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  1. I still really appreciate this guide I must say, thank you for making it.
  2. Well you see you can't get these points and they were added V9 and then some more V10 in which you probably got the ones from V10 mayhaps. So yeah.
  3. Yeah, I think so too as considering I activated it after the Hospital event it doesn't make any sense why Damien would ask if I've seen her considering I was in the room while he talked about her.
  4. No problem, I just randomly remembered "Wait, wasn't that a thing" and lo and behold it was.
  5. The location of the scene happens in Grand Dream City in the Residential District when going through the gate in the top left leading to the Dream District. Like it happens right before entering the gate in the Residential District I mean.
  6. Ah yeah, btw, I remember there being another relationship point one could get, I remember you get it sometime after entering Grand Dream City and sometime before travelling back in time with Melia, Aelita, and Erin. It was with Damien and when he asks if you've seen a woman named Alexandra. If you say "Uh... yes" you get a relationship point but if you say "No" you lose a relationship point. At first I thought it was just taken out but then the game kind of glitched and I encountered him after already seeing him with Alexandra where he proceeded to ask me if I had seen her.
  7. To Aelita friends and family are both important. But friends are more important than family to her as considering Keta was technically her only family she knew although she did care about him he didn't leave the best impression considering the whole leaving the village to rot for a year. She doesn't blame you if you think family is important, she understands that that's what you think, but to her her friends are everything.
  8. Well the Magma stone counts for karma points though I don't know what those are or what they do yet and Jan probably will make them have relationship points later when he progresses further into the game so he can balance it better.
  9. Likely by her finding out in a future event mayhaps. Venam ain't the greatest fan of Gardevoir is all after findign out it's the reason behind Indriad turning out like he did.
  11. I'm fine with this as long as it doesn't just turn into a "Grind for 20 levels or stand no chance whatsoever" kind of game. Not the most fun when that happens is all.
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    Banned for being a part of keeping this chain going for like 7 years.
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