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  1. > 7.) Least favorite gen 9 mon?Scovillain, or Gholdengo. Maybe Orthworm thought your least fav was lokix kek
  2. so we know that 13.5 is gonna be the calm before the storm > v13.5 .Karma files was born. A version that was never planned to exist. Yet, here we are. I've devised this section of the story to be required on your first playthrough, but skippable in subsequent ones (through passwords), as it is more of a preview of what's to come in v14. but wait 13.5 was supposed to be side quests ONLY i thought so is this finally where we make side quests and side tracking parts required which make sense with regards to the new ones coming like ana's and the talon intro quest and old quests like dafux, and the rift chandulure but also holy shit > After v14, the two paths will not cross each other and will provide unique story experiences for both. Essentially, from v13.5 and onward, there will be two versions in one. (Though due to the nature of the beast, v14 will be more linear) Why am I doing this? Because I want to. And because I am crazy. I know it's a lot of work you don't need to remind me! Each version will have equal amount of effort and time put into them*, and each route is canon. They also, like, totally play off each other so you should do both eventually! we an actual visual novel now the renegade route is supposed to be so much harder in exchange for early legends and items like life orb ~~tho i guess u can cheat by doing it on casual mode which will prob even it to be the same difficulty as the good route~~ genuinely hype to see how the bad route works since its gonna be totally different, i assume its like during the xen raid, we betray them and go from there we still fight the gym leaders but as an enemy and when we defeat the elite 8 the games over and xen wins and we learn more of the color duo lore from the rengade route tho i wonder if the climax of v13 will be changed if u were on the bad route cause as of now its still despite u having negative relations and shit, everyone still believes in u for some reason which is lol what
  3. lol i just realise once 13.5 drops, im gonna do a playthrough thats on ez setting and getting the renegade route would be a good test tbh since its gonna be the harder route BUT im playing on casual mode will it be harder than the paragon route on normal or not we'll see hype af
  4. errrrr if my memory serves me correctly at least from what i remember dont do side quests beside the hidden library one and in that , let both karen and karina die get negative relationship point with tesla in the bad future arc, hand over the jewel and then escape on your own during the 2nd run dont save amber not sure IF im forgetting anything else but u need a total of 100 points to trigger the bad ending flag u get the points for every bad decision like i stated u make, low relationship points with people and not doing side quests and thats it really
  5. fair then guess the only people who would be doing that are leo and other playtesters who know what their doing anyways
  6. im gonna guess the plan for early legendaries in renegade route to just be lol youre evil and youre catching them for clear and kierean for the more morally ambigious ones while the good ones are sent to stop u etc so how excatly will this route setting work given u could always change the variable in rpgmaker and debug no? unlesss its a completelydifferent beast
  7. aiyo first so MAYBE we'll get 13.5 for the new years huh ill take it(most of my gacha game will be dead by then) so instead of intense mode we get renegade mode huh welp
  8. OOOh i likey spacey and timey :worry: on my way to simp for them and ignore all the shit they done jk
  9. I mean TBF she did train under keta sorta ish whos you know one of the strongest trainer canonically if we go by the future timeline and his own adventures sure its not much training but still ren was weak until he trained with team xen melia lacks exp until again storm chaser and erin herself doesnt like battling so alieta being 2nd strongest makes the most sense
  10. Well I can't access that anymore since tumblrs you know Rip I'll just take your words for it and assume it's fake news then yea Could use the way back machine but meh
  11. Ok correct me if I'm wrong but I remember someone here said this game will be up to v16 which is fair enough But also heard that Madame x identity and stuff won't be resolved until then? So we gonna get another reborn situation where we don't deal with the endgame boss until actual end of the post game or something Correct me if I'm wrong but it'll be pretty anti climatic tbh if reju goes the same route
  12. lol would be pretty anti climatic tbh if all this miera region buildup and rune saying huey is important that he cant die leads to nowhere tbh
  13. aight alot of discussion happened when i didnt check in for a few weeks(i consider this alot relatively tbh) coul be meloetta could be like the guardian to the arctype and vitus fuses marias core with her hence her being incompatiable with it and getting genesis syndrome nah pretty sure that part where rune gives him the power of imagination is foreshadowin to him having this power, after all rune did lead us to the meira region being important with the books she left for us it HAS to be important somehow, especially with the nearly 99% of ppl forgetting they came from there its only like 3 generations max, its impossible to forget unless we do some mass propaganda shit like astra lost in space its also too much of a concidence the current team xen named themselves after the miera team xen lastly theres the 4 child of light not born my man which fits huey, assuming its not just talking about the theolia siblings not gonna comment on the layer stuff and inception tier shit since reborn has also finished and played with this whole world reset shit im interested to see how reju handles it god i cant wait wish someone could just time machine me to like 5 yrs ltr when reju ends
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