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  1. Hi ! For the first time, my starter got a bug and cannot do attack Here is the screen of the bug : The bug is a bit different when I send the Pokémon at the beggining of the battle, the game is stuck Edit : When a pokemon holds a berry, the move Incenarate cause the berry to become a Data Chip, and then the Pokémon is bugged. You cannot take back the item, changing it or doing something with the Pokémon.
  2. Hi ! I don't remember how to have access to the other entrances of the sewers (they're closed). Does someone know how to unlock the access ?
  3. Hi, I'm searching this Mon and in return I can trade some babies with perfect IVs : Absol (M) ; Justified ; Play Rough ; Jolly Starly (F) ; Keen Eye ; Double Edge ; Jolly A-Vulpix (M) ; Snow Warning ; Moonblast / Extransensory / Freeze Dry ; Timid Togepi (M) ; Serene Grace ; Nasty Plot ; Timid Clauncher (M) ; Mega Launcher ; Modest Scyther (M) ; Technician ; Adamant Doduo (F) ; Tangled Feet ; Jolly Mareanie (M) ; Regenerator ; Calm Cleffa (F) ; Friend Guard ; Wish / Stored Power ; Bold Marill (M) ; Huge Power ; Aqua-Jet ; Adamant Litleo (F) ; Unnerve ; Timid Bulbasaur (M) ; Overgrow ; Bold Charmander (M) ; Blaze ; Dragon Dance / Dragon Pulse / Dragon Rush / Outrage ; Jolly Edit : I finally got one. But if you want some of these babies, you can dm me ;)
  4. It's a Magneton which attracts the chest
  5. Hi, I would like to reset the puzzle because I made a lot of mistakes and I don't have older save anymore
  6. I think it will be difficult without some information. Where do you live (country) ? Because of this, it can be more or less hard to meet for a trade.
  7. Good, hum I finally breed a Pichu so it's okay for me. And I have breed Absol, Beldum, Bulbasaur, Dratini, and received some Riolu. But what kind of egg moves it has ?
  8. For example, I would like to get a Machop (Close Combat, Bullet Punch), Pichu, Chinchou (Soak)... I just want to complete my dex by breeding good Pokémon, so if you have other offers I may be interested
  9. Hi ! I breed some Togepi and A-Vulpix and I've got some perfect babies I don't need. So I would like to trade them in exchange of some Pokémon I don't have. I'll put here the information of the babies and you can reply the topic with an offer if you are interested ^^ So here the information for the babies Vulpix : Nature : Timid Ability : Snow Warning IVs : 31 (except in the Atk stat) Egg Moves : Moonblast, Freeze Dry, Extransensory. Gender : Female (3 of them) Togepi : Nature : Timid Ability : Serene Grace IVs : 31 (except in the Atk stat) Egg Move : Nasty Plot Gender : Male (all of them) PS : Each time I trade one of the babies, I'll make an edit to inform you the avaibility of the babies ;)
  10. Hi, I have a tips for you. You can get Leftovers with the Pick-Up Ability. I got it with my Dedenne at level 82 ;)
  11. Hi I would like to get a Bold Cleffa (I don't care about the IVs, I can breed it myself if needed). I have some mons to trade if you want : Froakie F (Brave Nature, 31 IV except HP) Torchic M (Gentle Nature, 31IV except 30 IV HP) I don't have many Pokémon for trading, I've just started a new game. Or if you want I can breed : Roselia (Timid) Totodile (Jolly) Axew (Jolly) Ferroseed (Careful) Honedge (Adamant) Abra (Timid)
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

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  13. Oh for the Egg moves with the Heart Scale, you need to progress through the story I guess.
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