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  1. you can buy in the department store in grand dream city they have a floor that sells berries you will need stamps though
  2. I had that problem until i realized you can just press ok and the game window remains and the game works fine.You will however face the risk of some glitches not sure if you have the final v13 patch but i would recommend re-downloading the game to fix it, it worked for me.
  3. I think you can beat the water gym using shedinja her team cant hurt it i think at least one of her teams cant. Sorry if this is kind of late and if you have a spare bulbasaur i can take it of your hands shiny or not.
  4. hey so ive been trying loading my save and previous versions of my save in gdc appartments problem is while the game works at first the moment i try to change screen size or when i close the game and come back the game crashes permanently until i delete the save and the error that is shown mentions an error in the save file i will post both here as well as the first uncorrupted file or wathever, so 3 files in total, thank you very much for your help. errorlog.txt Game.rxdata Game - 2388 - Pedro - 134h 23m - 14 badges.rxdata
  5. hey so im loading it up in the right conditions but it still says error can anyone help me ill put my save file here Game - 2381 - Pedro - 134h 8m - 14 badges.rxdata The game works fine the first time but whenever i close it or try to change the screen size it crashes and remains crashed
  6. yeah its exciting also do you have any idea of the exact time like if its in an hour or two so i know when to visit the site thanks
  7. I´m going to continue from a previous save as much as i love this game i dont have the time to start over maybe in the future
  8. What are your starters also numel and other rock types are very helpful there are a lot of options and an audino breeder so it shouldnt take long to train
  9. In terms of personal experience angie and ryland were the hardest for me
  10. Believe it or not victreebell turned out be a very good mon in my run tsarenna and venausaur should also be available to you
  11. Yeah it happens all the time when griding against audino trainers
  12. what a tragic end really all over something so silly oh well fun times were had
  13. sorry then i have no idea what to do but i remember seing something like in the discussion section before
  14. is the game frozen is that the issue or the girafarig just doesnt appear?
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