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  1. Did you already try rightclicking the fonts and "install as administrator"? (or however else it's worded)
  2. The Plusle she throws out at the start is so weak that it should still work, unless it boosts itself literally every turn. I know I've set up on it before.
  3. Braixen might be able to sweep by setting up to +6 with Howl and then Flame Charging everything. Just make sure not to die to Aftermath.
  4. So a game containing only Fakemons? There's already a bunch of those around so it's definitely possible. I don't know anything about how to produce a fangame but you could always just go check how one of the existing ones handled it. Pokémon Sage is the first that comes to mind right now but there's others out there.
  5. It also got them shunted to post-Agate Circus so I'd say they're disqualified as best 'Mons due to being unavailable for the majority of the game.
  6. You can get a Trapinch by trading a Mothim to a guy in a house in Chrysolia forest (might have to teleport it there first from Spinel Town if you haven't already); Flygon isn't too well-suited for Serra's gym, but it's strong and has a great movepool. Also has Levitate, so immune to Ground. It's imo the best Pokémon you can get around this part of the game. You can also get an Eevee from a cave in Chrysolia Forest to evolve to any of its evolutions. Azurine Island has wild Yanma - Yanmega is one of the stronger Bug Types out there and Speed Boost is a handy Ability for many situations. Tanzan Mountain has wild Sandile - one of Krookodile's Abilities is Moxie and it has decent enough Speed to overtake a lot of enemies if you invest in it.
  7. @repressible_operonDo you have some way to set up Sunny day and the helkd Item Metronome? If so you could try spamming increasingly powerful Heat Waves with your Charizard. Just gotta protect it from Darmanitan's Rock Slide. Route 4 has wild Bronzong - capture one with Heatproof as Ability and teach it Trick Room to turn the mostly speedy nature of Charlotte's team against her. The various Rock Types on Route 4 can also be used against her under Trick Room. The Move Relearner in Agate Circus can get you Rock Slide on your Steelix as well.
  8. You can always check your level cap on your trainer card - the little squares where the Badges go show the your level caps until you get each Badge. If you need to grind and are out of trainers the deepest part of Below the Grand Staircase has wild Unown that can go pretty high in level while also being pretty easy to beat. The go to strategy for Shelly is to use a Pokémon with Fake Out to stop her Prankster Illumise from setting up Rain Dance (your Persian should have this, otherwise wild Espurr in the Aqua alleyway already have it in their movepool). A Fire Pokémon can then KO Illumise with a move that changes the Field to Burning. This also stops her Swift Swim Anorith from wreaking havoc on your team with Rock Slide.
  9. Numel is available after Julia when it's raining. The spreadsheet says "Before Badge" so you probably got confused there. Sentret can be found in Obisidia Park - that's where you fought the Pulse Tangrowth.
  10. Only way to change weather besides waiting it out is to either change the time/date on your computer or to download a mod that lets you set whatever weather you want. If you go east right above Julia's gym in Peridot you can go under the Opal Bridge. One of the buildings in Onyx Ward has a roof garden where wild Spearow can be found. Fearow is a pretty strong Flying Type at this point that should be a big help with Fern and the Gym.
  11. Gen. 1 - Arcanine Gen. 2 - Lugia Gen. 3 - Sceptile Gen. 4 - Lucario Gen. 5 - Zoroark Gen. 6 - Delphox Gen. 7 - Silvally Gen. 8 - dunno, barely know any
  12. You don't need to Rock Smash to get deeper in the cave below the Grand Staircase. Walk south towards a bunch of ledges - they lead to different paths depending on where you go down and only one of those paths leads deeper into the cave while the other ones loop back around.
  13. Bronzong needs to survive a turn to set up, so probably something that draws attacks away. It shouldn't really have much trouble surviving since afaik Typhlosion and Darmanitan can at most hit it for neutral damage with Darmanitan's Hammer Arm; Incineroar can probably draw Darmanitan's attention away and get cleared out for the Ground Types to take over.
  14. Catching a Bronzong on Route 3 and teaching it Trick Room shoud help. One of their potential Abilities is Heatproof which makes them immune against Fire. With Trick Room active the Ground Types should be able to deal with Charlotte's team. If your friend picked up the Protector from Iolia Valley they could use that to evolve Rhydon too.
  15. The most important points of EV training are that 1) a Pokémon can only collect at most 510 EV total and 2) each stat can only have 252 EV at most. These two restrictions mean that you can max only two stats of a Pokémon with a handful of leftover points to spare. For general competitive Pokémon there's a ton of considerations to give your Pokémon the exact right EVs to be able to survive certain attacks or be faster than certain other Pokémon, but a lot of that doesn't really apply in Reborn due to Field Effects and whatnot. Your best bet would be to just identify the two most important stats of the Pokémon you want to train and then find some place were you can do that quickly using the various "Power" held Items. For fast attackers there's the aforementioned Woobats and for 'Mons that want HP there's Grimer fishing early on or wild Gulpin/A-Grimer in the WTC post-Agate. To my knowledge there's no other spot in the game where you can get encounters giving only one specific kind of EV as quickly as these two. Retraining EV for your old Pokémon should certainly boost their performance, but it can be rather costly to get rid of the unwanted EVs so you'll have to decide for yourself if it's neccessary/worth it. Breeding is usually mostly done to get perfect IV, but those have a lesser impact compared to EV; for the most part resetting encounters or catching several wild Pokémon until you get one with "decent" IV (for me personally 20+ in all the stats it needs) will do fine. Breeding perfect IV gets more involved the more perfect stats you want, although for just one or two stats it can be very quick if you already have the right breeding tools ready (i.e. compatible parents with perfect IV in one of those stats and the "Power" items to guarantee passing those on). Breeding for Egg Moves is another matter, but Move Tutors can let you skip that in a lot of cases.
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