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  1. Have you completed all sidequests involving team AA ? All of those are normal help center quests. Is it possible you haven't unmasked the Malamar in Honec Woods ? In Neo Gearen there's a small moment in the main building where Jan and Adrienn interogate a xen grunt, that might be another possibility.
  2. Okay so i recently shinyhunting for a dewpider in forlorned cavern and just now i noticed something weird about it, for some reason it knows the moves tail slap and heat wave, anyone got an idea as on how this could've happened ?
  3. One of the best pokémon in the entire game imo is Sylveon. With amazing special bulk ( 130 Sp.Def ), decent Sp.Atk at 110 and access to one of the most useful moves in the game: misty terrain. If you've played the game before you know how much terrains can mess you up / help you out. Also in most cases after misty terrain ends it cancels out the field you were on prior to misty terrain's activation and becomes a neutral field, so the fight'll be much less in the opponent's favor. It's also obtainable very early in the game. You can get a gift Eevee as a reward for defeating Novae at Sheridan
  4. I'm not sure if this is really considered a bug, but whenever you battle the Audino trainer on route 9 using a lv65+ dark type Pokemon, he keeps switching out to another Audino each turn. The weird thing is this only happens with dark types and if they are lv65 or higher, if they're lv1-64 this doesn't happen.
  5. Team wise you should be good. If I'm correct he starts of with masquerain that will most like start with sticky web. So first start with togedemaru and use nuzzle ( so the sash breaks ) to paralyze it. Then you should be able to KO it with zing zap. If he has smart AI he should next send out marowak, use electric terrain so the forrest field is gone. I think the best option for marowak is either quagsire or lycanroc. For Cleffable the best option should be Roserade but beware of both flamethrower and psychic. For persian use Blaziken but be sure either Misty or Electric Terrain is up since it
  6. Is the Ditto in Goomidra Castle in the outside garden or at kasumi's shrine ?
  7. Does anyone have a theory on what the puppet master's role will be in V13 ? I'm really curious since V13's title is "Puppet Master's House of Fantastic Fun", this should imply that he/she/they'll be quite the important character this version.
  8. for some reason i can't seem to find any yellow shards out of mining rocks ( i need them for move tutor in GDC ). Is that just me being unlucky or what ?
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  10. Magnemite is catchable at the safari zone using surf. In previous version it was available after finishing all the help center quests. You can evolve magneton in the West Gearen generator room, which is unlocked after finishing up the narcissa sidequests up to that point. You'll need a rare candy for it to work since there's no wild pokémon in the room.
  11. I would let Archeops learn dig instead of tailwind. Archeops is already quite a fast pokémon with his 110 base speed, so unless you have tailwind to speed up your slower members you might want to change it. Dig is in my opinion the best choice for that, since earthquake isn't available yet and bulldoze is only available after you've defeated Ryland whose the final gym leader in the current version. Dig is available a little earlier in Goldenwood forrest ( you need surf to get the TM ). It hase decent power at 80 and covers for 3 of Archeops' weaknesses, plus on a desert field it powers up and
  12. While torchic is only available as a starter, poplio isn't. Although very late in the game, poplio is a reward given to you defeating one of novae's sisters Neptune in a dive spot west of kakori village. That said, you'll only be able to get it once you've finished the current main story. Neptune is also really hard, all her pokemon are around lv 85 and is in my opinion one of the hardest battles in the game. The easiest way to defeat her is changing the field first to water surface using dive and then changing it to an icy field using blizzard.
  13. Shiruu34

    Ghost Kiki

    I can't seem to get to any higher spot other than this one
  14. Shiruu34

    Ghost Kiki

    I'm trying to get to the ghost of kiki in the wasteland. I get that i need to push a strength boulder but for some reason there isn't any boulder at all. Am i doing something wrong or do i have to wait until later, I just beat Radomus.
  15. Deino is only available after you get to GDC and have all but one of the department store stickers, there at one of the highest floor you meet a woman and asks you to show her a gible ( you don't lose the gible afterwards ) and she gives you an item. After that you go back to the isle of angels north of kristiline and there on an island stands a small altar, interact with that and deino should appear. As for Gible, he can only be caught in zone zero after all the events in zone zero, there you go back to the place you first fell down along with Ren and Aelita and you can pick up an
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