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  1. Thanks for playing the game! Glad you enjoyed it. Now, to address your points:
  2. Try talking to his girlfriend in the book store in that case
  3. There's technically two routes you can take for this. If Lucile has already entered the spa, you should be able to find the Python outside in the mall's lobby. Go and talk to him If by chance this is not after you've investigated the situation with Lue, he should be in the soap shop Both of these will eventually lead to you getting the spa card which, in turn will allow you to enter
  4. I've updated the game once again, links above as per usual V. 1.6.9 Changelog: [EDIT] Fixed a rounding error that would cause the game to crash due to scaling if a Pokemon was level 1 on casual mode. If you already have 1.6.9 downloaded, just get the scripts from this link.
  5. Updated once again, links above as always! V. 1.6.8 Changelog:
  6. Ah, I didn't see the edited message from before, sorry about that
  7. Ashen Frost v. 1.6.4 is now released! Links up above as always!
  8. Have you downloaded the latest version? This was fixed in the last reupload
  9. Version 1.6.0 is now out - this update provides a bunch of new fixes and amendments to bugs. As always, changelog below, links above:
  10. The penthouse sidequest eventually ties in Case 3's main plot, you can just begin it early
  11. Uh, you just go up to where the gate is, right at the top border of the map
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