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    Listening to Lo-Fi and Vaporwave, competitive playing (sometimes, but i'm really bad at it). I'm a huge fan of indie games and i've played a lot of them.

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  1. Is Stunky available on east Gearen as of V12? I've been looking for one for a good while now and I can't seem to find one. Just asking as I really want one.
  2. Hello there, just wanted to know.. Where can you exactly purify a shadow pokemon? I have an Alolan Grimer ready to purify but it seems you can't purify it with Dr. Jenkel in V12, did they change it, or do I have to wait until later game?
  3. Haven't checked on this forum for nearly a year, curiosity got me into this place. As i'm replaying Reborn.

    G'day to you all.


    1. doombotmecha


      G'day to you too! Good luck on your run!

  4. Wowie, 10 posts. Cool.

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