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  1. Hey guys I actually managed to solve the issue. I appreciate your support. The error was preventing downloads from everything, including important documents that I needed for class, so I put a lot more effort into fixing it lol. Thanks again though.
  2. Hey, I recently got a new laptop for college and it's the only one I brought with me and I wanted to download rejuv, but my antivirus software (webroot) is blocking the download. Couldn't figure it out by googling the issue so in my last stitch effort to pick this game back up, I decided to try asking here. Any advice? Not the end of the world either way, but learning how to solve this issue could help in the future.
  3. This is like my third committed playthrough of this game. But huh, didn't know it goes away. Thanks anyway tho
  4. The amount of blood rushing to my lower half is unprecedented.
  5. Hey in the room under the stairs in the church of theolia there is a zygarde cell behind the portal, but I can't seem to get it I don't know how to not go through the portal? Can anyone help me with this? He's taunting me. I don't like it.
  6. Lmao the unown text on the temple in the cover art is just "M N O P Q R." The ancient peoples who made this grand temple must have been real intellectuals. Hell, they even know their ABC's.
  7. Well I know that, but so does just leveling the pokemon up. Hes now level 49 and ive been switch training him with a soothe bell and he still hasnt evolved
  8. Does someone want to explain to,me why my azurill isnt evolving even though she has never fainted even once and is literally level 45
  9. Lilith seriously creeped me out. Her backstory for why she created the gang is wild and when she appeared with her weird demon/shaman umbreon I got some serious bad vibes. I wonder who it actually was who killed her family though.
  10. There's an evolution item shop in the big ol' city with the reddish-pink ground
  11. Perhaps just polish up your team, maybe make some team replacements. Also definitely get Deino if you haven't, which I'm sure you have.
  12. Welp, the switch games have been chocked up to a fat L, so I think I'm going to be playing a second play through of this so I can delay the depression. No pressure caz, but my hype for games coming out in the next 12 months is up to you and Bethesda, and bethesda just came out with another dann fallout game instead of an elder scrolls game (plus it sounds like it might be a rust clone so it might be an even fatter L than pokemon lets go hang and pokemon lets go ourselves).
  13. So there are a lot of shit rumors going around for the pokemon switch title about how its going to be another kanto game. I just want you all to know that no matter what happens, no matter how severely the hype train crashes, at least I know you guys know where to find real quality in a pokemon game. And screw this lets go pikachu stuff btw. The thought of missing my master ball because of the pokemon go integration makes my skin crawl.
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