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  1. pretty sure hes like nymeria and is immortal and the very same one from the backstory
  2. could do untiered pokemon from smogon a monotype run or crested pokemon only a galarian only run
  3. Yea infernape crest is pretty kek Assuming serperior gets a cresti it'll prob be as underwhelming
  4. yea even normal is relatively harder than reborn and reborn is harder than the normal pokemon games so gotta esports
  5. someone in goldeleaf mentioned seeing someone with black hair in the fire when wispy tower was burning basically and only important ppl ith black hair are madame x and cassandra at least the ones who can reasonably do it it could be madame x and the twist is it turns out madame x was the one who killed cassandras sig other yea but i dont think jan would go down that route
  6. well the quest tracker be able to track non help quest stuff like for example the amethyst cave quests and will it inform u of non help quest quests, like again the ame cave quests
  7. actually now that i think about it its impossible that shes a victim of the fire so rip since obviously its implied shes the one who started the fire at wispy tower and all and its the same person who burned both place down so at the very least its team xen who burned it down
  8. i have the same thought for the 2nd one also its sorta implied the creator for kieren and clear is madame x so unless youre sayin shes madame x
  9. after you defeat the 11th gym leader, the psychic one go to the central building in GDC do the first sidequest, missing children sidequest then after talking to the officer jenny, go to the building thats blocked off by 2 people youll meet a guy dylan, who tells u to cancel the request, cancel it you can access the underground and itll start the quest
  10. Poggies We're almost there boys
  11. i mean technically galarian and alolan mons shouldnt even exist in avieum yet here we are so there's probably not gonna be any lore explaination and we just can catch hisuian pokemons they'll prob replace ren's aracanine for the hisuian one i feel
  12. youre given an option to decline even when they ask you so yes its technically possible
  13. and then we run into the same problem as fgo where they leave you in the middle of a cliffhanger for 1 months and all the theories will go wild over it
  14. you need to see a cutscene in the resort with melia flying away first then when u enter the mountain someone will give you the poweder
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