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  1. Hello ! So I've been reading a few playthroughs/fanfictions on the forum, most notably Vanilla's and Matthew's adventures, and I wanted to try one as well. Sorry for the title, I usually struggle with these things. I wanted to add "terribly-titled" (because it's bound to be) but some expletive guy with a huge hungry dragon-like green familiar (I think it was a female, they're supposedly always fiercer) told me these words were his. He sounded pretty upset so I thought best not to defy him. A couple of things about how it is going to work: it is going to be
  2. I was interested in seeing just specific story beats again but with different outcomes based on choices etc. Is it possible to move myself to those points in the story or is replaying the game my only option?
  3. First things first obvious spoiler warning. Secondly, I am writing this mostly from memory so I may make some errors, please let me know if you see any mistakes. I believe it is mostly correct but I might have made some errors in placement of events. This guide is also only for the main story not side quests (So it brings me great shame that this guide wont be covering the best character in the entire game; Goomink). Also, there will likely be grammatical mistakes, sorry about that. The point of this guide is to help people who need to remember what happened in the sto
  5. A Blond Ray of Sunshine A young, upbeat Pokémon Trainer named Antoshi travels around Kanto collecting Gym Badges with his best friend and only Pokémon, Fireball the Typhlosion. When Fireball is kidnapped by Team Rocket, Antoshi unwittingly unlocks superhuman powers within him. With the discovery of these powers, and family whom he never knew before, his life starts to change dramatically as he finds out he is destined for much greater deeds. Author Notes 1) All general replies (“nice story”, “can't wait for the next chapter”) are cool, w
  7. Table Of Contents Prologue/The Team Season 1 Season 2
  8. No longer am I in summer break, but I'll still try to update my first ever Pokemon story from time to time <- edit (02/17/19): das a lie fam It'll be loosely based on the events and characters of Black and White (later maybe Black and White 2). The story will be updated on a random schedule, whether or not I have readers - so no default risk whatsoever haha <- edit(02/17/19): dis true fam but beware of hiatuses lul Also, to keep the the threads clean, I'll post the chapters on this thread only. Chapter links (saving you the need to scroll haha):
  9. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted...pretty much anything on this site. With the upcoming last(?) version of Pokemon Reborn coming up, I decided to write a story on FanFiction about it. Pretty much a "What if a younger version of my persona was in the world of Pokemon Reborn" story. If you are interested, give it a read. As I am a relatively new story writer (majority of my previous experience was when I was in college in English Comp/Lit classes), I would like to see what people think of it. Criticism is accepted...just dont break my heart lol XD
  10. This is a story of how the multiverse came together. As with any massive change, some people came out better, and some people came out worse. New bonds were forged between time and space, that would remain unbreakable for eternity. Other bonds were shattered. Completely and irreparably. But the seeds of the events you see before you were sown long before these beloved heroes were brought together. In fact, you may come to find you don’t know these beloved heroes at all. You may come to find that the heroes and the villains are one and the same. They all have something to hide. A
  11. Chapter One - "IN MEDIAS RES" Thank you so much for anyone who's taken the time to read this. This is the first story I've written in probably 10 years. I'd be very much interested to know any thoughts and get any feedback, criticisms, or opinions anyone could offer. I hope those who read it could find some enjoyment! Thanks!
  12. The battle for Beryl rages on with Justin and Team Shenanigans finally entering Jasper forest to take down Team Meteor and save the plant infested wards. It seems there are more perils that lurk in the wood work besides just Meteor. The true danger behind Beryl and Jasper has yet to be discovered but the real mystery is will taking down those responsible truly bring piece to this sliver of Reborn. Only time can tell in this installment of Justin's Story. The Battle for Beryl Part 2: Administrative Duties. ExT. jasper ward The episode continues where the last left off with Just
  13. Here we are once again. I'm in the mind to write and nothing is gonna stop me... at the moment. So this officially begins my favorite part of this story as well as my favorite part in Reborn and one of my favorite moments in gaming. The entirety of the Beryl ward arc. Seriously seeing a familiar story go in such a different direction was just nice to see. The police force actually trying to do something instead of sitting in front of a hole confused as to where a robber went... (were you even trying gamefreak??) And of course the major twist of a gym leader turning against you and if Pokémon h
  14. So Onyx Trainer's School or OTS as the top dogs are calling it has a few challengers. J-Stunner, B-Eazy, Soldier 76 and Vicky V. On the opposing side we have bush gardens very own Fern and Florinia. Who will win this epic battle? (I'll be honest its a two parter) Who knows? Read and find out in this high stakes battle to return the school to the students. Justin, Blaze and Soldier have a lot to fend off but when battling the desert rose simplicity may be key. Welcome to Florinia's school for gifted youngsters. Int. Onyx trainer's school Justin, Blaze and Soldier are walking do
  15. So its been quite long, this story is far from gone, I'll also prepare a song and for those who are wondering Fern is still wrong. Terrible segue but 11 is my lucky number. You're welcome. InT. Magma base Maxwell is sitting on his throne next to Momo his Magmortar. Only members of the team are in the base at the moment. Break, Darm and Chris are kneeling in front of the mad king waiting for him to speak. Maxwell Ya done fucked up. All of you. Break Apologies sir. Darm The fuck are you apologizing for? BREAK Failing to stop you. Darm
  16. So it's been forever since I posted one of these episodes but I've finally had some time to write again and why not continue the story I love to write. Thanks game for existing. That was pretty cool. So story picks up from episode 9 obviously. Refresher? Sure. Justin and co went to fight Pulse tangrowth, split into teams, Blaze is fighting team magma back at the garden episode ends on a trailer line. Here we go with the aptly named episode 10..... "What did I miss?" ExT. seacrest's garden Its night time and most of the Pokémon are sleeping. Seacrest, Blaze and Soldier are tend
  17. From here on, this thread will serve as the Destinium thread! Each update shall be linked in this post for all to read I hope you all enjoy the story maybe, just maybe, this can become more than what I tried for it to be. Introductions: http://pastebin.com/ECgrwJ3H Chapter/Part 1: http://pastebin.com/pEdZiFFC again, the links will be posted in THIS post in the thread once they are ready. and I am always happy with feedback and tips on how to improve the story
  18. Hello everyone, Akihito here. This is my first official forums input. Depending on how many likes I get, I will make this a forum series. Without further interruptions, I present to you the Legend of Akihito Prologue: "The child that fell into despair has left the light that was the parents... Now, it is up to you to decide, Akihito? What is real? What is fake? What is the truth? What is the lie? Can you truly see past the ever present illusion? Will you be blind to the truth that is so open in front of you? Let us see what happens.... "Akihito!" A kind and elderly moth
  19. Wow, episode 9. I've read em, you've read em... maybe. Here's the 9th episode. Doing more of the dual story thing. Works nice for me since the team has been split up a bit and it gives time to build more characters outside of the main crew as well as introduce side plots villains and all that jazz. Had a lot of fun writing this episode but sadly the silliness and puns are going into hibernation as when "The battle for beryl" arc (is that a nice name lemme know) starts then it gets pretty dark and serious as veterens of the game can expect. My playthrough with this team is going hilariously awf
  20. So kids, here's that 8th episode. I'm cranking them out lately and I feel pretty good about this bold attempt. So I decided to do two things I've been wanting to practice more. "B story writing" and "show don't tell" I commented on another writer needing to do this and decided my own medicine might actually be tasty. So in this episode I focused on Blaze, Justin's best friend and Combusken and Isabella, the Kirlia that Blaze rescued in the prior chapter. The two share a bit of time together in this episode showing how Blaze represents a lot of what Justin teaches. But I've avoided the talking
  21. Chapter One: Welcome to Reborn Seth McFarlane. 19. Youngest reigning Champion of three Leagues, brother and son to powerful gym leaders, and born in Johto, before his family moved to Hoenn. Now hiding in Reborn, contemplating his present situation in the third person. Does he move on from this lonely alleyway, in an attempt to find food and shelter that simply isn’t there, or does he stay, and catch hypothermia? ...The world may never know. I thought, bored and cold. But more than anything else, I was excruciatingly alone, as a coward should be. It had been six years since I had last held
  22. Please keep a couple things in mind: The fangame Pokemon: Light Platinum is referenced here with the Zhery and Lauren regions. Nothing else about the game will be spoiled in later chapters, but I wanted to give a nod to what I believed was a well-made fangame. Also, this is possibly the last chapter placed in Reborn. Last but not least, I made a slight alteration to the Gym system, where they have the main leader (say, Amaria) taking challenges during the day, and at night, a substitute GL takes his/her place if they want to get some sleep, but not close the gym to challengers. Now, enough
  23. Wow I've already made six of these dumb things. Time flies when you throw clocks or something. ANyway I made a new topic since I thought five episodes was enough for one. That's roughly 100 pages of reading. Thanks to everyone whose been reading and thank you person who clicked on this cause I ingeniously put "champ in the making" in the title. For every few episodes I'll put a little here's what's happened just so new comers can enjoy the spark noted version of my story without all the pesky time investment. So far in the story. It's based on reborn. Justin almost died on the train. Got
  24. Hello all. To build upon my writing I've decided to write a story based on my current playthrough of Reborn. Its a narrative following a fictional character interacting in place of the MC in the game. The events for the most part are the same with some being changed to better reflect the main character and his pokemon team. Any and all criticism is helpful and wanted. Please try not to just flame me since that does little in the way of improvement. Anyway here's a short intro so you know what you're getting into. (Things regarding format please also note as I'm writing this in word using a scr
  25. (Authors Notice: Hello, welcome to my newest short story, specifically written for Reborn. This is the first legitimate story of written for a non-academic audience that isn't for family. If this first story is well received, I would like to expand on expand on it by writing more stories taking place in the same universe, Also, I would like any sort of feedback, even if it rips my story apart and spits on it's grave, since it may help me improve my skills as a writer. If you have a few moments, writing anything can really help me in the long run. I will be posting a separate thread for the ser
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