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  1. #newyearnewme try to start 2021 with a positive vibe, starting by feeling good about yourself
  2. I don't know if you feel that way because of peer pressure, but v13 isn't actually taking this long for what it is expected to have. I hope this probably subjective hopefully objective impression helps you be more relaxed during these days :D Merry Christmas!
  3. Relax jan, We wouldn't feel like we need compensation for a game we get for free anyways! The important thing is that both the maker and the players have fun in this whole endeavor, so curbing the development of the game in a way that ensures that, would benefit both sides. I for one didn't feel an inkling of remorse when i said that i wouldn't start working on next Urmumium version till after next year xD
  4. maybe it'll be used for that poisonous forest
  5. I didn't really do any other changes. If I did, i would have written them there. I didn't want to spend too much time on this because Rejuv is expected to have its own official MKXP version, coming v13, with probably more improvements than i would hope to include. If i have time before i leave for vacation, i might look into the Apple thing.
  6. Urmumium nuzlocke when? actually no don't try to nuzlocke urmumium. its suicide.
  7. I've played about half of that list, but i didn't even know the other half existed, so thanks for the heads-up Also yay, i downloaded without problems now!
  8. Half of me wants to click. But i'm good at restraining myself. I'd rather not spoil myself and experience it through playing.
  9. thats a very good question. i used the reborn mkxp as a base for the port, and that one comes in 3 versions, windows, linux and apple. i used the windows version since the friend that won the bet (and me) had windows, so while i can say that it surely runs on windows, i cannot be sure to tell you if it will or won't run for Mac. maybe it will with some issues, or not at all. However this does sound like an incentive to see how easy it is to make MKXP ports for linux and Mac too.
  10. I fixed the instances of distorted graphics (hopefully) I updated the full download, and i also added the fixed graphics separately, for those who don't need to do a full redownload.
  11. "But Dem, why did you waste half of your Sunday on something that will most definitely be a thing in v13?" Because i lost a bet. Well at least this means y'all get to enjoy lag-free v12 a few months earlier than expected This also comes with the recent hotfix for Strength. It also comes with 2 little extra Quality of Life features i thought people would appreciate: -An option to change the controls (like in Reborn) -During battle, when you swap pokemon, the selected fight option will automatically jump back to [FIGHT]. The lack of this was k
  12. I never would have imagined Cassandra like that. Interesting!
  13. DemICE

    Minor Progress Update

    Those are some damn lookin' good visuals up there. Especially that crystal cave area. Must have taken a lot of effort. also Cruella De Vil is in the game and 101 Dalmatian Arcanines sidequest incoming as Jan's fever dream sidequest of v13 can't wait. *goomink approves*
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