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  1. Rift Ferrothorn, funny story - back when I played this I used Leech Seed on it and the drain effect completely healed my Pokémon every turn. That thing has stupidly high HP. Also you're a lot nicer to Erick now than during the whole Rift Garbodor thing. Must've been Melia and Veronica souring your mood eh? "Next thing you know, Venam will turn out to have been a nuclear technician this whooooole time." Wasn't Veronica supposed to be good with chemistry or something? At least her gym has that poison-mixing puzzle going on and if a gym makes you do something that usually means that the leader is an expert at it.
  2. Heather by quite a bit. My main team's a pretty straightforward "hit them super effective" with the only utility moves being Speed control in Tailwind and Thunder Wave. Heather guaranteed setting up her own tailwing and removing most of her weaknesses in the process was a huge issue. Laura and Bennet were kind of pathetically easy, double Heat Wave is just too good. Elias and Anna are probably around the same level, although Elias ended up being the easier of the two because his Holy Field let my Mega Sceptile and Gardevoir rip through a lot of his mons.
  3. Sticky Web can be removed by using Rapid Spin or Defog, alternatively the move Magic Coat or the Ability Magic Bounce will reflect it back onto your opponents - I'm not sure if the AI will actually try to use Sticky Web if you lead with a Magic Bounce mon, but switching one in or Mega-evolving Sableye will work. Also Flying Types and Pokemon with Levitate or holding Air Balloons all are immune to Sticky Web. If you really want a Meowstic you shold actually be able to leave the workstation through the elevator and go grab one from the Lapis alleyway. Light Screen can be removed with Brick break - you should probably have this on one of your mons since the third fight in the gauntlet will also try to set up Screens Definitely keep Lucario around, it should do great in the second and third battle. Having both Swampert and Primarina is a bit iffy since they don't like fighting under Drought, I'd swap out Primarina since I think it has the better offense for this gauntlet and with your team you can't really use Swampert's Earthquake.
  4. I want to get off Mr. Mime's wild ride

  5. maybe a bug, maybe some weird interaction, I dunno but here's what I observed: I've been doing a Ghost Monotype and Luna was shredding my team so I decided to grab some cheese. I lead with Drifblim and use Minimize three times to max out Evasion; Bisharp alternates between Sucker Punch and Night Slash. Sucker Punch obviously fails because I'm not attacking while Night Slash misses, meaning the Evasion boosts definitely work at this point. I then Baton Pass into Golurk - the stat boosts display shows the evasion boosts as having been transferred to Golurk but despite this it gets hit by every single attack Luna's Pokémon use. I've tried it out by just sitting there and taking hits and the Evasion boosts are clearly being ignored or didn't get transferred. It's not an issue with Baton Passing Evasion in general either - I've done that a bunch of times and it worked just fine previously; Luna's gym fight is the first instance of it not working. The Field isn't at fault either, since neither the Crystal Cavern nor the Cave Field have any effect on Evasion or Accuracy.
  6. Just to be clear: you picked the dialogue option that says "no"? Because what this guy with his thick slang actually asks is whether you're going to leave, meaning "no" triggers the battle while "yes" avoids it.
  7. It's the EV Overflow mod from the SWM modpack With that active whenever a Pokemon gains EV in a maxed stat that stat's IV is increased by one and the EV are reset.
  8. Coming on a bit strongly there buddy. Sidequests really are the bane of your existence, huh. Though honestly I don't know what you expected a Drapion to do against Sylveon, they don't take special hits nearly as well as physical ones. Poor Hakon, at least he other three didn't have to know it's coming. I have never heard of anyone naming an Eevee Darwin, that's way too much an old man name for an Eevee. Also yikes, what are those shinys. (except Leafeon, that one's not terrible) If we do ever get another Eeveelution it'll probably be Dragon Type, since that's the last one of the formerly Special-based Types that doesn't have one yet. That or it'll be a new type again, but please not again. Noone in this game cares what anyone else is going through unless their name is Melia. To be fair they're pretty much all going through some bullshit themselves but from what I recall the only time it's ever brought up that someone's having a rough time is with Melia on Terajuma.
  9. I think you accidentally a word there, but you're saying that you do think that ZEL and Taka make up a large chunk of the early game, yes? Well the bit about the first three PULSE is actually exactly why I think it's not that bad, their appearances are clustered fairly close together and tied together by the Tangrowths as a common thread. The first ZEL battle is the last plot step in Obsidia Ward, after this we get the Onyx Gym as a sort of intermission and then move on to Taka's introduction and the double battle in Jasper/Beryl. After that we get everything that happens in Lapis Ward and Shade's gym before we see ZEL again in the second factory. (Which I kinda forgot earlier) Taka's next appearance then is after you've been all through Apohyll and Azurine Island, after which both of them take some time off from the plot as you've noted. The perception of Taka and ZEL showing up a lot seems to be mostly based off their first two battles involving the Tangrowths, which I personally don't see an issue with as they're all contained in one arc, involved in the same operation. None of what I've posted here is supposed to be an attack on the development process, all I've been doing is posing questions about why this new character is what they ended up going with and putting down my own idea for what could've been done instead - not as a "This is how you should've done it" mind you, but rather just "There were a number of options available so I'd like to know what made you decide on that one?" We actually already got some insight on that, which is cool. The only thing I was directly accusatory about was Andracass's behaviour, the topic of which I belive she has already sufficiently replied on. Also I dislike the notion of "It's a free game keep quiet and take what you're given!" I absolutely will take it if it appeals to me but that won't stop me from putting down my input when I feel like it. I don't expect anyone to bend to my will but I appreciate seeing when my input has been given some consideration. Well, in the interest of showing that I am actually looking forward to this I figured maybe I should actually bring up some things I'm happy about? I'm looking forward to seeing the visual makeover some areas and characters have received, particularly the protagonist's sprites. Since the main thing about Reborn I enjoy are the battles I'm excited to see the nightclub fights against the various leaders. As someone who's done a literal dozen monotype runs I'm also looking forward to the more varied early-game Types so I can maybe dive into some like Ice and Ghost that currently are rough or not doable at all without debug. Also the Legendary quests to add some fun stuff to my teams. I'll be happy to see Cain rescued from the Void, he only ever tried to help and doesn't deserve being stranded there. I'll also be happy to see Bennett get his comeuppance for the shit he pulled in Ep18 and y'all better not skimp out on that because boy did he manage to make himself reviled in record time there. I'm looking forward to seeing the added character interactions to help some underdeveloped characters. But most of all...! I'm looking forward to less running back and forth between Beryl and Lapis, mercy on our hero's poor feet.
  10. I don't know what's to come, so naturally. All I can do is extrapolate from what little we're given and what we already have. Frankly, I don't think the character writing of Reborn's antagonists is a particularly strong aspect of the game. There are already many underutilised characters which makes the decision to add another one into already existing parts of the game seem questionable to me. "We've taken old files into consideration, so if you are starting e19 from a completed e18 file, rest assured you will not be confused by missing their prior context!" There's only two interpretations I can pull out of this at the moment: First "Ace's presence will leave no significant impact on the events of Ep19. Their role will be wrapped up as of Ep18's content without significant changes to key events involving them." Second "The game will go out of its way to fill in the player on any events that Ace's introduction has had sufficient impact enough to be important to be aware of." The first leads to doubt regarding what siginifance Ace will be carrying in the larger plot, the second just seems clunky. I don't even feel that strong about this situation, I'm perfectly ready to wait it out, see what we get and then make my conclusion. The thing that irks me is specifically the way you brushed of someone's concerns as, well, this: The thing I'm taking issue with here is 80% your attitude.
  11. I'm gonna disagree with your last bit here, you're being a jerk. Eagle brought up a perfectly valid point here - there's already a lot of characters running around, to the point that many of them are reduced to just "the one you fight at the end of a Meteor dungeon" for most of their appearances. What is this Ace person going to bring to the table that couldn't have been offered by one of the existing characters? It's been mentioned that the early-game has a lot of fighting Taka and ZEL (which, honestly, I don't even really agree with) but it's not like that's not due to there being any other characters present. Meteor has, frankly, a buttload of agents running about everywhere so the perception of Taka and ZEL being too prominent early on shouldn't be seen as a symptom of there being not enough characters but rather of the characters we already have being too inactive. Sirius is the very first Meteor admin we run into but he just dips out of the game until his stint as sorta main antagonist for the Orphans arc. He could take a more active role. Or even Corey; Ame mentioned him as getting an optional appearance earlier but why couldn't he take an active role in the early plot? I obviously don't know what kind of early appearance he's going to have but with it being optional I have my doubts about it doing much for him in terms of the player building some sort of connection to him. Best case I see players' reaction to him going from "Oh, a new guy - and he's dead" to "Oh, it's that guy - and he's dead." Two more characters that could show up are Blake and Cal. Blake currently mostly just exists to be an ass to Cal and Shelly up in Ametrine, as well as being an inconsequential flunky during the mansion gauntlet. Cal meanwhile could benefit from players actually seeing him being involved with Team Meteor so his eventual desertion amounts to more than the current "actually none of this needed to happen" up on Pyrous Mountain. This is a whole lot of words for "Why did you decide introducing a new character was the best choice?" but I'm not trying to say that I think Ace is going to be totally terrible, I just have to question what even led to this decision. Particularly since, by Ame's own words, people continuing from Ep18 aren't going to miss anything not having had any interactions with Ace. From this I'd assume that their role is going to be over and done with by Ep19 and that they aren't going to leave a notable impact on the events thereon. So, again, why was it decided that adding this new character was the best course of action? If I'm allowed to drop any sort of goodwill for a moment here my suspicion would be that Ame (or someone else with sufficient input) simply wanted to add this lost element of the original Team Meteor but felt the need to justify themselves beyond a simple "I felt like it".
  12. Ah man, I was looking forward to the "Fix Aelita" Arc (Aelita not included) I like how Souta rushes everyone along to go touch the timey-wimey rock and then turns around and says you've got all the time in the world only once everyone else is already gone. Peak Rejuv writing, characters always have their priorities sorted. Also as someone whose only exposure to Sonic was in Smash bros I can confirm that Live and Learn is indeed the best Sonic song.
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