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  1. the answer is obviously a perfect IV shiny mon.
  2. you'd be better off getting aironfaar's debug menu mod and generate all those pokemon exactly the way they were...
  3. honestly? remove all fonts from the Fonts folder. the absense of fonts causes the text to be like Arial, which i can see being more compatible with OCR
  4. Happy birthday, DemICE. Enjoy your life without any regrets.

  5. Heyy happy birthday 😄, i hope you will have a wonderful day 🙂🎂

  6. maybe it depends on the pokemon, and how the stats are portrayed for each of them. is it possible to screenshot an example of a readable stat screen and an example of a non-readable one and paste em here?
  7. is the issue in the actual stats screen or in the IVs/EVs screen? also what do you hear when for example the OCR tries to read a pokemon's attack, defense stat etc?
  8. Well i wonder if removing the fonts might actually do the trick, since for some people who don't install the fonts, it appears as Arial. go to the fonts folder of the game, make a new one and shove the 4 fonts files in that folder to make them stop working. then tell me if the program has an easier time reading text ingame
  9. @Seb2314 I'm glad to hear this is doing the job in practice. You can change the fast forward key from the pause menu and selecting the controls, although gamulation has implied that the text reading program can't read any text in the game... and this could include the pause menu. is this true? @Gamulation If its at a time where i don't sleep, i'll definitely want to join that stream. Watching you play will help me figure out a priority of things that would need a mod to improve the game experience. @Malta10 I think discord's dm's are a comfier way. DM DemICE#1752 if you can. @Amethyst Ye
  10. @Gamulation Improved the mod to a level that i can deem satisfactory. Up to 50 steps distance, unique recordings will play, which will sound more natural, and take a shorter time to execute. Over 50 steps distance, a multiple of 10 of the first digit has replaced the first recording, so instead of hearing "five two steps" you will now year "fifty two steps". Over 99 steps you will hear "over 99 steps." The only place i can imagine this to be of any use is a desert section you probably haven't reached yet. I discovered i can reduce the delay between each recording by less than 1 s
  11. This is fine, before i tried this out, i didn't even know how to determine that a certain tile has an event on it or not, so this was certainly a learning experience for me too. The main issues i see with this whole idea is that there would be need for a code that scans a x amount of tiles around the player, and then determine whether one of them is an event that is a warp to a pokemon center. then this would have to be done for every "point of interest" if this was a regular pokemon game i could see it being feasible, but reborn's maps are quite complicated, with quite more points of inte
  12. sure, when you check it tell me what voice you prefer so i can do the rest recordings in that voice.
  13. i googled microsoft sapu but i only found results about mouses... the text to speech converter i've been using is this http://www.fromtexttospeech.com/ can you check it and tell me which voice do you prefer? so far i went with Alice, which is the default choice, but there are 4 other options.
  14. Reading the thread started by a blind man in which you provided a sound navigation mod for Reborn in around 24 hours after the topic was raised was what I needed after a rough day, Call it cringy, edgy or whatever, but it is, indeed, the daily little good things that win over the big evil. Add one from me to that ''Days won'' counter at the top.

    1. DemICE


      Thanks man, interestingly enough this is actually a nice learning experience since i've learned 2 new ruby commands that may or may not come useful in future projects!

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