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  1. I have started a new save file of Pokemon Infernal red which is a rpg maker game made by crisoybacon. Has anyone ever played this game and if you have, where can I get Ev reducing berries.
  2. Can someone.here list the locations of all the synthetic, telluric seeds in the game and other special items
  3. So I stopped playing after a while and I beat the Evlypsian pyramid. Has three been any new version since then or the game is still in devlopment and going on.
  4. alaneapen

    HM items

    Will we get the chance to have HM items in episode 19 which substitute for real HMs.
  5. I want to use SWIM findpc mod. How do I use it.
  6. In Reborn, how do I activate this mod cheat and find pc jn randomm locations.
  7. I actually fixed it. The error was in the games folder itself..some.component had to be missing for it to crash.
  8. I did what you said but I keep getting an error.
  9. alaneapen

    Focus band

    Is there focus bands in this game. Do they have a decreased chance of appearing.
  10. Is it possible to breed a charm purrloin. I heard it was possible in gen 5 but what about now. What pokemon will need to be the father to do this.
  11. Is there a giga drain tutor in the game especially in 7yh Street.
  12. I merged the file for both sandbox and map 5 in the reborn folder and I acessed the grand hall pc. Nothing happens afterward through.
  13. I just started a new save of Reborn and I just beat Corey'e gym . I cannot remember where the beryl library is.
  14. Doing a rerun.of Pokemon Reborn with a 2nd save file. How do I change a corrosive field to normal. I know grassy terrain does it but that can be changed back.
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