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  1. When she went against Indriad. After your gym battle with her
  2. The original madame X could have been a few people. First off madame X could have been hazuki. Personally I think Hazuki got too old to be madame X but she is always a possibility. Second Madame X could have been a personalized garufan doll similar to kanon. this to me makes sense because the doll could be used in place of a human until they found a person like saki to become the madame X. 3 Maria Madame X the first seemed to know quite a bit about the light before Melia even used her powers and the only pre melia light that wasn't in the unown dimension was maria.
  3. Hi Hi here I am I think we can get some candy to come
  4. I think melanie will be pure evil . My reasons are 1 she clearly enjoys the torment she inflcts on others 2 yes she was a princess of sorts but power was not her goal she just wanted to inflict pain on others 3 Melanie seems to be trying to take control over melia or at least influence her decisions
  5. Is pokemon desolation compatible with samsung smart fridge
  6. What is your guys's favorite custom shiny. I like shiny lotad
  7. Mew's a pretty rare encounter But gastrodon isn't
  8. Not a dev of any game I call Dnjdnf
  9. @Posty Sorry for bothering you but does 5.05 fix the Tristian Odis village bug
  10. Is madame x a human because to me it seems possible that she could be a garufa doll
  11. Not a mew or a mega I call a starry knight sky
  12. There is the possibility that crescent is an interceptor.
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