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  1. Nooooo i read this too late. I got a decent shiny rash one so i kept it, Why didn't I wait ;(
  2. I got an Aevium Feebas in the lab, but idk anything about its stats or when it evolves. I assume it'll be a special attacker? Or what moves it can learn. The wiki doesn't have any information on any Aevium Pokemon. I've tried googling but most I found was how to evolve it but thats it.
  3. I put the .zip file in Applications and extracted it there. Applied the patch. And just keeps saying its damaged. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Did I patch incorrectly? I just dragged them to the game and clicked 'Replace files' when prompted.
  4. I'm nervous to post here since it doesn't seem to get much response, but I don't see anywhere else I am allowed to ask this. I am trying to download this on Mac. I played V12 a long time ago but then forgot about it for awhile. Since I didn't get far I just decided to download the V13 and start over. I saw that note about putting it in the Applications folder. V12 didn't have that problem so I, stupidly, attempted to try it not in Applications. Nope the file is damaged. Put it in Applications and tried again. Nope still damaged. Deleted it and dropped the .zip file in a
  5. Lol, f*ck me I guess. Anyway, I have another question, hopefully I don't kill the chat again. I have no idea how tf to get through Tourmaline Desert. I know I need to get through the trains but I suck at these kinds of mazes, and there aren't any videos on youtube that specifically show how to get through to get to Never After.
  6. So I just did the Devon Corp mission and got volunteers for Adrienn and I'm ready to battle them. However I wanted to train a few new Pokemon first. I wanted to get the lucky egg to help with that and I bought all the Pokemon in cages (except this mystery Pokemon the wiki says) I never saw Arclight talk to me after(though it's entirely possible he already did, I've been to 7th Street before and went to that area, I have like 140 hours in this game so I really can't remember) I'm hoping I didn't break any progression? Since I did this right while he's recuperating, idk if that affe
  7. Don't know why i didn't think to just ask here lol. So the info for mac only explains if you use wine, but there is an actual mac version now. How do I use the mods? I can't find the location of the game data in my computer (only the app itself and save data)
  8. Thank you! I ended up finding that video too but got confused at first because from my perspective I already went there and then I just watched it xD I'm glad this game can help remind me how dumb I can be sometimes haha. I appreciate you helping
  9. Hello, I'm stuck and I have no idea where I'm supposed to go. I am at Route 1 and beat Fern. All he told me was the gym leaders but I have no idea where the castle is. I found the labrynth but theres nothing there. What do I do?
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