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  1. We're back with Rakuen! Mom's walking us through a hospital's isekai as we help everyone on the floor~ 


  2. today we're live with a game called rakuen! come hang out with us as we are... hospitalized? uh oh


  3. Although this seems like it would be an easy fix, we didn't actually have a good way to access what our partner would be doing in E18 :c ...Fortunately, thanks to the long-running efforts of cass and perry's complete AI overhaul, we have fixed that now and just covered that a few weeks ago! Thanks!
  4. we are streaming Moonana games' Keylocker demo today! come join us in a world where music has been outlawed!

  5. I'll be making a post about what's left to do after we actually finish the quests, because I'm sure a lot of people will be asking the same thing. However, I at no point intend to promise an estimated release date. Even just testing is going to take anywhere from weeks to months and I do not intend to rush it.
  6. well we can't have that. let's get you a second chance. (i just happened to have this tab still open from checking it before the last post. i'll close it properly now this time~)
  7. this is great. do you mind if i post this on the twitter? i can shoot you a mention too if you tell me your handle
  8. so i see you all have been neglected for far too long. i would've said hi sooner but i deadass forgot i didn't have to wait for a 7. at least, that's still the case, right? i haven't been sure since last time.
  9. streaming more omori! we're hoping to finish today~


  10. speaking of having a lot of battles, new post today
  11. hello quests are progressing well! we'll have another talk once we're done with them. but that's not what i'm here for today. today, instead... well, some of you will remember that a few months ago i posted about Anomaly Battles however, i realized that i forgot to mention one small detail about them. those other-worldly auras that alter the rules of reality and cause their subjects to behave erratically? they don't affect only pokemon. (once again, huge shoutout to cass for making the bulk of these teams, girl cray, much appreciate her ty )
  12. we're streaming more omori today! come chill~ 


  13. This is known and fixed for the next release, thank you!
  14. Victoria and Cain have already gotten glow-ups. Maybe we'll show them off sometime. also yeah guys they're just flower decorations on the wall, yikes.
  15. The party is officially underway! Join us here!! https://discord.gg/Jrm4jTpp
  16. We're coming up on party time, so we're gonna close the nominations! Voting will take place live on the server for the first half of the party!
  17. sorry, it was actually the post that was wrong. updated the post to reflect that. we're retiring the second movie showing because hardly anyone showed up to second-showings in the past couple years.
  18. god i feel this so hard, every year updated the original post with a fix to the schedule image. oops, my bad.
  19. it is currently not for mobile, but there is a good chance we can support that in the distant future. honestly i don't remember about chromebook offhand if it's been tried! the game runs in a self-contained chromium browser itself so there might be a chance?
  20. this sounds pretty unusual. are you using Game.Exe or Game-Z? what's the crash message?
  21. The icons on the pickup table have been fixed; thanks for mentioning it!
  22. small update about a postgame mechanic for you ...maybe calling it a mechanic is generous. device? structure? excuse to be mean? ...well, whatever. just take it, okay? i won't take no for an answer this time.
  23. in canon legendary encounters, usually you just trip and fall into legendaries after they've randomly decided to roost somewhere vaguely out of the way. if you're lucky there might be a whole dungeon before them. or if you're playing XY, maybe they'll just be sitting there in a cave that clearly always existed for no other purpose than except to specifically serve as their roost until the region's favorite ten year old traipses along and use said legendary for baseball pitching practice. anyway, this isn't canon. this is reborn, and some people would argue that i hate you all and want to see you suffer. * * this is not true. i love all of you in varying degrees and the less you think it applies to you the more it's true. but don't be weird about it, ok? so today i'd like to introduce a new device of suffering in post-game: Anomaly Battles. the legendaries in post-game have an unfortunate tendency to appear with a strange aura around them called an Anomaly! in universe, this aura is otherworldly, producing many strange like making the pokemon behave aggressively, or creating apparitions of other types of pokemon who fight alongside them! out of universe, it is our tool to be a gigantic bitch to you. you've gotten to postgame, so you're clearly a skilled trainer with a diverse roster ready to handle anything we throw at you, so here goes-- we're going to throw everything at you. in post-game, you'll face off against a special battle with many of the legends before being allowed the privilege of going for the catch! fight hard and come through strong because you may yet need that strength to secure the victory. not every legendary has an attached anomaly, but so far the strong majority of them do! huge shout out to @andracass for making the lion's share of these teams so far; like with the other parts of postgame, she's really just put in a crazy amount of work for it i hope you'll look forward to eating shit ( please do not actually consume shit. please make sure all matter you consume is both edible and nutritious. it is important to eat regularly and take care of your body. do that for all of us, okay? you can't help others if you don't take care of yourself first. all right... then, you stay safe out there now. get plenty of rest. bye-bye until next time ! )
  24. I wasn't able to catch the stream originally, but I watched back a bit on the vod and several things have really hit home. i confess a lot of them lend themselves to a sense of despair. this mod is obviously a huge step forward, but i can see pretty clearly there's going to need to be a lot more support if this is going to be fully playable, especially when it comes to some of the more complex puzzles. for instance, though it's optional, watching the struggle of trying to navigate around the gated area by julia's gym has also made me feel like i've done a pretty significant injustice with regards to danielle's quizzes. context: a little bit past julia, the player can meet an NPC who says she's blind, but asserts that she's still more observant than the average person. she challenges the player to count how many objects there are in several places as a competition, one of which is a series of satellite graphic objects. they are also used around julia's gym, and watching them be a hindrance among everything else for an actual blind person has made me have some severe regrets when there's no way for you to actually find those answers in game as a real blind player. that's kind of a petty regret of mine relatively speaking, and maybe i've overreacting. more importantly, this has definitely been a wake up call as to how much work there is to do on the sound side of things, even for sighted players. i've always known it was a weakness of my personal development habits (since i tend to develop and test on mute most of the time). but yikes. @ demice, if you do end up finding where the issue with the damage sounds' pan is, let me know. i will definitely slot that into e19's base game. i think it will also be very easy to add a quiet sound to grass rustling so you know better when you're walking through encounter grass. even aside from those couple things, there is probably a full update's worth of work to be done on the sound alone. i will consider that as a possible future polish update after e19 is complete-- i don't promise that such an update will happen, but it definitely won't be practical for me to do before then or else i will probably just perish. after e19, it will also be easier to integrate community support & mods, and perhaps make a blind mode with more dramatic changes like skipping puzzles that would otherwise be infeasible. i feel like i have a lot to think about now.
  25. Note the EV order in the PBS/in game is is hp/atk/def/spe/spa/spd the difference in order is probably why there's some discrepancies in the information
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