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  1. Unrelated but uh, your username is currently your email. You might want to change that so you don't get any unwanted traffic there.
  2. I played through the entire demo and didn't find it all that challenging. I believe the game doesn't actually have Reborn's AI within it which makes game decisions a bit more random. The field effects, especially the first gym leader's, is where the actual difficulty comes into play. Set mode isn't that big of a problem, seeing as I personally found it super easy to optimize my team to my playstyle. The EXP share also helps to get any lagging member on track super quickly.
  3. Been playing through the game and have a quick error report - this happens with the salesperson in the back of the factory
  4. They originally made a new thread and then merged it with this one.
  5. I'm pretty sure he's referring to his own shiny Volcarona, not that one.
  6. I'd recommend asking on the desolation thread itself, rather than creating a whole new thread for the topic. If I was to take a guess, I'd say people are more likely to see it and respond there.
  7. If you open the game in the editor, you'll see a green play button at the top. You'll need to first grab Reborn's PBS files which is available on their FAQ and throw that file into the root folder of the game. Then, you just need to click that play button. Alternatively, you could just use this:
  8. If you create a new project in RPG Maker, it'll create one automatically. From there, it's just an easy copy-paste
  9. You'd need a copy of rpg maker XP and to insert a game.rxproj file into the root folder of Reborn
  10. A game by @Michael_ and @Ekat Introduction: Once upon a time (well last year actually), we released a fangame known as Pokémon Present. The story goes: As time continued to pass, we both became unhappy with the state of the original game. The world was ugly, the story was a bit over-complicated and had some jarring plotholes, there was very little side content, the level and difficulty curve was atrocious, etc. Eventually, we decided that it was best that we take the game down, collect our bearings and re-release the fangame in a much more polished state. Introducing Pokémon Ashen Frost! The Game: For the most part, the story of the game has remained the same. The game still follows Sylvester and his escapades around Riverview City. He's still taking on the mafia, making both friends and foes along the way. However, the game has been completely updated with new side content, balancing overhauls, a new evidence system and many other updates and features. Upon release, the game will contain not only the first 8 cases of the game but an additional 4-5 on top of that. The game also now contains the ability for you to switch between characters during certain portions, complete with separate teams and all! The game has also been given a much more competitive presence. Bosses are tougher than before and make smarter decisions. To offset this, however, we've introduced an EV training centre with a trainer grinder and respective EV trainers to make optimization of teams easy! The game also has plenty of new encounters and such as well. Screenshots: Following Progress: Progress can be followed in a number of places. Some notable options include checking out our RebornEVO Club which is our main forum for game updates and news , joining our Discord Server and following our Twitter. Above all though, hopefully this project looks interesting to you. If you've read through this far, thanks for checking out the game! Hopefully you'll hear back from us soon with the release! Cheers! (Also yes, I know we already have the club which pretty much makes this thread pointless. The problem is, the game is super hidden because of it which creates an obvious problem.) Credits:
  11. This is the third Nosepass post and I have no problem with it.


    Clearly, we're getting lots of good work done on this game.

  12. I could see that creating a few potential issues. For example, what to do about pokemon that can G-max and Mega Evolve like the Kanto starters and Gengar? What about if these pokemon hold a Z-Crystal? How would that work?
  13. https://twitter.com/AshenFrost_?s=09 So as a follow up to the discord, we've also created a respective twitter for the game instead of always using our own! Follow to keep up with what's going on!
  14. What do you mean by Nasty plot only increases by 3 stages? It says it's a decreased effect so did you actually mean 1 instead?
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