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  1. It means it's not being worked on until said otherwise.
  2. I assume this means this mod is on indefinite hiatus?
  3. Do you know if my not being able to use the Golden Surfboard has to do with the Rejuvenation Follower mod? I know it isn't something your actively working on (to my knowledge) but you've helped with around the code before, so I figured I'd ask. (And yes I have the right amount of Badges and have used the Surf HM before.

    1. Commander


      Probably hasn't been provisioned in the game as it is different than surf. Probably doesn't have an override for it.

    2. GriffinO1


      So it is a problem with the mod?

  4. Can I add the patch the V12.1 patch to the folder or will that break the mod?
  5. I can’t use the Golden Surfboard. I have then proper amount of badges, the HM, and I’ve used normal surf just fine.
  6. Saving and re-opening the game in the area of the bottom half of the right staircase results in this error.
  7. Walking up the any staircase in the Forsaken Lab with follower Pokémon enabled induces a crash. Oddly even when I disabled them I still crashed. But only after fighting the person guarding the panel by the right staircase. This only occurs when Mosley is following as well.
  8. What happens to Keta's Pokemon after you leave Caratos Mountain?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RoyChaos


      I prefer save Saki for the last in Gym Battle, because she's missing. Anyway, the remaining gym leader types are Fairy, Dark, Dragon and Steel. That's what I think.

    3. GriffinO1


      I think you might have replied to the wrong thread RoyChaos.

    4. RoyChaos


      Oh yeah, sorry. Forgive me!

  9. A crash typically occurs soon after healing in the first gym, and before it crashes, you follower will be invisible.
  10. This is everything I could ever ask for. Will there be a way to activate Passwords like easyhms mid game?
  11. Gotcha, then does the thread get renamed occasionally? Cause at the top it says this. Pokémon Floral Tempus - Episode 3.0.1 Released! By Silent Chord, July 27, 2018 in Fan-game Exposé
  12. I meant last July, I though it said it released July 2018.
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