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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I am in dire need of an answer : before beating Shade I went around doing all sidequests and getting all event Pokemon,one of them being the Smoochum, so I beat the Beartic and instead of just going out of the room I used dig and went back to the entrance of the cave. I know that there is a scene with Cal that I skipped which already makes me mad but what I am more afraid is this:did I still get the +2 relationship points with him for saving the Smoochum or did I not get them since I didn't see the scene?(I have already beaten Shade and pulse Muk and I do not have an old save file) Please anyone answer me and thank you.
  2. This is for me to get a gauge on what the community prefers for future reference as I'll be taking it into account for when I update my RP guide whenever version 13 comes out. Also feel free to suggest what else you'd like added as I plan to add Karma point related gains and decreases to it as well already. If you pick other, then please say what that is as I can't very well know what that other means without you telling me what you have in mind.
  3. So, since in my home we're all blanketed in snow and all looks poetic and romantic I come to ask the opinion of the fandom. Do you think we get to romance reborn characters in the next episode? And which are your fav ships? (MC related or unrelated)
  4. Hello all, So being the raging perfectionist that I am, when I saw Pokemon Reborn recently by chance, and saw the extremely impressive amount of work put into it, as well as the mood being quite far removed from most Pokemon fan games, I was immediately taken in by the unique atmosphere it set. Not to mention, of course, the copious amounts of side quests, and hidden details. It was great fun, and I just today got to the end of episode 18. But, as I mentioned previously, when I saw that there were "hidden variables, i:e ways that character relationships could be altered based on story decisions, I had to ensure that I got the "most optimal" path. (Spoilers. This did not happen.) I only really saw one other thread on here mentioning them, so I figured, why not? It might be fun to compare vs other people's chosen routes. (Furthermore, I didn't realize they were a thing even until the 3rd or 4th badge perhaps. Around when Lapis opens.) Spoilers, obviously for those who aren't up to Ep 18 yet. Well, that's that. My thoughts, plus some rambling on the characters, points, etc. I'm genuinely quite curious as to how other people have differed from me. Let me know what I may have missed here.
  5. New user here, and I’m not sure if this is the right place to put it in General Discussion or not. Anyway, I’ve looked at the relationship points variable guide and made it my quest to make best the girls and Shade happy; noticed that you can get a maximum of 8 points for Terra and losing 4 upon defeating her but I got 5 points? Oh, and I’m using SWM Modpack to see their points.
  6. Considering the last one is severely outdated, I will be creating my own Relationship Guide. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Relationship Point Checks
  7. Heyyy everyone , Just got back into Reborn, and was looking to see if anyone had a spare blue moon ice cream or two, they'd be willing to trade. Currently at the point of the game, where I'm just about to go save Titania from the water facility plant. Soooo, would like to have one to get her relationship points up. Thanks to all who read this!
  8. Hi guys, So while downloading the modular episode 18 modpack i saw that i could see my relationship points with (almost) every character in the game. So i was like, lets take a look and i was actually by some of them really surprised. That got me thinking, how do you guys feel with your relationship points? And how different are they going to be from mine? Also i'm not sure how the points system works but let's get into it anyway. Here are my relationship points: So let me first say that I definitely do not remember every encounter with every character. But some of the points do bring up some memories. But some of them just don't make any sense in my eyes. Like; Amaria: -4, I chose to not battle Taka, so that's the Reshiram route? So i guess that's the route where Amaria tries to kill you and is not happy with you? Cause that explains the -4. Aya: 1, I expected hers to be higher, but then again she was not happy with me when i beat her in the gym battle. But we fought team meteor together and had to go through route 3(?) together so i still expected it to be higher. Blake and Cal: 1 and -1, so this one made no sense to me. Why would i have a positive relationship value with Blake and negative with Cal while Cal helped me with finding heather and battling team Meteor, his brother, Blake? Blake is a total douche while Cal is trying to get on the right path. Cain: 6, This one just wants to f*ck me lol. Elias: 4, I couldn't defeat Arceus so i decided to side with Elias. Call me weak and lazy i don't care . Fern: 1, This one being positive surprised me as well, but i guess that is because i probably begged him to let me out of the nuzleaf cage. Not sure though. Gardevoir: -3, not sure why. Is it because I battled her and made her blow up for Radomus at the glassfactory? Guess me believing Ell didn't help either. Heather: 4, Heather being that high surprised me as well, because at the beginning she was pretty pissed off with me for beating team Meteor before her at Beryl. Laura: -1, No idea why this is negative. Probably has to do something with leading Solaris to her so the kids were save in their house? I don't know. Luna: -1, Again, no idea why this is negative. Is it because the glassfactory and because she thought i led Bennett to her in her gym? No idea. Radomus: -1, Again, i'm sorry i couldn't defeat the Arceus okay, jeez leave me alone. Serra: -1, I remember her being a bit bitchy in the glassfactory, i guess she doesn't really like me because i kinda led her son Bennett away from her and led him to leaving with El? Shelly: 6, She's like my little sister Taka: -2, Oh he mad cauz i didn't battle him. And probably because he died. Victoria: 3, Expected hers to be higher as a good friend and rival. So there you have it. My thoughts about my relationship points. Let me know what points you guys have, what you think about yours and what you think of my thoughts about my relationship points. I can't imagine your points to be way off of my points but i guess we'll see. People who have done more runs probably know the answer about that already haha. Thank you guys for reading and let me know! N1Dude,
  9. i think the tittle speaks for itself i am basically at the last gym and only now remembered of the relationship points and i was like "is there a way to view them ?" i tried looking around in the menu but nothing soo i wanted to know if its possible to view your own relationship points or not
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