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  1. Inb4 we pull an fgo Jan gets inspiration and changes the story and just forgets about this but doenst bother to change this dialogue so we end up just never knowing
  2. Its been 1 week since reborns final version was released and honestly the gaming experience for reborn is much better with all of these QoL. so i wonder, will we evantually get passwords like reborn to make the game easier
  3. nothing in reju is a concidence but yea an mc's birthday being the same day as a plot related event is a common coming of age story trope
  4. lol maybe if we even unstone talon first also wait apperently they decided to stone talon because hes too strong but how would that work when in game we'll meet talon who will at max have a team of lvl 40s
  5. so i asked and never got an answer WHO is ACE
  6. lol remember when almost everyone thought kierean was lord xenadin cause we all thought clear was freya kek
  7. huey could have powers i suspect i have a feeling rune giving him powers in the dream world isnt JUST because of bias its prob foreshadowing huey can do some wacky shit since hes lord xenadins reincarnation(theory)
  8. So who is ace :worryconcon: But yea lost my save file when transferring computer so gonna have to restart from the beginning anyways
  9. clear and kieren gonna become president of the world and make everyone drink kool aid and revert them back to cosmos in the earth
  10. nah if u see his battle sprites before he got broken he had this dark shadow behind him but after his revival its gone and given vitus is his adopted father well
  11. ehhh tbh just put it in the sewers unless we give him good moves its actual movepool is pretty.... no physical dark move and best physical poison move is jab so yea its pretty bad just give it to the player early tbh
  12. reminds me of that cancelled pokemon anime ep with the dude pointing a gun the dratini ep
  13. the whole thing with gaera piecing together that the same thing happened to anju prob just vitus being vitus again
  14. tbh something i just want in general for reju and not a 13.5 exclusive thing but i dont wanna make a new thread is we need volo's and wally's oras theme in the game remixed tbh use volo for like madame x and wallys for a later ren battle
  15. yea known feature u can loseand still keep the item so in theory u can get unlimited of the items prob getting fixed in 13.5
  16. its 16,000 red essecne throw in 1k and have 1500 leftover
  17. https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/908376870335164426.webp
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