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  1. Ana has eyes now? Did she steal them Aero?! That would explain their new mask...
  2. Going off of color scheme, A!Bronzong here's giving off some some serious Darchlight Cave vibes. And if that translates into it being a Dark Type, well... I don't think anyone's gonna be happy with what that mirror's reflecting, that's for sure! One question I feel I need to ask is if the change to how Shields work will affect the wild pokemon in Route 4's dens as well? A few of them being able to take themselves out on their default Field in the current build isn't the most feel-good situation at the moment, tbh
  3. A sewaddle that uses shed dragonskin for clothing rather than leaves, eh? Certainly not an idea I've considered before, that's for sure! Congratz to all the new team members! May your efforts truly help the game improve~
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  5. I dunno where you are in the game, but I can give out a few tips based on how I play: Admittedly, this list assumes that you're on a fresher file, so sorry if you're in the endgame already. Can't quite help you there, I'm afraid
  6. I voted 'Yes', because potentially getting locked out of playing the game for a potentially absurd amount of time with no counterplay other than knowing one of a specific handful of Fire Moves- many of whom aren't even that viable in most other situations- is not engaging gameplay, it's getting completely dicked over by RNG. Frostbite at least allows you to keep going, albeit with potentially reduced firepower and a timer on your head- any damage dealt is a lot better than 0, after all.
  7. If they still have OG!Breloom's super-extendable arms, then you might wind up losing your face before you can even try it. Those claws do not look kindly!
  8. That's very much a bug, albeit one that got a few laughs around the place when it was first reported. I believe it's supposed to go back to normal in battle? In any case, I'd be surprised if it wasn't fixed in today's patch~
  9. I like the idea of running a Physical A-Lapras with an Assault Vest, running Zap Cannon as a usable alternative to Thunder Wave. Something like Stone Edge/Zen Headbutt/Earthquake or Drill Run/Zap Cannon oughta be respectable with this set up, no?
  10. Route 4 currently isn't complete, in that its full expansiveness hasn't been implemented quite yet. It's on the list of things that are gonna finished up in V13.5, since it's technically side content.
  11. From what I understand, it seems that the current stance is that if the pokemon existed in Gen. 7, they'll retain that learnset. Likely has to do with the massive culling of moves Gen. 8 did, both in terms of what moves made into SwSh at all, and reducing what pokemon can learn from the moves that did make it in. For example, Vespiquen losing both Heal Order and Roost was a massive nerf to it in the main series, but letting it keep both those moves keeps it from being ruined here.
  12. That looks an awful lot like they accidentally gave it Pickpocket's description to me...
  13. It's not a Rejuvenation-only thing at all. One of the stealth changes to how Types work in Gen. 7 was making Dark Types immune to attacks that have had their Priority boosted by Prankster. One of the best examples I can think of came from the 2017 VGC Finals, where the third game started off with one player switching their mandibuzz into the enemy whimsicott's Nature Power-turned-Moonblast!Twinkle Tackle, and taking nothing from the Z-move because of the fact that it was boosted by Prankster! An absolutely nuts moment that was~
  14. At the current moment, it only evolves Munna-A. A future Regional Variant might be in need of one, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
  15. Fair warning to anyone interested in messing around with the Route 4 Dens:



    Blue beams can spawn mantine that know Bounce, which will automatically K.O. them on that Field Effect. Not exactly the nicest way to fail a Shiny, as I'm sure you can imagine.


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