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  1. Me playing Pokemon Ashen Frost:


    Figuring out what I want to use for Syl's team: Hmmm... Yes. I know which 6 I definitely want him to use.


    Figuring out what I want to use for Mordecai's team: OMG! WHAT DO I CHOOSE! THIS 1?! YEA THIS 1?! WAIT! MAYBE I SHOULD CHOOSE THIS 1!? URGH! AHHHH! HEEEEELP!

    1. ProjectIceman
    2. J-Awesome_One


      Ohh wait... did I just spoil that for you? 😳

  2. I gotta say, I really like switching between Mordecai and Sylvester in Pokemon Ashen Frost. I like trying to see what kind of Pokemon would fit in with them. It's such an amazing game so far!

    1. SilverAngelus


      The game is so innovative it's crazy. It's the little details like those that really improve the whole quality.

  3. I'm gonna say it but Madelis is giving off STRONG Jessie vibes and I'm loving it! Great work Zumi! Loving these so much!
  4. So since this week is my birthday week, I'm gonna give you all a present!... Wait. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Anyways, I'm gonna be uploading Wednesday to Saturday instead of Thursday to Saturday. And to make it even more special, every day will be a double upload. 2 videos over the course of 4 days! :D

    1. Mindlack



      So since this week is my birthday week, I'm gonna give you all a present!... Wait. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? 

      It depends. Are you a hobbit? If so, you’re supposed to give presents for your birthday.

      Anyway, I’ll be watching!

    2. Mindlack


      And happy birthday! 

    3. The Swordsman

      The Swordsman

      Sorry I'm late, but I want to wish you a Happy Birthday!

  5. I got 2 announcements today. 1 of them shouldn’t be shocking & the other... well idk.


    1. I am going to restart my Reborn playthrough... again... for the 4th time... I know. I’m the king of restarts! I’ve realized that I just need to do a regular playthrough of Reborn & not try to do some sort of challenge. Plus, since I’ve been using OBS, the video can look nicer.


    2. I know I’ve made a poll about what to do with my Rejuvenation Bug Mono Run playthrough buuut... I’ve decided I’m going to restart it. Still

    gonna be bug mono & I’m still gonna use the Guzma sprites but I’m gonna use the bug Pokémon I like the most instead of trying to use all of them. Plus again, I’m using OBS so the video should look nicer.


    So yea. Those are the 2 announcements. Hopefully, that won’t bother anyone. I get it if people don’t want to rewatch another attempt at a full Reborn Playthrough buuuut I’m gonna do what I wanna do.

  6. Merry Christmas everyone! & to anyone that doesn’t celebrate it, Happy Holidays!

    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Merry Christmas
      Enjoy the Holidays

    2. J-Awesome_One


      Thanks! You too! 😁

    3. SilverAngelus


      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~

  7. Sooo I know this is kind of a spoiler but thanks to @Candy's Written Story Run of Reborn, I kind of have an idea now what to do with my adventure through the desert and the Gym Battle with Titania... And to try to have a SERIOUS Julia. Is it just me or does having a serious Julia sound really weird and scary?

    1. Mindlack


      Heaven help all your characters if there is a serious Julia. Because something really terrible must have happened. 

      (I have also plans for a serious Julia too at some very far point).

    2. Candy


      Nice :D I donut have plans for a serious Julia but I look forward to seeing what y'all got in mind~

    3. J-Awesome_One


      Buuuut I still have a couple of episodes left until that happens. Haha.

  8. V16 será la versión final. Así que ya casi llegamos.
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