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  1. Yo... The new Blacksteeple Castle Arc has IMPROVED! The moment our mom dies impacts me so much more now. I legit feel sad & upset. So damn close!

  2. So as many of you know, my playthroughs of Pokemon Reborn have... well... I never finish them. They either get corrupted or I just run out of fun for them. Which sucks to say but I guess me and themed runs for this game just aren't meant to be... But then I thought about it. I keep going for dual types or everyone's favorite Pokemon or all the male ones. I need to go for something different. Something more... closer to my heart. So whenever Pokemon Reborn gets totally completed, I will be starting a new (AND MY FINAL! I PROMISE ON THAT! NO RESTARTING OR STOPPING!) playthrough of Pokemon Reborn. And you maybe wondering "Well gee J-Awesome_One. That's great to hear and all but it feels like you have some kind of gimmick in mind for this final playthrough. What could it possibly be?" Well... I'll give you all a hint. It's technically an abbreviation to my name on here & part of an anime. Very popular too. Been going on for 20 years. ;)

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    2. J-Awesome_One


      No. Lol. I keep forgetting I know very little anime. Ok. Other hint is that “one” has nothing to do with this anime.

    3. SilverAngelus


      My answer was mostly a joke, OPM has been going for way less than 20 years xD


      That said, will it be a James run?

    4. J-Awesome_One


      We have a winner! Haha. Yes. James run. I might add in a sprinkle of Pokemon that I think he would catch (Pokemon types that he doesn't/hadn't have) though. I think there's only 4 types he hasn't caught.

  3. Lol. I mean true but... jumping up & down on a platform wasn’t what I had in mind for someone trying to drown someone.
  4. So just curious but have you restarted the game to see the earlier parts of the game to see what's changed yet? Or you can't suffer like that again? I don't think you can drown a ghost. Wha... What does shouting "GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL" even mean in this context? Probably because it was the plot to a lot of 80's horror movies. Wait... Is that really Casper's backstory on how he died? I am legit being serious about this. O.O I can't imagine you reading the paper. HAPPY EASTOWEENMAS! So it's an Aeviumian Pikachu?! FIRE TYPE PIKACHU! YEEEEAAAAA!!!!! Hmm. Yes.
  5. Yay! So I have to say the way you had Amaria trying to kill Vanilla was... interesting to say the least. xD I'm glad she got the badge though! Can't wait for the next episode!
  6. Thanks for the info on A-Paras & Ditto! Guess I'll have to hang onto my Golisopod a bit more before I can breed it.
  7. If anyone could tell me where some of the bug type Pokemon are (minus the like starter ones cus I already got them basically), it'd be really appreciated. Also, can anyone tell me where Ditto is? Thanks! :D
  8. Rejuvenation has improved SO MUCH! Credit to all the devs that put in so much hard work into not adding onto the game but remaking almost the entirety of the beginning part of the game! It's unreal! This version of the game feels so much better than the last 1! Just being honest. I will always like the previous early versions of the game but this... This is just so much better. Loving every second of it.

  9. So as of right now, I just got my 3rd Gym Badge in Rejuvenation. In my older run of this game, I had gotten it in 15 episodes. In my new, current run of this game, I got it in 16 episodes. Not bad if I say so myself.

    1. RoySolare


      V12 had 14 chapters. And currently in V13, it has 15 chapters.

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