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  1. Nice. You (and Ame) truly are doing Arceus' work.
  2. Looks good so far. Worst-case scenario, someone else might pick up the (metaphorical) slack.
  3. Out of curiosity: if pronouns for the MC are ever implemented (which would help the immersion quite a bit imho), would you add xe/xem/xyr as well?
  4. So, Flora is a proficient hacker as well? Florinia would be proud. If it wasn't for the whole terrorist thing, y'know. But I'm sure she'd get along swimmingly with Fern.
  5. Let's say I want to use Debug Party and then remove all traces of modding from the files, as to avoid potential conflicts with future episodes... Should I return to my old scripts.rxdata (on top of removing the folders with the actual mods) or should I leave that alone?
  6. Wouldn't mind to see older fanarts here, if only to have them all in one place.
  7. People speak highly of Pokemon Phoenix Rising, but it seems at an early stage of development. Can anyone here confirm if it is worth a shot at this time?
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