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  1. I’ve bred like ten or so Rockruff and they all have Own Tempo despite the parents both being Lycanroc midnight. I know in the official games that means it has to be dusk Lycanroc, but is it possible for it to be midnight in this game/possible to change it’d ability with a capsule?
  2. I am trying to get the Brick Break TM for Angie's fight. It is not in the location in Terajuma it should be, nor in my inventory. Would anyone be able to put it in my bag? Game.rxdata
  3. Most be the station itself then. Mine were actually reverted from a session before this one
  4. My Pokémon were around level 32 and I lost to Sharon and Eli in the Wispy Laboratory. When I healed from it my Pokémon were back down to around level 26, and my Luxray had regressed into a Luxio. Alongside that my Galarian Yamask was replaced with the Alolan Raticate in my PC. I believe my party was replaced with the one I had a few Audino fights before the third gym fight. Anyone know what happened?
  5. I can’t recall the answer to this, so I hope you don’t mind me asking: Is it planned to make a follower mod for V13 like there was in V12 of Rejuvenation?

  6. Not quite possible since I’m only at Sheridan. I did this once before and someone was able to get on in even without the debug mod. I wish I knew how
  7. I know there isn't a debug mod up to date for Pokemon Rejuvenation, so I was wondering if it's possible to add in a Pokemon, or share my save file and have someone else do it (A female Lucario to be exact.) I've played through the game twice now, so I'm not super worried about not waiting until the proper time to get the Pokemon.
  8. Wonder why it never happened on Mac. Oh well. Do the Pokémon border settings work for you?
  9. Not the best title but I forget the specific term. When on Fullscreen in Rejuvenation, my screen is black at both sides worn the game in the middle. When I had a Mac it filled the whole screen, so I imagine that is possible. Any advice?
  10. As long as my save does than I'm not too worried. But people seem to be having trouble with the Mac version, so I'll just get the windows for now. It's getting set up very soon anyway (thank you)
  11. Will files transfer between different computers? I'm getting a windows PC soon, so I don't know if I should just use the windows version on my Mac for now (with wine) or if using the Mac one is okay
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