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  1. Want to ask the same question... has it? Because I remember having a Haunter last time I fought the Celeste gym leader
  2. Started (re)playing yesterday, love it! I'm a sucker for pretty things so I'm loving the revamped art and designs for some of the stuff. Also, thank you speedup button. Mah boi Doduo is gonna take me a long way~
  3. Thank you. Being a fitness junkie, I love this concept and will try it out. Let you know how well I fare. I'm gonna go off on a little ranty tangent here but I believe it's necessary. I agree that most people do not like to exercise because it is boring - but that's because most people don't know how to make exercise fun. The reason why this is because everyone thinks you have to do 200 pushups to look like Brad Pitt. Which is boring, if not extremely difficult for the layman. And I have good news. You don't. All goals for any fitness enthusiast can be broken down to two goals - the most common one being to lose fat, the second to gain muscle. Muscle growth and strength growth comes though progressive overload. If you can do an exercise for more than 8 reps, you're strong enough to proceed to the next level. For the average gym goer, that's easy. But what about the rest of us who don't like cranking heavy weights? Funny, because it's even more relevant with the pandemic in existence now. Introducing - Calisthenics. Progressively get stronger by doing and sticking to an exercise for 5-8 reps. Keep in that range, do it for two months which adequate protein consumption and you'll build a hefty amount of muscle. Once you can do 3 sets of 8 pushups, go to the next variation - the pike pushup. Second, fat loss. Easy. Caloric deficit is the answer. You have to programme your body to eat less. I understand that this is the larger problem for most people. What i personally did is go down from three meals a day to two - thereby consuming lesser amount of calories by default. Easier to stick to and I can eat more at a single sitting and still consume less on a daily basis overall. It's that simple. The problem with fitness being so difficult to understand is the amount of bullshit spewed over the internet. You see celebrities on roids like Dwayne Johnson swear by drinking 4 gallons of water a day (which is impossible and dangerous for any human being), talk about eating 6 times a day to around 5000 calories worth of food. Which is as you would guess a lie, and not completely true. Eating that much food will put you at a caloric surplus and you'll gain fat. Which you don't want. I implore everybody to workout. It's the most liberating feeling once you get used to it, you'll develop a very positive body image when you see the change because of the work you put into it. My final year of college, people called me the "shredded otaku" - cringy as it is, I loved it because I had overturned the classic redneck anime 5000+body pillow wielding stereotype. Let's all become buff nerds. 2020 is our year. PS: for those of you looking for a good plan to do at your home, try the Recommended Routine from the bodyweight fitness subreddit. Its a perfect beginner's routine that slowly builds up to elite level exercises like the full planche and the handstand pushup. Equipment: I recommend getting gymnastic rings, a pullup bar and a weighted vest once you're strong enough for the most challenging exercises for more challenge.
  4. The one thing that kills the replayability is the lack of a speedup button. @Caz pls don't forget about this in the coming release...
  5. Oh man, I've been waiting since forever for the return of this. Glad you could make it despite your busy schedule. I actually deleted my Desolation folder because I thought it wasn't coming back apologies for having such little faith
  6. Happy Birthday hope u and your loved ones are safe

    1. RedAlert


      Thanks Star, hope you are safe as well ❤️

  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Candy


      Hitch hiking on the birthday message to wish you a happy birthday too~

    2. RedAlert


      Thank you mah guys ❤️

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😉

  8. Can someone help me out here?: 


  9. I'm stuck.... but this is for Where Love Lies, please note (I didn't see a topic for it so I'm putting it here) help a brother out Game.rxdata
  10. Rejuv question: Has anyone found the virtual badge quest ridiculously difficult playing the totodile route?


    And when I mean ridiculously difficult... I mean, I'm playing intense mode.

    1. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      Set mode Intense was ok for the first two badges.

      But for the next two, I allowed myself switches and items because winning required haxx.

    2. Commander


      Try the Chikorita route. Bugsy was hell.

    3. RedAlert


      I'm on Claire and the battle starts off with an overleveled feraligatr refusing to cooperate, leaving us with 5 Pokémon. Add to that her dragonite does not budge, despite throwing billions of rockslides and ice punches at it.


      It's entirely dependent on RNG and not strategy, which is unfortunate because the only reason I'm playing games like these is for the strategy.

  11. I really want to continue my Rejuvenation Intense Run, but uploading all the images through imgur onto here is not as fun as it used to be before.


    Wondering if I should switch to YouTube as a platform 🤔

    1. Candy


      maybe you don't need to upload every single scene (I choose 5-6 images for flavor in my written run). otherwise yah video would be easier to watch too than to scroll down a lot 🙂

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