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  1. That sucks I thought some information would be revealed based on what others said but thanks for telling me anyway
  2. Well I already cleared v13 so can you tell me what happens?
  3. So apparently you could play as ana in the school of nightmares by entering a code if this is true can anyone tell me what I missed out on?
  4. Has anyone figured out how to get this specific cell? I went into the cave that leads to it but there's an unbreakable rock in the way and I searched the island but I saw no paths that get me on the other side. Also I have 83 cells so far but I can't find the others as well so if anyone can link me a guide on each cells location that would be most appreciated.
  5. I was exploring old areas and decided to see if anything changed with the Help Centers and in the Sheridan center The Hidden Library 2 quest was expired but I definitely completed the Hidden Library quest line. Is this an error or am I an idiot that somehow skipped it and went straight to 3?
  6. Oh yeah who did you speak with to snitch that Florin was taking over bladestar?
  7. That was for Flora not Florin and I already exposed her as bladestar's leader. I didn't join her or snitch to cassandra I held that information until it was right to incriminate her but if exposing a terrorist gets me bad karma oh well it's been years since I already done it.
  8. Oh damn I didn't even know you could snitch on him I might have to do that
  9. Just in case someone wants to if you visit Florin outside the botanical garden he reveals that he will take lead of bladestar while running for mayor and invites you to join which I did so if anyone wants to join the new bladestar here's how.
  10. Thorough out V13 when you play as the other characters in the pathways sometimes an option will appear that will give you the option to fight alone or team up with another character for example when Nim attacks Melia, Ren, and Venam you as Melia can team with either or fight Nim by yourself I chose the alone option and there was altered dialogue with Nim commenting on how she gets beat by Melia without help. Does anyone think this option changes anything such as relationships or future plot or was it simply a difficulty option?
  11. What are your guys thoughts on the ending of v13 all the questions that were answered of other characters including the revelation we as the players are otherworldly beings inhabiting the body of multiple souls and are perceived differently in appearance by each character?
  12. Anyone know what pokemon can be evolved with this besides the munna you find in the base?
  13. Honestly prefer some of the old designs but the new ones look cool. Also how tall is Zetta like damn
  14. Void1243

    hi again

    I'm just honestly surprised you didn't just rant about everyone asking when the thing was coming out lol.
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