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  1. This is exactly the reason why a terrain setter like Rillaboom breaks the mechanic. It replaces strategy of using moves to change them to your own advantage with just sending out Rillaboom and being done with it. It essentially lets you just bypass the whole thing outside occasions where the opponent happens to have moves to take back control.
  2. It doesn't need to be Smogon to apply calculations and power scaling to a Pokemon. I am well aware how ingame works as well considering I've played through the whole game, but that hardly means anything. Ingame is a lot easier than competitive due to AI requiring unfair advantages to pose any similar amount of threat. So Volcarona not having to worry about Stealth Rock outside of the few instances of AI using it does matter here as it gives times for it to setup at max health vs half health. This matters as both Gyarados and Volcarona aren't going to be boosting in front of a Pokemon that can't damage them every single time. (Volcarona also has access to Roost to allow it to abuse setup better than Gyarados in some instances. Quiver Dance boosting Special Defense also helps it be able to boost when faced with special attackers.) My examples make perfect sense considering all of these are generally available to the player, whereas Gyarados is currently not available due to the false pre-tense that it is broken. Volcarona can be gotten from doing a puzzle in the game. It has Quiver Dance, Fiery Dance, Hurricane, Bug Buzz, and Substitute. This is all it needs. Lycanroc is irrelevant as not every trainer has one and it isn't nearly as common as you try to make it out to be. Same Pokemon also does around 50%~ or more damage to Gyarados as well with Accelerock, which could very well faint it, and outright kills it with Stone Edge. Greninja has no coverage? You're joking right? We have Dark Pulse and Surf available ingame as of now for it, Water Shuriken from move relearner for water priority, Grass Knot and Blizzard for other types you'd need. It isn't as powerful as it is in competitive right now, but to say it has "no coverage" is an exaggeration. Gyarados itself only really has Waterfall (or Aqua Tail), Crunch, and Ice Fang for the most part. Salamence was given out to those who had helped Jan as I stated before. Blaziken doesn't need Moxie, but you already admitted that this is broken so moving on. You haven't explained why for this. You just say it's broken and don't bring anything of substance as to why outside vacuum numbers. You also downplayed both Volcarona (by dismissing Smogon points because "not competitive") and Greninja by saying they have no coverage options, showing you really don't understand how these two work. Fair enough. I'm looking forward to the gen 8 Pokemon being in the game as well as the new teams all the characters and NPCs will have.
  3. Volcarona has Quiver Dance and can abuse it to be even more absurd. Even in competitive it's a larger threat than Gyarados even despite the prevalence of Stealth Rock to keep it in check. In fact, it's usually mentioned by Smogon as a reason they keep Stealth Rock around as it could very well be banned otherwise. (This isn't the only reason of course, but it is a notable one all the same.) One can also abuse Fiery Dance to get a boost from using that as well. 252 SpA Volcarona Fiery Dance vs. 240 HP / 40 SpD Arceus: 111-132 (25.1 - 29.9%) -- guaranteed 4HKO +1 252 SpA Volcarona Fiery Dance vs. 240 HP / 40 SpD Arceus: 166-196 (37.6 - 44.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO +2 252 SpA Volcarona Fiery Dance vs. 240 HP / 40 SpD Arceus: 222-262 (50.3 - 59.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO Lilligant is quite honestly underrated when it goes against game AI as it can power through most singles related sections simply through abusing Quiver Dance and Sleep Powder. It's not as reliable as the other two, but she does brute force really well. Salamence (which is available to a select people who helped Jan out before), is just as bad as Gyarados and its mega is among the most broken Pokemon in the game. Worth mentioning as we'll be getting megas available in version 13. But we'll probably not have this particular mega until later I suppose. Blaziken with Speed Boost is a lot more broken than Gyarados and you can get this from the start. Doesn't even need its mega, which just makes it even better. Greninja has protean and hits as hard as Deoxys Attack with Ice Beam. 252 SpA Life Orb Protean Greninja Ice Beam vs. 240 HP / 0 SpD Arceus: 140-165 (31.7 - 37.4%) -- 86.9% chance to 3HKO 252 SpA Life Orb Deoxys-Attack Ice Beam vs. 240 HP / 0 SpD Arceus: 139-165 (31.5 - 37.4%) -- 87.4% chance to 3HKO We also have Life Orb available at this point as well. Lucario's mega is another broken Pokemon that'll be available given Adaptability Close Combat, Adaptability Bullet Punch, and Swords Dance. 252 Atk Adaptability Lucario-Mega Close Combat vs. 240 HP / 40 Def Arceus-Dragon: 236-278 (53.5 - 63%) -- guaranteed 2HKO +2 252 Atk Adaptability Lucario-Mega Close Combat vs. 240 HP / 40 Def Arceus-Dragon: 468-552 (106.1 - 125.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252 Atk Gyarados Waterfall vs. 240 HP / 40 Def Arceus: 106-126 (24 - 28.5%) -- 97% chance to 4HKO +1 252 Atk Gyarados Waterfall vs. 240 HP / 40 Def Arceus: 157-186 (35.6 - 42.1%) -- guaranteed 3HKO (Assuming a dance) +2 252 Atk Gyarados Waterfall vs. 240 HP / 40 Def Arceus: 211-249 (47.8 - 56.4%) -- 85.5% chance to 2HKO (Assuming a dance and Moxie boost) Rillaboom doesn't even need calculations or anything else as Grassy Surge is enough to break the game outside opponents able to change the terrain from it. (Just be happy it isn't Psychic Surge as that'd break the game even more.) Cinderace is another Protean user with Libero. Pelipper + Mega Swampert will be just as effective ingame as it is in Gen 7 OU. One could even make a whole rain team effectively with this. Zygarde isn't much right now, but the moment we can get 50% form he'll be broken as well with his combined bulk, Thousand Arrows, Glare, and all his buff options. Again, Gyarados really is not that broken, especially when we have plenty of other things to look at to compare it to. People just look at him in a vacuum, see all its positives, and then think it's broken or too powerful, but it really isn't. This isn't even everything you could be comparing it with either. I also want to reaffirm that double battles also aren't as easily broken with a single sweeper due to the mechanics of it.
  4. I mentioned that in my post as well. That alone isn't going to break every single fight in the game on its own. Especially considering you have double battles as well within the game so one sweeper isn't going to matter on its own there. There are plenty of bosses where this wouldn't even ring true either, which would include the Geara + Zetta fight I also mentioned within the post. (Not even getting into Dimensional Rift Pokemon that exist...) Having it right away as well as the different progressions I myself laid out would serve as a problem, but simply barring it entirely even though we're at a point it wouldn't break the game is just avoiding it for no good reason at that point. I'm also not saying you "won't add the Pokemon", that was in direct response to what was stated by other posters in this topic with regard to the excuse of "not liking it." where that'd only matter if it wasn't going to be in at all. Hence: My post was simply a response to the topic being raised as well as the "reasons" that I was lead to believe were why it's currently excluded. So I stated the earliest time it could have properly came into the game without being overpowered and even mentioned, again, in my post how it also could have came at any later time as well.
  5. If you really want to use a Pokemon neither able to be caught now nor caught in the next update, then you always can just make use of debug. On the subject of Gyarados: Early game until Venom? Level cap is conveniently level 20 and it could sweep essentially anything in your way. But if you actually have level 20 Pokemon at this point this means little as Venom is easy even on the hardest difficulty with Pokemon on that level. From after Venom to Keta (as in when you finally actually get the badge)? This is probably the most notable time where it'd be truly a problem for balance in the game. Does well against both Keta fights, does well in both dungeons you run through, and would also be your go to in dealing with Shadow Mewtwo. From after Keta to Marianette? Aside from being one of your strongest Pokemon at this point, I wouldn't say it's that notable besides that. At this point your starter is getting close to getting to its final evolution, but it'll take a bit more time past that before they can become your ace, due to reasons I'll state later. From Marianette to Narcissa? At this point Gyarados could quite easily get Dragon Dance by utilizing the rare candy trick. This would allow it to have Moxie, Dragon Dance, Waterfall, and Crunch at the time. The main thing to take into account here would be that it could setup and then try and make use of Moxie to garner the boosts it needs to snowball to victory. At this stage you could also do similar to get yourself a Blaziken and Greninja with Speed Boost and Protean respectively, which in the long term will come to outstrip Gyarados later, but will still lag behind due to the perks it gets around this time. From Narcissa to Valarie? This is largely a story segment, but it's about the same as it was with the last segment overall. From Valarie to Crawli? This is where it actually starts to balance out with the rest of your team and your starters...up until the gym leader where he gives himself indefinite rain, which just helps Gyarados sweep him. From Crawli to Angie? Don't believe Gyarados is going to break this segment to be honest. It'd be strong, but it isn't going to break the balance at this point. From Angie to Amber and onward? I think it no longer would be overpowered and it'd just continue to level off as you'd continue getting through the game. It's not going to be tearing down everything in its path, but will be a good option that the player could be allowed to use. It's most definitely isn't going to trivialize the Geara and Zetta fight, where Melia is essentially throwing the fight the whole time. At this point I'd see it as simply a good team member that is beginning to get outstripped by your starter and possibly leveling out with the rest of your potential party members. Speed Boost Blaziken and Protean Greninja are the obvious starters that beat it in potential, but even Serperior eventually starts to do so when Contrary comes into play with Leaf Storm or Typhlosion gains access to Eruption. Libero Cinderace and Grassy Surge Rillaboom also will be notable in this regard with the later even posing a whole problem to terrains due to how Grassy Surge sets up Grassy Terrain so easily. The game really isn't balanced around the player simply being able to say "no" to the whole terrain system in play. So in the long term, as well as short term for Rillaboom, these Pokemon are much more a stress on balance than Gyarados is, as the later is able to simply be added to be available when its main perks are more mellowed out, which, in this case, I'd argue would be after defeating Angie. So I don't really see a large problem with having it being gotten around that segment. The fact we have starter Pokemon that make a larger difference long term than Gyarados in itself hurts any argument to me about it's short term problem (that can easily be bypassed with my suggestion.) There are also many other later segments in which it could be fit in so that it could be obtainable. Unless you honestly want to tell me that base Gyarados would be considered too powerful in the current part of the game we're at, which would be a flat out lie. Not liking it doesn't really matter unless you want to advertise the game as, "All Pokemon can be obtained aside from Magikarp and Gyarados!" It doesn't necessarily need to show up as soon as it would no longer be considered overpowering, but the excuses of it being too strong, when it wouldn't be after a certain point, or not being liked aren't good reasons to withhold it. I don't expect it to be changed, mind you, just felt compelled enough to give how I feel on this subject considering I saw it come up.
  6. If you care which one has more lasting effects, then save the officer. It gets you on Gardevoir's bad side, whereas all you get for choosing to save Marionette is a relationship point with Anathea. Currently there is no relationship point check for Anathea in the game, whereas there is one for getting on Gardevoir's bad side, which changes dialogue in scenes with her later on.
  7. Ironically, my laptop died, so I'm forced to go through Rejuvenation fresh anyways. I'd usually quote the dialogue for you, but I can't really do that currently, unfortunately. It essentially gives you alternate dialogue with Hippowdon if you chose Aevia as your player avatar. I also came upon this on my own playthrough and then checked it through RPG Maker. So I can't really link you to a playthrough either for this. I do apologize.
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

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      Thank you, I appreciate it~

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      You're welcome 😄

  9. When the next update comes out I'll update this guide to: 1) Include all new instances that effect relationship values. This will include mentioning when it is checked by the game to alter dialogue or scenes. 2) Add every instance related to karma. This will include mentioning when it is checked by the game to alter dialogue or scenes. (Will rename the guide accordingly with this.) 3) Add instances that are related to the player's avatar. (Such as Hippowdon for Aevia - which is the only one I'm aware of currently.) 4) Include Scripts.rxdata with debug enabled for version 13. I'll be going through the game all over again to ensure that any new events are as accounted for as possible. If anyone has anything else they'd like me to include, then feel free to ask me.
  10. It is just an optional battle that doesn't give you anything aside from acknowledgement that you did it.
  11. I decided to include all Relationship Point checks for people to be able to see the current impact they have in the game. I'm not entirely sure how desired this was, but I didn't want people to only assume that the only check was the one with Melia with regard to gaining or losing points with Erin. Yeah, I'd probably link each thread to each other just so people could find the other one easier as I don't expect either to be pinned.
  12. I could probably write a guide for Karma down the line if enough people would want something like that. Would essentially be like this one.
  13. Winning or losing against Aelita and Melia has no baring on Karma. You neither will gain points, nor will lose points. The only difference is the resulting cutscene after the battle.
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