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  1. thanks for this walkthrough. are you going to complate him soon?
  2. can you please add held items for wild pokemons?. tnx a lot for this guid.
  3. what i get for complate the pokedex? is it worth it?
  4. Complete the Pokédex is very time consuming. How you guys work on it? any tips?
  5. It seems unreal that episode 19 has arrived.
  6. i am the only one that check every 20 min for new's or community release?
  7. it's mybe the finel episode but you create here a community, a universe with a 2 more game [for now] and a lot more then a fan game. there is a fan game and pokemon reborn so thank you for this and more. Q: this game still used HM? i know there will be mode for this but still i wish to know.
  8. how close are we to community release/open beta?
  9. i will try to explain. for example, if i complate the first "a drive to hunt" at the beginning of the game i get 1 AP. but if i complate it after some time and few achieve's i get for the same one more AP points. so how the AP go? do you get more points for each achievement as you complete more achievements? Or are there additional variables to the formula?
  10. Will there be an open beta as in previous episodes?
  11. i noticed that some of the achiev give different score. like the first "a drive to hunt" some time this give 1 AP some 2 AP some time 5 AP. so how the AP cycle? what make the AP to grow for every achive complated?
  12. no. even the main series no use HM. so in a game that evry mon and move slot are important there is no use for this.
  13. There is still no reason not to get them during the game itself. There are many things that can replace the goldan items. as for mega for me the sooner the better. For me Keta can get a mega if that means I get one too.
  14. there is number of thing's i think rejuvenation and reborn need to do to advance into the more modern era. *HM/TMX. yeah i know there is the golden items. but golden items force you to grind achiv' which makes the first episode long and tedious. i think HM/TMX should no longer exist in the game. *mega evolve. i think the game can give us the ring sooner and give boss and gym leader mega sooner. you dont need to give us the strong megas from the start there is a lot mon's that have mega evolve. mega evolve is very cool and fun. its a shame we dont get to enjoy this early game.
  15. i hope in 13.5 will get the golden item's in game and HM slave will finish. there is no shortage of things to shere in exchange for AP. i hope litleo-pyroar will get A-form. wasted mon.
  16. when i choose an evening i cant find mon's in the grass
  17. will you add ways to get more AP and add more items to the AP store? all the mon's will update the move's to gen 8?
  18. you play on intense, no items' set mode .......? how you win?
  19. i cant find the trade. the room is empty. i have 13.0.4
  20. in a game like this you need to: *open with the best starter. *mon's you must catch and where you find them. *when you raplce mon's. *move's you make them leren. *finle 6,8,10 ..... mon's, move's. you can add EV IV and tip's that make the team better.
  21. so in V13 you cant get enough AP for all the items that you need?
  22. can you get enough AP in V13 for all the golden item's and the card's and the EXP ALL?
  23. how many AP can be obtained in total ? I want to know what to buy.
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