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  1. So i want to evolve my budew into roselia and I don’t know where i can check its friendship.In older versions it was in the mall in west gearen city but i checked and it has changed
  2. I saw that in pokemon black you need a ragecandyvar is there a way to get it in rejuvenation?
  3. So i want to get a hippowdown and i apparently need to go to to sand stream cave to catch it.But there is a guy blocking the entrance saying i need permission from someone.How can i enter that cave?
  4. So for some odd reason when i level up my inkay the evolution starts but it stops for no reason and i am not the one cancelling it.am i doing something wrong?
  5. Not a single location from the ones you 2 gave me works they are outdated
  6. Does anyone know how to access this cave???
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