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  1. Has anyone else on here played Fossil Fighters?  Have you played the ones that aren't Frontier?  I loved the first two, and am just wondering if any Pokefans on here have played it and maybe I can meet someone who liked them as much as I did.

  2. I just realized/learned/found out that Golurk can learn Fly.  I don't think I can continue trying to understand things today.

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    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      It combines the Jewish golem with classic anime mecha tropes, the latter of which is where it pulls its ability to Fly from. I'm fairly certain that it's spent around a quarter of its anime screentime in the air, actually.






      STAB Earthquake isn't the only thing that earned its fans, it turns out~

    3. J-Dawg


      I love both of you.


      @doombotmecha I knew this about Zangoose.  Maybe because Zangoose already gets STAB Slash they didn't think there was any point in allowing it to learn cut?  I think Gamefreak has forgotten Zangoose exists.  The moves it learns in Sun and Moon are barely different from what it learned back in Gen 4.


      @Autumn Zephyr Thank you for your large amount of knowledge about one of my favorite Gen 5 pokemon.  Especially the anime knowledge.  Isn't STAB Earthquake is usually a given for any Ground Type?  I would hope it's known for more than just STAB Earthquake.

    4. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      I was being silly there 😅. It's also got the dangerous combination of No Guard and DynamicPunch, if you really want to be serious about it. Design-wise, I've personally been interested in its seal for a long time, as well. On a less serious note, it was designed by the same person who bestowed vanilluxe unto the world, so how's that for sharp juxtaposition? 

  3. Do you have any escape ropes on you or Dig? (Or maybe those just put you back out the top sorry.) Do you have any backup saves from before you entered the mountain? Saving Amber is optional BTW I believe. I think you might get something from saving her, or the story might be different if you don't (like Amber won't invite you to her room after you beat her Gym Battle), but I believe that someone somewhere says that things with Amber will work out regardless of whether you try to save her or not. Also at the top of the mountain in the room with the big door and the PC and Heal things there are 3 different emotion crystals if I recall correctly. I'm trying to help you out here @hamfam000 I really am, but the one thing that I cannot do is edit a save file. So if that's what you're looking for, then I hope you get help from someone you can.
  4. I don't know how I'm only your 24th follower on here but oh well.  Glad to join the misfits on this sinking, on fire, and exploding ship.

    1. DerogatoryTrainer


      I'm reasonably sure there's a big conspiracy against me. Either that or most people don't use the follower function?

      Hope you enjoy yourself and will find plenty more adjectives to add to this awful ship as time goes on 

  5. Dude how did you do it so perfectly? I love this.
  6. You are right with how fast EV rooms are now. I value the power of Exp. All more, however, because it allows me to have high enough level pokemon at the time I need them. Early on you don't get that much out of EVs anyway. Sure it means if I want to have mainstays I can't use them until later because I need EV rooms, but this game doesn't require you to have EV trained pokemon early anyway (unless you are playing Hard difficulty). You're free to do you though. I think they're both top priority, though.
  7. Yeah welcome to the forums, BTW I'd recommend you get the Exp. All before you get any EV rooms, though tbh, but that's just me.
  8. Rule 34 content. Obviously. Jokes aside, I love the story, the characters, the music, the atmosphere, the overall feel of the game. Somewhere at the beginning of the game someone said the word "Fuck" and I immediately knew this game was going to be interesting...and indeed it was. Honestly the fact that it's a Pokemon game doesn't mean all that much to me, surprisingly. I remember reading somewhere recently that Jan sorta wishes he didn't do gyms, and I really resonated with that. This game could easily flourish with any decent game format, and probably be better off without the gyms sidetracking the main plot half the time like a damn filler episode. I don't love this game because it's a Pokemon game, but rather because it has created unique memorable experiences for me, and it simply uses the Pokemon format to do so. If I had to pick one thing, I'd probably have to say the music. If the music wasn't as good as it is, I'd probably hate this game for its level of seemingly bullshit difficulty at times. Don't get me wrong, I love the challenge, and it has made the tough victories all the more satisfying, but if the music wasn't as good as it is, I probably would grow to hate every tough fight. This is simply because the atmosphere would be dreadfully painful (in a bad way) the whole time, and I'd get to a point where I'd just say, "Fuck it I'm done." I'd stop playing a game clearly worth my time, all because the atmosphere was too obnoxiously plain/forgettable and it made replaying hard fights 20+ times become too taxing. So yeah, TLDR: I love the music in this game. 10/10 would listen to again.
  9. Oh yeah right now I remember that fucking Unburden LOL Yeah, I can't remember how exactly I dealt with that. By Narcissa I had almost all if not all the EV rooms and had like 15-20 different pokemon sitting at Lv. 35. I'm looking at my PC box right now. I do remember considering training up the Pancham you get from trading Aipom to that girl in Sheridan. It conveniently had Scrappy, but I ended up not needing to do that, as I see it still sits at Lv. 1 in my PC. (It may have Scrappy, but its IVs and nature suck balls.) I might have started out with my bulky AF Carbink and just used Drifblim to set up Stealth Rocks and then followed up by just spamming Smack Downs till the thing died My Greninja with Shadow Sneak that might've helped My Luxray may have simply tanked a hit from Drifblim and 1 shotted it in return I have 3 Mightyena, all with Moxie, so I think I might have swept a good amount of her team with my 252 Atk, 252 Speed Mightyena That's about all I can guess. I do remember this fight being a bit frustrating, but I can't remember it all that well so it must've paled in comparison to my other experiences in this game.
  10. Drifblim outsped your Lycanroc? What?
  11. Boy, if you thought Inkay was annoying before...man do you have it in for you later in the game. A note for you going forward about double battles, when I came into Rejuvenation I was hoping to have some cool dynamic double battles with neat setup and strategies and all that...but from what I've experienced, they all end up being a "who can kill the other faster" fest. Expect a lot of enemy pokemon to seem OP in double battles. A lot of them get items that boost their damage like Life Orb and shit too. So Knock Off will always be useful. A good example is Keta where I wanted to try to have my Swoobat set up with Simple Calm Mind, but nope like all his pokemon have Rock Tomb or some coverage move that made short work of my Swoobat. Maybe someone else has had better luck getting more neat strategies than simply trying to out OHKO them, but that's mainly how I've had to deal with all the double battles in this game. Good thinking with grinding your team. It's simply the safest way to go, especially with the Exp. All.
  12. I agree with this statement on many levels. @doombotmecha That's an Ephiram profile picture, right? Good job beating Keta. I remember my first time playing Rejuvenation and raging at both Ketas, but especially at the 2nd fight because (let me know if I miss anything worth mentioning) I had beaten him the first time and I made the mistake of thinking I'd get my badge from him either right then and there or shortly after (like go to his dojo to talk with him and get it). But nooooo, I had to go through the volcano, beat SEC multiple times, make it to Team Xen's base, do a key hunt, get wiped by Shadow Mewtwo, deal with Rift Volcanion, and then his spirit is telling me that I have to take on his pain-in-the-ass team just so I can finally get my 2nd badge and allow my pokemon to level up again when through all the battles I've been through (post first Keta fight) my pokemon could've easily been Lv. 30 or higher by now. TLDR: Keta's spirit can potentially drive you to be happy that Keta is dead now. According to your account, you're a "Veteran" of this community with almost 500 posts. I haven't played any unofficial Pokemon games besides Rejuvenation, not even Reborn. (I know *gasp* don't worry I plan to play it.) So is Rejuvenation really that much harder than Reborn (or whatever your most challenging Pokemon game/experience has been)?
  13. If you see this then thanks for looking at my profile and scrolling this far.  Check out my cover photo.

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    2. J-Dawg


      Holy crap!  I didn't expect someone to actually read my status update!  Especially not so soon.  How did you happen to read this?

    3. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      New status updates show up on the forum's front page 😜

    4. J-Dawg


      Oops...LOL oh boy do I feel dumb. 😅

  14. @SSJG Goku Toybox? Dude I'm so lost between Hiyoshi City and your answer. I just posted where I am at in the game progression-wise right now, but in case you don't wanna read it...I'm at the point where I need to do the gym in West Gearen, but I need to battle Amanda at the elevator first, and I haven't done that yet. Based on that info, can you tell me if it's possible for me to get to where you describe?
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