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  1. I got 2 announcements today. 1 of them shouldn’t be shocking & the other... well idk.


    1. I am going to restart my Reborn playthrough... again... for the 4th time... I know. I’m the king of restarts! I’ve realized that I just need to do a regular playthrough of Reborn & not try to do some sort of challenge. Plus, since I’ve been using OBS, the video can look nicer.


    2. I know I’ve made a poll about what to do with my Rejuvenation Bug Mono Run playthrough buuut... I’ve decided I’m going to restart it. Still

    gonna be bug mono & I’m still gonna use the Guzma sprites but I’m gonna use the bug Pokémon I like the most instead of trying to use all of them. Plus again, I’m using OBS so the video should look nicer.


    So yea. Those are the 2 announcements. Hopefully, that won’t bother anyone. I get it if people don’t want to rewatch another attempt at a full Reborn Playthrough buuuut I’m gonna do what I wanna do.

  2. Merry Christmas everyone! & to anyone that doesn’t celebrate it, Happy Holidays!

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Merry Christmas
      Enjoy the Holidays

    2. J-Awesome_One


      Thanks! You too! 😁

    3. SilverAngelus


      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~

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