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  1. Well before I just searched for files with 'rxdata' and all those showed up. But I checked the Saved Games folder and there isn't any regular Game.rxdata but its filled with several files like Name - 0059 hours.rxdata and the name is not one I have in my current game but from like an old one a couple years ago.
  2. I've started putting all my Reborn data into my drive so I'll have it for my next computer in case my current one craps out. I got all the main stuff with the game and audio/graphics etc. Now I'm looking for my save data, but there's like 5 different files all named the same 'Game.rxdata' plus another one called 'Game_A.rxdata' that one I assume has to be my second save game I made. But I don't know which one of the other is right? There's also these 'Game.ini' files in the same location. Not sure if those are important for my save. So I guess to repeat my title, which
  3. Move tutor in Peridot teaches Ice Punch. If you have mods you can relearn egg moves and get Icicle Crash.
  4. So this is my second run. I know which building it is, before anyone asks. I beat Radomus, am told to find 7th street by asking the gang leader. I asked him and he told me the location and to 'get my glory' but the lady is not in there. I have no idea what to do, this issue didn't happen in my last run. The only difference is I joined Team Magma in this one, (as in the problem one) and my last one I was with Aqua. Is it a different building? **Oh and just in case, I'm on MAC and am using mods which I didn't do before. However the only ones I have active are relearn egg moves, shar
  5. What's your team? And your back ups?
  7. You just saved my life. I found the data folder lets see if I can do the mods! I just want the weather change and relearn egg moves nothing crazy
  8. But I have the MAC version. I don't need to use Wine. The only file that came with the download was the game itself. Didn't come with any other folders. Like how there's folders for sprites and text etc, and data. I don't have any of that.
  9. Unfortunately I have the MAC version, not the wineskin either so I don't think those mods work right now for me.
  10. I'm on MAC if that matters. But I found my save files, but there all from a really old version. Like a couple years ago. Before I even had this specific computer so idk how they're there. Which is also odd since when I started this game there weren't any to load. There's only the last one which is the Game.rxdata the rest have my name, badges and play time.
  11. I did the dumbest thing I've ever done. I was on my way to beat Solaris at Pyrous Mountain. I had 2 Intimidate Pokemon, and I had 2 Telluric Seeds for the field. But, there were trainers on the way so I didn't want to waste them so I was gonna save them for just before facing him. But out of habit, I quicksaved after dialogue meaning I cannot access my menu anymore. And, because of the nature of this battle, losing just continues the story. And since this is my second run and I want to make better choices than my last, I need to beat him for this 'secret/true' ending. But I don't think I can n
  12. Ok I must've missed something. Is there a feature where I can breed moves onto already existing Pokemon? I thought that was a SwSh thing?
  13. This one came with Ice Punch. I mean, alright for Flying types but she shouldnt really be used for them lol
  14. I was SR-ing for a good Scraggy from the event and well I got this lucky lady. The only thing I'm debating on is whether to change its ability to Moxie or Intimidate. In my previous game, I had Intimidate which was a tremendous help several times (especially against Solaris' Garchomp in Agate) However, to my understanding as far as competitively, Moxie is much better, especially for Scrafty who is very tanky and could last much longer to abuse it.
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