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  1. Happy birthday!! I really hope you'll have an amazing day 🙂🎂

  2. looks like you don't like sky drop very much
  3. the only use main series releases have for me is to provide new pokemon to be used by the much better fangames. but now even the pokemon look awful. so thats a new low.
  4. DemICE

    e19 when

    release dates are unhealthy ><
  5. i think this justifiable enough as far as im concerned, regardless of my personal feelings. personal views purely for novelty: i dont know about anyone else, but the main reason seeing the mode go saddens me, is because of: 1) rejuv has somehow managed to create the best gameplay elements out of every other fangame i've seen. harder modes tend to showcase, and create the need to use more of those gameplay elements in order to succeed, which is why i find them interesting. i know the game is veering towards being story driven, but lets be honest, replaying the game more than 2 times (good and bad ending) has value only because of the gameplay alone. and rejuv was liek the one fangame that i was seing myself doing a lot of runs of long-term, past its completion. 2) the difficulty hitting that exact spot that fits with me personally (hard enough to push me to think, but not to the point where it reduces the fun) 3) azery doing a superb job with making intense mode battles interesting. (3) gets plus sad points because the mode going away feels like wasting his talent. we had already discussed on some ways to tone things down a little because when we went back to look at it, some v13 battles (and ryland) felt, pure mathematically, a little more overtuned than desired. all things considered this sounds like the more practical decision. i'll keep my challenge runs hiatus'd for that possibility and continue only my main file, and any new runs i start. i'm funnily curious to see how normal mode is for the first time.
  6. the answer is obviously a perfect IV shiny mon.
  7. you'd be better off getting aironfaar's debug menu mod and generate all those pokemon exactly the way they were...
  8. honestly? remove all fonts from the Fonts folder. the absense of fonts causes the text to be like Arial, which i can see being more compatible with OCR
  9. Happy birthday, DemICE. Enjoy your life without any regrets.

  10. Heyy happy birthday 😄, i hope you will have a wonderful day 🙂🎂

  11. maybe it depends on the pokemon, and how the stats are portrayed for each of them. is it possible to screenshot an example of a readable stat screen and an example of a non-readable one and paste em here?
  12. is the issue in the actual stats screen or in the IVs/EVs screen? also what do you hear when for example the OCR tries to read a pokemon's attack, defense stat etc?
  13. Well i wonder if removing the fonts might actually do the trick, since for some people who don't install the fonts, it appears as Arial. go to the fonts folder of the game, make a new one and shove the 4 fonts files in that folder to make them stop working. then tell me if the program has an easier time reading text ingame
  14. @Seb2314 I'm glad to hear this is doing the job in practice. You can change the fast forward key from the pause menu and selecting the controls, although gamulation has implied that the text reading program can't read any text in the game... and this could include the pause menu. is this true? @Gamulation If its at a time where i don't sleep, i'll definitely want to join that stream. Watching you play will help me figure out a priority of things that would need a mod to improve the game experience. @Malta10 I think discord's dm's are a comfier way. DM DemICE#1752 if you can. @Amethyst Yeah i too am glad to see how this is growing to be something bigger, and with meaningful results too. I can see this having potential to attract many people from a previously uncommon demographic in reborn.
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