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  1. Soooo some more funny move bugs: -Arenite wall isn't ignored by crits unlike light screen or reflect, and i think infiltrator might not apply either -Spectral thief doesn't remove the opponents stat stages so it basically just copies them -Hyperspace Fury: OH BOI, it's currently classified as a Psychic move when it's supposed to be a Dark move, it currently drops the targets defense after the attack, when it canonically is supposed to drop the Users defense, also as a side note the second battle against rift gardevoir on all difficulties (Gardevoir, 103, 3 & 203 respectively) was given this move, which causes 2 issues: 1. rift gardevoir can't use the move as it's currently implemented that only hoopa unbound can use it 2. due to it being classified as a psychic move, the intense and normal versions cannot use their darkinium Z (as they don't have a dark move to use it with)
  2. CC on crest- ape is actually strange in that regard, as CC doesn't actually lower it's defenses with the crest it drops it's OFFENSES ( so it actually opperates more like Leaf storm or the like) because the crest swaps the stat wholesale including boost so -1 def is effectively -1 atk for it (aka the same issue that crest magcargo has with shell smash, making shell smash horrible on magcargo)
  3. Sure, in maybe i will for once not be evil GMT +2
  4. some of those are quite interesting, cassandra especially since i assume that is her team xen outfit (which i don't believe we have ever seen her in), But everyone is looking great as usual, keep up the amazing work. "Think Goomink, Truck Guy, Piano Lady etc. " oh no, the memes will be all consuming, send help
  5. Current Votes: Amine - 1 (Lykos) Lykos - 1 (Bean) Bean - 1 (Newt) Seal - 1 (Nano) Cherry - 1 (Candy) You have 8 Hours Left
  6. Sooo let's try and order my thoughts really i am usually not all that good at that Tesla, Karen, Jolene: not much to add here we know they are E8 as we were outright told about that part Jolene is interesting as she specifically said she was a honoary E8 member, whether that means anything different about her or the E8 position is just honoary in general, is unknown, but it might be worth keeping in mind another thing is even Tesla and Jolene don't necessarily need to be Type specialists, while their titel/name ect. do imply as much they can very well have more expansive or more specialised themes Rorrim B: my thoughts just so happen to be included in that screenshot already Rorrim B currently mainly functions as comic relief and has been beaten twice before, he just doesn't strike me as the type for E8, and before someone goes: "BUUUUUT FALI, bennet is going to be part of the E4 in reborn, and he got beat twice aswell!" well first of we don't know if he ultimatley keeps the E4 position (though i find it likely) and secondly bennet was told to have heavily trained and been mentored in the meantime, both of those things i don't see Rorrim B doing at all (guy just wants to DANCE) Karrina: Soo this one is curious, i think we can agree that she definetly doesn't start the game as part of the E8, considering her and Karen's relationship, at the same time that "whole league is in shambles because of Amanda" argument really doesn't pull for me on the E8, the Elite generally feel more established in a region than most gym leaders, and i ultimately don't see Amanda getting to those that quickly (also would be incredibly inefficient to even try putting Elites out of commision, seeing as most people in aevium don't even make it to the E8 under normal circumstances, let alone with the sabotaged league), more importantly we don't know that Amanda affected the E8, so it's an assumption that can be made, but i personally would contest the likelyhood of it, which ultimately makes me question all E8 arguments that rely on them being new inclusions. Rune: we know fuck all about her, next! Dylan: Dylan is to be perfectly honest basically confirmed, one of his interactions (on Route 9, i think when he gifts A.N.A the magnemite) mentions that he has achieved a high position due to his battle ability, and he generaly acts in the underground (a rather dangerous area, if you go against the people there) as if no one could possibly touch him, even keeping A.N.A safe, despite the danger that would put him in, implying very high confidence in himself and his power to protect her. Strong likelyhood if not garantied to be E8 Nastasia: I was one of the people that brought up Nastasia, so let me explain: Nastasia clearly is a powerful Trainer swatting Gym Leaders like Crawli aside as if they were nothing, additionally we have yet to battle her, the only Xen Higher-Up that is the case for. As for the complaint of her being a known xen-member, i have to ask... is she? Xen Executives seem to be able to just walk around without any worry to be recognized by the authorities, Nastasia especially also constantly is wearing rather big obscuring shades (now you may bring up those wouldn't hide her identity, and in the real world, you'd be sorta right, but this game runs on anime logic more often than not, where "disguises" like that tend to work) either way i myself admitted it to be an oddball pick, bit i don't find it as unlikely as you are making it out to be. Also we know a few more Pokemon that she could be using, her younger self Anastasia was using Castform, starmie and porygon, while those don't exactly make a team, it's something to note Edit: i just remembered something regarding this: Nastasia after beating Crawli in sheridan wetlands, says something along the lines of: "you are a gym leader? their standards really must have dropped." this line is interesting, because it implies previous experience with the league's recruitment standards. Nim: Another New addition Theory.... let's just move on, i really don't think Nim is a candidate, she has a much different role Crescent: I fucking hate that i can't disprove this one, i DON'T LIKE THIS IDEA, i really don't, yes crescent is supposedly powerful, she has a type based team yadda yadda, but 1. i don't find being a type specialist to be a crucial feature, 2. considering Crescents general Agenda, i just don't see it just character wise. Crescent clearly has big plans, manipulating Various events, to get something she wants (we don't know that something) what we do know about that is that she needs us in the region for actual reasons beyond sentimentallity (as people suggest a lot) due to her being the one that made nancy move us to Aevium in the first place (despite crescent knowing very well what is happening in that region), we also know that her interests aren't alligned with any known faction, she openly opposes team Xen, she left the stormchasers, she doesn't even care about bladestar, she actively manipulated both the player and nim away from Melia (with varing success) lying through her teeth, while doing so all the time..... okay i got kinda sidetracked.... E8! given crescents time jumping and grandios plans, i just don't see Crescent seeing a postion in the E8 as worth her sweet time, even if she had infinite time due to time-jumping. Hazuki: Well what to say? Hazuki Blakeory is a former Protector of Aevium, aligned with Registeel, she most likely isn't lacking in the Battle skill department. I really don't see why Saki being the Steel leader rules out Hazuki being a Steel specialist, wouldn't even be the first instance of a family shared type speciality, see Tesla and Amber, and in some respects Aelita and Keta (Aelita's team pre Chapter 14 is mostly fighting type), in fact i'd argue making it more likely for her to be Steel type, (family influence and all) especially considering her association (possibly former?) with Registeel. But yes, she is currently an E8 candidate for me Risa Raider: I'm gonna put my thoughs here in a spoiler tag, because YES Rhodea: It's possible but i don't see it, not really much to say here so in conclusion my current lineup is: Karen, Tesla, Jolene, Nastasia, Dylan, Hazuki Alexandra subs in for Nastasia if Alexandra isn't the Champion, simply because the conversation with Venam on the train implies her knowing the Champion, which would make her something in the League, either the Champion herself or an E8
  7. Well illegal EVs are actually less of an issue: 1. Only intense even has illegal EVs at all (and by that i generaly mean exceeding the 510 EV total) 2. Only 1 singular Fight (so far) has mons that exceed 252 EVs in a stat (or multiple), which would be Ryland (glares at 348 Speed Adamant Sandrush Drill, and other fun stuff) As for the sets, the all look fun, and make sense, not sure if Power-Up Punch is avaiable for Ledian yet though (in fact i think it isn't, we don't have a TM for it iirc)
  8. Soooo on further reflection, i my only possible winning move is this so [Unvote] Evi [Eliminate] Aldo
  9. would like a small break from the games but still participate signing up as a juror If you would have me do that
  10. So cherry really doesn't want to add anything to the game, except jumping on the firts best wagon.... i really don't know if that is just cult member, or just boring af lurker seriously, can we have less lurkers in these games? they make the game boring anyway, sure lynch mafia, test evi's claim about how benvolent her cult is, i am plenty sure you won't like the answer though, in fact think about this, evi was culted N2, she could have told you all about me and amine on D3, instead she just did a weakish push on amine (who may i remind you since evi already mentioned that, can only be lynched if all of town aggrees, so she was never getting that) and only today brought up what she knows, if her cult was that benvolent, would she have really waited this long to point out the mafia? really? anyway since no one even wants to hunt the cult leader i propose lynching the only known cult member, aldo can always shoot me next night apparently [Unvote] Cherry [Eliminate] Eviora
  11. Okay Let's clarify 2 things, evi, while i referenced higurashi mafia myself, there is the key difference that unlike higurashi, mafia isn't even in a position to win, in even the most remote scenario and you know it, we are down to 2, both of us would have to make it to the final 4 without being killed or culted (and NO i don't believe your bogus claim about how that cult works, and you can mince words however you want, you changed alignement to 3rd party and lost your ability, thats a cult, and if you expect me to believe that this cult can win with town, then you must clearly think i am an idiot), while it is open knowledge who we are... doesn't seem likely does it? 2nd, i could HAPPILY vote for aldo here, he either is lying and as such part of the cult, or his claim is true and he is a vigi ( That is probably gonna shoot me next night) so either way it be something i wouldn't mind being rid of, but the thing is i am much more interested in that cult, because i find it much more likely that there are enough cult members to be close to a win, and on a personal note, i just don't like cults, like the archetype? i just really don't enjoy it
  12. Okay this seems way to easy.... a bunch of people suddenly voting aldo, over wierd behaviour that he has sported from day 1, that evi referenced for he bogus explanation of how her cult is clearly friendly or something, i am actually inclined to believe aldo's claim, and think there is some framing going on .... [Unvote] Aldo [Eliminate] Cherry Cherry is too hard to ping ffs Do you have ANYTHING to say to the current situation besides jumping on the aldo wagon i'd extend the same question to seal tbh
  13. Well that is delving into the depths of conspiracy theory, evi wanting the mafia kill to give a cult the win, a cult she wouldn't even know about at the time? amine, pls either way fine, let's see what aldo has to say [Unvote] Evi [Eliminate] Aldo why do i get the feeling that I somehow ruined this game....
  14. Yeah sure "we are some pseudo cult that is friendly and wins with town" Looks at phase flavour text, magical chanting that summons something Summons a kraken I CERTAINLY BELIEVE YOU that sounds like the most made up BS that i have ever heard either way, i believe it doesn't need to be stated that mafia has pretty much lost since N2, so sure lynch mafia and lose to cult i really lost motivation on this game anyway
  15. How boring, you could have atleast played along you know, miss cultist as a correction the mafia's N1 kill failed because it was targeted on me carried out by the last member besides me, i didn't start the game in the mafia chat i was added after a mafia member visited me (which automatically fails their action) anyway, shall we do a repeat of "when they cry" then? there is a cult in this game, no one flipped cultist, so cult is 4 people strong, and evi's nightkill failing shows that cult recruitment is faster than nightkills, there are 10 people, lynch non cult and the cult wins Evi is the only one i know for sure is a cultist enjoy
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