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Found 8 results

  1. Hi and Welcome to V12: Death of One, Birth of Another Item Guide The guide might not be complete, and those are all the items I found myself in the game, it might include some spoilers so be warned! If you find any more items please comment bellow from where you can find them. Make sure to use the itemfinder later once you get it, it's very useful and handy while you search! Marks: + mark before the item name indicates that the item is visible, a similar symbol shown on its place as follows: - Red Pokéball for General items. - Yellow Pokéball for TMs and HMs. - Blue and Green Pokéballs and Shiny Symbol for some Key items. - Light Blue Pokéball for Mega Stones. - Gray Pokéball for Z-Crystals - Purple Pokéball for Crests. - Black Pokéball for Data Files on Rift Pokémon. - Green Sparkling Crystals for Zygarde Cells. Have fun hunting. V12: Death of One, Birth of Another Items Listed by Chapters Items Listed by Location Items Listed by Typing Shops Achievements Mining Rock Wild Pokemon V1: Where Love Lies Chapter 1 - My Departure Chapter 2 - The Line that Bonds us Chapter 3 - Perfect Life Perfect Paranoia Chapter 4 - Everyone's Bad Ending Follower Pokemon
  2. Hey y'all~ This time, I'm bringing to you a Randomizer option for Version 12 of Pokemon Rejuvenation! Huge thanks to @Amethyst and @andracass for some technical workings inside the code and shoutouts to Rei over at the PokeCommunity Forums for the basic concept. All credits and instructions on installation are included the README file included in the download. Features: Fully random generation of Pokemon Seeded generation of Pokemon, Movesets, TMs, and Abilities. Rift Pokemon, Two special Pokemon, and Legendary Pokemon stay true to their original formes, but may have different moves and abilities You can now nickname your Pokemon directly from your Party Any Pokemon with special effects in battle, such as Crests or Mega Evolution will be randomized to a separate Pokemon with a Crest or Mega Evolution, respectively Mono-Type runs! Let your run be restricted to only Pokemon of a specific type, or multiple types if you desire! Options to set the run to only catch Pokemon that apply to your settings or to just fill your entire PC with your selected typing(s). Changelog: Known Bugs: Strikethrough means fixed in the next update. Red means game-breaking. Yellow means potentially game-breaking, but is avoidable/can be worked around. Green means visual bug/does not affect performance/will not break the game. Download Links (Original): Google Drive Dropbox Saves from the Version 11 randomizer will NOT continue to have randomized Pokemon in them. I have modified how the program handles the randomization (slightly) causing old saves to be incompatible. Mono-Type runs ALSO require a NEW save file. They can also only be started if you have selected a randomizer.
  3. So I'm done with the game.......gotten to the end of the latest version and i am currently doing some side quest to prepare my team for the next and I've wanted a starly, you see, towards the end of version 12 you see tons of them and not one is catchable except in mosely's side quest which requires you have sent all nine of the other orphans to the lost camp ,and this is where my problem is..... i've sent all but one, a orphan from the old sewers ,which is heavily remodeled after a certain point,and the remodeled version DOESN'T HAVE THE LAST ORPHAN. Plz tell me i'm not the only one going through this.
  4. Hello everyone, I need help desperately at the point of this game. Im currently at Eclyisa Pyramaid where you have to constantly switch characters Ren and Aleita to solve the puzzles and make it across together. My Main character reached the end point where it tells you "wait for your teammates" or some shit like that.(im pretty sure you guys know what im talking about) soon after that I tried switching to a different character and it wont let me. (my switch button was originally at keybind "M" and i saved the game and switched keybinds. Still doesnt work.)Pls someone help me, im stuck and i DO NOT WANT TO START ALL OVER THIS GAME. If theres a way to load a older save file im totally cool with that, i just need this problem fixed. Thank you so much.
  5. Pokemon Revuvenation V12"WIP" If this date is more recent then when you downloaded this mod it means it got a fix. 18:56 14.07.2019: https://mega.nz/#!Dg9GkYqb!ri-W7BC1fWK9Ox2DCq1BLjABrCQejllHrgbQd3gSASY This is the complete folder you can start the game from it and continue your save. It works the same as the old V9 mod. You can trigger the event at any nures or Healing Machine, circle through the Pokemon with "A" and dissable it at any silver hair NPC in every PokeCenter. Completly based on his work!!!!!! I did nothing but little things to make it work for V12. Credits go to him and his team: Help to improve: This is also marked as WIP because I did not check every PC or healing station for bugs. Especialy if you die and respawn. If you find any healing station that makes your game crash after fainting please report to me, in this topic, which PC or healing station made you crash so I can fix it. Im also on discord. Problems: Non known to me right now. Also please know that english is not my main language. Im open for every correction regarding spelling and grammer. Hope I did nothing wrong :c
  6. can someone pls so kind move my character back to Grand dream tournament stadium , cuz some dump reason I accidently FLY before talk to Nastasia (main story ). Now i cant go back to stadium by route 9 train cuz "explosion of grand dream ball" preventing me go back there ... If some of u guys saw this topic take ur time fix this or replied if u have a chance .
  7. I didn't see many people talking about it, but being able to see the fortune tellers prophecy come true was so hype. I was losing my mind when i put the pieces together. "on top of a tall castle, a different from what we have come across beforehand" That would be Eclesia Pyramid. "a battle to decide the fate of everyone in the world" What battle doesn't these days. "Golden light surrounding the area" The projected sandstorm and other desert-y things. "I see your friends nearby, three of them to be exact. One with a soul as gold as Arceus' light. One with the resolve to lead others and one who fights for a lost loved one" Melia, Aelita and Huey "Before them stands a female. she fights to bring the world to her knees. to destroy everything and everyone to make sure nothing of this world passes" There's the obvious answer of Madame X of course. All of this sounded real familiar when i was fighting off against Madame X in the climax of the episode and i started to lose my shit. But when i looked back on it, some things didn't add up. When we Confront Madame X We have 4 friends Melia, Aelita, Huey and Reina, perhaps "friends" are restricted to who we knew at the time of the telling, meaning Reina is excluded. "to destroy everything and everyone" This may just be me but i feel like Madame X doesnt have that goal in mind, she prevented/delayed the superbomb in the past, helped re-correct the bad future it seems like she doesn't want pure domination/destruction. I then thought, what if its Flora the prophecy is talking about? She has a clear intent to destroy anything that gets in the way of her environmental extremism. the friends mentioned would instead be: Light - Aelita (Vivian's soul was one of the 4 protectors of Aevium) Resolve to lead - Ren (falls apart a bit here, i guess he takes initiative when exploring zone zero?) and again Family - Huey Am I looking too deep into this? Am I jumping the gun and the fortune will be fulfilled later? Regardless this has to be my favorite scene in Rejuvenation to date.
  8. Hello ! I am currently at the Hidden Cave beneath the castle. My problem is when I lost against Madelis, the game doesn't allows me to access a PC, it directly take me just before the battle against Madelis when I quit my cell. It is normal ?
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