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  1. Another Batch: -Picking up the Zygarde Core in Sandstream Cave, despawns all remaining Zygarde Cells (Intentional?) -Thousand Arrows doesn't affect Mons with Levitate even though it should, also it was only affecting a single target when it should be a spread move -Conversion is using it's pre gen 6 functionality, type from a random move in the users moveset, and not it's gen6+ functionality of using the type of the first move in the moveset
  2. Sooo i just realized i need to vote, i guess imma just do this one [Eliminate] Seal just as me saying that i remember that he exists Seal always does this, and hopes people forget he is in the game, but not with me
  3. Thats actually interesting, there is possibility then that you might get different feedback if you try to block takano
  4. Wasn't implying he was, it's more of an idea that he might be able to tell the difference between someone not performing their action and takano (I doubt amine would allow for that, but it's a thought)
  5. Well i don't know anything about it either, i just got lucky in seeing the question early, and my google-fu is stronk Not much really, nano is playing aggressive, got some pressure due to that and has now claimed a town role ( Maebera, Keiichi ) astra also has claimed a role before that ( Hojo, Teppei ) because it would just end badly to not reveal as that character and now we are here speaking of: Where you explicitly told that aldo didn't perform an action? or just that yours failed? Because remember there is exactly one role in the game that is outright immune to your action
  6. Just to note if someone counterclaims Nano, my vote is back on him faster than you can look
  7. Okay first of, Nano's claim seems reasonable to me so far sooo [Unvote] Nano secondly, uhm shion and mion are actually swapped: Shion, is actually the older sister Mion and supposed to be the families Heir and Mion is actually the younger sister shion
  8. Imma be honest Nano strikes me as oddly aggressive here, first his questioning of astra's claim as if he tried to find something to vote over, then his vote on me for (imo) shallow reason, it just feels as if he is trying to stir chaos and find anyone to vote (no matter who) Let's ignore that this is the 3rd game in a row (only counting games we both were players in) where he seems oddly focused on me, which actually is getting really annoying oh and would you look at that the last time he acted this way was bean's game, in which he was mafia, so yeah maybe he should claim, because he gives some scum vibes right now [Eliminate] Nano
  9. Well sorry for this game being fucking complicated and me actually having to think about stuff, anyway. This game is different in some ways namely: 1) Both town and mafia have 1 key role, that if lost just makes that faction loose (more or less) for Town this is rika furude, if mafia manages to kill her they win, the end, but on the good side she is very protected having what is basically a personal doctor, and she can transfer her role to someone else if lynched, so currently that is in a pretty good spot for mafia we are looking at Miyo takano, her being alive is what enables the mafia's wincon, and additionally if she dies half the mafia just turns town and the last one goes insane, so basically, that is our main target 2) there is very limited Power in terms of Role abilities, as most role abilities are either limited, or come with the downside giving a decent chance of insanity, this also counts for both sides, as town has very few night actions, and mafia has basically none, except a 1 time use ability of Kyousuke Irie (who they can't even communticate with) 3) we have a Cult Leader, that is scary in it's own right based on that the main targets we need to find are in order of Priority: 1. Miyo Takano (mafia just stops existing if she dies) 2. Oyashiro-sama (CL is fucking Scary) 3. Jiro Tomitake (only mafia member that doesn't become Town after Takano dies) 4. Kyousuke Irie & Tetsuro Okonogi (these 2 turn Town if Takano dies, but if we find them before her they are still better lynches than any Town) as for last nights kill, i think it's undeniable that was a mafia kill, as i see no other way that Role in particular could have died otherwise, and it's bad because mafia can now just Pick their targets freely with no worries at all, Lykos is an odd choice i think, he can be difficult to read, but not exactly an early threat i think, but it's hard to say, nor sure who would go for him as a N0 kill, so don't really know
  10. I thought of that too, but that claim is very easy to counterclaim, and if it was a fake claim, the real one has really no reason to not counterclaim, because Teppei Hojo, isn't a priority target for mafia at all, he literally only appears guilty on investigation (and turns insane when investigated to boot), so yeah i don't see a fake claim of that character work at all, so i am inclined to believe the claim
  11. Well that was probably the best astra could have done with that role, seeing as there are 2 other townies that have negative interactions on visiting him (I guess this is why Miller aren't usually told that they are the Miller, or they would just reveal like that). Maebara Keichi, would just straight up kill astra and go insane, and oishi would make astra go insane himself, so fun, now both can avoid doing that (and while we don't know what insanity does, it's unlikely to be anything good so yeah good choice) Speaking of which because AL brought it up, yeah the role list is complicated to read with all it's interactions, i personally only scan it for relevant stuff whenever some role gets brought up, on that note Lykos dying thankfully doesn't make anyone insane, so we probably don't have anyone insane yet, (unless rena has really bad luck), the bad news is obviously that Lykos having been the trapper takes away our biggest protection role, sooo thats gross
  12. What you are missing is that the torterra is holding it's crest, as noted by that blue symbol in it's Health UI like this As Uno already noted torterra's crest swaps it's resistances and weaknesses
  13. UPDATE: - the Sidequest battles are now sorted into the Chapter where they first become avaiable to be fought (since people had trouble finding them in their own section) - Added the Boss Battles for the side-Game: Where Love Lies - Added Servant Kanon? battle during the Tournament to Chapter 13 - Fixed Errors with Melia 2 and Puppetmasters, and added their potion count while doing so
  14. well this seems like a complicated one... sure why not in
  15. The Route isn't changed by the renovation of east gearen city, it's changed because you cut the cherry tree at sheridan village in the past, you can replant that one to get the other version back (and need to for some interactions)
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