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  1. This is a more of a fun question for you and Ruby. Lol. If you and Ruby were to be in the game, would you's rather be 1 of many of the players sidekicks, a Gym Leader or 1 of the baddies and what would your teams be?
  2. Has the team gotten rid of/reworked some of the characters from Desolation?
  3. This may have been asked on the team thread already buuuut how long have you & Ruby known about Desolation? Have you guys played it before becoming devs for it?
  4. Soooo which 1 of you is Jessie, James and Meowth? Team Rocket Motto for the win! Lol. But I'm seriously glad that Desolation is staying. I can't wait to all of the changes when E5 comes out and I can't wait to see questions be answered. You guys are awesome!!!!!
  5. So I finally caved in and tried using OBS to record Pokemon games and... Well I'm loving it. 😄

    1. Commander


      Typically I use OBS to record and Shotcut to edit videos if I need to. 

  6. Reborn with the last update.

    Rejuvenation with V13 coming out sometime.

    Desolation with E5 coming out sometime.


    While we don't know when any of these will be coming out (it might not even be this year) it's still awesome that they're being made and that we are all excited for them to come out. Ame, Jan and Caz are all (as well as anyone that's helping them make their games) AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!!

    1. CHHKN


      So this means Reborn and Rejuvenation are not complete...i been searching like month for an answer to this simple question -.-

  7. Yes! Now I'm definitely excited about restarting my playthrough of this game. I still haven't gotten to the end of E4 yet but I think I'll wait til E5 comes out.
  8. Thanks! And I'll be honest, B/W/B2/W2 aren't really high up on my favorite games of Pokemon. So by the end of the Team Plasma Arc, I was getting read to be done with it. That's why I stopped after the Championship Match. Also, this was the 1st time I've ever beaten B2/W2. Lol.
  9. @The Swordsman @Q-Jei @Candy @MegaMew
  10. @The Swordsman @Q-Jei @Candy @MegaMew Quick announcement. Tomorrow's episode will be the last episode of this series.
  11. So Pokemon Black 2 Squadlocke should be ending on either Episode 26 or 27. Feels like it's been a while since I started that. Damn.

  12. Nothing wrong with shorter episodes. Sometimes they're needed to hype up the next Episode. Anyways, AWWWWW! GIF was so adorable. And for once, nothing horrible happened! Yay! How are you gonna change that for the next episode!? Who knows! Looking forward to it though. And as always, a nice read.
  13. I was severely confused by what you meant and looked through the video. That Gallade is the 1 G.F. is using. xD
  14. @The Swordsman @Q-Jei @Candy @MegaMew
  15. ... Why does Texen look thicc?
  16. YES! Very short part but I enjoyed it. It's weird to see her not want to do the league at 1st but I guess that's why I'm also into it. Can't wait for the next part! ^_^
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