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  1. Tile rendering issues have been fixed as of newest version..
  2. New, updated versions have been released to the public, now with bugfixes for Pokemon Essentials. https://www.patreon.com/posts/joiplay-1-01-52-35594656
  3. You can reset the controls inside Reborn's control menu. Auto-run and Fast forward have their own dedicated keys in Reborn. Open your menu in the Reborn game and scroll down to Controls. Cheats aren't available yet.
  4. He replied, and is okay with the links being shared to others.
  5. Oh shite, Ame herself. Starstruck here. People did mention that, and I've emailed Joiplay for explicit permission to use these early links. Just waiting for them to reply now.
  6. Depending on your phones processor, tiles might have trouble loading in. You mentioned a solution to this on discord?
  7. I don't know if mods work, haven't tested. But other poke on games are being tested and several work. Metal works, Island has minor bugs, as does Uranium.
  8. Yes, the game needs to be unzipped and placed in storage for it to work. Loading from a zip file doesn't work. The pic from.your screenshot is exactly as I have it. Try placing the game in the main storage, not the downloads folder. Might help. What are your phone's spec? Remember, Reborn needs at least 2GBs of RAM on PC, and on phone, it'll need a good processor.
  9. No, I didn't. Huh. Okay, so, I installed the apk, then the plugin. I placed Reborn's full folder on my phone (not SD card), opened Joiplay, the went to Reborn's folder, added the Exe, put in the version as 18.2, and booted it up. Can you upload screens of the problem?
  10. After three years, this is no longer a dream. Just got it up and running today, using the latest patreon build of Joiplay. Some loading time, but music, battles, cutscenes and sfx all work smoothly for me. This is not a joke, a hoax or a scam. I'm serious. Reborn is now fully playable on android devices. On monday, the patreon links will go public, but I'll post the links to the MEGA folders here. 30some megabytes in total, two apks, and no internet needed when setting up. Pokemon Reborn fully working on Android.. Just a random heads up to
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