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  2. @Reino20 Hit the Control key to toggle following Pokemon. If that doesn't work it's probably bugged and you should explain exactly how and when your Pokémon stopped following you to trace back the issue.
  3. Just avoid the electrocuting tiles
  4. Played through the demo and I'd say what's there so far seems quite promising. It's only one town and route each so not really enough to form concrete expectations; the starting town doesn't have much going on as is usual for Pokémon games but Route 1 has an interesting little gimmick to it that's required to progress through the first time. Regarding the plot there's not mucbh that can be said since the demo barely scratched the surface but the setup seems interesting enough, although I think the intro bit of the game brings up the bit about your parents a little too often in quick succession. Otherwise the only thing I can say is that I'm not really sure what Aria being a character from the anime is intended to contribute; it seems to be mostly just used as a backstory for her although as someone who hasn't watched the Pokémon anime in a hot minute I don't know what sort of reaction I'm supposed to have to her presence. It did kinda bug me how she just ditches her old Pokémon now because reasons when it's her explicit motivation to become able to protect herself and her family so sticking with the Pokémon she already knows for a long time and is familiar with should really be the smarter choice. Visually the game looks nice so far. Gen IV graphics produce pretty clean environments and it works well for Route 1 and Goldsong Village's coast. The custom NPC sprites blend in well and the one we get to see in battle so far looks quite good. The protgaonist's various sprites unfortunately all look rather plain and uninteresting, particularly the male ones. There are no major battles in this demo, but the random trainers on Route 1 are unfortunately rather ill-balanced in my opinion. There levels are a little too high for how little exp you can get until that point without grinding wild encounters and they use quite a number of Pokémon species that are just too strong for that point in the game. The second trainer you can find on Route 1 has a Durant, a Pokémon with three base stats higher than 100 at a point where players are lucky to have more than two Pokémon above Level 5 without grinding them out. Other standout Pokémon found on Route 1 include a Sudowoodo with Stone Edge, a Minimize spamming Litwick that's also surprisingly tanky, a Draining Kiss spamming Comfey that's annoyingly tanky, a Wigglytuff with Hyper Voice, a Snubbul with Elemental Fangs for coverage and potentially an ability that sharply raises its Speed, a Sneasel and a Dunsparce that will Rollout you into oblivion if you don't get rid of it quickly. With a lot of annoyingly strong enemies running around much of the gameplay is spend progressing a few stept forward and then immediately turning back around to the Nurse at the entrance to the Route because your team is on its last leg after just one, maybe two trainer battles. Many of the trainers also already carry three or four Pokémon with them with can make breaking through some of those annoyingly strong ones even more of an issue. Another contributing factor is that the early game seems rather heavily skewed in favor of Fire Type Starters and pretty heavily screwing over the other two Types. With Route 2 being set in a forest some Type bias is expected but it becomes kind of an issue when the trainers get in on it as well. The Field boosts Grass moves but many of the enemies resist it so if your Starter is a Grass Type your strongest team member's offense just got screwed while Water Starters need to be wary of enemies' powered up Grass moves. Fire Types meanwhile get to burn through the plentiful Bugs you have to fight on this route while being threatened by relatively few enemies. All that is exacerbated by battles being locked to "Set" mode. I get that it's a game design choice to make battles more challenging by removing a player-only advantage but it really never improves anything when it's forced on everyone. The vast majority of the time all it does is make random trainers more time-consuming to beat than they should be and training up new team members harder than it needs to be. Even if you feel like Set mode is somehow an absolutely vital component for the game to be fun and challenging I feel it would be a much better idea to restrict them to fights where it actually matters instead of also extending it to those trainers that should mainly exist to feed us exp on our way between the important bits of the game. Also options really don't hurt anybody. Random bit about music: I ran itno an Aroma Lady using Hopes and Dreams from Undertale for her battle music and then a few stept further an Dancer who used a track ripped straight from I think the Gen II games. Talk about whiplash. Also personal opinion but I feel like you shouldn't use climactic final boss music on random route trainers because it dulls the impact of whatever track you'll be using for the battles that are actually supposed to feel climactic. Particularly if it's music from other games the emotional connection players may have with it is going to make it hard for other tracks to compete against that. Lastly two bugs I encountered: during the battle at the big honey tree the enemy's Lv 6 Combee had an invisible sprite Secondly both Fury Swipes and Fury Attack don't work and throw out an error related to the Battlebond Ability for some unfathomable reason: Clicking on OK results in the Pokémon's turn being skipped
  5. @Jawz1023 After fighting Connor the professor should be standing outside next to the battlefield. If you haven't checked yet you could go look there on the off chance he doesn't actually move away there until you get the TM even if that means he's in two places at once. Your best bet is probably to tell Caz that Hidden Power is missable so he can add some sort of failsafe for the next version.
  6. Groudon in PMD Red/Blue has a -10% base recruitment chance, so you have to stack a bunch of recruitment chance modifiers to have a chance to get it.
  7. It's been like that since at least Ep17 and definitely not a Mac-only problem. Personally I just assumed that at some point whoever implements the dialogues stopped bothering with or forgot to put in the variables.
  8. Mightyena acutally used to get Shadow Sneak and Claw by level up back in Ep4 but Caz forgot about that when updating the movesets to US/UM.
  9. Use the move relearner to get Mach Punch on your Infernape for Lucario; it usually uses its first turn to set up Swords Dance so you can Close Combat it on that turn and then kill it with priority. If your Yanmega has Speed Boost and Detect it should be able to help against Mienshao, Blaziken and Hawlucha; the latter is stupid fast due to its Seed and Unburden so you'll need three Speed Boosts iirc. Hawlucha doesn't get Acrobatics by level up as you've noticed, but Flying Press is listed as Fighting Type in the status screen so it should probably benefit from the Big Top Field like all other physical Fighting moves. If your Hawlucha has Unburden and you have the right Seed or Gem it'll probably do a lot of the heavy lifting, otherwise what I think you should do is try to goad Samson into sending out Mienshao before Hawlucha and use Yanmega's Detect to get a Speed Boost before killing it. After that his next Pokémon should be either Blaziken or Hawlucha with the other one following next where you again Detect for Speed Boost then kill. If Yanmega lacks in power against any of those carefully check your Items, even a Metronome can help once you have enough Speed Boosts. I think Mienshao and Conkeldurr are his only Pokémon with Poison Jab so having Sylveon nuke Hariyama is probably your best bet to bait out Mienshao. It might pull out Lucario instead but if you have the Berry that weakens Steel moves you should be able to avoid that. His Conkeldurr is slow as heck, but very bulky on the physical side and packs Drain Punch to heal itself. Try to keep your Special Attackers alive for it - particularly Roserade, Sylveon and Yanmega since they resist Drain Punch so he's less likely to use it - and only send out anything weak or neutral against Drain Punch when you're sure you can finish it off.
  10. I'm actually pretty sure that it only shows up there once you've been to Spinel Town (or at least can go there). That's where you get the Good Rod so Houndour and Carvanha (its Aqua counterpart) become available at the same time.
  11. I'm getting this error followed by a crash every time I try to leave the starting house:
  12. Updating from Version 1 all the interiors got messed up Tried redownloading but that didn't fix anything
  13. So Solo Mode kinda like Pokémon Stadium's Gym Leader Castle or Smash bros Classic Mode then huh. Also bummer, my smart scheme to get a bigger roster failed! What a shame!
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