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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. i don't know if you can do walk through walls but maybe i could fix it for you. send me your save file
  3. Archetype (Third Heaven) composed by Zumi/Honnojis
  4. i was able to switch to either of the two characters using your save. im playing on the 13.0.2 version.
  5. Feeling - Reflective on audio folder. As for the original title i have no idea though it sounds similar to Postwick city theme from Pokemon sword and shield Edit: its turffield city remix from glitchxcity (all galar themes sound similar T.T)
  6. There's a guy who managed to beat saki in intense mode pre patch using 5 pyukumukus and an inteleon, it's so hilarious and op at the same time. he posted it on youtube
  7. You're actually not adding a new pokemon species itself, you're adding a new form of an existing pokemon. It's like adding rift gyarados.. As such, gyarados has 2 different forms itself, its mega counterpart and rift counterpart. With this you can add diff variant pokemons (ex: delta pkmns from insurgence), hackmons (too op tho) , you can even add fakemons but it won't be registered in the pokedex as a new species
  8. i think you'll need to expand the amount of pkmn species itself. Personally i would rather add new pokemon through PokemonMultipleForms instead since it is much simpler
  9. Trap the heracross at the most eastern part of the map , you can sneak at him through the middle section where there is an extra space to go through without stepping on the branches
  10. you mean pokemon forms? they're pretty much variant/mega/rift/special pkmns,theyre usually numerically arranged so just add 1
  11. trap him on the east part and sneak through the middle part (theres an extra space below the fallen branches). its the only spot you'll be able to interact with it.
  12. download the latest patch, or if you want to fix it manually, exit the sewers and re enter before executing this scene
  13. if youre playing on a previous patch, the AI could detect your held items, but as for the 13.0.3 patch, AI won't detect status healing berries
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