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  1. Go into Os select users click you user go to the saved games folder and delete Game.rxdata them rename the save file directly above it to Game.rxdata
  2. Display name


    Banned for havimg your username start with an r
  3. One question with the shelmet/karrablast event if you take shelmet would you get escavalier or accelgor
  4. Its a great game so far. I found a few grammar errors playing through the game nothing major. I'm not trying to be a grammar. Sorry if i sound like one
  5. In the grand hall (the place where you got your starter) There are trainers near the 3 people at the top they are rebattleable so you can grind using them
  6. what version is the legends of the arena file
  7. This truly has been a roundabout path thank you... Zumi
  8. Wow I played through some of V3 I gotta say you do characters interactions and personalities really well. Thanks for the surprise
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