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  1. Suzuki

    an apology

    It's possible that if they released just the main story in episode 19, we'd never get to play the post-game. That's because a certain company in the past shut down a similar game when it got finished. Ame withholds the release till it's fully finished (post-game an all) for our sake. EDIT: sorry I just saw someone else had already replied your comment explaining the same thing
  2. That's the standard message you get for mons of different species. You'll still get eggs , you just gotta walk more because the chances of getting one are a little lower. PS: as long as you don't get a message that goes sth like " your pokemon prefer to play with other pokemon rather than each other" you're fine.
  3. You could even say you had... Super Luck I'll let myself out
  4. Buneary is not pat of an event, it is available at the Celia Docks Credit Store,
  5. If you really want a drilbur, you can load a previous savefile, but that means, you'll lose all progress you made since. You can go to the game file: user>Saved games> Pokemon Desolation 5 The saves are numbered, and also show how many hours of gameplay were at this point (example "844 - yourname - 37h 26m - 4 badges.rxdata." ) Choose one that seems the most appropriate (a save from before battling the excadrill) and rename it "Game.rxdata", after deleting the original Game.rxdata. Reload the game and it should resume from whenever you saved that savefile
  6. Just wanted to say Volbeat and Illumise are only available at night, in case someone had trouble finding them as I did. It'd be cool if we slowly started adding the time of day certain mons are encounterable, in the location guide. I suppose they're the same as with Rejuvenation and Reborn, but going back and forth between guides is less than practical.
  7. Not the cave where Keneph Village is, the one that is behind the waterfall.
  8. It doesn't matter. We all know, PC and Ava are meant for each other, even if it never happens in-game.
  9. Bonsly is only available through breeding Sudowoodo, not an event. I'm still working on the others
  10. Cleffa/Igglypuff/Togepi Azurill Eevee Tyrogue is available at the southern celia credit store Eelektrik and Komala are available at the West Celia Foxes' den after beating Rosetta. Spoink is in West Dreamscape as an overworld encounter.
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