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  1. I'm actually pretty sure that it only shows up there once you've been to Spinel Town (or at least can go there). That's where you get the Good Rod so Houndour and Carvanha (its Aqua counterpart) become available at the same time.
  2. I'm getting this error followed by a crash every time I try to leave the starting house:
  3. Updating from Version 1 all the interiors got messed up Tried redownloading but that didn't fix anything
  4. So Solo Mode kinda like Pokémon Stadium's Gym Leader Castle or Smash bros Classic Mode then huh. Also bummer, my smart scheme to get a bigger roster failed! What a shame!
  5. I distinctly remember it getting Shadow Sneak and Shadow Claw. Since Ghost and Dark are super effective against the same Types there's actually not much gameplay reason to use Ghost moves on Mightyena. You might have ditched them because of that.
  6. This looks like the kind of Pokémon game I've been dreaming of for years! Also the kind I'd be really bad at lol. Is there going to be a Story/Solo mode? Your planned roster looks pretty cool to me, although Ground and Ghost having one more pick each is totally not okay and you absolutely have to stock up the other Types by one each! Also nitpick: Shadow Claw should be a Ghost Type move, not Dark
  7. Question for Caz So I remember back in Ep4 Rock Smash had 75BP and Mightyena got a bunch of Ghost moves by level up because of certain reasons. Neither of which is the cas ein Ep5. Did these things get axed intentionally or did you just forget about them?
  8. Anyone know how many of Silvally's Memory discs are available so far and where they are? I got Grass and Poison so far.
  9. The Aqua Gang alleyway has wild Espurr that already know Fake Out
  10. Anyone know where, if at all, the following Pokémon can be found? Rufflet, Archen, Aerodactyl, Rockruff, Mudbray, Rhyhorn, Feebas, Gabite, Axew, Tyrunt Also are the TMs for Earthquake or Bulldoze available?
  11. Shinyness as well as all other values are determined the moment you get the egg.
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