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  1. Tropius crest: Nullifies its Grass type weaknesses, increases its Attack stat by 50%. Serperior crest: Grants it Dragon type, makes it resist Ice type and Flying type. Emboar crest: Grants it Rock Head, raises its speed by one stage every time it uses a Fire type physical move. (If it uses Flame Charge, its speed will raise by two stages.) Samurott crest: Swaps its Special Attack and Speed stats, slash move (Razor Shell, Sacred Sword, X-Scissor, Fury Cutter, Night Slash, Slash and Burn, Cut, Slash, Air Slash) boosted in power by 50%. Miltank crest: Grants it Serene Grace, Milk Drink can be used on its ally and party Pokemon in battle. Ninjask crest: Attack scales with Speed. Shedinja crest: Grants it Disguise (Gen 7 version) and Magic Guard. Phione crest: Its base stats scale with Manaphy when Manaphy is in the party. Replaces its ability with Storm Drain. Pangoro crest: Its base Attack and base Speed increase based on the amount of Fighting type and Dark type Pokemon in the party. Each Fighting type increases 5 base Attack stats. (max: 25) Each Dark type increases 10 base Speed stats. (max: 50) This does not include Pangoro itself.
  2. Thank you! I fought the Excadrill and talked to the worker, but Drilbur was not there when I went back. So I restarted the game and this time I chose not to fight the Excadrill. The Excadrill just left without fighting it. Then I talked to the worker and went back. The Drilbur appeared. I guess I shouldn't beat the Excadrill if I want a Drilbur. Though I can't get the worker's reward (three credits and a weakness policy) cause I didn't fight the Excadrill.
  3. Does anyone know how to get Drilbur and Porygon?
  4. The director said he want me to find someone that can bring him a new attraction. Can someone tell me where to find this person?
  5. How do I get rid of that Vileplume in Safari zone? I know I have to use spice powder, but It just went back to sleep after the battle.(can't really fight pokemon in Safari zone) I tried to catch it. It was still there.
  6. Jan I can't move after I beat puppet masters This is my save file Can you help me,please ? Game.rxdata
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