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  1. Limelight is the best Rush song. Change my mind.

  2. Thinking about eggs.

  3. Happy Birthday Revan 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Revan


      Late thank you! Sorry, I've been busy. :V

    3. LykosHand


      No problem at all Revan 😄 and you're welcome 😉 

    4. Zarc


      I didn't saw but you like Stars Wars and Yu Gi Oh Oo 


  4. I have been roughing it. No internet for a week. And damn, it felt like EONS





    But, hey. How's it hangin'?

  5. I'm so sad. 

    I wanted to name my Toxicroak 'ToxiCHOKE ME DADDY'.

    It wouldn't fit. 


    1. Abyssreaper99


      Sounds like something Cain would name a Toxicroak tbf 😂

    2. Revan


      It does, lmao.

  6. I had a strange dream last night. So, it goes like this:

    I'm just makin' fried rice, as I do, and all of a sudden, a Pterodactyl rips off my roof, steals my rice, and flies off.

    My first reaction is to travel across the world with my companions, Han Solo, (not Harrison Ford. Han.) Natalie Portman, my uncle, Johnny Bravo, Dallas from the Outsiders, and C3P0's aunt from another dimension. As soon as we find the Pterodactyl, it kills me with laser nipples, and as I fade away, it eats my fried rice.

    1. Candy


      oof all that adventure for some fried rice 😢 reminds me of that time my dad (and possibly by relation I) almost got killed by a crow because it tried to steal our potato chips 🤔

  7. The Regis are some of the cutest Pokemon. With the little dot eyes. ❤️


    1. Dreamblitz


      they also all sound great in the anime (and games)

    2. Revan


      Yea, they do.

  8. You ever done something stupid, regretted it, then did it again after 4 hours or so? I have.

  9. If I could have one wish, it would be for laser nipples. PEW PEW

  10. If I was my girlfriend, I would break up with me too. I understand. lol


    She couldn't handle the puns. >:V

  11. I've spent hours looking for custom sprites in the format RPGmaker games use. :V

    Does anyone have a link to some? I'll naturally credit the creator (and you, the linker).

    I'm looking for female characters. Preferably with shorter hair. It's for a Rejuvenation run. 


  12. Status: Missing u

  13. Ever wondered what your life would be like without level 90 legendary Pokémon stomping all over level 3s on Route one?


    I know I would be miserable.

  14. Only reason I haven't updated the monorun is because I wanted to spend some time playing the game again. I'll continue it soon.

  15. Status: Missing Florinia.


    It's been a year since I played, and she's still waifu. She's cold, smart, yet it's obvious she has a heart below her ice cold exterior. Not only that, but she's really pretty. :V

    1. Revan


      Also still hate Fern.

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