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  1. is there any way to enter the underground railnet post restoration. Can't seem to enter it anymore, and still need some stuff inside it.
  2. where can i get the key to unlock the secret room inside the subseven sanctum. I need the dark material inside that room for a deino.
  3. Shiruu34

    feebas in V18

    i'm trying to catch feebas in v18 but it seems the puzzle has slightly changed since earlier version. Right now there is this small rock that was not supposed to be there in earlier versions. Can someone help cuz i'm confused
  4. So i just restored the railnet, but i can't seems to get acces to the other to parts of the restoration. Do i have to beat another gym or something ?
  5. I'm at the devon corp and i have to battle zel but i can't get to him without having all my pokemon down to half hp, any help ?
  6. I'm right now in 7th street cuz i have to save Luna from those cultists but i can't find any of them, am i mssing something ?
  7. well shit, then i guess i shall mine with overhaul if i can't get it anymore
  8. so before all the stuff inside the mountain ?
  9. wich base do you mean ?
  10. i'm at the point where i defeated team meteor in tanzan cave. And when that's over i heard you have to go back to spinel and talk to some meteor grunts at night, but they're not there. Am I missing something ? I really want that archeops before agate circus
  11. how can i gain access to the hidden library inside the labyrinth of the badlands, really want that larvesta obtainable there.
  12. I'm now at the point where i'm supposed to go to darchlight manor but then she says "you should take care of any unfinished business first" i really don't know what to do or what this actually means.
  13. yeah that one i know but there is apparently also one inside valor mountain where you fought kyogre but i can't find it there
  14. Could anyone please help on how to get the poliwag at valor mountain
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