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  1. Just curious but after the battle with Baron and you get sent back to the "real world" what is the estimate on how many hours are left in the current version at that time?

    1. SilverAngelus


      Depends on your choices (what you do during your time in the "real world") and how long your battles last, in a sense. I'd estimate a little over an hour, but also don't take my word for it.

    2. J-Awesome_One


      Alright. Just wondering cus I don't want to record an episode and then record the last episode but it's only like 5 minutes long. Thanks! Lol.

  2. Arbok Crest. It gets a decent buff in Attack, Defense and Speed. Also can normally/badly poison an opponent if it uses any biting moves.
  3. Prologue Episode 6 of "Pokemon Desolation: A Ranger's Quest" is up! Kevin tries to break Felicia out of her depressing sadness! How does he do this?! Well Find Out By Reading & Enjoy! 😄



  4. I spent a couple of weeks inside of my room kind of by myself. I really only interacted with my Alolan Rattata or Galvantula or Kevin to see if I was doing ok. Seeing that young man have no remorse for taking away lives like that and I wasn’t able to stop him really messed up with my head. I was glad I was able to save Galvantula but the rest of its family… It just wasn’t right what happened to them. 1 day, Kevin came into my room and sat down at my desk. Kevin: Hey kiddo. Felicia: Hey… Kevin: How are you doing? Felicia: I’m still here so… Kevin: Well maybe this will perk you up. That young man you brought in the other day. He’s be convicted of Pokemurder and will be sentenced to at least 10 years of jail. Felicia: Good… He deserves it after what he had done. Kevin: Felicia… what happened on that day? You have not been yourself ever since you came back from that mission. You haven’t done a mission in a couple of days and that’s definitely not how you are at all. Felicia: I… He… Kevin: Yes? I brought out Galvantula’s PokeBall and stared at it. Tears started to swell up in my eyes and I started to cry again. Kevin came over to me, sat on my bed with me and gave me a hug. I couldn’t stop sobbing no matter how hard I tried. I felt so guilty for not being able to save the Joltik family and felt guilty for whatever Galvantula was going through. The 2 of us sort of got closer but because of me feeling like this, we weren’t as close as me and my Alolan Rattata. I started to slow down on my sobbing and was able to get out what Kevin needed to hear. Felicia: I-I saw him murder Galvantual’s family! Kevin: Ohh. I see. So that’s what’s gotten you like this. Felicia: I-I’m sorry. Kevin: Nonsense. Every ranger has gone through this at least once in their lives. Felicia: But… I don’t know what to do. I feel like a part of me has just vanished after that happened. Kevin: Hmm… I see. Mind if I ask you how you and your Galvantula are doing? Felicia: I-I mean I guess we’re ok. Why? Kevin: I have a feeling you 2 aren’t as close as you should be at this point. Felicia: Probably but… I failed to protect its family. Kevin: I see… I’m sorry Felicia but I have some… rather important business to attend to right now. But I’d like to ask you to come outside in a little bit so we can talk some more. Felicia: Yea… Ok Kevin. I will. Kevin: See you in a bit then. And with that, Kevin exited my room. I sat there, staring out of my window to the outside. It was a beautiful day outside but that wasn’t cheering me up at all. I decided to lay down for a bit before going outside to meet up with Kevin. As I napped, I started to have a dream. I was at the same route and the young man was there. He did the same thing, stepping onto the eggs and the Joltik parents. But this time, when Galvantula evolved and attacked him, it kept attacking until the young man wasn’t moving anymore. When I went over to see if he was ok, his body was stiff. I checked for a pulse but there wasn’t any. That’s when I awake from my dream. I shot up from bed. I had a cold sweat cold sweat coming down my head. I hated having that dream almost every time I fell asleep. I checked the clock. It had been an hour since Kevin told me to go outside. I wiped the sweat off my face and headed outside. When I got there however, I was surprised to see a battlefield of sorts near the Ranger Base. Kevin was there, waving me over. Kevin: Over here Felicia! Felicia: -walks over to him- A battlefield? Kevin: Yes. I decided the Rangers that chose a Partner Pokemon could use this as a training area. Felicia: Ohh. That’s cool I guess. Kevin: And me and you are gonna be the 1st ones to use it. Felicia: Wait. What? Kevin: Mhm. I wanna see what you and Galvantula are made of. Felicia: Umm… I don’t think now’s a good time Kev. Maybe- Kevin: Come on. It may make you feel a little bit better. Felicia: Mmm… Maybe… Fine. I guess so. Kevin: Great! Take your position. The 2 of us walked to the end of the battlefield. I grabbed Galvantula’s PokeBall and looked at it. We never had a battle together and I was worried how the 2 of us respond to 1 another. Kevin took his stance on the other side and grabbed a ball from his belt. Kevin: Alright Felicia! Give it everything you’ve got in this battle! Felicia: R-Right… Kevin: Come on out Barbaracle! Kevin threw out his PokeBall and out popped his Barbaracle. I grabbed Galvantula’s PokeBall and threw it out. Galvantula popped out and was facing the Barbaracle. I wasn’t too sure if Galvantula would be able to defeat this tough looking Pokemon. We both had weaknesses and strengths to each other’s Pokemon. Kevin’s Barbaracle Rock Type could beat my Galvantula’s Bug Type. But my Galvantula’s Electric Type could be Kevin’s Barbaracle’s Water Type. It was respectively an even match up. Kevin ordered his Pokemon to use Water Gun. The Pokemon obeyed the command and fired the attack at my Galvantula. I ordered it to dodge and it did but not fully. The attack hit 1 of its many legs, which sent it somewhat spinning through the air but it was able to land on its feet. I tried to think of what I should have my Galvantula do next. When I made my decision however, Kevin ordered his Pokemon to use Water Gun again. When the attack came, I had Galvantula jump into the air to avoid the attack. Unfortunately for me, Kevin had Barbaracle use Water Gun again and this time, it made direct contact. Galvantula came crashing down to the ground. This started to make me think again about the young man and that whole situation again. It was clear the I was shaking. Galvantula looked back to me. I could see that it seemed concerned for my well-being. I never really saw that from it. But I didn’t know what to do. Felicia: I-I… I- Kevin: Felicia! Felicia: Huh? Kevin: Do you want it to happen again?! Felicia: Have it… happen again? Kevin: If you don’t snap out of it, it will happen again! Or something worse! Felicia: You mean… what that man did? Kevin: Yes! Take that as a lesson and you may be able to prevent it next time! But you also need to know that sometimes no matter what you do, bad things will happen! But you can’t let it get you down! That’s what they want you to do! To lose yourself! Now you buck up and you and Galvantula form a bond! I can already see it has some kind of concern for how you’re acting right now! That’s the start of a bond Felicia! Felicia: Yea… Yea! Ok Galvantula! Let’s do this! Galvantula: Galvantula! Felicia: Use String Shot! Galvantula listened to me and shot out a String Shot. Barbaracle was able to avoid them though. Kevin then commanded it to use Shell Smash. It did. Now its defenses were weakened but its attack, special attack and speed were increased. He then commanded it to use Scratch. It came running towards my Pokemon in surprising speed. I commanded Galvantula to move and it somehow did, avoiding the hit. The Kevin ordered Barbaracle to use Stone Edge. The Pokemon hit the ground. It felt like the entire place was shaking. Suddenly, these huge stones shot out of the ground and landed a direct hit on Galvantula. It fell to the ground, taking serious damage. Felicia: Galvantula! Are you ok? Galvantula: Gal… Galvan…tula! -stands up- Felicia: Damnit. It’s strong. Alright. Use String Shot continuously! Galvantula did as I told it. It shot out multiple String Shots. Thanks to the Shell Smash it executed before, it was able to dodge them all. The last 1, it jumped up into the air to dodge it. Felicia: Come on Galvantula! I know you can do it! Galvantula: Galvan… Galvan… tula!!! Just then, this thick silk shot out of Galvantula’s mouth and stuck on half of the battlefield. I didn’t know what just happened but it seemed effective as Barbaracle landed back on the ground and seemed stuck on this sticky thread. Felicia: Wha… What is that? Kevin: Well I’ll be. That’s Sticky Web! Felicia: Did you learn a new move… for me Galvantula? Galvantula: -looks at me and shakes head yes- Gal! Felicia: Galvantula… Alright! Thunder Wave! Galvantula shot out these little electrical waves and hit the target. Barbaracle was now paralyzed, meaning it was slowed down. Kevin then commanded to use Scratch to destroy the Sticky Web on the ground. It did but when it got done, it yelled out in pain. Probably from the Thunder Wave attack. I then had Galvantula use Absorb. Despite Kevin ordering his Pokemon to dodge the attack, Absorb hit its mark and now Barbaracle had taken some serious damage as Galvantula had some of its health restored. Then I had Galvantula fire off a String Shot. It did and this time, it wrapped around the opposing Pokemon, completely trapping it. Kevin: Very smart Felicia! Immobilizing Barbaracle like that and regaining back some health. Felicia: That’s right! Me and Galvantula… We’re a team now! We will do anything we can to win! Galvantula: Gal Galvantula! Kevin: Well said! That’s the attitude I like to see! But here’s the thing. My Barbaracle may be paralyzed but your Galvantula can’t move all that much with it still having that String Shot in its mouth. Felicia: Ohh no… Kevin: Let’s finish this Barbaracle! Stone Edge! Felicia: Quick! Use Absorb! Galvantula used Absorb and hit its target. However, Barbaracle was able to use the move and it hit Galvantula head on. It sent the Bug Type flying up into the air and then crashing back down onto the ground. I went to see if it was ok. When I got closer, it was obvious that it had fainted. I was saddened but I was happy that we did the best we could. I looked back over to Kevin and Barbaracle. Kevin was laughing heavily. Suddenly, Barbaracle tipped over and slammed onto the ground. Kevin ran over to check on his Pokemon. It too was fainted. Kevin looked at me with a smile on his face. Kevin: Well it would see as if this battle has come to a draw. Felicia: -chuckles- I guess so. Kevin: So how are you feeling now? Felicia: I’m… still sad but I know what you were trying to do. And I thank you for that. Kevin: No problem Felicia. It’s what us Rangers do for each other. That Galvantula… Despite being just hatched a couple of weeks ago, it definitely has some power behind it. Felicia: Yea. -pets Galvantula- It really does. You did a good job Galvantula. Return and have a rest. Kevin: You too Barbaracle. The 2 of us returned our Pokemon back to their PokeBalls and we took them to the Pokemon Center of Mauville. After that, we went back to the Ranger Base. I knew that the next day, I had to get back into doing some more Ranger Missions and to strengthen my bond with Galvantula.
  5. Is Scarlett a native to the Aryith Region or is she from somewhere else? I can't remember. This is about Pokemon Desolation btw. Just saying.

    1. SilverAngelus


      Idk if that ever was mentioned.

  6. Wait. So could it be possible that the Pokemon didn't really devolve but they were brought to the future as the fully evolved mons were brought back to the past?
  7. Nice job. Love how you’re basically gonna have him use his full team but with a twist. Can’t wait for the next update!
  8. Yay! More people doing more fanfics! I should start calling mine that instead of Sorry Written Runs. XD anyways, I like what I’m reading so far. Are you gonna keep Anthony’s team a secret for now? Lol.
  9. Thanks so much! Lol. And yea. I wanted 1 of her 3 mon team (Spoilers~) to have a somewhat dark story. Joltik/Galvantula seemed like a good option. As for why Galvantula listened to her so easily despite just being hatched, I'd also put it towards it's really young and that it also was caught by her, which means it would have to listen to her somewhat. And it should be there somewhere. I don't delete any of my stories.
  10. Prologue Episode 5 of Pokemon Desolation: A Ranger's Quest is out! Felicia goes up a rank as she is now an Advanced Ranger! What will her 1st Advanced Mission be!? Will she capture a new team member!? Find Out By Reading & Enjoy! 😄



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