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  1. Better yet, get a heart scale and relearn bullet Punch. Can't tell you how many times a priority move cinched a victory for me.
  2. Maybe not all steel. If you have anyone bulky in general that would help too. But like 2-3 good steel types are good. Aggron is good because it isn't weak to fire. Escavalier isn't weak to fighting or ground. I think no matter what they will get rid of the mist eventually if you don't. I didn't have anyone good enough who could learn it so I gave up on it and they set it up themselves anyway and my esca and agg sweeped
  3. Imo I disagree about the field. Yes it boosts her fairy moves, but it also boosts steel moves as well. Those boosted fairy moves won't do much to a steel type (who typically have great defenses anyway) But I agree about aggron. There's so many battles I honestly didn't remember exactly how I beat them just that I had like all steel types. One of which was my trusty shiny aggron with heavy metal. Heavy slam practically obliterated their entire team. I also had Metagross for bullet Punch though but it didn't survive and esca helped finish.
  4. It is a pain but I will say Metagross for sure is worth it, its helped me out SO much throughout later challenging battles. But I think in general Steel types do very well in general in Reborn. Bisharp I think is a great choice too, I think I'm gonna go for it in my next run. I also got rid of Roserade, I liked to use toxic spikes but her field prevents status, too many steps to get rid of it then set it up. Especially with Venoshock being the only viable poison move it can have. Let us know when you beat them! (Or xyr? Idk I prefer them)
  5. I'm glad I gave advice someone agreed was good!
  6. So, I've already played Reborn (just finished!), and have also started Desolation already. Apparently I keep getting Deso and Rejuvenation mixed up, as I meant to get Reju first and just now realized it. I picked casual mode lol. As much as I love Reborn, I wouldn't mind it being less hard, I'm godawful at competitive. Anyway! For Reborn I picked Infernape as its my favorite fire starter, then picked Greninja for Desolation as its my favorite Water plus its great due to Protean. Here though I'm not sure, as I don't know yet like anything about this game. On one hand, I'd love to pick Treecko to complete my favorite starter trifecta, but due to what I assume is the games difficulty, Treecko is probably not gonna be very good for awhile. I kinda want to pick Blaziken, but I already started another Reborn run with Torchic. So! With that annoying rambling out of the way, which starter do you recommend? Should I not care and pick Torchic? Or pick Treecko? Or is there another starter thats great? I tried looking up threads but they were all 2014/2015 so I imagine there must be some changes or something maybe certain starters are better now? I did see something about Piplup sucks due to TM availability, but Rowlet gets some amazing move so its good? *Found a thread actually from 2019! So, I guess Litten and Popplio are very viable (which surprises me since I thought Incineroar gets a lot of hate) and Snivy is good due to contrary but I'd have to wait til late to get leaf storm. **Ok I just ended up going for Litten due to Intimidate and Darkest Lariat. And he resembles my MC profile. After 15+ tries I got an Adamant with a GREAT IV spread. But it had Blaze. But so did all the others! Is the HA super rare? Anyway, can I find an ability capsule early on? I know in Reborn you can find one like right after you leave the grand hall.
  7. Beldum is located in the Byxbysion Wasteland. I'll link a video, but basically you use a data chip at the poison gym healing machine (and USE it), go to Route 1, ride a tauros, faint in a battle, you get teleported back to the poison gym but still on tauros and you climb through the areas. I know it sounds like its a pain but its not too bad. You just need strength and its Lv1 so someone with thunder wave and maybe false swipe. But if not, a Scizor should operate the same, only 5 points weaker in attack but it would get a technician boost for bullet punch!
  8. I'm not the most competitive player, but I do have some ideas that might help. I'm not sure how willing you are, but Metagross is a good option. It can have Clear Body to ignore intimidate, and then use bullet punch. I believe I also had Lycanroc for Accelrock. (Although I think I got rid of Gardevoir first and saved Granbull for last) If you can get someone with Tailwind, you can get rid of their field (while boosting your speed) plus it turns the field into fairy tale field which also gives steel type moves a boost which hits 5/6 of their team for super effective. But it also turns fire type moves into part dragon (like flying press) which makes them not hit fairy types. Another option, which is a beast elsewhere, is Escavalier. It has tons of resistances, high def/sdef, and if it has shell armor, gets boosted def in the fairy tale field. IMO I would get rid of Archeops, since its ability cripples it after damage which it most likely get very quick. And add in Escavalier or Metagross.
  9. Finally beat the nightmare challenge. And woah a lot happened. That I guess abyss place was really cool. So we saw our memories, plus some memories of others. Cain/Aya, Blake/Cal, Radomus/Gardervoir, and some meteor things here and there (I'm on the Zekrom path in case that matters) But there were some things I was confused by. Biggest, was the whole Glaceon/Espeon->Lumi/Eve thing. Noel and Anna were strapped into some beds, but labeled as Eve and Lumi. And it was stated they borrowed their bodies? Or swapped with Anna/Noel? But I thought it was made clear that they (Lumi/Eve) were possessing their own Eons and assisting the player? And then their own bodies were back. So yeah that kinda confused me. And Gardevoir was in love with Radomus, but something about her, jealousy or something? I assume she's referring to Rado's late wife? I know that was her with the meteor quote, from a YouTube comment. And if I'm understanding correctly, Rado felt the same way back? But only because his desire for his wife kinda transferred so to speak to Gardevoir? She originally belonged to his wife right, and she asked Gardevoir to look after him? So I guess she reminds him of his wife. Zel, is now just Zero correct? Albeit Zero with the trauma of once having 3 consciousness now being one again, but still his body. Granted I assume its as a result of that. but from what I remember from the incident, Zero sounded like he was some aggressive tough guy forcing Eve to work on the machine. Yet now he seems like a timid grunt, and was even described by Bennett as originally being a low level Grunt. He still calls himself Zel though and 'us'. Even though Lumi and Eve explicitly have their own bodies again.
  10. I somehow beat it. Literally just remembered bullet punch for Meta and knocked out ribombitch. Took some careful work but I beat Cain first and then Shelly was easy. Thank god I was healed for the next one, and it was so much easier. I was able to heal my team fully in battle before beating luna. Then Rado and Serra weren't too bad. Got rid of that Ninetales to prevent aurora veil and yep that was it. bullet punch helped for gardevoir too thank god. now I get why people like priority moves.
  11. Like I've only tried 4 times? And based on how hard it is, this genuinely might make me quit the game. I literally cannot get passed Cain and Shelly. The wiki must be outdated, because allegedly ALL the enemies only have 10 IVs in their stats, no EV distribution, and random natures. According to this, Ribombee should NOT be outspeeding my Lycanroc or Infernape, yet does so easily. The only thing I can think of is to have Lycanroc and Empoleon (teach Empo Defog, I believe it learns it) to get rid of sticky web. But otherwise idk how tf I'm gonna beat this thing, unless I pay someone to do it for me. This is my current team I assumed would fare well against all 3: Infernape: L90/Jolly/252 Atk+Spd/Iron Fist Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Shadow Claw, Close Combat w/Muscle Band Gardevoir: L81/Modest/252 SAtk+Def/Trace Psychic, Moonblast, Teleport, Magical Leaf (yeah not a lot of options for her right now) Lycanroc: L82/Lonely/252 Atk+Spd/Keen Eye Rock Slide, Accelrock, Stealth Rock, Crunch w/Hard Stone Escavalier: L84/Brave/252 Atk+HP/Shell Armor X-Scissor, Iron Head, Drill Run, Swords Dance w/ Quick Claw Magnezone: L88/Modest/252 SAtk+HP/Analytic Discharge, Flash Cannon, Magnet Rise, Flash Scrafty: L87/Adamant/252 Atk+HP/Intimidate Drain Punch, Crunch, Thunder Punch, Rock Climb w/ Kings Rock (dont know why but dont have any other items) And notable options in PC: Metagross: L82/Adamant/252 Atk+SDef/Clear Body Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Brick Break, Bulldoze Empoleon: L85/Modest/252 SAtk+SDef/Torrent Surf, Flash Cannon, Icy Wind, Hidden Power(Ground) Ampharos: L88/Modest/252 SAtk+SDef/Static Discharge, Thunder Wave, Dragon Pulse, Power Gem Sceptile: L88/Modest/252 SAtk+Spd/Unburden Energy Ball, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Brick Break(Only for Amarias Light Screen) A. Sandslash: L73/Adamant/252 Atk+SDef/Slush Rush Icicle Crash, Iron Head, Drill Run, Secret Power Roserade: L86/Modest/252 SAtk+Def/Poison Point Giga Drain, Venoshock, Toxic Spikes, Nature Power Aggron: L81/Adamant/252 Atk+SDef/Heavy Metal Metal Burst, Heavy Slam, Double-Edge, Secret Power I'm sure I did some of these..not so good. But for any people who have more of a competitive eye, is their a setup I could do to help? Or a updated moveset? Its also night where I am and I guess that means no move tutors right now.
  12. That makes sense, I haven't had any glitches so far so I'm glad about that. This is luckily a minor error that I can live with. Just wanted to make sure! Thank you
  13. I think this started in the circus. I don't believe I ever noticed any issues with my pronouns, but I came across a character who stated there was a bug at the time (I started at 18, I think it said the bug was 14/15?) and I could change my pronouns to fix it. I think he said the issue wasn't present anymore past 16 or something but I opted to do it just in case and re-selected Male. However since then I've definitely noticed I am always referred to as them. Its not a huge deal, I'm not gonna rage about it, but it is, I guess weird? Would be nice to be called a guy but just in case I did activate a bug or something, thought I'd mention it. *To add, I'm on MAC and as far as story I just got to the glass station.
  14. I'm having trouble deciding which is a better setup for Magnezone. I fully understand if this is dumb af, I never was a competitive player so please don't judge me too harshly. A Magnezone set I used in XY (story mode though) that I really liked was: Modest/Analytic/ EVs in HP and SAtk/Assault Vest I like this because, the way I see it (could be wrong feel free to correct me) this gives it all around tankiness plus power. Naturally high Def, SDef boosted Assault Vest and EVs in HP. And with no spd investment, it should go last to do massive damage with an analytic boost But for all I know, thats a horrible spread, and I've also heard Sturdy is a great ability in game, which I agree with as my Donphan and later Golem have helped me immensely. But Magnezone is pretty tanky anyway, so I can't imagine Sturdy being necessary, plus its a one time usefulness, whereas Analytic will always boost as long as it goes last. However, with the Assault Vest, I'm prevented from using Ele-Terrain which I've heard reeeeally helps control field effects. Also, since I'm here anyway. Which should I battle Amaria in? Double or Single? My team is: Magnezone, Mega Ampharos, Gardevoir, Sceptile, Roserade, and either Metagross/Scrafty (with Thunder Punch) or Escavalier (just super powerful and tanky and already low speed so field isnt a big deal)
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