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  1. Couple of announcements!

    1st. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Hope you all enjoy your day with your family and friends.


    2nd. Pokemon Halcyon's final episode will be this Saturday.


    3rd. There will be no uploads next week as I have overtime at work and I will wanna spend the days that I do have off resting up.


    4th. The week after that, I plan on starting to upload my Pokemon Rejuvenation Bug Mono Run... again. Haha.


    5. On December 21st, I will not be going to work for 12 days. So I will be uploading my Pokemon Rejuvenation Bug Mono Run for those 12 days and I will call it... THE 12 DAYS OF REJUVMAS!


    Again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for reading!

  2. Just a small update about this small playthrough. Episode 2 got corrupted so I unfortunately won't be uploading that part.
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