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  1. Well I can't access that anymore since tumblrs you know Rip I'll just take your words for it and assume it's fake news then yea Could use the way back machine but meh
  2. Ok correct me if I'm wrong but I remember someone here said this game will be up to v16 which is fair enough But also heard that Madame x identity and stuff won't be resolved until then? So we gonna get another reborn situation where we don't deal with the endgame boss until actual end of the post game or something Correct me if I'm wrong but it'll be pretty anti climatic tbh if reju goes the same route
  3. lol would be pretty anti climatic tbh if all this miera region buildup and rune saying huey is important that he cant die leads to nowhere tbh
  4. aight alot of discussion happened when i didnt check in for a few weeks(i consider this alot relatively tbh) coul be meloetta could be like the guardian to the arctype and vitus fuses marias core with her hence her being incompatiable with it and getting genesis syndrome nah pretty sure that part where rune gives him the power of imagination is foreshadowin to him having this power, after all rune did lead us to the meira region being important with the books she left for us it HAS to be important somehow, especially with the nearly 99% of ppl forgetting they came from there its only like 3 generations max, its impossible to forget unless we do some mass propaganda shit like astra lost in space its also too much of a concidence the current team xen named themselves after the miera team xen lastly theres the 4 child of light not born my man which fits huey, assuming its not just talking about the theolia siblings not gonna comment on the layer stuff and inception tier shit since reborn has also finished and played with this whole world reset shit im interested to see how reju handles it god i cant wait wish someone could just time machine me to like 5 yrs ltr when reju ends
  5. goddamn the desert and gaeren city looks dragon swadloon tho finally more avieum region mons caus theres a lack of them in early game
  6. It's said that rune borrowed a bunch of books from the library One of which is a book about the miera region But we know after the whole of the puppet master deal is over that she's actually Freya and FROM miera There's also no indication that she lost her memories as shown in her monolouge and it's implied that that is what flora is blackmailing her with so Why does she need to borrow books about the miera region again
  7. holy shit anjus new domain is :blobsweats: great work 10/10
  8. Huh Never knew florin and floras battle was that hard that it needed major change Good to know
  9. Joking :S beside hippodown because im not a fan of lowering atk stall to setup i can defeat all the other rift boss :S i may still use d bond on clear nagadel cause YEAAAAA not dealing with that period
  10. sadge back to cheesing bosses with D bond
  11. [s]debug let's go[/s] In all seriousness Thx ame
  12. so im watching leos playthrough of the post game and i cant actually wait so ill just ask what actually happened between el and luna that causes her to run away at first i thought it was her being forced to serve taka and taka doing something wrong that lead to it but after watching the time space duo quest. we know thats not true its also not
  13. so with this save file i just need this to be in the folder then play my original save file and i should be able to get the event skips?
  14. So anybody wants to donate a post champion save file to a small indie player just so i can skip the route 1 and later magic number puzzle as well as the pokeball quest
  15. so assuming i do have someones save file, when excatly would i get this star piece and also does this work for route 1 puzzle too
  16. Ok so i read ahead and i obviously know about the magic number puzzle thing thats required to get the sticker my question is is the code that is spit out the same across every file, meaning i can just skip the puzzle entirel(i dont mind not getting the rewards since this is just a quick non 100% playthrough) or is it random for every save and i do need to complete the puzzle
  17. damn my ralts is also only post restoration :worrycry: my babies
  18. so unless my memory fails me we need a data chip to insert into the pc at ayas gym and then do the tarous, faint trick to get to the beldum but we got the data chip early, does this mean we can get an early beldum once we unlocked route 1 and the path back to reborn city
  19. i have no idea where i got it but its at a place called underoot but i know i have a dragadale with toxic spikes and toxic to change the field and a trubbish with acid spray and clear smog too
  20. if you typed in hardcap and also typed in litemode it cancels each other out and removes hard cap also if you have the exp all and turn it off, your hardcap is also gone
  21. Isn't it the missy that you receive after that quest with kiki ghost That's the one that becomes avieum form no?
  22. Man I took actual lessons on game design Even got a diploma for it And yea no dudes full of shit Reading a fcking text document that comes with the game is not bad design lmao There would be a point made about bad game design if Like say these passwords were to like give free legendaries or some game breaking thing like walk thru walls Actual game breaking content Literally the ONLY thing thats a good qol that may be needed is hardlvlcap which an npc explains before the first gym and u get a data chip very early on, if u don't want to waste it, u can even just restart your game Go touch some grass my brother
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