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  1. There are about a million and a half basic coding courses out there if you wanna start learning. Python, C# or even C++ I'd say are good starting languages. Though if you're only interested in Pokemon Essentials stuff, I guess go for Ruby directly (or whatever else PE uses cuz I legit don't know). The good thing about coding is that once you learn a language, learning a second one is orders of magnitude easier, especially among OOP languages, because they share many of their basic principles.
  2. I've never used Pokemon Essentials and I don't think I'll ever work in a pokemon fangame. But if andracass made tutorials about the devtools, I'd 110% watch them.
  3. I turn away for a month to deal with finals and I see like four new update posts wth cass chill
  4. Here's an interesting question: you've confirmed to include Legends' mons, but any ideas on including the frostbite and drowsy status conditions? Frostbite at least seems much more fun than freeze.
  5. We're going to meet Evil Cain, who is completely straight.
  6. So like I have nothing funny or clever to comment But I wanted to say that the mood in these posts always put a grin on my face, as does Reborn (more so when you google-translated whatever happens happens to spanish for no discernible reason) Keep it up, champ
  7. behold the newest bestest shampoo brand..... Aloe Vero
  8. ThiroSmash

    e19 when

    First of all, I loooove the way these updates are presented. The mood and the humor is very amusing. Second of all, Does that means you'll finally be getting rid of the moments of problem within a problem within a problem within a problem? I still remember when I had to go get like Strength so I could pass some tunnels and go save some orphan kids from team meteor but I needed the badge so I had to travel to this ash island but then the gym leader puts me through some trial to go fetch some guy at a volcano and finally battle the leader but then that guy turns out to be a traitor and the leader fucking dies before giving me the badge so I have to find the substitute leader but now Cain has been missing for a while so I have to go look for him... At that point the orphans should be as good as dead. And Titania.
  9. For EVs and stat boost I was talking about limiting the player's boosts, but not the AI's. The whole point of this is to not have to touch the AI's existing teams. So you'd have the 100 EV cap and the +1 stat cap but the AI would stay the same and keep its 252s and up to +6 boosts. I have no idea of how hard that would be to code with Essentials but once it's done you shouldn't need to change anything else. No learnsets, no team distributions, nothing. I had no idea of Heart Scales being in the pickup table, that'd be a first. If that's the case, then yeah it should probably go away too. Andracass said that lategame exp gain is gonna increase so overleveling would be a bit more of an issue, but if the hard exp cap of rejuv is gonna get implemented then that's a bit of a shame.
  10. Well those are some good ass memes. It's surprising that all of those are still not available even after the second-to-last badge, though I can see why. About the EVs, someone else made a fully fledged wall of text explaining why in an SHF video, but to summarise: First of all there are all the QoL issues with them and how much of a pain in the ass it is to EV train without proper help, which heavily discourages adding new pokemon to your team (thing that Reborn is thankfully solving next update). Next, from a developer perspective, balancing the game properly is miles easier without EVs, since you can much more easily account for all the player's tools and not debate on whether or not they're gonna run max speed EVs in everything. Third, they trivialise the game because they only encourage power creep. Mons like Alakazam or Gengar comfortably invest into even more speed and even more special attack than they already have. Mons like Steelix or Blissey are allowed to fix their one balancing weakness. But mons who have more evenly-distributed stats struggle. Arcanine has to choose between not doing enough damage in either of the offensive stats or not being fast enough to handle most threats, all the while not being quite bulky enough to compensate. And Arcanine is one of the best "balanced" mons thanks to Intimidate and his generous movepool. I propose the 100 per stat, 400 total alternative as a middle ground worth exploring to help out all the mons with awkwardly average stats, though removing the system entirely is equally as acceptable in my eyes. The "beauty" of exp management is something I've learned from Pokemon Challenges' hardcore nuzlockes. It is a self-balancing system: if you abuse your broken mon too much, it will overlevel, so you're encouraged to switch up your composition and utilise less important pokemon for less important battles and soak the exp. Having common candies in a limited amount I think is a good enough middle ground to give the player some margin of error whilst still being a self-balancing system. Lastly, I'm fine with mining rocks as is - even better with the announced rework of the rewards. Mining rocks give you a random amount of different utilities, but still a finite one. One playthrough you might luck out and get a Pixie Plate and two extra Heart Scales, the next one you might just get four oval stones and be told to deal with it. You can save-scum in order to squeeze out as many resources as possible, but then I question why are you playing a difficulty mode such as this one to begin with. What I'm opposed to is farming infinite Heart Scales via Luvdisc fishing or parts via the clowns, it undermines the whole concept of the challenge. Well this was a long reply.
  11. I've just recently read every new announcement since like... June? (Yes I'm late, but I was playing Rejuvenation v13, can you blame me?) and the topic of a hardmode was brought up. May I suggest, instead of going Rejuvenation's route of giving every opponent crazy OP mons and giving Saki TWO BUSTED MEGAS AAAAAAAAA, taking a more subtle approach and instead limiting the player's options. I've come to really appreciate SHF's work and the way he handles difficulty in his kaizo romhacks. He takes full responsibility of what tools the player does and doesn't have. Bringing weather? Nope, deal with natural weather. Set-up strats? Gone, deleted. Encore cheesing? Sure, but I hope you like it on Illumise. This kind of player limitation is what separates the Kaizo games from something like, say, Radical Red. Originally, I really liked Reborn's field mechanics because it indirectly brought to light so many niche moves and abilities, and by extension so many niche or otherwise bad pokemon. But when it comes to Rejuvenation's Intense mode, the power creep is so steep that it undermines the team variety that fields used to allow, practically forcing the player to use the same OP strategies of the AI against it. I wouldn't like to see Reborn go down the same path. So instead of building a second team for every gym leader, rival or meteor admin battle ever, how about restricting the tools of the player? I have a few generic ideas that would help: Limit changing the field. Most of Reborn's gym leaders are in an undestructible field, I'll give them that, but a few others can be easily cheesed and demolished by changing/terminating the field. Preventing the player from changing the field drastically (besides things like Water Surface <-> Underwater or Heated Arena <-> Burning) can go a long way to ensure that most battles are going to be a challenge. Removing weather setters. Pokemon with Drizzle, Drought, Snow Warning or Sand Stream, as well as the weather TMs, will remove a lot of the player's capacity to counter-cheese hard fights. Implementing a hard-cap to stat increases and set-up moves much lower than +6. This helps prevent the player from simply 6-0'ing after a set-up. How low the cap is, would require some testing. Perhaps only +1 in every stat, or only a total of +2/+3 across all stats are my hardest limitations. I bet people are gonna hate the next ones. Limiting/Removing Common Candies. The art of micro-managing exp so that your pokemon don't overlevel is heavily unexplored territory imo, and Reborn's soft level caps are a perfect system to let it flourish. Too bad that unlimited Common Candies undermines the whole concept. Making (some) TMs single-use for the entire game. I don't remember what TMs are available for Reborn, but powerful, all-around useful moves such as Earthquake, Ice Beam or Will'o'Wisp should probably have a limited use and not just be slapable into every pokemon ever. Colored parts and Heart Scales should also not be limitless as to not let the player create their dream team for every other battle. Limiting/Removing EVs. Honestly, I'm of the opinion that the EV system only trivialises the game and should be gone entirely. Assuming that we don't remove it altogether, limiting the player to EV-train only up to, say, 100 points in each stat with a 400 total would make things dicy for sure. I reckon that all of this is probably not the easiest thing to implement, but it certainly would be less work than making a new team for every single important fight in the game, AND it would be more interesting at that. Imo. Thoughts?
  12. You guys weren't lying when you said you were going to revise the story from beggining to end. That introduction with Venam sure was spicy.
  13. Okay I'm deciphering each button, but I gotta say this has nothing to do with either a handheld nor the v12 controls. C is accept/select action B is back/exit/refuse or open menu action X is auto-sort inventory (dunno if it has more uses) Y is toggle auto-run Z is quick save M is toggle fast-forward (and it can't be changed...? I don't see it in the controls) L/M are to make skips in inventory (dunno if they have more uses) And A, I have no idea what it's used for. Oh and I also don't know what Q/W are used for.
  14. Okay uh, how does the new control scheme work? I don't know what each button does. It has A/B/X/Y but they're not like a handheld; C seems to be Accept action and X is auto-sort, and Z seems to be quicksave? Can someone clarify these to me?
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