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  1. Oh no. You made Adam hOt. Now I have to play the game as a suffering simp!
  2. So I recently made my own changes in Reborn, had no issue. Well one issue that was quickly resolved by another user providing me some new compiling dat file. Anyway I tried doing it in rejuv but it didn't work. No bugs as far as I can see but nothing worked. I know it processed them because I forgot a comma in one of my changes and got an error code for it. Fixed it and it was fine. But none of them took. The only thing I can think of is either: 1) the fact there was like 4 different txt files in the pbs folder. I deleted 3 of them since I didn't know why there was so many and didn't want any issues of it was reading mismagius as pure ghost in this txt but then ghost/fairy in another. Idk if maybe I should've kept them all or made the changes in all 4 txt files? Or 2) I had to get another mod like file for reborn because the compiler had issues and this helped fix it. Ok wait I just remembered something as I typed this. One of the steps I remember was uncommenting a '#' next to I think a line called pbcompiler when I did Reborn and then putting it back after. I didn't do that step. That could be why it didn't work. But does anyone know as well if those other issues are things too? Especially if I need a certain dat file to process the type changes?
  3. I got some help on discord with how to change pokemon types and stuff. i can see its working as all the type and stat changes are applied and i get no errors when loading. however whenever i attack with a damaging move or get attacked, the move fails because the targeted pokemon is not affected. the person who helped me said all they did was add items and that caused the issue as well. Does anyone know how to fix this? My first attempt failed and i didn't have a back up so i just redownloaded the game but it came already with my changes so im basically unable to ever play this game again unless someone knows what the issue is.
  4. So this mod is ready to use? Just put those two files in the mods folder and we'll get your type and move changes?
  5. Ok I got it working but I have a problem. Many backgrounds don't work. In the Pokemon menu it's just text on a black screen. The Pokemons Sprite is there, you can see the stats and nature etc it's just on a black background so it's hard to see. In battle however it's empty AF all you see is your Pokemon and the enemy Pokemon. I'm not sure how to fix this
  6. Is it possible to edit the game files on a computer first, then just send it to my phone? Like is it specifically an Android version or is the app just a way to read Windows files for Android. I'm asking because I have a few Sprite changes for PCs and shinies plus I wanted to have the couple mods I have. Only a couple like Sandbox or maybe debug I guess.
  7. I'm not sure if it's allowed to ask questions here, so I'll delete this if that's the case. I've tried asking on discord several times the past couple weeks but I've always been ignored. Not complaining just explaining that I've tried elsewhere to get information. I've seen there's a mod in progress here that changes some types, among other things. I was really interested in that, however it doesn't seem like it's available yet nor is there any information on when that will be. Although some of the changes seem a bit out there for my liking, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to edit Pokemon in the game files, if that's even how you do it. I did try looking through some of them but nothing seemed like it was what I was looking for.
  8. It WAS sold by that guy but it's changed in ep 19 to be given to you by the ringmaster. It was warned that for Ep 19 you either need to be at the very very end of Ep18 or start a new game because many things were changed. Unfortunately OP you saved at an incredibly unlucky point. Your only choice is to start a new game or debug the item in. But I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to explain how to debug and even if we can, there's no telling what issue that could cause.
  9. I'm having a problem with the shard tutors too. They say I don't have shards. They worked fine in my first save that was already done with Ep18 but I just started a new save and now they don't accept the shards. Did that change in ep19 that they're cash now or is this really a bug
  10. I just got to the part where I fight Sigmund all..effed up. What type is that Mr mime? Also since I'm already here.. Any strats to beat it?
  11. DecShep

    MAC saves.

    I hope this is ok, I saw someone else created a topic here. I was gonna load one of my other saves however it says I don't have any. My first/main save is fine. But the other 3 I have do not exist. When I went back into the original ep 18 one when I tried to load saves it said it was corrupted. I put all my save data copies in an easily accessible file. I just don't know where to put them. I think the problem is, the original ep 18 I didn't need to have it in applications so it was just in my downloads folder. But 19 required it be moved to applications. Though to my knowledge I've read that saves are always in the same location and it was able to load my main one just fine. So yeah, I guess I'm trying to figure out where to put my save files. *So I did find the folder location where all my saves are. They're all still there. Even the recent saves I've been making on the one working save. But even though they're in the same folder Reborn still says I have no other saves. **Ok!!! I had a problem! I tried seeing if I could click new game and then close to see if that would refresh something and it just deleted my only working save file!! I still have all my save files in the folder but the game doesn't recognize them nor does it allow me to click go to save folder option in the game title screen
  12. I am going to ask probably a stupid question but you never know! Is the Mac version going to be available at the same time/also being currently tested on? I'm just asking because I know its semi new.
  13. Wow thank you so much! You really took the time out to explain for me, I appreciate that so much. I understand its hard to answer a lot as were only on Episode 5, and I get the feeling were really only half way. Maybe slightly more than half way. I hope we see more about what makes us special, since the Twins clearly have borderline reality warping. So damn what could the player have?? I'm really looking forward to seeing me. Thank you again, that was so nice of you to write out this long and thought out reply :)
  14. So I just finished Desolation, and I really loved it. But, I admit I am nowhere near as smart as most others who can pick up on everything, or who may have explored more and found some hidden lore etc, so I wanted to ask for some clarification as far as whats seen so far in game. So, the main antagonist is Darkrai (duh), and he wanted to get to Ayrith. We are initially led to believe the Dreamscape/Odis Village is the real world and Ayrith is the Dream World. However my understanding is that its the opposite. Dreamscape is, well the Dream World (I mean its in the name lol) Dakrai seems to have been trapped in some in between world. In this universe there exists special 'Dreamers' who basically seem to be Lucid Dreamers, with certain people (Twins, Nova, Lilith and MC) having even more unique abilities. (Though I'm confused on what these abilities are) To escape from his world, Darkrai needed to possess one of these Special Dreamers and have them wake up in Ayrith so he could be free. As Nova/Lilith stated everyone in Odis Village were people who were not the extra special Dreamers, just the mediocre special Dreamers. Darkrai was able to semi possess the Twins and Nova since they were in the Dreamscape which he seems to have some influence over, but not fully as he was only able to use them as puppets and not use them to escape. So this whole time the Twins and Nova were actually just Darkrai slaves manipulating us to get to where Darkrai was. Something happened that removed Darkrai's control over Nova. Lilith was their first attempt, like MC they manipulated her life to get her close to Darkrai but she was able to resist, so they found MC instead after that. Lilith knew we were the next target, and tried to help us/prepare us. It seems there are good/bad endings, I'm unsure of how they affect the game. Granted I assume the point is we find out in the next Episode. I followed a guide and got all the prompts. I saved Nova and refused the offer. So idk if I am understanding it all or am I missing some stuff. I also have some questions. 1) I am really confused on Nova and the twins. They were all pawns from the start right? So what was that whole thing with Nova attacking Shiv and stealing Aurora's powers? Weren't they on the same team? Didn't Nova have her own abilities? What did she steal from Aurora? Why did she stab Shiv? How did he survive? Then the whole ordeal with Aurora trying to kill Nova, Shiv protecting her etc. Idk how to explain why it confuses me. 2) The twins in general. I am unsure of their backstory. Darkrai created the manor for them? They are the most special? I don't even know what their powers are or how they have them. 3) What were the other endings? What happens if you accept his offer? Or if you reject him but fail? Seems there is a good, neutral and bad ending? I think thats it. Sorry for asking a lot or if I'm just really dumb lmao.
  15. I'm stuck. I'm at the I think it's called Dreamscape? I talked to the library guy to help wake up Shiv and he wants me to find his books. I found the first book, got a cutscene about some place that wasn't supposed to be there and that was it. But it doesn't let me grab the book "Some unseen force prevents you from grabbing the book." Wuuuuuuuut *Also, it's the one in the northern section, the red book.
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