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  1. I remember substitute being available mad early in the gearen casino, cuz I used it with leech seed a lot to stall, but in v13 it's not there anymore, nor does it seem to be available anywhere early game, unless I've missed it. I know protect wasn't in the game before, but just curious if it's available now.
  2. Adding to this, Sucker Punch users are also very inconsistent. Usually they'll go for it when they see a kill or if they're at very low hp and slower than you. Problem is, when you bait the Sucker Punch with a status move, it's a coin flip whether they'll keep using it or not. Or at least that's been my experience thus far. Sometimes they run out of PP, other times they switch moves immediately. It happened to me a lot against a Grimmsnarl who would sometimes just click False Surrender on my Rock Polishing Graveler (don't remember the trainer of the Grimmsnarl sorry).
  3. When I was using Snivy (yes Snivy) up against Narcissa's Driflim, it would always go for a hypnosis even if I was holding a chesto berry. However, if I led with chesto Liepard it would just double hp fighting regardless of item. I think the AI somehow measures how worth it would be to burn your berry.
  4. I'm not against having original themes for this game, and I don't blame Zumi for not being on par with literally some of my favourites themes in the entire franchise. The Xen executives theme is good, but for me it's hard to top USUM's rainbow rocket tracks which were the previous choices, plus all three admins now sharing the same theme is kinda repetitive, so it was a bit of a letdown is all. The new gym theme is pretty fire tho, I'll give her that. That team skull remix is still bs though I mean in what world are Indriad and Guzma even remotely similar
  5. Unfortunately, since all of Xen admins' themes are now a shared "Xen Executives", if I wanted to keep all their previous ones I'd have to change it every time I battle them. What is that Battle Music Pack though? I haven't heard of it.
  6. I've noticed that all team Xen admins now share the same theme, which appears to be an original Rejuv theme? It's alright, but imo kinda forgettable. I get that Zetta and Madelis were just using Lyssandre and Archie/Maxie themes, but reused or not, those were absolute fire and still made the admins fights that much more engaging. Their new shared song doesn't achieve nearly the same result. And then I got to the Chrysalis Manor. What was before the perfectly calm, yet mysterious and creepy Po town theme now has been replaced with... A team skull remix??? Why??? Idk
  7. You guys weren't lying when you said you were going to revise the story from beggining to end. That introduction with Venam sure was spicy.
  8. Okay I'm deciphering each button, but I gotta say this has nothing to do with either a handheld nor the v12 controls. C is accept/select action B is back/exit/refuse or open menu action X is auto-sort inventory (dunno if it has more uses) Y is toggle auto-run Z is quick save M is toggle fast-forward (and it can't be changed...? I don't see it in the controls) L/M are to make skips in inventory (dunno if they have more uses) And A, I have no idea what it's used for. Oh and I also don't know what Q/W are used for.
  9. Okay uh, how does the new control scheme work? I don't know what each button does. It has A/B/X/Y but they're not like a handheld; C seems to be Accept action and X is auto-sort, and Z seems to be quicksave? Can someone clarify these to me?
  10. Aight see you all in november when I 100% v13.
  11. ThiroSmash


    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You guys did the classic Nintendo with that 'Later today' LET'S GO!!
  12. You know I just remembered something I wanted to ask about v13. Are there gonna be changes to field effects? I wanna know if I can use the notes of v12.
  13. "Is the Puppet Master pranking you across time and space? I hate it when he does that!"
  14. So V13 might very well drop this Friday, huh... Time to finish all my assignments by tomorrow night.
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