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  1. Hi Decrypt your game, it will stop lagging. You go from barely being able to move in Rawe City to zooming.
  2. Following Infinite Fusion's latest major update to 6.0, the challenge files have been checked and updated to be compatible with the current version too.
  3. After 4 years i decided to update this mod to work for the current (5.3.1) version of Pokemon Infinite Fusion, and also improve it by implementing a marginally better AI so that the opponents have a higher chance to do what they're supposed to do. For anything else, read the original post.
  4. huh, mono-6 bug team. neat ! that's like a challenge within a challenge. It's pretty interesting because you need to choose 6 pokemon of the same type that can offer as much role compression as possible. Support heracross was a pleasant surprise. Fun fact, did you know (probably yes) scizor has access to light screen and also sunny/rain, brick break and counter which herac was used for? and it can offer strong priority and more resistances to boot. of course replacing herac for this would have broken the 6-mon challenge...
  5. this is a sequence break where if you never visit the manor and do the foxes subplot you can trigger various mana interactions (as if you have met her already) before... getting to know her. bandicam 2023-02-03 19-16-22-387.mp4
  6. After some rudimentary search i figured there wasn't really any guide for this puzzle so I made a video of the fastest way I could find to solve this Show less
  7. I like the houses, they look cozy in a rough mountainous place. I like the idea of building 2 different teams in the same game. You get to play the double the amount of different pokemon in the same run. I hope there will be points where the both of them join forces in double battle sections! I'm also glad to see more people like my EV allocation system for their games :)
  8. vileplume's whole existence for 2 decades was it being a worse version of venusaur. and no the +10 sp.atk isnt worth all the things its worse than venusaur at.
  9. >scales hard like diamond >65 defense
  10. The video has timestamps on every place where the cells appear too, for convenience, and an explanation on the usage of the cells in the end.
  11. Random message but I like your videos in which you use a trick toom team on Reborn.

    1. DemICE


      sorry my dude that sequence was painful, i dont wanna go through it more times than i have to.

    2. Dark Legend

      Dark Legend

      I liked them too, but I can't imagine doing myself.

  12. Happy birthday!! I really hope you'll have an amazing day 🙂🎂

  13. looks like you don't like sky drop very much
  14. the only use main series releases have for me is to provide new pokemon to be used by the much better fangames. but now even the pokemon look awful. so thats a new low.
  15. the one that will make it harder. so probably Tepig.
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