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Pokemon Reborn fully working on android.

lcie nimbus

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Hey. I've downloaded both APK's, and the game itself, but the app says that this game isn't supported, you had this issue in testing before? If so, how can i solve it? When the app opens the downloads carpet, it only shows the Game.exe file, without the Reborn carpet, may this be an issue? 

Edit: now the reborn carpet isn't even appearing, as you said in the description, and when i load the exe file, the app crashes, help :[

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No, I didn't. Huh. 


Okay, so, I installed the apk, then the plugin. I placed Reborn's full folder on my phone (not SD card), opened Joiplay, the went to Reborn's folder, added the Exe, put in the version as 18.2, and booted it up. 


Can you upload screens of the problem?

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Well, i had two problems/methods. The first one happened when i added the game following your steps. I clicked the "+" button, then added the name and the version, and i went to the direct storage in the settings, and selected the Game.exe file from the zip folder, and then the add button wasn't working. The second one occurred when i loaded the game directly from the downloads section, and when i selected it, the app crashed. I tried testing the app with a replay from showdown, an HTML file, and it played perfectly. As i said, the reborn file is compressed, may that be an issue? 

PD: the text in the second screenshot says that "Joiplay keeps crashing", btw (the picture isn't uploaded, for some reason)

PD2: i changed the name of the game in the first picture, but in the first time it said something like: "reborn18.2.zip reborn18.2"Screenshot_20200329-134621.thumb.png.5d5fa7533dad12e53f962e760708acb1.png

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Yes, the game needs to be unzipped and placed in storage for it to work. Loading from a zip file doesn't work. 


The pic from.your screenshot is exactly as I have it. Try placing the game in the main storage, not the downloads folder. Might help. What are your phone's spec? 


Remember, Reborn needs at least 2GBs of RAM on PC, and on phone, it'll need a good processor. 

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It's been brought to my attention that this is specifically using an early access patreon build of this program, which is expected to release publicly soon. Since the main version is already available and free we aren't planning to take down the links or anything but please consider supporting the app developer here!



that aside, gotdamn. i'm impressed with the world. this is gonna change some shit around here probs.

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Hello ! I just installed this Android version, and I've encountered a graphic bug at the very beginning of the game : the first pkmn center, in Opal Ward, won't show. The NPCs are all there, the story goes on normally, but the room itself doesnt display (no floor / walls / furnitures).

[screenshot : https://ibb.co/YNvxsG0]

Same problem on the upper floor : no way to see the starter balls, even if i can pick them.


-Otherwise the outside graphics work properly : no problem to see the wards, and almost no lag

-I tried with all types of screen sizes (since full size, on computer, used to cause bugs in the caves), with or without borders

-I put the files on the root of the phone


So I wanted to report this, and know eventually if there was a way to fix it. Thanks !


[Edit : in fact, the most building's inside won't show (still some would). I use exactly the same files I use on my computer, the version is up-to-date, so I guess it doesn't come from here 😕]

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I'm getting an error when I run the game. It's just a black screen with music playing and then a white popup box with:
 Script 'BitmapCache' line 318: SDLError occured
Error loading image ": Unsupported image format.

How fix? 

Fixed it with new download.

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