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  1. >scales hard like diamond >65 defense
  2. The video has timestamps on every place where the cells appear too, for convenience, and an explanation on the usage of the cells in the end.
  3. Random message but I like your videos in which you use a trick toom team on Reborn.

    1. DemICE


      sorry my dude that sequence was painful, i dont wanna go through it more times than i have to.

    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      I liked them too, but I can't imagine doing myself.

  4. Happy birthday!! I really hope you'll have an amazing day 🙂🎂

  5. looks like you don't like sky drop very much
  6. the only use main series releases have for me is to provide new pokemon to be used by the much better fangames. but now even the pokemon look awful. so thats a new low.
  7. the one that will make it harder. so probably Tepig.
  8. DemICE

    e19 when

    release dates are unhealthy ><
  9. i think this justifiable enough as far as im concerned, regardless of my personal feelings. personal views purely for novelty: i dont know about anyone else, but the main reason seeing the mode go saddens me, is because of: 1) rejuv has somehow managed to create the best gameplay elements out of every other fangame i've seen. harder modes tend to showcase, and create the need to use more of those gameplay elements in order to succeed, which is why i find them interesting. i know the game is veering towards being story driven, but lets be honest, replaying the game more than 2 times (good and bad ending) has value only because of the gameplay alone. and rejuv was liek the one fangame that i was seing myself doing a lot of runs of long-term, past its completion. 2) the difficulty hitting that exact spot that fits with me personally (hard enough to push me to think, but not to the point where it reduces the fun) 3) azery doing a superb job with making intense mode battles interesting. (3) gets plus sad points because the mode going away feels like wasting his talent. we had already discussed on some ways to tone things down a little because when we went back to look at it, some v13 battles (and ryland) felt, pure mathematically, a little more overtuned than desired. all things considered this sounds like the more practical decision. i'll keep my challenge runs hiatus'd for that possibility and continue only my main file, and any new runs i start. i'm funnily curious to see how normal mode is for the first time.
  10. Unlike everything else, Terrain moves are a single button that you can brainlessly carry and click on every battle and you have nearly won because in a field-based game, bosses are helpless outside their design. However bosses are built to an extent to be able to prevent/counter setup/hazards, and accounting for some glaring counter pokemon to an extent. They even account for possible natural field transformations in most cases. This isn't feasible for terrain cheese. You can literally carry a sylveon in every fight and click misty terrain at any point and invalidate the fight's design. Its brainless to the point of not deserving to even be called a strategy, because there is zero thought process in doing it. Almost noone used the terrain moves for their unique benefits. The whole intention was "get rid of the damn field". And when someone who spent days/weeks designing a battle around a field gimmick and trying for everything to function properly, sees people choosing to basically skip the actual fight, it makes em question if the effort was even worth it after all.
  11. i would like to add to this by saying that if these games were not providing an interestin challenge to encourage approaching every battle in different ways, i wouldn't have played any of these games more than once. The challenging battles are what gives replay value. I like the story, especially in Rejuv's case, but if the game was not challenging i would only play it like once, say "nice story, and some fun battles, would totally recommend" and move on to other games. Like how many times do you read a book, even if you like it?
  12. i found reborn after i was disappointed by all of those "hard versions" of main series games i tried my hand on, so i just kept searching for "hardest pokemon games" and Yahoo answers delivered Reborn to me.
  13. i will bypass everything else that has been beaten to death in every piece of media and stay only on this: Lets have a look at the game rejuv was inspired by: Terra/Ciel: level cap 75, aces level 78. Adrienn: lvl cap 80, ace level 84 Titania: lvl cap 85, 2 mons lvl 86 and ace level 90 Amaria is immediately after so it doesnt matter that cap becomes 90, you will most likely go to her with levels 85-86. and her team has 86/86/87/87/88/92 Hardy: lvl cap 90, levels 90/92/92/91/91/97 levels above the cap as the game goes into late has always been part of the equation for these kinds of games. its one of the ways to maintain the challenge as the player becomes stronger and stronger
  14. Well EV training when only one side has it can lead to pretty one sided results, especially since speed is the most important stat. I have seen a nuzlocke in reborn where someone outsped and oneshot all of kiki's team with fully EV trained primarina of all things (the AI doesn't have EV trained mons till much later). This isn't something that i would consider healthy. Basically if i ever made EV rooms available early i would have given attack/sp.atk/hp but definitely not speed. thats something i would save for later.
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