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  1. It's no longer in central celia. You need to go to northern celia. The house with a cyndaquil in it has a man who will unlock a factory in the northern part of north celia for some credits. This is where you can evolve Magnezone.
  2. I don't think their function has been released, but I think Caz said there would be 7 in total to find.
  3. Even before you trigger that event you need to collect all 3 diary pages in Silver Forest and return it to Shiv's abandoned mansion. That's how you trigger the fight.
  4. The hidden cave is the one behind the waterfall hinted by Shiv's diary in the jungle at the start of the game. It's also where you get croagunk and one of the colored pieces.
  5. In order to get the brass key you need to find the 3 diary pages in silver forest. Then bring it back to Shiv's mansion and interact with the Shiv's diary. Then the brass key will appear. Majira's keys are not the colored pieces. Currently you can get 2 of the 5 Majira Keys. The first one is in the abandoned blackview pokemon ranger headquarters.
  6. After you interact with the hint, walk around the rock counter clockwise. Make sure you are touching it when you walk around it. After one round a hidden door should appear. Here's a video if that was still confusing(skip to 0:40)
  7. You can do the find 4 pokemon quest in Blackview. This gives you a variety of powerful fairy type pokemon. I would personally suggest togekiss with serene grace, but the others are also viable.
  8. You need to finish all the ranger quests in route 2 hq first. Then the leader will give you a special key to access the library for another quest.
  9. So this one is a little tricky. There will be four bidoofs on the lower right corner of the room. You need to talk to the them in the order that the blue bidoof says. If you're still having trouble try watching this video since my instructions kinda suck: Go to 5:20 in the video.
  10. You can get a link stone in addenfall(This is right before the 3rd gym). There is a sidequest where an old man just outside of addenfall asks to bring someone with a wireless adapter to him. Inside addenfall there is another old man. Talk to this old man and bring them together. Your reward will be a link stone. Later in celia, there is another sidequest that lets you buy as many link stones as you want for credits.
  11. Like Liroy said a good grass type is probably the best option. I think roserade, or torterra are great options. If you're looking for mega evolutions maybe consider mega abomasnow?
  12. I must admit I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I'll always look to get good ivs and ev train the second it's available. I can see why not being fully ev trained makes the game much harder(I just assumed everyone would). The reason reborn, rejuvenation and desolation stand out compared to all the other games are because they add another level of strategy. Just like you said-water sport surskit helped in the gym fight. Water sport is probably the most useless move but with field effects it acts as a niche against the fire gym. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but I like new strategy aspects even if they're small ones like giving previously worthless moves like water sport a powerful role.
  13. My gliscor was ev trained(I just follow smogon :P) so it was 252 in hp and spdef so it can tank hits really easily. Also you get the toxic orb early, so tank gliscor with posion orb and swords dance is a really strong. Even if you didn't have serperior, you have access to roserade which is another really strong pokemon you get early on, or sheer force nidoking with sludge bomb. Serperior also swept the lilith fight(contrary is busted...one shot the umbreon). I also had a mega mighteyana which is a fun pokemon to use because if you get normal mighteyana to revenge kill a pokemon you get a moxie boost. Then you mega evolve and you sweep the rest. I definitely reset a lot for aderyn. But after Aderyn, all the other major battles were done on my first try(again not saying this is some god-level achievement, but saying there is room to grow for the difficulty level). Maybe if I do a second playthrough with a different team I can possibly get a better view on the difficulty(as I might have gotten lucky with my comp), but I was mainly just surprised to not have like 15+ resets to beat a major battle like the other games. I know people hate having to reset that much to win, but I think it forces some level of strategy and thought into when you play. When you beat everything on the first try it doesn't really feel like an achievement, but that's just my opinion. Were you ev-trained when you did these fights? If not, I can definitely see why the fights were difficult. My team for Lilith was: Serperior, Gliscor, Gengar, Mighteyana, Electivire, and Lycanroc. Not a well balanced team by any means, just pokemon I found fun to use.
  14. If you've played reborn or rejuvenation intense/normal mode you will realize that the battles in desolation are significantly easier to the point where you can just brute force them. A lot of people complain about the electric gym but you have access to dragon dance+earthquake flygon. The galvantula has no response to your flygon so you can freely setup a clean sweep. Personally the fairy gym was super easy with contrary serperior and swords dance+poison jab gliscor. The reason it seems "easy", is because in other games like reborn and rejuvenation you start a gym with a sort of plan, but if it's your first blind run it will almost fail due to field, custom moves, or just unexpected movesets. However, in desolation all battles after aderyn literally took one try(and I'm by no means a "good player"). The main reason for this is powerful counter pokemon for every gym or just in general exist early on(I do like this feature though since we don't have to wait till the end of the game to find good pokemon). This should just be countered by competitive movesets and items. This isn't to say desolation is bad, the story is still amazing. Just wish we got a bit more of episode 4's difficulty.
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