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  1. Can't you ever be nice to your Pokemon? Or Ash just being able to hold a 300 lb (I think it is anyways?) Larvitar in the anime... Maybe he's just ridiculously strong. Idfk. Was wondering when you were gonna do the title card. Worst. Joke. Ever. I... Actually... Yea... SEAN ASKS THE REAL QUESTIONS FOLKS! BRING IN THE GIRLY HIKERS AND THE SKINNY MALE HIKERS NOW! Well while that is true, it'd be funny to see you to do a normal playthrough of the game on intense mode and see how long you'd get stuck on certain battles and see you rage out like the world was about to explod
  2. The 1 time I plan on using a legendary on my team and the damn thing has HORRIBLE Sp. Attack IV's. And by HORRIBLE, I mean absolutely nothing. 😭

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vince&Sylveon


      Oh wow, that is a pretty long time per soft reset. I’d do the same thing too.

    3. inktalegaster


      you could always use the method some called debug 😏

    4. J-Awesome_One


      @inktalegaster Idk if they even have that out for Full Moon.

  3. That train GIF is haunting me. Soooo... you don't hate her as much now but must keep busting her "balls" huh? Ok. That makes sense. I didn't expect that to come so soon though. Umm... Where on the statue were you rubbing? Because you're secretly Sonic The Hedgehog... I feel like I said that to you before. Did I...? Idk. Well... Maybe Chiller will somehow be pleased with the ice cream you have obtained? Hmm... Idk. If I remember correctly, Reborn Sean is more... "losing his mind over the characters" kind of guy. I mean I know you do here as well but you know... Now that
  4. Guys... Since Thursday, I've made 18 episodes of Pokemon Full Moon. 😂 Can you tell that I love this fan made game despite some of its problems?

  5. In 2 weeks, when my Ghost Mono Run of Pokemon Nightshade & Ground Mono Run of Pokemon Castaway are completed & fully uploaded, I am bringing back Pokémon Full Moon! Yes. It’s the 3rd time I’m trying with this game but hey. You know what they say. 3rd times the charm.

  6. Maaaan. I really missed Full Moon. And it seems they've changed the beginning (dialogue wise) as well so I'm even more excited doing this playthrough now.

    1. Vince&Sylveon


      I remember watching the first episode of Full Moon from various YouTubers and the only thing I remembered is Luna being inside her cave with her Arcanine. I wonder if that’s still the same.

    2. J-Awesome_One


      It indeed is.

  7. Well... I guess I'll be recording Pokemon Full Moon sooner than I expected. Now just so everyone knows, I'm going to try to use Pokemon I think Luna (the MC's name from Pokemon Full Moon) would use on her team. So if I think she'd use a Raticate but not a Arceus on her team, then that's what she's gonna have. Just using that as an example. Don't know when that'll be coming out though.

  8. So as many of you might know, back in the past, I tried doing a Pokemon Full Moon playthrough. The 1st 1 got cancelled cause I kind of got burnt out with it. The 2nd playthrough got cancelled because the game kept crashing almost anytime any of my Pokemon would evolve. I just checked their FB to see if any updates had been released and it seems that E11 is up. Last time I played was E10. So... hopefully the evolution bug is fixed. After I get done playing Pokemon Castaway (spoilers to my next Pokemon LP which will be uploaded sometime this week) I will attempt to restart my Pokemon Full Moon let's play. I hope everything goes smooth because I honestly love that game. Sure a lot of things don't make sense sometimes but it's definitely a game that is worth checking out.

    1. Candy


      uhh I hope they changed the cringey things that prevented me from even getting past the beginning of the game 😅 good luck on your playthru!

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