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  1. He's a little late so I'll drop in I think crystalrage will come pop in next
  2. Amazing job once again you guys rock at cliffhangers I can't even be mad
  3. Nope sorry it's me I predict Baumina. Although If it's not Baumina I predict next you'll say nope sorry
  4. I'm not too sneaky but here I am silver's going to pop in again
  5. banned for banning someone that someone else was previously banned for
  6. banned for acting like stereotypical discord mod while not being a discord mod off discord
  7. banned for clearly being in space but having no listed location
  8. banned for understanding the unbelievable sense of that sentence
  9. Banned for banning someone for typos then having a confusing sentence
  10. Still unlikely I guess I think crystal rage is up next
  11. Happy birthday king 👑 hope you enjoy yourself today

    1. Aboodie


      Thanks :) hope you have a wonderful day yourself.

  12. Candy is preoccupied it seems but I don't think crystal rage is
  13. Banned for not typing banned
  14. Banned for assuming it's a bad thing
  15. Nope just the darkness staring back at you maybe we'll see a firestarter soon
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