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  1. Has anyone else on here played Fossil Fighters?  Have you played the ones that aren't Frontier?  I loved the first two, and am just wondering if any Pokefans on here have played it and maybe I can meet someone who liked them as much as I did.

  2. I just realized/learned/found out that Golurk can learn Fly.  I don't think I can continue trying to understand things today.

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    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      It combines the Jewish golem with classic anime mecha tropes, the latter of which is where it pulls its ability to Fly from. I'm fairly certain that it's spent around a quarter of its anime screentime in the air, actually.






      STAB Earthquake isn't the only thing that earned its fans, it turns out~

    3. J-Dawg


      I love both of you.


      @doombotmecha I knew this about Zangoose.  Maybe because Zangoose already gets STAB Slash they didn't think there was any point in allowing it to learn cut?  I think Gamefreak has forgotten Zangoose exists.  The moves it learns in Sun and Moon are barely different from what it learned back in Gen 4.


      @Autumn Zephyr Thank you for your large amount of knowledge about one of my favorite Gen 5 pokemon.  Especially the anime knowledge.  Isn't STAB Earthquake is usually a given for any Ground Type?  I would hope it's known for more than just STAB Earthquake.

    4. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      I was being silly there 😅. It's also got the dangerous combination of No Guard and DynamicPunch, if you really want to be serious about it. Design-wise, I've personally been interested in its seal for a long time, as well. On a less serious note, it was designed by the same person who bestowed vanilluxe unto the world, so how's that for sharp juxtaposition? 

  3. I don't know how I'm only your 24th follower on here but oh well.  Glad to join the misfits on this sinking, on fire, and exploding ship.

    1. DerogatoryTrainer


      I'm reasonably sure there's a big conspiracy against me. Either that or most people don't use the follower function?

      Hope you enjoy yourself and will find plenty more adjectives to add to this awful ship as time goes on 

  4. If you see this then thanks for looking at my profile and scrolling this far.  Check out my cover photo.

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    2. J-Dawg


      Holy crap!  I didn't expect someone to actually read my status update!  Especially not so soon.  How did you happen to read this?

    3. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      New status updates show up on the forum's front page 😜

    4. J-Dawg


      Oops...LOL oh boy do I feel dumb. 😅

  5. I'm definitely not going to miss going into the Speed room to get my EVs and suddenly realize my pokemon fainted because I wasn't paying attention to the fact I was fighting a Voltorb and aftermath damage and such. I eventually just gave up and never used contact moves on Voltorb in that room ever again.
  6. "Back then" you say? @Vince&Sylveon How far back do you mean?
  7. The one and only downside I see is now you can only get EVs in sets of 12...so like if I want specifically 100 EVs in a stat, then I have to get it to 96, switch the pokemon out to a different one to prevent it from going over 100, and go out into the wild to find pokemon that will give me 4 more EVs in that stat.
  8. Okay so I just went to go do some EV training in the lab for the first time after updating to V12...and HOLY JESUS THERE AREN'T ANY GRASS PATCHES...there is a trainer though so I guess I fight her for them now? I proceed to fight her and LOL 6 Lv. 1 Meltans. I look online to see how many EVs they would give and...they don't. Okay, so I look at my pokemon and see how many EVs I get from that encounter and HOLY FUCKING SHIT 72 Atk EVs from 6 Meltans!!!??? I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Jan! Thank you so much dev team! I don't know who actually came up with that idea but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can't wait to not have to spend hours to max EVs on my pokemon anymore!
  9. J-Dawg

    Happy birthday Jan!

  10. @Generic Gamer Aevis hopped on the Yacht and Audibly yelled “OOH! FREE TRIP!” They left everything behind in favor of a tropical getaway and paradise. As the Ship left Oceana Pier, Aevis looked back longingly and with regret…. “No i don’t. Screw you, GM. you don’t decide what my character does!” …..Rocks fall, everyone dies. Wait, what? ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES! The Angry Game Master slammed his books shut and left, leaving his four players wondering just what the hell did they do to get him to ragequit on the first session…. -Fin Nice work dude I fucking died laughing at this. I love how they added that option right at the beginning of the game.
  11. I am so late to this party dammit. Like 2 months late. Happy to see it's here of course, though! Thank you, Jan! I'm downloading it while I type this out!
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