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  1. Protect's accuracy begins at 100 and decreases by a third each time. 1 - 100% 2 - 33.333333333333% 3 - 11.111111111111% 4 - 3.7037037037036% 5 - 1.2345679012345% So yeah, that's just crazy odds of luck. Definitely a pretty insane thing to see battle-wise so I guess you could consider yourself (un)lucky!
  2. With neutralizing gas in play, Regigigas is already buffed at this point.
  3. Super satisfied with the direct, Definitely much better than what they pulled with USUM imo. It's about half the price and already looks like more content is being added than what existed in the Gen 7 sequels. The chocobo Zapdos is definitely my favourite of the reveals in this direct. The new Gigantimax forms for the Kanto starters turned out great as well imo. They deserved them for all the bias that's constantly placed on Charizard. Also a side note they finally fixed the meme tree graphics so it looks like that complaint is out the window as well.
  4. Sleepy sheep



    1. Michael_


      And also Nosepass returns. (Yeah, I'm more bored than anything.)



  5. That's for Reborn. This topic is about Rejuvenation.
  6. Pokemon Present's download is currently unavailable. We're doing a huge overhaul of how evidence is handled, effectively making resetting the game very likely for players. Sorry for the inconveniences.
  7. I definitely agree with you on the teams issue. It's one I feel plagues the game overall as opposed to just that singular area. That, the lack of encounters and the atrocious level curve are the biggest of the problems and what I've been working to fix with the revamp update. As of posting this, the majority of teams throughout the game have been revamped. The puzzles in the Sueosirg could also use some work, seeing as it shares the same structure as Case 7's final dungeon, the Smuggling Tunnels as well.
  8. Probably Duraludon and Sandaconda. Copperajah and Runerigus are close runners up though.
  9. Os9pVI71pa.gif


    That's it. We've finished Present. Everything we've done on the game has lead up to this.

    1. Scyl


      It's too early for April Fool's.


      We all know I would have had to playtest the Nosepass' passableness.

  10. Ah, fair enough. I figure most people fight the trainers in the Western Crossing with their Sylvester team or just avoid them altogether so this was never encountered. I'll throw a damaging move onto Sandslash for dig though. Good catch! [Edit] Dig is now replaced for Night Slash
  11. This club has two sections - the general topic section and troubleshooting. In the troubleshooting section, there's a thread called the "I'm stuck" thread. The last post of this thread is the walkthrough - but here's the link regardless
  12. There's also a walkthrough of the game in the stuck thread if you'd like to use that.
  13. Anyways, I added an additional check to make sure that the ghost cannot be caught under any circumstances. You must just have a stupidly high level of luck or something.
  14. A) Moved the thread to troubleshooting B) The weird thing is, this shouldn't actually be possible. The ghost has a catch rate of zero, therefore it should only be catchable through the Master Ball. Did you happen to debug yourself one or-?
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