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  1. can you please add held items for wild pokemons?. tnx a lot for this guid.
  2. what i get for complate the pokedex? is it worth it?
  3. Complete the Pokédex is very time consuming. How you guys work on it? any tips?
  4. It seems unreal that episode 19 has arrived.
  5. i am the only one that check every 20 min for new's or community release?
  6. it's mybe the finel episode but you create here a community, a universe with a 2 more game [for now] and a lot more then a fan game. there is a fan game and pokemon reborn so thank you for this and more. Q: this game still used HM? i know there will be mode for this but still i wish to know.
  7. how close are we to community release/open beta?
  8. Will there be an open beta as in previous episodes?
  9. gilam


    it's time to play the game....
  10. what i just wanted? to play in V13.
  11. why dont you dig one?
  12. gilam

    A fun team

    i always go with the obvious choices. torchic\chimchar\popplio as a starter. woobat\espurr and all the event pokemon like nidorina, mareep, sharpedo, growlith, etc. i want halp to build a fun and strong team [6-7 mon's] that i will enjoy play the story. so mon's move set ,etc. anything will help.
  13. tnx. but I meant which mons I have small window to catch them? like after the X gym or X event you can’t catch this mon anymore.
  14. What mon’s I have only a window to catch ?if I want to complete the Pokédex
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