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  1. hi yes i am going to upload it don't worry! i'm just waiting a bit to get some other stuff sorted first !! also with the download yes that's true i appreciate everyone who's been looking forward to it despite me sitting on this for uh a decade, much apprecation <3
  2. dark types are nice, but imagine not having fairies be 90% of my team
  3. ty~ and yeah like swablu is now available pre-julia!
  4. I think you're overestimating how much about the availability has changed. A few neglected mons are now earlier; that's it. This is normal tweaking we've done with basically every episode Yes! We call it the Community Release and frankly maybe we should stop calling it that. But, it will be available to anyone with a forum account. If I can offer an alternative, that perhaps their addition can help execute the existing story better? Most are the same but a few have been moved up. Bannetite is already like literally one of the first ones yet get though in current version, and always has been, lol... This is a good response. The sidebar is referring to postgame stuff which has been played by about 2 people so far and in its un-nerfed state was absolutely not a good balance of fun vs difficult. Obviously there are going to be people who prefer that to lean more to the difficult scale, but we are balancing for the average target difficulty of the existing game. We are also keeping those people who prefer difficulty in mind via passwords and making nerfs that said passwords are going to be able to, themselves, revert for a given playthrough for full intensity.
  5. EXP All is in, and a couple other quality of life mods that we've seen appropriate to integrate. We looked at Bag Sort but it appeared to be a Whole Thing so we are leaving that to a mod. Set Weather isn't really appropriate for the vanilla game imo, and the stat change overlay is something that I think is a little too clunky for me to want to add it as is but if I were going to spend more time with the project I would probably look into redesigning stat change overlay to be prettier and more compact. I had had some thoughts about doing that anyway, but, like... no i need to move on for my own sanity.
  6. Great question! Ace's name has roots in the old Team Meteor backchannel roleplays. Back when I first started the project I asked for Will to give me a handful of admin characters, and Ace was on that list but I actually dropped them because I was worried about, say, bloating the villain cast. I ended up regretting it pretty early on though because we just end up fighting taka and zel back and forth for a lot of the early game, lol... Anyway, their name and origin has roots there but the original ace was just kind of brooding and boring and edgy, and don't we have enough of that? So we took the opportunity to reinvent them into an entirely new character based on the name. Hi! You're welcome to dislike the the decision to add a new character, but please be sure to not misgender them. I understand accidents happen but you can show respect to non-binary people by adhering to characters' pronouns. The opposite comes off as very rude to our enby friends in the community. Your frustration is noted though, and while I have doubts as to whether or not anything I can say will belay you of it, it's not a concern I'm oblivious to (as the above history might suggest). Yet, when doing the updates I saw a lot of room for them. The early game content in current version is super light and thin; more interactions and characters to bounce off of can help things flow and set other elements up, and pushing unnecessary scenes off to the realm of being optional means it's in the player's hands just how much of the story's extra content they want to concern themselves with. The existing characters are spoken for, and I think it's worth considering that the flaws in the story are more structural as opposed to just "too many characters".
  7. since we're now in the testing phase, i feel like i'm perhaps a little overdue to actually talk about the early game. cass already posted a couple teasers from it here but why don't i actually go ahead and take a brief moment to expound on some of our specific goals? right now in e18, the early game is... it's very dated. it's not that i haven't edited the dialogue in years, but that the foundation of the dialogue is years old. well, and also i haven't edited it for years by merit of how long it's been since an episode came out, i guess... when i first started making the game, i thought i'd get bored and drop it quickly. so i didn't really put much forethought into the story (or for that matter, literally any forethought until heather first appears)-- i was just kind of winging it. even then i can't say it was exactly well-constructed. due to the nature of the online league and trying to justify mashing all of these existing characters together... things just kind of happened. and thus, things just kind of happen in the early part of the plot with no real warning sometimes. this isn't meant to self-deprecate or anything; i'm proud of what we've been able to make of it as the project went on, and let's be real: canon pokemon games set the bar pretty damn low in the first place. i am very grateful for everyone's support through the years so that we could make it to a place where i can just Do Something Better! story aside, many of the early maps are... uninspired. hell, check out this version of mosswater factory from episode 1: it didn't even have the name 'mosswater' at this point, it was just "mysterious factory". like there is nothing interesting here visually. and we changed that later, it at least looks like a factory, a bit more interesting, not quite so transparently the same narrow corridors.......... but even then you can probably tell, despite the re-skin, the map layout is still the same now in e18 as it was then. it's ultimately just a long corridor with a couple switches where you generally have to fight all of the exact same trainers in the exact same order at the start of every play through where you have exactly the same set of mons to work with............. and the same is true of the slums.......... and the same was true of the old park map......... and the same is true of malchous forest........................ ....we get a bit better about things after that, fortunately, but the early game is very uninteresting and constraining in terms of area design. now i don't know about you all, but i kinda suck at actually finishing runs of this game. i must have beaten julia's gym dozens of time, right, but i can count the number of times i've played through, say, ametrine, on one hand just because i always end up getting distracted and then focusing on development and then i come back and am like oh i messed up my old save in testing but that's okay starting a new run will be fun!!! >let's fight the same set of forty trainers in the same order again wooo.......... and then on top of all that we have things like the frustrating bit with corey and kiki not giving badges, apophyll being framed as a fetch quest, lots of running around in between shade and apophyll and it's just kind of a mess. but again, i'm very grateful to have had the chance to fix these problems. now that i've discussed some of the issues in depth, let me clearly list out the goals of our early game changes: Introduce some characters sooner on average (at least optionally) so that they get more screen time before having dramatic moments or pivots. Corey is a key example; you can go find him right after getting your starter if you want. Reduce new player frustration of not getting b⋆adges from two gym leaders. Marcello hinted at this before-- Corey and Kiki are now retired leaders at the start of the plot rather than active ones. Reframe a couple pain point segments to stay more on track-- Apophyll is now much less about getting an HM now, for instance. Reduce some unnecessary running around between segments, and decrease railroading for plot. In general, we added more content but made fewer things mandatory; the other stuff is just optional, often for relationship points. Rework some areas so that they are less linear and have more freedom in how the player can approach them.... or at least be a little more interesting along the way. As an example of the last point, allow me to give you a sneak peak of the new and improved Mosswater Factory!⋆。 I will include in a spoiler for those who wish to be surprised. I hope that everyone will enjoy the changes once they're available! While I'm very happy with them myself and looking forward to seeing people play the early game again. Of course not everyone is going to want to do that immediately, I hope they will help freshen up the experience for you whenever you d˚o eventually play. That said, as always, I am very shy about managing*expectations. So, let me take a moment to clarify a few things that we are not doing:⋆ ┈ The m*id game is not changing much, and the late game is not changing at all. The beginning is a little more elaborate but we're coming to the same end points so don't be too disappointed when it shapes up in a familiar way.┈♛ W・:*e are not adding new areas or changing the order in which you go to existing ones; that'・゚s out of scope for our overhauls.☆ ☆A handful of fights have been changed, a coupl⁺‧͙e more have been added, one or two got snapped entirely but t⁺‧͙he battles and area progression are all pretty much the same☽༓ ⁺‧͙Obvious☆✼ly it's still al★l the same cha★racters, we're not about to go ★and do★ somethi★ng craz★y like.★.. add ★in an en★tirely new★ member of t★he cast..... in ★final★ upd★ate┈┈⛧┈......• ༶• ༶ • ༶ or something....•༶ • ༶ • ༶• ༶ ˚ 。 ⋆ ˚ ˚ 。 ⋆ ˚ ˚ 。 ⋆ ˚ . . .. . . . ˚ • ┈ ┈ ⛧ ┈ ♛ ♛ ┈ ⛧ ┈┈ • ༶ ・ .༓ ・ * ˚ ⁺ ‧͙ .˙ ᵕ ꒳ ᵕ ˙ ˚ ・✼ ・ ・✼ ・・・ ★・゚ ☆ ! ・, 。・: * : ✼ :・ . . . .✼ ★ , 。 ・ : * : ・゚ would we? ˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙
  8. @wcv i would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all of your help-people efforts
  9. switches are a type of true/false variable we use to track completed events and progress throughout the game. for instance, when you complete a sidequest, a switch is flipped on saying you did it. or, when you join aqua or magma gang, we flip a switch to keep track of what you did. pushing a crustle into a hole is tracked by a switch so it stays there. some relationship point events need a switch so you don't duplicate then. a switch manages whether you're on zekrom or reshiram. in e18, around ~1024 switches were used for the entire game up to that point. adding 1000 more means we've basically doubled the amount of things in game that are tracked. it probably sounds more impressive than it actually is in practice, since many of them you should never notice. but it is a hallmark of the amount of work that's been done.
  10. Yeah unfortunately fixing switch by switch isn't really feasible because there's just so damn many of them, and that's before things would interfere with my current copy. Maybe it would be easier to get a save at a similar point in the game from someone else and then edit the save to have your name/team ?
  11. i've been working on the AI for six years and still learned shit from this post
  12. I knew you'd pick that one! From here, surely even you can guess what's coming, right?
  13. I ask myself this every day. So, the tools could use some improving. Recently (as in over the last year or two) Cass has made a lot of improvements to the engine that actually plays the game and to optimizing workflow by exporting scripts into text files. This has all let us start using git in the last year, where before we were roughly trying to synchronize stuff with Dropbox which was slow, messy, overwrote stuff, and crashed during compiling. I think that change will have a permanent positive impact on the cadence of development; it did for us, and I know the other major teams are using it now too The actual development program, however, is still from 2005, and there's not much any of us can do about that. Classes are hidden, data files are encrypted. The front end isn't bad but there's no built in way to search through events or maps. We now have an explort script to help with the former and some ideas about how to work around the latter, but it's still hacky either way. Reborn has 900 maps now. Say there's a typo. The actual fixing of the typo will take two seconds, but navigating the maps and finding the right one and event can take a couple minutes, especially if I get distracted doing so. And there's a lot of typos. Plus everything else. Mapping doesn't have to be slow. If you make a lame map with only corridors, like many of our older maps were, it can be very quick. However, more complex maps like I prefer get very slow. In particular gen 3's style of mapping cliffs is insufferably tedious compared to other RPGs' cliff styles because there has to be a 1:1 ratio of elevation on each side for each level of elevation on the front. In and other game you could do a straight vertical cliff wall and call it a day, but that doesn't match Pokemon style. Very tedious. Games that use oceans as a barrier are at all advantage here; I picked mountains for some reason. Reinventing the wheel-- to some extent, across projects, yeah. Cass is exploring solutions to this within our community but there's always going to be bugs and chances are if a bug exists in one game it exists in most of them. Essentials wasn't complete when we first started-- most moves after 3rd gen had no effect. We all have had to come up with sprites and code for each new generation and frequently solve the same problems with them as we went. There's too much going on to trade notes on everything, but at least we can see how each other did it. Rejuv is on a later essentials version than us though so that complicates it. Essentials itself is now more open and using git though, so hopefully future projects starting from it will have an easier time moving through versions; we have to update code differences ourself. Bugs suck. But mostly, like has been said, and I think this is true of any project, there's just sooooooo many small varied little things to deal with. Certain things are slower than others and unideal but the volume is from all categories rather than a single one.
  14. That would be cool! Also, I definitely loved Explorers of Sky! Also, no !!! I want out !!! Free me!!! I am Tired of making pokmans, I am spreading my wings and flying and never looking back !!!!!!!!!! you will have to find another ame somewhere, don't worry there's probably one laying around in the garage dump or something
  15. Surely a second choice of card was on your wishlist? Was it a lucky draw?
  16. You've got nothing to lose, right?
  17. Thank you to everyone who participated in the party, and congratulations again to our winners
  18. The party is now up and running! Check our main discord server for the link!
  19. Use the sidebar to vote-- on the right on PC, or below on mobile! You have until the end of the Winter Party, December 19th!
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