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  1. She will if Amber tries to visit her Animal Crossing island under charge of being dumb and mean, apparently For a more serious answer, probably? While we were able to make up with Amber, Saki was abducted before that opportunity arrived for them, so her original personality would still have beef. And given that the Twitter appears to be using Saki's original design (remember that Valarie and Adam both sported different outfits and hair colors), it seems pretty reasonable to say that she'd have that personality the next time the two meet. Assuming, of course, that there's actually anything serious about that account and its not some extended April Fools' joke...
  2. I mean, outside of the Legendaries and duradulon, all of those are already available to you before you get to her, and even then duradulon's only missing because it's entire Generation is. you'll probably be able to mirror her almost perfectly in terms of the species are concerned.
  3. It's happened a few times already. Rotom being used twice is understandable (especially when of them one of them isn't even an appliance), but claydol (Ryland and the Puppet Master) doesn't have the same luxury. The most egregious is the fact that Amber's got a chandelure- another Gym Leader's ace! Every non-Legendary Steel Type is fair game for Saki, based off of that precedent.
  4. Wait, the Twitter actually got updated? And here I thought it was just an April Fool's joke! I mmean, explaining a Legendary is actually quite easy in Saki's case. She's an inventor, and Magearna and Genesect are both at least partially mechanical in nature. Between the two, the former seems more likely to me- the biological aspect in Genesect may be beyond what she's willing to put up with.
  5. I'll second the idea of her running duradulon, though I'd guess that it'll take up her Mega slot. As different as she is from the rest of the family, she is still a Blakeory, who have served as the backbone for building both of Aevium's two largest population centers. A massive skyscraper is bound to be utilized by someone in the family, and if it's not Saki, then one of the others will likely wind up being battled at another time. I don't really see her running aegislash personally, but that's also based off of her original personality and we have no idea what her new one is/ was (there's a non-zero chance that she'll have shaken it off like Adam did atop the pyramid by the time we fight her). It's almost certain that they're gonna use her fight to showcase some of the Crests in V13, with togedemaru being my highest pick in this regard (it seems like a silly pokemon for a high-levelled Gym Leader to use, which would be fitting for her out-there personality, and honestly doesn't require quite anywhere near as much work to make dangerous as some of the other Pikaclones). I also wouldn't put it past her to run the goofy-looking probopass (remember that Ryland had two Crested pokemon on his team in V12), but I'll admit that this is also a bit of wishful thinking on my part.
  6. I mean, our third Badge is from a source that, for all League-based purposes, doesn't even exist. Add in the fact that the 2nd one was given to us after the Gym Leader died, we never actually fought Kreiss, and the Puppet Master probably isn't even on any official roster of any sort, and it becomes pretty clear that a large chunk of our collection really shouldn't count. But with Amanda being AWOL, her mechanical doppleganger kaput, and Jan being a bit busy attending to the fact that his half of town is still being reconstructed, I really don't think the Elites are really gonna care about their legitimacy by the end of the game. Any potentially bizarre circumstances behind the rest of the Badges are basically fair game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. The Plates make nice budget alternatives to the bigger damage-boosting items, and can be mined up pretty easily. The weather-extending Rocks, Amplifield Rock, and Light Clay can also be acquired this way, enabling greater efficiency for strategies involving said mechanics. Much like the available pokemon list, the held item meta is about making the most of what you currently have access to at any given moment~
  8. There's something oddly satisfying about clicking on a webcomic because you think you recognize the art style, only to find out that it was actually drawn by the artist it reminded you of.


    ...Hopefully this doesn't wind up being another Made in Abyss type situation for me... 😅

  9. There was a Q&A Thread. It got closed a little over a month after it opened, though I think that was a little later than initially planned. In any case, here's the archive~!
  10. ...It's been a while since I last fought her (geez, it's almost been two years already?! ), but if I remember correctly, I took the advice of "fight Fire with Fire" to heart and wrecked most of her team with my salazzle. This was the Version before it became possible to take her fight Underwater, though, so I suspect that there will be some folks who took that goofy route to victory instead~
  11. My original theory here was that they'd make it like Necrozma's Ultra Burst, effectively being a "Z-Move" that you needed to "Mega" first to use. If they're just gonna be the Megas, then it's pretty likely that the G-Max Moves are properly out, since it seems pretty silly to give them both a Mega Stone and a Z-Crystal when they can only use one of them at a given time anyway. That's my view of the situation, anyway. Intense Mode has a tendency to give GLs random Legendaries after a certain point in the game, not just Florin (Souta's packing, or at least at one point packed, a thundurus, for example). The Intense Mode teams aren't the "canon" ones, though, so they don't need an in-universe explanation to work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. The answer's to why they can use it and we can't is simple: it adds to the game's challenge. By the time the GLs start using Megas, the player already has access to a vast array of options they can use to tackle any boss efficiently, provided they're willing to put in the effort to hard counter that one in particular. Add in the fact that the AI still isn't the most effective ATM, and it makes sense that they're gonna need some sort of extra advantage to deal with us and our increasingly almighty arsenal in a meaningful manner. Though that does bring the worrisome question of what the bosses are gonna have to pull now that we have these tools at our disposal from the next Version onward, but I guess we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get there.
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