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  1. Both are good. Personally I prefer Moxie, but If you don't plan on breeding Dragon Dance into it, and keeping your Scaggy as is, then Intimidate might be the better option. EDIT: i highly recommend you breed Dragon Dance and Drain Punch to your scraggy though
  2. 1.By beating 5 elite trainers you trigger an event that ultimately gets you a Deino egg. 2.Atm there's no purpose for them. 3. I remember how get the vendor that gets you heat rocks etc. and the one with ultra balls from north celia. I definetely have the one that has choice items but can;t recall how to get him. Are you sure you don't just pay with credits to get him? 4.No clue, I have the same problems, never seem to remember which key is which. 5.I think it's the begining of a sidequest, for me that whole building is blocked off now. Look around for Bill(?) in Blackview. 6. Yes, still unlockable.
  3. Not exactly a mechanic, but maybe something akin to combo moves. Kinda like how the pledge moves work with each other, For example in a double battle selecting Thunder for one of your mons and hurricane for another, would produce a different effect or attack alltogether. You could also take into account the move your opponent used.
  4. I think it's interesting and it could work, but it would take a lot of balancing. Maybe instead of a cooldown, the skills depend on an RNG for their accuracy (or both). After all, instructing your pokemon to dodge doesn't mean it will be able to do so. The skills could also be dependent on the happiness of the pokemon, their current hp, stats and or stat changes (it's hard to imagine a shuckle dodging an attack). But overall it's a really cool idea.
  5. That's weird, it didn't work for me. I even deleted all mods except the shared PC one, and it still crashes the game.
  6. You could even say you had... Super Luck I'll let myself out
  7. Buneary is not pat of an event, it is available at the Celia Docks Credit Store,
  8. That's great! I tried a few more times since, but gave up eventually. I guess I'll give it another go.
  9. There is also mega mightyena.
  10. Iiirc correctly she leads with crobat and uses u-turn every time, till crobat is her last mon. Definetely save lycanroc, for her crobat, and manectric for her milotic. Maybe lead with Camerupt, and since she'll go for u-turn just spam earth power, i dunno
  11. unpopular opinion Tropius (harvest) Sitrus Berry (I'm preety sure there is one in-game atm) Modest 252 HP 252 Sp. Attack Nature Power (can be really op depending on the field) Leaf Storm (replace with Giga Drain when available) Leech Seed (replace with Substitute when available) Air Slash haven't actually used one yet, but planning on breeding one, just because it looks cool
  12. If you really want a drilbur, you can load a previous savefile, but that means, you'll lose all progress you made since. You can go to the game file: user>Saved games> Pokemon Desolation 5 The saves are numbered, and also show how many hours of gameplay were at this point (example "844 - yourname - 37h 26m - 4 badges.rxdata." ) Choose one that seems the most appropriate (a save from before battling the excadrill) and rename it "Game.rxdata", after deleting the original Game.rxdata. Reload the game and it should resume from whenever you saved that savefile
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