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  1. Q-jei's later than normal say Kixur you still around
  2. Banned for having a really nice profile pic
  3. My WEASLESLASH is in the top percentage of WEASELSLASHES
  4. Well good things come to those who wait Dn how are you
  5. I found my old I-pod from the 3rd grade and angry birds hits different

  6. absolutely focus energy scope lens sniper my moveset is generally surf dragon pulse agility focus energy and modest if I can or ice beam surf dragon pulse and focus energy with timid
  7. Critdra is absolutely amazing slightly underrated and needs agility setup tho
  8. I was thinking about isha and I realized that if his brain replicated the illness that his father had how did he manage to fail at erasing his son's consciousness
  9. I don't see a lucario anywhere Although I did notice a fire gym leader come say hi Q-jei
  10. Yeah Melia makes no sense at all. Here's some food for thought we know nancy isn't human and she has no soul at all. so then how did she develop emotions for the mc when she wasn't supposed to be allowed to think for herself
  11. The point of this is for someone to type their opinion and if they feel the story is weak its their decision. It's not rude or overbearing because they still talk about the good aspects of the game It's just criticism of parts that were lacking compared to the rest of the game. This is just my 2 cents
  12. Hey looks like Dn is back Q-Jei drop by and say hi
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