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  1. Another night, another update - V. 1.6.1:
  2. Version 1.6.0 is now out - this update provides a bunch of new fixes and amendments to bugs. As always, changelog below, links above:
  3. The penthouse sidequest eventually ties in Case 3's main plot, you can just begin it early
  4. Uh, you just go up to where the gate is, right at the top border of the map
  5. I've updated the game to 1.5.9. Links above as always~
  6. This was an oversight on my part - there should be two of the same tilesets in the folder - one is a PNG and the other is a PDN file - delete the PDN file and replace the PNG with this.
  7. This isn't a Rejuvenation thread. If you have a Rejuv problem, you can report your bugs here. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/forum/189-troubleshooting/
  8. Another big update today - Changelog:
  9. I've been looking into this error all day and finally found the problem - the Map Positions for every area wasn't defined which made it so the Duraludon would never show up - I've now reuploaded this to fix this dumb error. The Lafayette now gives out an item that also tells you where it is at any given point.
  10. It's time for another update - I'll actually include a changelog this time
  11. Updated the game once again. This update fixes a bunch of issues found, updates some old documentation and such! Download up above!
  12. Yeah, that's a visual error that as far as I can tell is unfixable - it'll only affect the current fight you're in though and then go away after the battle.
  13. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/284738478590132224/761994767076556811/Scripts.rxdata My bad, I linked the script I was referencing as opposed to the actual one.
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