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  1. Oh yeah, that makes sense. I thought they were all in base SwSh.
  2. Playing around in debug mode, I just realised that Expanding Force, Misty Explosion, Rising Voltage and Grassy Glide are missing entirely. The terrain setting moves and abilities are there, a bunch of other gen 8 signature moves are there, but not these four. Is this just an oversight or an actual design choice?
  3. I think at some point you've gotta say "okay that's enough pokemon". Rejuvenation's not precisely lacking in variety and the dexit makes keeping every mon updated very annoying and inconsistent (I guess you could use Smogon's natdex tier as reference, but it's still a lot of tedious work). By the time you get around to include all of gen 9, full with custom events and everything, gen 10 is gonna be around the corner, and here we go doing this song and dance again. That being said, when r u gonna add tinkaton
  4. Is there a guide to these routes? I've been looking around and found nothing. Even the 100% walkthrough guide doesn't say anything about any Renegade or Oblivion routes.
  5. Wait. Hold on. Wait, what? I'm so lost. I played v13 on release. Ended beating the puppet master who was Rune all along, yadda yadda. But what's this about 2 routes? Renegade? Oblivion? I know I haven't logged in here for a while but what is that? Does v13 already have two endings? Cuz I certainly didn't know.
  6. You're right, it seems that it's two entirely different routes. But I don't remember making any choice in all of e19, so I guess Anna's more of a hidden route? (Also, it seems considerably less fun to have Anna talk instead of Lin)
  7. When I reached Necrozma, Lin said some things about being trapped in that meteor for a while, made a Necrozma supports gay rights joke with the rainbows, and even let met choose to fight in either Rainbow or Crystal Cavern field (tbf I don't know if that's actually an option, I never tried to pick Crystal Cavern). But now I see this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey4P3sr6Q20&ab_channel=Leo and it's... Anna the one who speaks in that cutscene. She seems to believe that the player is Lin now, and there's even a different animation when she shows up. The hell's up with that? Edit: only video I could find of the Lin version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jLrgFQSSsA&ab_channel=DemICE. The dialogue is all skipped, but you can see that it's Lin talking.
  8. Put that in your resumé and software engineering employers will drool all over you :P Jokes aside, try not to work yourself to death. You already doing god's work over here.
  9. After playing around with Reborn's passwords, I've come to realise that they make for a much better difficulty slider than meets the eye (Hell, I managed to use a LEDIAN of all things somewhat reliably thanks to the password system), and it saves y'all quite a lot of balancing work. I'm happy to hear these news. That aside, how easy is casual (or I guess story) mode going to be? Are you aiming for vanilla games difficulty?
  10. If you'll listen to the two cents of a random player, my biggest gripe (though gripe is perhaps a strong word) is the fact that Rejuv keeps all the vanilla pokemon stats and movesets. So does Reborn. I like playing with my favourites a lot and do it very often, but my favourites happen to include a lot of... Less than stellar mons. I'd struggle a lot on the gym fights past Venam, having to spend upwards of an hour of trial and error in some of them. And sure, it's rewarding and all to beat a gym with underpowered mons, but I can only do that so much. By Souta at the absolute latest I'd have to switch to casual mode to keep up and even then it's still challenging. I like the attempt with crests but they feel like applying a bandaid to the issue: Not many mons have access to them (some of which arguably don't need one in the first place) Implementing them must be a pain in the ass, so I don't think we'll be getting that many more Most of them are locked until quite far into the game A lot of them also feel very gimmicky. Sacrificing the item slot is one thing, but usually there's like one single set you can use reliably to take advantage of the crest. A romhack like Radical Red will rebalance and buff basically every single pokemon who's not a smogon OU tier; that includes about 90% of the whole roster. I don't expect Rejuvenation to ever go into that route, cuz even if you literally copy-pasted RR's rebalances you'd still have to rearrange the whole game's trainers and encounters. I can hope for that Radical Rejuvenation mod to take off, I guess.
  11. The question every developer asks themself. We need more casses in this world
  12. I usually like to play around with pokemon's base stats, typings, learnsets and whatnot and I was wondering how do you do that in the latest version, or in Reborn in general. Do you need a specific tool or something?
  13. There are about a million and a half basic coding courses out there if you wanna start learning. Python, C# or even C++ I'd say are good starting languages. Though if you're only interested in Pokemon Essentials stuff, I guess go for Ruby directly (or whatever else PE uses cuz I legit don't know). The good thing about coding is that once you learn a language, learning a second one is orders of magnitude easier, especially among OOP languages, because they share many of their basic principles.
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