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  1. The developer trap: "but what if?" => suddenly double the amount of work
  2. Forgive my stupidity, but what is Game-z? Also GUYS HELP I JUST LOST MY SAVE FILE WITH A SHINY DEX CUZ I UPDATED IN THE MIDDLE OF ROUTE 4!!
  3. I've seen a couple posts talking about Reborn's AI (and it kinda reminded me of fuzzy logic AI, pretty cool what they have going on), but I don't think there's been the same discussion with Rejuvenation. Do the two games actually share the same system?
  4. Quick question: with the migration to gen 8, will all pokemon learnsets also be updated, along with the new TM and TRs? Like for example Growlithe used to get Close Combat via egg move but in gen 8 it's TR only.
  5. Aight listen here you beautiful mess of a human being: there's only one bar you gotta watch out for - your sanity bar. Everything else will come eventually.
  6. Madame X reminds me so much of Zero from Code Geass, am I the only one?
  7. I just have one teensy tiny little question. With gen 8's roster coming up, plus that wild area route plan you've got going on, are the early-to-mid game pokemon encounters gonna be changed/expanded significantly? Thing is, a few of my favourite mons (and I'm a person who absolutely loves using their favourites) are locked until rather late in the game (Lapras, Aggron and Gardevoir are the three big ones), and given that I've already played V12 long and hard, I was thinking of hacking in my team of favourites for a challenge run (intense diff, set mode itemless), and 100% comp
  8. My function is to "keep Ren safe", not "keep Ren being, like, totally stoked about, like, the general vibe, and stuff". That's you, that's how you talk, Regina.
  9. Damn, only three? I wanna vote for Erin, Madame X, Zetta, Keta, Venam, Ren, Crescent... This game just has too darn many good characters!
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