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  1. @Posty Sorry for bothering you but does 5.05 fix the Tristian Odis village bug
  2. Is madame x a human because to me it seems possible that she could be a garufa doll
  3. Not a mew or a mega I call a starry knight sky
  4. There is the possibility that crescent is an interceptor.
  5. Whenever tristan tries to talk to me in odis village after the librarian the game freezes
  6. So far it's really really good @Ruby Red I love the character Icons
  7. Okay after rereading the dex entry for beheeyem it in fact supplants memories meaning that 1 of 2 things ia how it works in rejuv it a overwrites old memories with new ones. But thia can't be the case as val and adam remember so deleting old memories isn't possible. So it must be 2 it represses your old memories and aupplants new ones thereby allowing you to remember certain things that it doesn't repress
  8. Beheeyem can create illusions but it can't alter memories
  9. No I don't think risa is freya. freya could be a 2nd interceptor
  10. Not a lucario so sorry I call a silverangelus
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