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  1. Oh yeah, I can actually explain the boobs thing now. Spoilers for e19 main game. Perhaps I'll edit this if there's other things that warrant explanation... Perhaps not..
  2. I am tired and relieved and nervous and grateful, and I've said so many words already that I don't know if I want to say that many more. There's a million people I have to thank, and I haven't met most of you. But we're here, And I'm done. Rather than going on and on about my own gratitude, I prefer to let the work speak for itself. But you-- whoever you are, whenever you are-- I appreciate you for being here. Downloads are here. -- Reminders for returning players who did not participate in testing: Do not start the game from the following areas: Mosswater Factory Malchous Forest Obsidia Slums Rhodochrine Jungle Apophyll Cave Lapis Ward Route 2 Inside Pokecenters/Marts Calcenon City Route 3 Caves Agate City For returning save files, head to Calcenon City to continue the story! Some Notable Changes: Field effect changes are in the Readme as usual. -- One more bonus for anyone who might be interested. It's been a while since we put up some new wallpapers. I had commissioned a couple to help fill the three year gap between this and the previous release, but for potentially obvious reasons, I ended up not having the time to put them together until recently. So, why not take a gander here? I'll post the full versions below. If you need other aspect ratios, check the Wallpapers page. And now, it's time for me to step back. I'm not going anywhere. This is my home still. I have no intention to stop making games. Soon, it will be time for me to turn my attention back to Starlight. But as far as Pokemon Reborn goes, I'm done. I'm done. As for the game itself... who knows? Cass will be taking over development of any future polish updates. I will still be around for consultation, but I am moving on and we have no new content planned at this time. The possibility exists for the future. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this game has been my child. You all as a community have already done so much to help it get to this point-- from modding to translation, making guides, and even just helping random newbies on the Discord-- so I leave it in your hands now. We'll see what we can do in the future to get more and more of you involved. We might have a celebration stream soon on Twitch or something. And though not soon, I also intend to do a developer commentary playthrough there as well in a few more months. Maybe look forward to it? For now, I am going to lay down and catch my breath. Love and gratitude, ~ -- hi this is cass! editing ame's post after the fact. she will never tell you this herself (which is why i gotta come in and do it) but there's a patreon for the dev team! you can support us and future work (starlight and whatever else comes up) there! also- do y'all remember that giant hand-drawn map of region that ame made? it's a poster now! you can get those here! and, finally, from myself and the rest of the dev team: we hope you enjoy the game! this is essentially volunteer work for us, so we just hope that y'all like what we put together.
  3. scream sorry it's not even a coding error................. your computer just rejects the idea of launching a web browser. but.... will fix...............
  4. Hi, sorry, unfortunately we can't :c I know a lot of people have been requesting it but it's just a little out of practicality at this point as we'd need to be making changes to the base engine. If it becomes feasible for us to do in the future we absolutely will.
  5. y'all need that grass too, y'aint exempt
  6. This was fixed in a previous patch. Please update your game :c
  7. Can you post the specific crash message please?
  8. Were you ever able to proceed? If not, can you post your save file?
  9. It is a false positive, please add an exception for it and report it to your AV. We've already been trying to reduce positives and communicate with AVs like Windows Defender to reduce these kinds of issues.
  10. For some reason with the new update, yes.
  11. Holding alt works on mac as well!
  12. Our NG+ features are very limited right now, it just carries over a few specific quests between save files if you've saved after finishing them. There won't be an explicit option for it.
  13. Amethyst

    The AI?

    The wild AI has never not been random. You are just straight up incorrect about that. If you are finding errors with the AI, then please provide the debuglog and make a proper bug report instead of yet another unhelpfully vague thread complaining about a swath of behaviors. This has already been outlined in the bug reporting guidelines thread specifically to discourage this kind of counterproductive, nebulous discussion. I'm locking this thread before it goes nowhere faster.
  14. Yes it was so that the fullivs password would still work, an intended change.
  15. From the discord: Probably re-patch between steps 1 and 2.
  16. It does include that, and when there are multiple options like that it has a chance of rolling either.
  17. The functionality has been removed in recent updates-- sorry! We recommend using a program like Lightshot or Gyazo. They are quicker and have more features anyway.
  18. Some people have had luck with putting Linux on a flash driving and running the game from that, since Windows disabled compatibility with some GPUs that otherwise would have been fine. Cass wrote some words about that here: https://www.rebornevo.com/rejuvdev/records/v13-and-mkxp-r31/
  19. Check your laptop's power saving settings-- they might be set to use more power when on battery rather than less. Alternatively, make sure you don't have any peripherals plugged in that would be draining power.
  20. It is because of loading an old save; it still has old map information saved. Exit and reenter the circus and it should fix itself.
  21. It's not just graphical-- it's also specifically a problem for lower end GPUs and there's not much we can do about it. The same thing will happen with your badges. If you have a different GPU you could force the game to run on that.
  22. We've had people get around this just by minimizing the window, closing the game, and then reopening. Stupid but it's worked.
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