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  1. Are Leppa Berries available ingame and f they are, is it possible to farm them?
  2. Yes. I just realized that his Kingdra iced Z- Surf using the waterium Z crystal. This changed the dragon den field to a cave, This is genius.
  3. Where are all the z-crystals in Reborn. I am sure the waterium-z is found through Sandy's Quest. I
  4. Like the title states, is there an item and TM guide for Episode 19 or it has not been created yet?
  5. I was watching a battle vs a certain dragon-type gym leader snd the battler used stealth rock. To my surprise, the gym leader's Charizard had tainted automatically when it was switched in, Does the dragon field increase tyee effectiveness of stealth rocks or did I miss something,
  6. I know that the whole objective of this gym is to protect the treasure chest from attacks but can anyone show me how to prevent the treasure chest from sinking into the lava. How many of these battles must I complete? It would be appreciated if someone would complete these Pokémon battles or link me a guide on how to complete this hum except for the battle bs Steelie and Sapphira. Game.rxdata
  7. I have beaten Lumi and Eve with Florina, Florina, and Cal. I believe that I could leave if I wanted to since I already talked to Sapphira in the gym.
  8. Can I leave the Laboradora City place where we battle each other and battle Sapphira? I want to train my Pokémon to at least Level 94 and I have a few Pokémon in my PC box that would be great for this battle but they are so under-leveled. Is there also a guide for this gym or it will not be available until after the beta?
  9. My q question has to do with breaking or negating some fields in Pokémon Reborn such as the field that boosts fire-type attacks and decreases the effectiveness of water-type attacks. It would be appreciated if someone would link me to the field notes or describe how to negate the field. I am playing episode 19 so spoiler alert, are the fields in some certain ground type gym leader caused in a certain town breakable?
  10. I went into a house in which Lin said something about an appointment with Dr, Sigmund Connal. For some reason, I go downstairs and past the healing star but I cannot find which way to go. Game.rxdata
  11. I did not start at Episode 18/19 (started at episode 13) so I never set up a password. How would I reverse these changes? I checked the PC and add a password that requires a data chip. Can I reverse these changes when I have a data chip?
  12. I talked to one NPC in Colcenon City who gave me a choice to select some conditions for the game such as 252 evs for opponents' Pokémon. which was a dumb move because it made the game harder. I am aware that boss teams have full evs but not regular trainer Pokémon unless this was changed. The NPC left before I realized what I had done. Are these choices reversible or is my game stuck like this forever? Is there any way to reverse the choices that I had picked?
  13. This is after I talk to Charlotte and Laura and Sapphira appears to have an argument with Charlotte. I cannot find her in any of the houses. Does anyone know where she went to?
  14. I have gone to Calcanean City and am up to the part where I was talking to Charlotte ad Laura, Charlotte has an argument with Sapphira, and she leaves. . Am I supposed to follow Sapphira? Where did she go? I am probably going to be asking many questions since I just resumed this game after 2 years,
  15. ***Spoiler**** I have just talked to Hardy in Calcenon City next to the barrier and the conversation with Sapphira, Cal. Bennett etc. occurred. Where do I go next after they leave the scene?
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