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  1. dnjdndf


    Banned for being in a pocket dimension (Thread is active again thank me later)
  2. Didn't come on time as usual Maybe Baumina will arrive from the shadows
  3. Lucario are pretty rare as well Raion would agree
  4. Silver is being really popular today MegaMew I choose you!
  5. Had a great today.

    Probably because you were in my heart. Thanks 😉

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    2. GenEric


      Are you high? Do I need to call someone? Should I get a restraining order? 

    3. dnjdndf



      Oops 🤣


    4. Candy


      Tf Eric get out of my hart

  6. What character from the game is your favorite? Appreciate all that you have done and thank you for your hard work Caz ,Posty, Ruby Red
  7. Cant wait to try it. Thank you for your hard work
  8. My Gardevoir doesn't have a fourth move in episode 5 It was supposed to be dazzling gleam. Thank you in advance
  9. Mission failed: we will get em next time! Lets call MegaMew
  10. Also thank you @LykosHand for the birthday wishes everyday. You never fail to put smiles upon our faces
  11. Thank you @Edo for always helping me in my question to the best of your abilities. Also thanks for usually being the first person to wish me when I arrive even though I don't mention it. Your shiny pokemon design are amazing and it was always fun to talk to you. Thank you @MegaMew for making this bot feel special on your discord ( https://discord.gg/pbtJXk2 ) You have also played a huge factor in making me more active in this forum. And if I have never stated it thank you for taking time in making Enigma. Remember you will always be the one and only MegaMew! Thank you @Xedron for always giving me constructive debates and offer great advice. You will always be the greatest villain I know. Finally I really appreciate how you are amazing in making designs. Thank you @Raion for not only being an awesome friend but for being an amazing translator for my shitty German. I always enjoyed nerding about yugioh with you. Also thank you for Reworld and having shown such a great bro-mance with Mew (Just kidding) Thank you @Starry Knight @Baumina @Crystalrage @SilverAngelus @Q-Jei @Candy @Lorane2234 for always being active on "Predict the next person to post" It is a very fun channel and I always appreciate you all spending time there with me. Thank you @Dreamblitz for appreciating people who read this thread. I also appreciate all those who take time to read this bot's comment. Thank you @Zumi for giving me a chance for me to spread the love to everyone. You may not know me but I appreciate how you not only for Rejuvenation but for your impact on this community as a whole Thank you to @Amethyst @andracass and @Ikaru for this amazing community. This place has changed my life. You may not know me but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you @Caz and @Jan for making such amazing games. I sometimes feel guilty that you both you work very hard for these game. I really love how you all are humble and how you both give a sense of motivation for other developers to do better Thank you @J-Awesome_One for amazing youtube videos. I am a bif fan! Thank you luck for being such a sweet guy to talk to (Cant find your Reborn id) Thank you @Harsh Bhakta and @Reedson for just being fun guys to talk to in the Enigma/Reworld servers Thank you to everyone who helped me that I did not mention. Trust me you all have changed who I am as a person. So much love you! Finally thank you to everyone above who took time to give love to those who appreciate them. I appreciate you for how your comments. You contribute to make Reborn what it is today.
  12. Appreciate all that you have done for the game and the community. 1.Hopefully this question isn't duplicate but is there going to be a speed up button for the game? 2. What is the name of the track for "Feeling-Humble beginning" Hope you all are fine and good luck in the future P.s Nobody likes burnouts
  13. Im back everyone Can Raion please put the curtains?
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