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  1. Happy birthday! Hope it’s an awesome 1!

  2. So couple of announcements.

    1. Haven't been in the mood to record Rejuvenation videos but luckily I have 90 episodes recorded so far so that's not a big issue at this point.

    2. Pokemon Ashen Frost will be wrapping up next week as I come to the end of the demo.

    3. I've been trying to find a new game to record & I think I found it. The only thing that sucks about it is that it was started in 2018 & I haven't seen anything past 2019 of the games last update but it looks really cool and from a bit of 1 playthrough I saw, I just have to play this game. So expect Pokemon Edge Of Reality coming out next Saturday!

  3. So I've been thinking of doing something with Desolation and not doing a YouTube series on it. I was thinking of doing something like a Broly team... if that makes any sense. Basically, use Pokemon that Broly would use that fit into his personality or whatever happened in his life or whatever. And I'll be posting that over on the reddit.

  4. Pretty sure Dream Eater would just eat their dreams. Not get rid of a coma. Unless there was move called Coma Eater but there isn't sadly. Do I have to make another backhanded compliment? Sheesh. Seriously, what were they thinking of when they thought of Pikachu using an electric attack on itself and Swellow & then having it be called thunder armor? Makes no sense... But it did look cool. DON'T BE MEAN TO ME FOR THAT! The hell is a gijinka? Ohh I'm SO rereading this when this whole thing is finished in about... -checks watch- 10 years? Ummm... Isn't Kangaskhan a kangaroo? Zetta is a Pokemon & you just admitted you fucked his mom... Frightening images dude. Frightening.
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