZ 2.500 years ago The Relic Castle is built. 2.000 years ago Hoenn is plagued by a meteor shower. During this meteor shower Groudon and Kyogre fought each other in their primal forms. Rayquaza calmed them. 2.000/1500 years ago The earliest known system for writing is developed and used at the Ruins of Alph, Tanoby Ruins, and Solaceon Ruins. Archaeologists are currently unsure whether the nearly identical Unown preceded or succeeded the writing system, but it is assumed they share some sort of connection. 1.000 years ago A thousand years after the events at Meteor Falls, a meteor struck Hoenn, creating Sootopolis City. Groudon and Kyogre reawakened to fight over the wellspring of primal energy which came from it. The people of Hoenn wished on Rayquaza to save them, and using the meteor, Rayquaza performed the world's first Mega Evolution and calmed the two. Sky Pillar was built in Rayquaza's honour, and the Draconid people promised to pass down the prophecy that in 1,000 years the meteor would return - causing the events of the Delta Episode. 800 years ago Xerneas released life energy throughout the Kalos region and fled to a forest, where it went to sleep in the form of a tree. Yveltal absorbed life energy throughout the Kalos region and fled to the mountains, where it went to sleep in the form of a cocoon. 100 years ago circa Aevium has been discovered. 45 years before Gen I Elgyem is seen for the first time when it appeared from far in the desert. 40 years before Gen I Lunatone is seen for the first time in a crater. 40 years before Gen I circa Elias (El) is born 30 years before Gen I circa Rejuvenation Solaris is born Reborn 26/25 years before Gen I Anastasia is born Sandra is born Narcissa is born Maria is born(?) 23 years before Gen I Keta is born 23 years before Gen I Rejuvenation 21 years before Gen I Kreiss is born El meets Solaris 20 years before Gen I An NPC describes Reborn City as a big and beautyfull city, similiar to Hyoshi City. Storm-9 20/15 years before Gen I Around this period Solaris's parents are killed by a thief. Around this period (after Solaris's parents death) Reborn's Legue is founded. The temple at the top of Charous Mountain is replaced by the Pokemon League. 14 years before Gen I N is born Around this period Monty Belrose became the dragon gym leader of Labradorra. Caroline, fire gym leader of Calcenon, try to beat him in a battle for about a month. At the end she beat him. The two end up together, and after a couple of years they get married. 10 years before Gen I circa Saphira is born. 5 years before Gen I WLL starts 3 years before Gen I Laura is born. Reborn: 2 years before Gen I Reborn postgame 1 years before Gen I Charlotte is born. Year 0 Emerald/ORAS and FRLG events Mewtwo has been created Year 1 Noel and Anna are born Reborn Year 2 Pokemon Colosseum events Year 3 HGSS events Platinum events (Are Sinnoh games canon in Reborn and Rejuv?) Shelly is born Saki, Amber and Veronica(Venam) are born. Reborn Year 4 Start the Decline of Reborn City Adrienn get lost in Citae Astrae Reborn Year 5 Pokemon XD events Belrose Mansion fire Year 6 BW events Reborn Solaris gave the Emerald key to El and the next morning he aquires the sight(?) Year 8 B2W2 and XY events Grand Dream City opening(?) Year 10 SM/USUM events Second part of WLL Wispy Tower and Gearen City fire Neo Team Xen foundation(?) Rejuvenation Year 12/13 Celine is attacked by Madame X Reborn Year 15 Reborn events. The main game probably takes place over 3 months. Start Reborn Postgame. It probably takes place in approxametely 1/2 weeks. Reborn Rejuvenation Some times after the postgame, Celine go to Reborn for take information about its league. Beetween Reborn and Rejuvenation Year 20 Rejuvenations events. They probably starts around February. After more than 2 month starts the Terajuma Arc (around May/early June), that lasts about a month(June/August). Start the GDC Arc and the Bladestar Arc. The latter end in the firsts of November. Rejuvenation alt timeline: Around this period Adrienn is called to Aevium for restore East Gearen City. He goes with Aya. Venam is missing from her position, so Aya temporally replaces her. Chapter 15 spoilers Year 22 Reborn Ending: Year 25 Reborn Ending: Thanks for reading and sorry if i made some grammar mistake. Remember, if you see some error, tell me!
  16. Hello, everyone! So, with ep19 being released I decided to do a playthrough of sorts, and thought I'd update as we go along! I have some experience with Reborn already - mainly the earlier versions, however. That said, I have played a decent chunk of the newer versions too! As you can see, we're gonna try and do a mono-run with only dark types. I've done some mono-runs before, and gotten decently far with each of them! Now, the question is, which starter do I go for? Froakie of Litten? Both are available much later game, from what I'm aware and around the same point (give/take a gym leader). The earliest fire/water I can get would be Houndour/Carvanah, with Corphish right after. I think with that, I'll go with Froakie. It'll make the first two gyms a little more hard, but I would prefer to get a Houndoom than a Sharpedo. I will also be using some mods (aka passwords) for this too. Obviously, the monodark one, as well as the nohms one. And a few other ones too hehe. I won't be doing the hardcap one however. Also, if anyone knows if there is a password for the sharedpc mod, please let me know! Oh! I will also be naming each member after a set of Deities. If you can guess the theme, then drop it below! With that said, lets begin! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part One:
  17. Hello everyone! My name's Darius, and I'm a big music guy. I looked around the Reborn forums and didn't see anything similar to this post so I thought I'd make it. Post your top 5 Reborn tracks below! You can find a list of the tracks on your Pokegear in-game, or in the audio section of your Reborn folder. Big shout-out to Dinkertons on YouTube for all the links. Here are my choices: Top 5: 1. Atmosphere - Tourmaline (Desert theme) 2. Atmosphere - Flux (Glass Workstation theme) 3. Battle - Legendary (Self-explanatory) 4. Reborn - Beryl & Peridot (Old) 5. Sinister Uprising (Meteor Cutscenes) Honorable Mentions: Atmosphere - Smoke (Some Meteor Hideout I think) Atmosphere - Explore (Ametrine Mountain?) Atmosphere - Light Realm (Cult Battle theme) Atmosphere - Majesty (Dramatic cutscenes)
  18. So I messed up somewhere during the Victory Road and I want to go back a couple of save files and continue from there. Luckily, I've saved multiple times during that time so I just need to do that. How can I go to an earlier save file, since it's not changing in the game at all ? Please help a brother out. Thanks in advance !
  19. I, Oscar "Oscarus" Samson, present to you: Pokemon Reborn - The Highway of Fate The Journey of Beautiful Dreams and Inevitable Nightmares Pokemon Reborn - The Highway of Fate - Oscar Samson - Wattpad This fanfiction will be about Oscar Pendragon - once an undefeated Elite Trainer; battling prodigy known worldwide - who decided to continue, after over 5 long years, his journey around the world in which he wanted to win every League Conference, conquer every Battle Frontier and face every world-renowned Pokemon Trainer. For his next goal he has chosen Reborn Region - which League had been restored and spread that message worldwide, inviting all Trainers to try and face world's biggest Pokemon League. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to the protagonist's plan as he nearly dies in a seemingly-terroristic attempt. Oscar, knowing from experience, decides to assist citizens of Reborn in their war against organization known as "Team Meteor". On this journey, not only will he change the mind and heart of many he's going to meet... but them will change his mind and heart as well. PROTAGONIST List of episodes (which will be constantly updated): Episode 1 - "Train to Reborn" Plot Synopsis: Episode 2 - "The Bold and The Beautiful" Plot Synopsis: Episode 3 - "That one stupid sucker" Plot Synopsis: Episode 4 - "The Appearance of Team Meteor" Plot Synopsis: Episode 5 - "Thunderous Showdown" Plot Synopsis: Episode 6 - "Troubles in Obsidia" Plot Synopsis: Episode 7 - "PULSE" Plot Synopsis: Episode 8 - "A Little Lesson of Battling" Plot Synopsis: Episode 9 - "Aggression, Depression and Progression" Plot Synopsis: To be continued...
  20. Hey! So I was trying to play Reborn like I normally do, but this screen popped up. It won't let me play the game. It might be because I'm on Game-z. But can anyone help me please? I'm about to finish the game so I would appreciate some help :) My picture is really bad...
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