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  1. All of them, it is rage powder itself that is acting wrong (i.e. it happens even with no field at all), 18.4.1 btw
  2. as the title states apparently ghost type pokemon are immune to the effect of rage powder, when it should be grass type pokemon that are immune to it (which they currently aren't) also currently the move has +3 priority when it is +2 priority since gen 6
  3. - Dazzling and Queenly Majesty don't protect their double Battle allies from priority, as they should - Strength Sap on bewitched woods (field number 42) doesn't lower special attack as noted, the effect is attached to corrupted cave (field number 41) EDIT: because imagine double posting - Rage Powder is +3 priority when as of gen 6 it should be +2, and more importantly currently ghost type pokemon are wrongfully immune to rage powder, and grass types are not (when they should be)
  4. - all mons on snowy mountain do x1.5 more damage due to the long reach field interactions conditions not being put into parenthesis properly (currently it reads long reach and mountain or snowy mountain) - same applies to fairy tale field due to the queenly majesty interaction not having parenthesis - refering to a previous report about partner AI in multibattles not having their items, same applies to opponents in multibattles, most notable in the valor mountain battle against geara & Zetta, zetta's silvally does not have the silvally crests effects - mist & misty terrain
  5. Sooo leaving aside for a second my own problems of using the right tone when writting this post for which i do apologize, to be more precise in what my contentions with the arguments were. Greninja: i wasn't intending to cast aside the whole issue of Greninja, but it should be noted that Ice beam may have been a poor example, and being a protean user it's movepool is what makes or breaks the mon, to which i personally believe in rejuvenation specifically Greninja is being overvalued, since it takes quite a long time to come to the movepool that makes it the threat it is, and even as of the
  6. Come one, come all, and hear the legend of the most fearsome beast, the legend of greg, the mighty gyarados....... i am not going to do this whole thread in this style. So the title should already tell you this is about a recent run i did, a run in which i only used a gyarados (+a 2nd one for doubles, hence "solo", i could call it a duo run, but that is kinda not correct either, since i only uses 1 gyarados for most the battles). This was something that was started by mainly. me being the type of person that takes some statements as a challenge, in this case several forum user thinking gyara
  7. All right this one is juicy, since it relates to Silvally crest and (more importantly) the AI just fucking kill me already Okay first off: AI partner trainers don't have their usable items (potions, silvally crest etc.) at all seems like their "inventory" (aka the @item array) isn't getting initialized, so for example the several instances where ren is a partner and has silvally that silvally isn't crested despite the PBS having a silvcrest as an item for him. then we have the Silvally crest itself and how AI interacts with it: 1. the AI seems to apply the silvally crests Stab boost to
  8. this is not a bug for the main game, this is a bug with a mod, specifically the stat and type icons from the modpack (the modpack has this bug noted btw) just don't have these 2 mods active when you need to do something in the safari zone. anyway while i am here: -shedninja is still avoiding normal type moves on blessed field via wonder guard (normal moves are super effective against ghost on blessed and should hit) -also if a multihit moves triggers a focus sash, the sash will work against every hit of the multihit move (so for example sashed shedninja will live all 5 hits of a rockbla
  9. Huey,1 & 201 in addition to kecleon, gogoat and palossand have ability flag 2 set, but only abilities for 0 & 1 defined, causing a random ability For some reason a few moves show up twice in the PBS (ignoring moves like future sight, that have to be present twice) namely: Diamond Storm, Dragon Ascent, Origin Pulse, Precipice Blades, Steam Eruption, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves Note that an earlier report of thousand arrows not hitting levitate users is caused by this apparently Rift hippos use thousand arrows with the move ID 674, which isn't checked for when deciding if le
  10. - Will-o-Wisp bypasses substitute, pretty sure it's specifically wisp, as other status moves do get blocked by sub, - Shadow Blast is classified as special, it should be physical - Metronome can call animation placeholders and some other moves it should not be able to (for example protect and similar moves, apparently several legendary signature moves are blacklisted in canon games aswell, although i don't really see a reason to for those)
  11. Movebug: Ice Fang has a 10% effectchance in the PBS, but the function itself already has a 10% chance for both effects, which effectively makes ice fang only have 1% chance to freeze and a 1% chance to flinch
  12. Well Well a game of mafia is it? i really love how this story always manages to put it's own spin on things, it's really great. although i wouldn't exactly blame vanilla here on not seeing who else's behaviour was suspicious of the bunch, sometimes people can't see whats in front of them, especially when it's something one doesn't want to see. can't wait for the next chapter
  13. back again. as a continuation of the bug i reported a while ago about pikachu evolving into the wrong raichu form under certain circumstances, (see earlier post) another problem with pikachu line evolutions. if one breeds an alolan raichu the pichu that hatches from that egg is form 1 which causes the pichu to be unable to evolve for some reason, and even if it were able to, the resulting form 1 pikachu would always evolve into alola raichu, seems like it inherits raichu's form. this bug may extend to other similar situations aswell (for example cubone) i have not tested other cases beside
  14. Soooo some more funny move bugs: -Arenite wall isn't ignored by crits unlike light screen or reflect, and i think infiltrator might not apply either -Spectral thief doesn't remove the opponents stat stages so it basically just copies them -Hyperspace Fury: OH BOI, it's currently classified as a Psychic move when it's supposed to be a Dark move, it currently drops the targets defense after the attack, when it canonically is supposed to drop the Users defense, also as a side note the second battle against rift gardevoir on all difficulties (Gardevoir, 103, 3 & 203 respectively)
  15. CC on crest- ape is actually strange in that regard, as CC doesn't actually lower it's defenses with the crest it drops it's OFFENSES ( so it actually opperates more like Leaf storm or the like) because the crest swaps the stat wholesale including boost so -1 def is effectively -1 atk for it (aka the same issue that crest magcargo has with shell smash, making shell smash horrible on magcargo)
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