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  1. This will be my first time attending one of these events. I'm quite excited!
  2. I'm having a lot of fun with Duels of Runeterra lately. I swore never to play league again, so this is a nice way to play with all the characters I knew and enjoyed, without putting myself through hell again.

  3. really tired of being busy all day. spent 2.5 hours mowing a lawn because my uncle tried to turn it into a friggin forest. Keep in mind, this sucker is like bog standard brick ranch suburb size, it just takes that long to mow now.

  4. rewatching Symphogear, I'm realizing that a lot of the animation isn't all that great...but I'll keep going because I enjoy the characters and their relationships, which is a little odd to say about a music-powered magical girl anime where the outfits are all themed around mecha.

  5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is out on mobile for like $3, so since I loved the netflix series so much I'm finally trying the franchise for the first time! Gonna play more in the morning, but for now I really enjoy the music/voice acting.

  6. Back to the fairy tale, back to the show~

    Finally picking up this game again, gonna try and get through the final three gym leaders and finally be caught up for once in this game's history.

  7. I have two answers for pre- and post-Terra. Pre-Terra: Meowstic I mean...what can I say? That cat ruined lives all the way through Reborn City, and remained a crucial support mon up until the end of the circus arc. I mean, everyone knows prankster screens is good, but Meowstic has exclusive access to both Rain and Sun at +1 priority, substituting for a weather setter and (in so doing) was vital to beating Charlotte. I honestly think rain is critical for that fight. Even now, there's some fights I'd still consider bringing the psycat back for. Post-Terra: Alolan Ninetales This mon is amazing! I can see why Ame loves it so much! It does everything! It sets Veil, fires off strong offensive moves, kills enemy weather.....thanks to Slush Rush A!Sandslash, I can even follow it up with a devastating offensive sweeper with the bulk of a damn god. Alolatails carried me through the Fiore gauntlet and continues to output a strong performance whenever needed. Honorable mentions go to Klinklang (Owns Florina and Corey, as long as meteor keeps using factory field this thing will never truly fall off) and Flygon (just a strong offensive pokemon with solid bulk (relative to the mons around it) and and a neat ground immunity for easy switches).
  8. Volcarona, ever since B2 when you could get a level 35 one in the desert, strengthened when I got Larvesta in my latest Reborn mystery egg. Praise the Moth!
  9. Got a new puppy today! I fell in love with her in like 10 seconds. I'd love to post pics, but I'm just not sure how...

    1. Salfy


      Puppu UwU

    2. Wolfox



    3. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Click and drag, you might have to lower the quality or crop it smaller

  10. Just beat Adrienn! Took me only 1 try with my Genius and Innovative strategy of using tailwind and spamming steel-types! 😛


    Also Byleth's in smash, so, that's cool.

    1. jbastian1


      Nice! What Steel mons did ya use?

    2. doombotmecha


      Oh, sorry, didn't see this since I was burned out on this game for a month after all the grinding I did to get through the circus arc. My full party was:

      Crobat/Klinklang as leads


      Alolan Ninetales

      Alolan Sandslash



      Thanks for the recommendation on Sandslash, he's still named after you. Ninetales is strong on her own and turns on slash like you wouldn't believe. The full plan used an air balloon on klinklang to block the initial earthquake while Crobat set Tailwind and Klinklang set Gear Shift. Field-boosted +1 Gear Grind is monstrous. A!Ninetales doesn't have SE STAB, but she does have Aurora Veil and Hail-boosted Blizzard. Hail also makes sandslash do a pretty decent Sonic the Hedgehog impression, and of course Iron Head deals great damage on this field. Flygon is here purely on the strength of her spread moves, and with the air balloon spam I could even use Earthquake a few times, which would be useful against Mawile. However, I ended up just burning Maw down with steel stab instead.


      Thanks for asking!

    3. jbastian1


      Nice! And I'm so glad you like the Sandslash- I feel so honored hes named after me 😄

  11. Just beat Devon Corp! Volcarona setting up twice on Umbreon gave me just enough gas to sweep it, Magnezone, and Alakazam. Glaceon was by far the hardest though, since not only did ZEL have an auto-Hail setter, so did I! Thankfully, Magnezone (mine, not theirs) managed to land the second flash cannon and close out the match!

  12. I liked watching the direct (favorite bit was the new regis) but i can't help being reminded of all of GF's previous mistakes with swsh. I'm gonna stick to getting hyped for temtem, so at worst I can be dissapointed by a brand new company and franchise.

  13. I've been watching the vod of Jocat's stream. I'm pretty excited! I'll see if I can pick it up when it comes out on steam. Not a lot of the current tems are really in my edgy/weird sort of vein, but there's enough. I like that Cain's hair is in. I'm excited to see the rest of the digital temtem, which given my fixation on tech and so forth will likely be my main type. My favorite in the current version is Gyalis!
  14. Might take a break from the game for a while. I just hit Neo Reborn for the first time, and while all these new sidequests, mons, and content are cool, I'm still a little burned out from EV training 3 different mons just before Ciel. Might play some starbound, maybe catch up on The Dragon Prince.

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