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  1. The last location (where the ditto actually looks like a ditto and wants to battle) is in akuwa town, the ACDMC building on the beach (so you could have had that ditto before blacksteeple)
  2. Okay this is a kinda funny one, apparently after selecting to use an apophyll pancake at all (need to go into the select a mon screen), the game now thinks any evolution item applied to a pikachu (say a thunderstone) is a pancake and evolves it into alola raichu, save & quitting between uses of pancake and thunderstone doesn't prevent this, nor rezoning, any and all pikachu's now evolve into Alola raichu see here an alola raichu: evolved with a thunderstone This is in 12.2 btw
  3. Not quite actually, you can fly directly to it AFTER the story stuff at the pyramid is over, if you want to leave beforehand (which you can) you'd have to track all the way through Zone Zero again to get back to the pyramid
  4. I was thinking the same thing tbh, if everyones vote had the same weight he would have just said "loses their ability to vote" or something
  5. Bleh.... I have no idea who to vote for here, fuck it this "vote the host" seems super random and nano started it, sooo [Eliminate] Nano he's also the reason i had to post in pictures for a day in beans game and i didn't enjoy that, sooooo VENGANCE, to bad Hypurr isn't here he would be my preferred target for that
  6. Kanon and Nim would fit the "not born of man" stipulation as far as we know (well Nim is a guess on that front, but what damien said about her kinda implies that)
  7. Yeah we have so far next to nothing to go on, we have drago being doused in holy fluids whatever that does and him also talking about the monster faction as if he wasn't one of them on accident (which you could read into if you want to) and nick voting him over that sooo next to nothing, we also know that no one died last night, and a few players haven't said anything yet (namely newt arch and sophy) i guess i could share an observation about the setup i made when rereading the rules (it's been a month, i wanted to check what happens in vote ties) the shown monster roles are classified in threat levels wolf, tiger, demon and dragon, and in the rules explaining the threat levels it mentions 5 levels the 4 aformentioned and god none of the potential town roles shown to us have that threat so at a guess some "hero" or TP role might.... which would suck for vote ties, as the higher threat level survives a tie (i asked AL about this as the section in the rules wasn't quite clear to me)
  8. Logically speaking an arsonist type role would be 3rd party, or those "holy fluids" or whatever work differently, it's kinda hard to say, my bet lies with hostile TP though
  9. would have to nail down the defintion first, as nick seems to refer to a 3rd meaning i just can't think of
  10. normally i would say nano'd is killed because nano is this self styled serial killer, but well we already know thats not the case as everyone seems to be alive and well another interpretation would be "to nano" as a verb, which i think is randomly shooting an unknown gun just because you can, which doesn't make sense in the context so not sure what nick means here with nano'd tbh but well doesn't exactly matter, the point is, if someone has something to share about last night, they would get information on so get some idea what kind of roles are in this setup and maybe even a hint where to look for today, i do recall AL canceling the abstain option for D1 during the long wait, so a lynch is mandatory today (correct me if i am wrong on this) so any hint for today would be nice (although unlikely, as D1s tend to be mostly random or gut feeling, both of which things i just don't like doing)
  11. soo no one died this night? interesting, but a lot of way that could have happened, but still odd. but good for us, no one dead means no chance for an important role to be lost anyway, good that this game is finally going, so let the fun begin
  12. The new backgrounds are amazing, i really like them, but just to put my 2 cents in aswell, i agree with Dem here, the border of the Trainer bases do clash with the background somewhat (especially the bright yellow ring in the darchlight woods version)
  13. This bug as far as i am aware is known and has been fixed in 12.2 so if you are on 12.1, download patch 2 from the releasepost in the rejuv subforum
  14. Ahem, while not a dev, i would suggest to only report something as a bug if it happens WITHOUT mods, in this particular case it's well known that the type battle icons and stat boost icons from the mod pack make safari zone encounters crash, and the error message clearly points to a mod file as the source of the error "SWM - TypeBattleIcons.rb"
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