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  1. Happy birthday king 👑 hope you enjoy yourself today

    1. Aboodie


      Thanks :) hope you have a wonderful day yourself.

  2. Candy is preoccupied it seems but I don't think crystal rage is
  3. Banned for not typing banned
  4. Banned for assuming it's a bad thing
  5. Nope just the darkness staring back at you maybe we'll see a firestarter soon
  6. I am beauty I am grace I'll throw a pie in your face I think baumina will come next
  7. banned for using emojis
  8. Only YOU can prevent forest fires I think silver will be next
  9. Sorry sun's not poking through Maybe Baumina will join us too
  10. Since Cera is a maid it could be possible that she's based off of cella
  11. Not the biggest fan of wings but they are good I'll guess candy's bringing candy next
  12. Sorry t disappoint but here I am Q-jei is next for sure
  13. hey hey here I am Dn can you stop by again
  14. it's been a tad but I'm back again Baumina do you mind popping in
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